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Found 37 results

  1. As the title suggests. I know this is quite a huge request and it isn't necessarily realistic, but I still wanted to share my idea. Why not outsource 3D content creation to the community? Identity will most probably be a huge success, which I have no doubt about. It might redefine MMO gaming in a way I have always dreamed of. But take a look at the incredible, nearly immeasurable amounts of 3D content you as the developers will have to create. Especially things like cars and customizable parts clothing items all kinds of tools/items and even furniture will require insane amounts of work in addition to the gameworld itself. I don't want to compare GTA in any gameplay-related way, but in terms of the stuff I mentioned, especially the variety of GTA Online serves as a great example for these categories, only in Id everything will be usable and cooler, of course. My suggestion continues as follows: 1. Open content creation and -submission to the community. 2. Establish a jury among your people who will judge all submitted content by criteria like low-poly enough? still quality models? fits the general game art style? still needed? cars: enough customizable parts, enough detail, yet not too much? car licensing? (whole new topic that I don't know about yet) 3. Integrate content that matches your criteria into new game updates, somehow credit the authors. 4. If some really great 3D designers appear to get their models approved frequently by your jury and players use their stuff often in-game, maybe pay them some money or in-game currency (?) (RL-money only as soon as you're making profit with the game, of course) 5. Shorten your development times greatly by repeating 1-4. EDIT: 4.1 Open calls for bids for items you specifically need Greetings, a fan
  2. Car Mechanic

    Is there going to be any jobs/careers where you can be a car mechanic?
  3. Vehicles in Town Square?

    Hey guys, just wanted to create a forum where you guys can out what kind of vehicles you think will be in the town square. Personally I think bikes will be in TS, as they have shown concept art for it. What do you think?
  4. (Link to zoom into the picture) Due to my post flagging up for some reason, I have had to submit the text as images. This has unfortunately resulted in a drastic loss of image quality. I have read the FAQ's and am still unsure of how extensive clothing design will be so here is my suggestion.
  5. Transport Services

    Hello, I'm a big fan of this project and I have some cool ideas for the game. I think that driver license should be a hard thing to get, like you should go to driving school and pass the test to get it. This way, the traffic of the game should be less chaotic and more fluid. So if you want to move through the city, you should try alternatives transportations like taxis, private transportation apps and collective transports(vans, minivans, buses and kombis). With this, you guys would generate more jobs and more realism. Also I would really like to see suchs as an classical vehicle as a kombi. It'll be really fun to drive through the city taking passengers to their destination, etc.
  6. Afternoon, I have surfed the forums, I got wet, and at the end I didn't find what I was looking for, so here I am. I am inquiring about an earlier comment regarding law enforcement's inability to wear civilian clothing when on duty, and the latter. My question would be, if individuals expressed interest in providing private security, would there be assets in place for them to do so? ie: would they be able to utilize law enforcement type restraints, vehicles and weapons? I am curious as to what the limitations are between civilians and law enforcement? If this thread is misguided and I just had water in my eye while surfing, please let me know what beach I should be surfing! Thanks again,
  7. Hello To, all Identity Fans and Staff Members I am here for my Weekly Suggestions I have missed a few weeks but are back with the suggestions, so I am here to present some of my suggestions that I think will be really good for this Game so here are my suggestions. Create a News Channel I would love to have a news channel where players who want to become a news reporter can go and talk about new updates on the servers I would also love for you guys to add a Live Stream Camera that Presents live to everyone around the game on their TVs So they can watch the News Channel. Create TV Programs/Films How awesome it would be Loading the game up and just thinking let’s go watch TV. It would be awesome, Acting and Filming Movies would be awesome, and you can make them and sell the movies at a nearest Retail store or Movie store. I know Town Square is about Meeting and talking but I am talking about Night-time Maybe Watching TV With Wife or Husband or a Couple of Friends. Like Movie Night, maybe bring out some Lemonade and some popcorn and watch the movie with the family or friends. News Reporter This Job Would be cool You Can Film and talk about what has happened over the week and some new updates, Film Crew would be Awesome You can star as the person who films the News Reporter and Films the Live Camera and presents to the crowd. News Reporter Has Special Permissions allowing them to predict the weather and can do other stuff. News Reporter can talk about crimes and other entertaining stuff Place-able Cameras on Vehicles, Houses and other Items Place-able cameras will allow you to have security cameras and allow you to see your house when you away from home, Place-able cameras will allow you to do the Carpool Karaoke or If you want to do a Livestream you can have Place-able cameras on your Vehicles. Live Camera Allows you to Go Live on TV If you want to become a News Reporter, It Allows you to Livestream and people can watch you on their in-game computers. Thanks for listening to my Suggestions See you next time
  8. Hello everyone! On this feed I want to collect the cars that you guys have in mind that would work perfectly for Identity! Just write the Name of the vehicle and I will add it to the list! BTW I AM GERMAN AND MOST OF THESE CARS ARE EUROPEAN SO YEAH.... Supercars Ferrari 812 Superfast Lamborghini Aventador S Mclaren 720S Mclaren P1 Porsche 918 Spyder (suggested by @Edolin) Pagani Huayra BC (suggested by @Edolin) Königsegg Agera RS (Suggested by @Edolin) Iso Rivolta (This is an actual car not a concept! 5 were built) Lamborghini Huracan Performante (sort of suggested by @Edolin xD) Henessy Venom 2017/2018 (suggested by @Edolin) Sportcars Shelby GT350 Nissan GTR 2016 Maserati Grand Cabrio Sport Porsche GT3 BMW M2 2017 Mercedes AMG C63 (sugeested by @sinityx) Mercedes AMG GTR (suggested by @sinityx) Chevrolet Camaro 2017 (suggested by @Alshun) Chevrolet ZO6 (suggested by @Alshun) Dodge Challanger (suggested by @Alshun) Audi R8 (suggested by @Edolin) Dodge Viper (suggested by @Edolin) Alfa Romeo Gulia Quadrofolio (suggested by @Edolin) SUV Range Rover Velar Porsche Cayenne 2017 Dodge Ram 2013 (suggested by @Alshun) 2017 Chevrolet Silverado (suggested by @Alshun) Ford Raptor (Pickup) Lamborghini Urus (suggested by @Edolin) Seat Ateca (suggested by @Edolin) Renault Koloes (sugeested by @Edolin) Mercedes G65 AMG (suggested by @sinityx) Jaguar F-Pace (suggested by @Alshun) Bentley Bentayga (suggested by @Alshun) Limousines Audi A7 2018 BMW M3 Audi A4 (suggested by @Edolin) Mercedes CLA 45 AMG (suggested by @sinityx) Classics Lamborghini Countach Ferrari F40 Ferrari F50 Shelby Cobra Jaguar E-Type 1980 GMC Delorean (suggested by @Eriberto) Police Vehicles Dodge Charger 2015 Pursuit Ford Police Inteceptor Utility Nissan GTR Undercover Police Unmarked Ford Utility (suggested by @sinityx) Dodge Charger Unmarked Dodge Challanger Police Car Leave Links or names of cars down below that you would like to see in Identity!
  9. Hello everyone, Welcome back to my Suggestions Blog. Today I was wondering if I could suggest some cool ideas that I have came up with over the week since the last time I have posted. Todays Topic is Police Jobs and Police/Swat Vehicles. I love sharing inspiration with people so lets start suggesting. Police Jobs 1. FBI/Secret Service. FBI/Secret Service specializes in different types of missions and other stuff. FBI are body guards of the Government and protect him from any danger that comes their way. FBI Also drive unmarked Police Cruisers and escort famous VIPs to places. 2. Corrections Officer. Corrections Officers specializes in guarding Prisoners at prisons across the map. They have 2 different shifts they can take. One from 6am to 8pm In Game Or 8pm to 6am In Game. They scout the prison and patrol. They cannot leave the prison unless they go off duty. If there is a Prison Escape Corrections Officers will contact the nearest police station and they will send police off to find these Prisoners. They will tell what the Prisoners wearing and where he was last seen. 3. Detectives. Detectives Solve Crime Scenes and can examine fingerprints and can trace fingerprints back to people by the computer. They can also investigate Police Shootouts to murder scenes. 4. Coroners. Coroners respond to crime scenes and examine people to see if they are dead and take photos and confirm their death certificate and transport the body back to the Human Labs to examine the body. Police/Swat Vehicles or Other Types of vehicles 1. lenco bearcat. lenco bearcat is a Vehicle that is used in swat raids and armed Pursuits. They weigh 7,960 kg and have Bullet proof tires and thick windows. They can fit 10 Swat Members in the vehicle 8 in back 2 in front. They can also be used as medical transporters and transport injured officers and injured civs to the nearest hospital. They are 4 wheel drive and nothing can stop them. To Drive or Buy one of these you need to be either chief of swat or police or a high ranking officer but you still need to pay for them so they range around 100,000 dollars-300,000. Devs can change the price but that was my best answer. 2. Police Motocyle. Police Motocycles can manoeuvre through traffic and have a really sensitive steering. They are built to chase after Motocycles or Fast moving cars. Only Motocycle Cops can use these. 3. Prison Buses. Prison Buses are used to transport Prisoners from police station to prison or from prison to court. They are not fully bullet proof so they rely on Police Escort or FBI Escort. The Dangers of Escorting a Prisoner is that a fellow friend of the Prisoner might try to stop the convoy and try to free the prisoner. 4. Unmarked Police vehicles. Unmarked Police Vehicles allow Police Officers to get a bit closer to scenes without being noticed by anyone. They allow you to no be spotted by any crim. I also like the idea if you could ring up the police and ask for a escort if you are trying to get to a important meeting with the government or you are just needing to get to a place without getting killed. Thanks for Reading this Suggestions please head over to my account and follow me to not miss any of my future suggestions thanks anyway. Subscribe to ProtectedSquid On YouTube
  10. Company Vehicles

    I believe current vehicles will be awesome with their being motorbikes and cars with some being emergency vehicles. However, I was thinking of something else that could be added to cars. This is when I came up with the idea of allowing companies to own custom vehicle decals for their specific company, a bit like a company vehicle. This is like trucks that are already going to be in the game that works for companies. I believe allowing people that own a company should have this extra ability. This would allow them to advertise their company to people and make companies become more well-known as in real life. For example: I obviously don't expect British Gas to be in the game but as an example of being able to add custom decals to a company car, allowing workers for your company to drive them to their certain tasks or to and fro work thus advertising their company. This is just a little touch that I think would be quite interesting in the game and I think it is quite unique; I haven't seen one person suggest this. Anyway, I don't think it would be the most amazing thing in the game but a fairly interesting touch. Thanks in advance.
  11. Miscreated

    So, on Steam there is this game, Miscreated, i think if im right its in alpha but i dont remember. Yes its again a Zombie Survival game like DayZ and H1Z1 but i do like it after a few hours of gameplay. You can Build bases, gear up and fight Zombies and Players. At the moment there are rarely zombies and i think this could change in the future. The map is pretty Big, takes you some time from A to B. You can craft weapons and traps and etc also there are small customizing options like right or left eyepatch and white or brown Cowboyhat. My fav thing in the Game are the Gnomes you can find
  12. Will vehicles such as cars be able to deteriorate overtime from lack of care/maintenance to eventually the point where you have a junker in your hands and pretty much have to find a new replacement car? While I believe, if its a feature, it should be a very slow process; it really would be neat to see appear in the game. Economy is suppose to be as accurate as it can be and I can see this greatly effecting the wealth of some players. Another question I wanted to ask is if vehicle repairs will be cheap and easy or more demanding. Say you got into a collision with a street pole and now you have a nasty dent in your vehicle. Will the damage be persistent forever until repaired for a costly amount (especially without insurance) or will it be something cheap like a $100 quick fix. I'm hoping for the more realistic path of the two. Now that I think of it though, could city destruction fines be issued to players for collisions with items like lamp posts or signs?
  13. Will vehicle space (trunk space) be a very important asset to the game? I really want to know because I backed enough money for the used motorcycle but am afraid I am only punishing myself for paying that extra amount of money. I back this game up 100% but I almost feel like the motorcycle or even the dirt bike is a downgrade due to the lack of a storage space. With the bike you can't really conceal large illegal guns, carry any piece of furniture, can hardly carry food/drink, and it takes up the only space I have in my garage. My concern for this comes from my previously posted thread in the suggestions forums here:
  14. $90-$100 backer substitute

    Back when I was looking through the backer rewards I noticed something I am now a bit skeptical about after pledging $100 to get the used motorcycle as my vehicle. The problem is... its not a car! It doesn't have storage space or anything which would be important in game. Which is why I suggest possibly being allowed to sell or trade in the motorcycle for a car of equal value ranking higher than the Rusted Car since we backed more money for the vehicle. Could a dev or moderator please clear this up as I feel it is quite an important thing to be considering.
  15. Three questions

    I've got three questions, which I have been wondering about the past few days. I have writen them down, and chosen to make one single thread to these questions, so I ain't making a whole bunch of threads. Question 1: How is payment gonna work? Is it like an app on your mobile, which's connected to your bank account, which can transfer money from one person to another - just like MobilePay, which we've got here in Denmark, or is it like paying with your creditcard in the store? And what if you just want's to give your friend some money, which isn't business related? Do you then have to withdraw the amount of money at an ATM, or can you transfer the money via the bank's website on your computer? Question 2: What about delivery of buses, trucks and/or other large vehicles? Will it be a transport company (or an NPC) which comes with the vehicle on a flatbed trailer, or do you have to pick up the vehicle by yourself? Question 3: What will happen when all apartments and houses is sold/rented out to players? What will new players have to do, if there isn't available houses/apartments?
  16. For example, lets say for the sake of argument a 2015 Ford Fusion equivalent is in the game, given that no brands will appear in game. As the owner of this vehicle, can a player change the engine in the vehicle, or the seats, can these be bucket seats? How about transmissions, automatic or standard gear? heck even speaker and stereo upgrades ? Or maybe we can customize the upholstery! I would like some woodgrain on my steering wheel please! some leather! tinted windows! Spinners on the 22s, custom paint jobs, custom leather sewing! how about the exhausts? throw some chrome on it! IM DREAMING I KNOW it would be cool though Im curious if I could open a shop customizing cars! I wonder.....
  17. I've always found it rather annoying in ArmA Life or Gmod Life mods that driving into town can sometimes be quite a hassle as upon exiting your vehicle it is unlocked and random players will just bolt for your car with the intention of going on a joy ride. Will there be measures taken against this occurring?
  18. Street drifting?

    If you can mod race cars then you should be able to mod cars so they can drift - and it to be illegal.
  19. Vehicles

    I am a big car lover and i need to share my thoughts because this game is wickard.the things that could come in with cars id love you see is good realistic customization such asa nice turbo and lowering springs rather than big machine guns hanging off the side. i would love you see some street style cars such as RWD nissan ect. having big noisey mufflers, fuel, and parts on the car wear out over time would be awesome. such as dirty air filter, spark plug leads buggering out. this brings in a mechanic job, but not every one want to be a mechanicso im sure you will not need to be a paid mechanic to fix your car. as well as a gas station, if no one is working at the gas station, use your bank card. this brings in bank account, i would love to see your income get put in your bank rather than magically appearing in your inventory an so on. another thing about this that should be in GTA, ( but we're not here to talk about that game, this game is going to be better) is interest. if you have money in your bank, you should earn a little interest on it. back to the cars. i would love you have nice blow off valve noises and al most every part on the car intractable, ( whilst in a garage an so on) so when the tires are low on health ( Tred ) or the spark plugs are getting tired and dirty, you can remove them and buy the part to replace it. now i know this is a lot to ask and put in the game etc, but at least having fuel and tire ware would be cool. as one of the first things ill be doing is driving erraticly. you can check this stuff out on the . Car Mechanic Simulator. good game witch brings me to another thing. Speed, Red lights, Loss of traction, maby even warrent of fitness and rego. so the police will be able to pull you over and have a check on your car, and if they see you go through a red light, it would trigger an allowence for the police to issue a ticket or somthing. this would be the coolest thing about the cars. kinda like mafia, ( red lights etc no speeding ) but the police will have to see you do it. but we cant have police speeding around town so they should have somthing within there job such as bad behaviour. where they get suspended or somthing. seams as ive heard you cant go round killing people how ever, ( witch i think is really good ) the driving in the game can be a real crime interactive thing, as it is in real life. thank you if you have had the time to read this. i will have ideas popping up all the time witch could have me writting forever but ill end it here. thankyou
  20. Car Design

    Hey guys, so I am relatively new to Identity and I am curious about something. So it seems like most everything in the game will be made by players in factories type systems. I am assuming that you will be able to do this with vehicles like cars and so I am wondering if the devs have mentioned much about this and how people producing cars can design or customize them. I have not really found a thread about this so I am sorry if this is a duplicate forum post. Thanks
  21. Hey there, I searched forums and didn't see this specific question, however I apologise if I missed it. How many vehicles are planned in full game? Just to clarify I don't mean types, I mean estimated number of. Thanks, deadasdisco
  22. Hello, the reason I've come here to ask this is because me and a small party of friends have been traveling from many different mmo's trying to find a new game to really sink our teeth into but the biggest issue we've had is having to spend A LOT of money just to get access to half of the games features after paying for the game itself. Example: we've purchased a game for £25/$30 which allows us access to create our characters and play BUT if we want a house or maybe a car/mount we'd often end up having to pay ANOTHER £25/$30 just for that. We don't mind paying for the game itself after all developers have to earn money and we all don't mind putting money towards that and we are no strangers to hard work so things such as grinding are completely fine so long as theres no pay to with issues. Anyway what we want to know is... 1). The houses we can buy within the game could we earn the money within the game OR do we have to place real life money towards it ? 2). Things such as vehicles, clothing, decorations ect ect can we also purchase it through hard work in the game OR do we have to put real life money towards it ? 3). For us to climb up in rank (if there is a ranking system in the game) do we have to put real life money towards that as well ? NOTE: I know this will come off as ungrateful so I do apologize in advance, we've had some real nasty luck with up coming mmo's lately and the biggest issues are either having to put large amounts of money towards them just to get anywhere or "pay to win" issues. We are really interested in this game because it really appeals to our role playing BUT we just don't feel right purchasing a "passport" without knowing the following questions above so I hope you can understand where we are coming from here.
  23. Car Parts

    I've tried searching for the idea but didn't see any (maybe my eyes weren't working) lol, I Think having like Auto Parts store Business would be a very cool concept if i could like start one but not the same as Napa lol would be my own name, i used to work for Napa Auto Parts and all the body shops/mechanic shops are very demanding on parts. Basically owners of the shops can have their customers bring back vehicles if they hear noises or if parts break on the vehicle or the owner of the vehicle can come to the Auto parts store buy parts like filters, Rotors, Brakes, parts, tools etc. Also would be nice if they could have this and being able to set up the store to my own liking and put stuff on the shelf for customers to come in and buy or if i didn't have something they needed i could use the (In-game) Computer to lookup parts to order in for them. I Have a lot of ideas for this haha Sounds like a good idea to me
  24. Vehicle salesman

    When I enter the world of Identity, i am looking to open up a Luxury Vehicles dealership that sells vehicles that have been acquired "legally". The dealership itself would be a legitimate looking business with a showroom and an appeal for people to walk in and purchase vehicles, however out the back it will be run by a gang of smugglers and thieves who are using the business as a front for their more illegal dealings. Do you guys think this is a good idea and also do you have any suggestions or improvements?
  25. Just A Few Questions

    Questions Vehicles Sharing Can vehicles be shared? Can i give a friend the keys to my Vehicle? Clothing What clothing can be made? Character Customisation As you progress will there be any Physical changes to the body ( Facial Hair, Weight and Strength ) Regards Savage & Fresh