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Found 7 results

  1. Distribution

    Hey, I was wondering if you could start your own distribution company where you could get the food from your suppliers (hunters) and sell them off to the stores where people can buy it. I think it would be cool and it would add more realism into the game.
  2. Renting

    I was wondering if it was possible to rent in the game. This would allow a lot more businesses in the game and allow people to rent instead of buy. you could rent: -cars, trucks, trailers (U Hal) -property (be a land lord making money off of other people renting the property you own) -office space -equipment (chain saw, lawn mower, tents...) -bikes and more... All of these items will be bought and rented out by other players
  3. Hey there, I searched forums and didn't see this specific question, however I apologise if I missed it. How many vehicles are planned in full game? Just to clarify I don't mean types, I mean estimated number of. Thanks, deadasdisco
  4. When we saw the trailer we didn't hear much about vehicles , if there where going to be any air vehicles. we did notice the boat the flashed on a couple of times on the trailer but that's it. Will we expect helicopters for paramedics? or cargo planes? These would be very useful and would make the game twice as immersive .I'm hyped for the game more than anyone already since i cant get enough of arma life , and i have high expectations for this game and that it will surpass the problems that arma life has,like rdm.

    Constantly I'm seeing threads from new citizens who are asking if there will be functional vehicles in the game and everything is really scattered. As the Street captain of Underground Racing, I will archive all the threads which will answer questions or suggestions concerning vehicles in this thread only. Feel free to discuss anything around the vehicles implemented in the game. -SilberDrachen893, Elexis Karina @ Underground Racing
  6. Trucking company

    I would love to have my own trucking company and be able to by a shop garage to park all of my trucks and trailers. I want to be able to buy a property like that and buy a few trucks and trailers to store at my shop and my shop would have its own garage to repair the trucks and fuel up. I would also love to have Peterbuilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner trucks to buy. I would like to be able to buy a refer trailer-for food and produce, a dump trailer-for the rock,stone,sand etc. a grain hopper trailer- for grain at the farms, a livestock trailer- for animals at the farms, a tanker trailer- for diesel,gas,oil, and water and a flatbed trailer- for hauling cars,trucks,lumber,crates etc. It would be like American Truck Simulator. But I would want it in this game because its like real life and I could own a one room log cabin in the woods as my house and live there and own my trucking company and everything would be wonderful. link to American Truck Simulator ( )
  7. Greetings! Hellsvien

    Greetings everyone. Let me introduce myself. I'm Hajile Setroc, a general trucker who seeks fortune within the great lands of Identity. I'm hopefully going to own a freight trucking company eventually. I'm a solid role-player and I'm really looking forward to getting into this awesome new game when it's released!