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Found 29 results

  1. Raven Security Company Cutting Edge Security Who Are We Three owners, with nearly several years of combined experience in private security, military, and law enforcement, are resolute in providing the best security services possible. We obtain that through employee selection, training, and team work, with an emphasis on client and visitor friendliness. We do not conduct “In House” background checks where it would be tempting to employ lesser candidates. Instead we utilize a public contractor to conduct background checks. Simply put; it is not our area of expertise and we leave that specialty to those who are. Raven Security has roots as a training company. With that experience and training tools at hand it is structured to address one of the most neglected issues in the security industry, training. Raven Security exceeds all state training requirements and standards. AND, we have an In-Service-Training program. Our Services • Concierge Services • 24/7 Surveillance • At Home Patrols • Armed Patrols • Armed Bodyguards • Armored Transport Contact our company to learn about more services today! Now Hiring We are also as we have many positions open! These positions include, but are not limited to: • Security Contractor • Administrative Assistant • Firearms Instructor • Concierge • Private Drivers Where to Apply Feel free to post questions, comments, or simply that you've applied in the replies below. Thank you! Loyalty We show our undying loyalty to our job, associates, customers, and teammate. We wear our tag and badge with pride, and will not succumb to anyone else. Our loyalty is to Raven and Raven only. Integrity We demonstrate the highest degree of integrity in every aspect of what we do. We are committed to instilling professional and ethical behavior in all our employees, teammates and associates. Governance We take responsibility for our performance legally and ethically. We have a diverse Board of Directors that provides oversight and guidance to best serve our customers. Excellence We set the bar for the best-in-class operational excellence. We empower our people to deliver customer-focused solutions with the highest levels of professionalism and commitment to excellence. Dignity We honor the rights and beliefs of our fellow associates, our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate. We treat others with dignity and respect. Teamwork We promote and support a diverse, yet unified team. While respecting the individuality of our people, we work together as a team to meet our customers' goals. We deploy willingly worldwide to the most remote and dangerous regions, leveraging our unique skill set in support of our customers' missions. Innovation We value, encourage, and enable our employees, teammates, and associates to develop innovative and pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges.
  2. T.C Operacional Tático *BR*

    Bem, a empresa vai atender aos proprietários (a) de lojas, Donos (a) casas, Organizar eventos e pessoas com segurança por guardas treinados para organizar e tratar a segurança de seus próprios clientes como proprietários, para contratar nossos serviços basta escolher as embalagens e desfrutar da sensação de segurança. Para obter mais informações sobre a empresa é fácil e fácil, por favor, digite seu nome na empresa, crescendo na hierarquia quem sabe nos tornaremos sócios !?
  3. Bem, está empresa irá prestar aos proprietários(a) de lojas,Donos (a) casas,Organizadores eventos e pessoas a segurança por nossos guardas treinados para organizar e tratar de cuidar e trazer a segurança tanto para seus clientes como para os proprietários, para contratar nossos serviços basta escolher um dos pacotes e desfrutar da sensação de segurança. Para trabalhar na empresa é fácil e da pra criar seu nome na empresa, crescendo na hierarquia quem sabe nos tornaremos sócios!?
  4. Integritas. Collaboratio maximi momenti. Impendat. DISCLAIMER: This post is still a working template and does not reflect the final business activities within this post. Clearwater Security is a private security firm designated in the heart of Asheville Town Square, with it's headquarters located in the sunny province of British Columbia, Canada. We offer best in class private security services for events, corporations, condominiums, etc. Our security firm provides a wide variety of options when selecting security personnel and other assets they have which need to be kept protected. Our security professionals have the expertise and training to quickly develop solutions and products that meet the service levels for every client's needs! Our Office - Fully equipped with lockers and weapon vaults for access to equipment - Break rooms for staff to rest in - Private War Rooms for clients and security personnel to discuss and plan the use of our services - Dedicated and Private rest rooms for our clients - Client Vaults for storing and tagging all our client's goods. - Situated just 0.5 seconds away from the heart of Town Square - 24/7 Security Team Our Services - Security Services -Executive Protection - Private Investigations - Event Security - On demand car and driver -24/7 Client Tracking - Concierge and CCTV monitoring WIP Salaries - Private Investigators - 60% of the total amount earned from the job is given to you - Executive Security Agent - 1-2% commission per agent for every successful job completed - Chauffeur - $15/hour + performance-based bonus. - Concierge Agent - $10/hour + bonus based on performance - Dispatcher - $17.5/hour + potential to climb the ladder and reach a senior position within 6-9 months - Security Agent (Non Executive) - $10/hour + bonus based on performance and potential to climb ladder to Executive Security Agent. Current Positions CEO - Clearwater_Security (BigBackClock) Private Investigators - 0/5 Executive Security Agent - 0/10 Security Agent (Non Executive) - 0/10 Chauffeur - 0/5 Concierge and Auxiliary Police Unit - 0/5 Dispatcher - 0/5 How to Apply To apply for any one of the positions above, please fill out this simple form. We hire people from everywhere in the world without discrimination and require that you be 18 or higher to apply. Requirements to Apply - Be 18 or older. - Have a mic and be mature - Be able to handle situations without instigating conflict - Treat all clients with a high level of professionalism and respect, any form of harassment will result in permanent termination of your contractc - Be able to do your duties by abiding the law, at times we may get contracts from third parties and cannot verify if they are criminal or not by nature - Must be able to respond to situations quickly using critical thinking - You agree that if a client is in danger that you as an agent will be the first line of defense and will require you to keep him/her safe at all times. - Whistleblowing is against our firms policies and anyone in the firm caught blowing the whistle will be kept on a kill list. Position you're applying for: What makes you the right candidate for the job?: Specify if you have any experience in relation to the position you're applying for: Age: Do you have any history of being in a criminal organization*: I acknowledge that all information in the application above is filled out honestly and agree to the requirements listed above. You also acknowledge that breaking any breach in contract will result in permanent removal from our firm, this also includes keeping all client information and data confidential at all times. Logo made with DesignEvo
  5. Mein Traum (TTP)

    Mein Traum: My Dream The Totalitarian Party (TTP) I dream of a society where no law abiding citizen, who contributes to society and continues to strive for improvement, will ever have to feel threatened by the lack of job security, failed economy, or anarchy. I dream of a place where people are given the chance to succeed, regardless of their economic background. I dream of a near-perfect meritocracy. Centralizing all forms of major public transport, electricity and energy sources, military, law enforcement, healthcare and other core, essential aspects to society will ensure that no private organisation is able to profit off these industries by taking more out of the government fund through contracts, but instead will allow the government to reinvest in these facilities and industries for the common folk. Achieving autarky (self-sufficiency) will allow the city and the country to avoid horrific trade deals with other nations, prioritizing our nation's needs first. This will also be ensured by having a strong, patriotic, nationalistic leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the loyal citizens of the nation. Any questions ask (BTW I don't speak any german)
  6. Afternoon, I have surfed the forums, I got wet, and at the end I didn't find what I was looking for, so here I am. I am inquiring about an earlier comment regarding law enforcement's inability to wear civilian clothing when on duty, and the latter. My question would be, if individuals expressed interest in providing private security, would there be assets in place for them to do so? ie: would they be able to utilize law enforcement type restraints, vehicles and weapons? I am curious as to what the limitations are between civilians and law enforcement? If this thread is misguided and I just had water in my eye while surfing, please let me know what beach I should be surfing! Thanks again,
  7. Identity Security Management

    To whom it may concern, I would like to open up the idea for a private security company called "ISM." After sifting through the forms and reading up on what people currently want, I took a stroll down criminal lane and noticed that for every "legitimate" business idea, there was easily two or three criminal masterminds ready to take over the world... or something close to it. With my initial intentions of pursuing an advit carrier in law enforcement in the Identity realm, I have sense been turned off by the idea. I have noticed a very strong brick and mortar like structure behind what is to come of law enforcement and this is something I hope to lean away from. My out reach is this, If you have an interest in owning you own bar/night club, producing artwork of the verbal or written type, delivering goods to customers, or even if an independent civilian just feels scared; what happens when public law enforcement isn't enough? As a bank owner, or store manager, what happens when you call for help and that help takes 5 or 10 minutes to arrive? What happens in the mean time? Who makes sure your precious creation, your work of art, is safe during a public ark showing? Political figures and upper class citizens, who is to keep you and your family safe when police officers can't be there 24/7? If you would like to express interest in ISM please let me know, or leave an idea.
  8. bodyguard

    i know that it is not an oficial career but is that not a part of the fun? being a bodyguard means protecting others with your life a litle running away from cops when you did in your eyes, your job and being payed for it is all the more reason to do it and even if u get arrested before they lock you up you can simply judge yourself as selfdefence becaus at the end if you are atacked that is what it is so if anyone already thinks he is going to need a bodyguard i am all ears
  9. HAWK SECURITY "Security Is everyone's concern... but it's our business" About us: Hawk Security specializes in private security, we offer our security services to small time individuals all the way up to high priority clients such as politicians and celebrities! We also love giving back to the community, therefore we are offering x10 job vacancies to the unemployed! Our Hierarchy: CEO: @Grey Fox ACCOUNTANT: @Andrew811 HEAD OF SECURITY: @Yehti HEAD OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS: @ToxicBanana SPECIAL OPERATIONS AGENT: Vacant x5 SECURITY GUARD: @ShemarC, Vacant x9 MAINTENANCE: Vacant x5 DRIVER: @merkl_ , @Taxibutler, Vacant x8 [MORE POSITIONS SOON] Job Description: CEO The CEO of the company is in-charge of promoting the business, reaching out to potential clients, keeping the company running smoothly and efficiently and deals with any internal problems. ACCOUNTANT The Accountant is in-charge of all financial related things within the company, these can include (but not limited to ) Making sure all our employees receive their paycheck at the end of the week, advising the CEO on financial decisions, making sure the company is turning a profit and maximizing company capability. HEAD OF SECURITY The Head Of Security is in-charge of all things security related, from dispatching and managing security staff, to boots on the ground leading security operations, making sure security staff are well equipped with the correct attire and self defense equipment. also deals with any internal security related problems. HEAD OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS The Head Of Special Operations is in-charge of all things high priority security related, such as managing SOA security details for high priority clients such as politicians and celebrities. SPECIAL OPERATIONS AGENT SOA's are the elite security staff reserved for high-priority operations and clients. SECURITY GUARD Security Guards are our basic security staff for low - medium security operations and clients. MAINTENANCE Maintenance are in-charge of upkeep of company vehicles, weapons and attire. DRIVER Drivers are staff who transport clients and security staff in armored vehicles / rapid response vehicles (Motorcycle) Our Website/ Join Our Team: You can visit our official website to learn more here. You can apply to join Hawk Security here. THIS POST & COMPANY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  10. Trident SecurityLTD "Protecting the Future" Who are we? Trident Security is a private security firm that specializes in countering criminal activities that would endanger the lives of many. We offer a large scale of business security and individual protection to a wide scale of people ranging from small businesses and individuals who feel unsafe to massive corporations and high class politicians who require escorts through hazardous areas or deterrence from high class threats. Why are we needed? As Identity is in its final stages of preparation before their first module release, it is expected that all aspects of the game are to be tested and used as soon as possible. This includes shoplifting, murder, robbery, assault and even political assassinations. With all of these inevitable situations only months away it is obvious that a large scale defense has to be placed to counter this until the law is introduced properly and assets are being used outside of the elections. Unfortunately with so many businesses setup and multiple politicians all putting their focus into setting up heir businesses and electoral influence, it will require someone to make sure that those who wish to make a "quick buck" or perhaps sabotage another person’s company or election. The police will be stretched at their worst time, you'll need someone to protect you and your assets, someone who can guarantee your safety and ensure that you can sleep peacefully without fear of waking up to a business nightmare. Our official website If you’re interested in what our business provides, you can learn more on our website A note from our CEO Hi I’m Daniel, Founder and CEO of Trident Security. I know you’ve got a lot of things to say about this, some being “ugh more PMC’s” and “you’re not very detailed” I’d like to address these points if I may. Firstly, the point about there being too many PMC’s on Identity, yeah I’ve seen it, there’s tons of PMC firms out there, advertising security like no other, it’s a pretty harsh and crushing market at the moment. But when apple decided to unofficially monopolize the phone industry, did everyone stop making phone businesses? Nope, they kept at it and eventually succeed them (I’m sure I annoyed some apple loyalists out there somewhere) I made this company purely because security firms are what I enjoy. How creating a market in protection was always fascinating to me. As a blacksmith in Skyrim once said “I don’t claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun, all I ask is a fair chance.” Secondly I kept it not very detailed on this post because I actually spent most of my time trying to perfect my website, that’s actually where all the information is. If people are interested in our business, then they’d be inclined to check out our website for a more in depth look at our services. (TLDR: it’s my choice and I’ll do what I dam well please!) Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I spent time into making and hope that you will at least consider either becoming a customer of Trident Security or maybe even working for us, either way I’m just extremely grateful for the fact you simply took the time to read this! Career openings At Trident Security we have a multitude of jobs available for anyone to take up. If helping keep order in place while making a living sounds good but wearing a police outfit just isn’t your style, contact us! We're always happy to meet new people. Current hierarchy of Trident Security CEO of Trident Security - Trisword Financial Director - Andrew811 Human Resources Director - Vacant Logistics Director - Vacant On foot Security Manager mobile transport manager offshore security manager -Racket- -Vacant- -Vacant- Paramilitary Manager -Vacant- On foot Security Guard mobile transport Guard offshore security Guard -Multiple Vacancies- -Multiple Vacancies- -Multiple Vacancies- Paramilitary Trooper -Multiple vacancies- Our available services At Trident Security our services are devised into customizable and easy to work with packages. To place a purchase for our services, please visit our website and place an order. If accepted, you will receive a message in your email asking various questions regarding the job; in this time you will also have the chance to raise any concerns or questions. Making a Partnership Here at Trident Security, we are all about making more friends than enemies, we don’t want competition, we want safety for the people of the island. were here to make others’ lives easier, not to be the top dog. If you want to initiate a partnership with us, please privately message me with your intent and I will respond as soon as I can and update this post.
  11. Why HTTP and not HTTPS

    The title says it all, figured that HTTPS is way more secure than HTTP. You payment sites are HTTPS if I am correct with is great! But (...) I think that in the future HTTPS would be greatly appreciated as it would improve the site's security. Best Regards !
  12. Hamilton Homes Information Our Website Our FAQ Our Identity Page Jobs Available Landlord Security Guard Salary / Wage Unfortunately, with the island not yet being available, it would be foolish of us to reveal specific numbers right now, but we'll let you know closer to the time! We can, however, promise that it'll be a job you enjoy coming back to! Other Questions Be sure to check the Identity Page and FAQ if you haven't done so already. If your question has still not been answered, please use the Support Form here. How To Apply Visit our website here to apply.
  13. Rigor Security and Investigation ™

    For the time being, the name "Rigor Security and Investigation" has only been created as a page to avoid being taken by other community members. I apologize in advance to any who may have wanted to work with / and or hire the given company. Thank you.
  14. People should be able to break into houses and steal as they please, which would make people want to invest their money in different levels of security systems.
  15. Soteria: protection for you

    Hello and welcome to Soteria, a personal protection service. We are an organization thats sole purpose is our clients safety. We protect and transport you. we will have a non disclosure agreement where we will not give any information about our clients. If you are looking for work please let me know or if you wish to hire us in the future release please message me on discord for further questions Discord: baconblaster2 #3892
  16. Who are we? We are a security testing company. We know that there are tons of security companies. We also know that not all security is 100% flawless, but we think it should be. We will work with any company legal or not. This is a premium service that will not be cheap but we think that this is more than fair. After All you really can’t put a price on security. This could be the difference between a robbery being successful or not. We will NEVER harm anyone, anything or ourselves. _________________________________________________________________________ What do we do? We will first do a vulnerability assessment then test out any flaws we find. If we are able to infiltrate your business through these flaws then we will conduct a write up and send it to you detailing exactly how and what we did and also what you can do to fix it. If there are multiple flaws we will do this for each flaw. _________________________________________________________________________ How do we work? When a client reaches out to us the first thing we make sure they do is not to tell anyone else (we want the security to be normal not on guard). We will then ask them if they think there are any flaws. We also need the CEO of the company to sign a legal document so that we are able to conduct the penetration test and inform the police that we have their permission. Our specialised team will then sit down and go over the layout of the building and even visit it to find out what security measures are in place if needed. We will then all go over the plan to make sure everyone understands what is happening even the client (to ensure he is happy with what we are going to do). After we will all sit down again and go over why the plan did or did not succeed and then send the client the information. _________________________________________________________________________ Fine details We charge a base consultation fee of $500 this is so that our team can estimate how much it will cost to do the assessment (the base price for a full penetration test is $4000). We then send the client the price for the package they have chose (more details on packages to come) and get to work straight away. _________________________________________________________________________ Want to get in contact If you would like a vulnerability assessment done on your company then please pm me the following form filled out. Company name: Why you want a vulnerability assessment: Company size (employee count): Anything you don't want us to do: Any major threats to our team (eg guns): Any other details: _________________________________________________________________________ Careers Any of our employees in any sector will receive competitive pay and benefits. Currently we are not sure of how many employees we need but this will change later so feel free to pm me your resume anyway - Rp Name: Forum Name: Age: Do you have a working mic: Previous rp/security experience: Why should we hire you over someone else: What sector you would like to work in (marketing, admin, sales etc):
  17. Two suggestions

    If there are going to be security cameras in the game then say if you rob a store or a bank then if you don't shoot the cameras then the police will be able to use this as evidence to make you wanted if they do not catch you. If weapons have a lifetime then how does that work? They should make it so if you have the gun in your safe at home then the lifetime pauses, but if you carry the weapon round with you then it will resume.
  18. Solo Mercenary for Hire!

    I will accept any mission in regards to personal protection, protection of assets, or eliminating any possible threats to the client as well as their valuables. My rate is entirely dependant on the profile of the client or the target and the difficulty of the assignment. I'll work for any client regardless of your position. I am a mercenary which means I am not owned by any organization nor a part of any group/gang. We'll be in touch...
  19. Alpha Military Corporation

    ALPHA MILITARY CORPORATION I have joined a new group called the Alpha Military Corporation. They specialize in VIP protection and many other things. They are very organized and I believe that they will be one of the top security companies on Identity. **Info link down below** More info:
  20. Closed By Creator

    -CLOSED BY CREATOR- (dont suppose a mod could remove this topic i created, i have no use for it now and dont know if i can delete it or not, ive looked everywhere for a "delete topic" button but nothing )
  21. Hi I am Thomas Hetch and I need applicants to be in my employees for a private security company. Starting wages are $40.00/hr. Guards get to carry guns. Usually pistols but if requested by hiring persons then rifles and shotguns. They will be with in the laws feet per second rate though. Apply here.
  23. A.M.C Director: @Alpha Alpha Military Corporations is a Corporation that provides safety and is focused on the safety of its clients we at A.M.C believe that clients always come first. we think its very inportend to have well trained men who know what they are doing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jobs At A.M.C We still have spots open for men that would see themselve get rich by putting there life on the line. we at A.M.C Work with military Rank and names. If you want to apply Send me a PM We Work in three groups ALPHA: Spec Ops PHEONIX CHARLIE Alpha And this is the ranking system we use inside this Military corporatioin. Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Private ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to Hire Us: If you want to hire us Please send me a PM. and we will talk in private about it.
  24. Hello guys! I'm simply just wondering, will private security be a thing in the game. And if so, how will it work? I would like to start a priv sec company offering 2 types of services. A basic one, offering the costumer an officer checking in on the property.. say at least one time a hour (real time) to see if everything is ok. And a more expensive service, with camera detection giving us at the company a call something is wrong.. = quicker responstime for officers to show up. Any officials on here that can tell a little about how priv sec will be, if it's gonna be apart of the game? Thank you!
  25. Private/VIP Security

    Hey guys, Just wondering, would there be an opportunity to start a private/VIP Security Agency? For example, High value criminals, businessmen, Politicians, high value people may want private security, bodyguards and transportation (motorcades). Would this be something someone could start in the game?