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  1. for the racing sim, would the car counter steer automatically, in a rear wheel drive car,  like in assetto corsa. This means you will be able to drift, I'm asking this because it is sim and that would happen in real life. 

    1. HairyGrenade


      It's unclear right now since driving will be the last part of development, but I'm not sure if it will be that realistic. 

    2. JOSHG526


      Aight Do you think you will be able to drift though?

  2. Street drifting?

    If you can mod race cars then you should be able to mod cars so they can drift - and it to be illegal.
  3. Two suggestions

    If there are going to be security cameras in the game then say if you rob a store or a bank then if you don't shoot the cameras then the police will be able to use this as evidence to make you wanted if they do not catch you. If weapons have a lifetime then how does that work? They should make it so if you have the gun in your safe at home then the lifetime pauses, but if you carry the weapon round with you then it will resume.
  4. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Yes, do you think if you were driving a rear wheel drive car and you lost traction, it would counter-steer automatically or would you just spin out?
  5. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    If gaming wheels are supported, what will the physics be like? And will you be able to mod cars so they will drift? That would be an insane feature.