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  4. Time to be Real

    slower pace is funny, if we look what we got after years.
  5. First-Class Coaches

    Update Thank you all who have been patient. We are still an active company but we are just waiting for the dev team to update the game further for our needs. If you are going to be joining wait for a email from me or the CEO.
  6. Damage Control and Identity's Lack of PR

    give up. it will never turns out to something real. what we got is nothing and even less.
  7. Time to be Real

    I'm just glad I gave them the amount that allowed me to check the game out, which wasn't a whole lot. But, this is a bust, that's for sure.
  8. Enough is Enough

    Enough is enough, I'd agree. This has been a travesty. I am definitely disappointed.
  9. Damage Control and Identity's Lack of PR

    People giving them more money are so stupid
  10. I think it's very clear that backlash from the Furballs game announcement, (along with the troubling lack of content and polish with Identity this far), I don't think it would be a bad idea to dedicate some time to PR with community influencers on YouTube. As a backer it pains me to see hate and negativity towards the project, but I can't say it's totally unwarranted. Devs....if the development is truly in progress jump on this. The Phony games thing is extremely troubling and does not paint a good picture of Asylum Entertainment. Get with gaming news YouTuber's and bloggers and try to turn the tide. As for me I'll come back to check the games status from time to time, but I no longer hold any expectations that it will be done in the near future if at all. The lack of communication up to this point is more than disappointing The potential is here for sure and Identity is still the game of my dreams, but hiding behind the scenes won't bring in more backers. And the negative press online is definitely pushing more people away. i recommend asking BigFryTV on YouTube for a talk. He is one of many YouTube channels I've seen that has been calling Asylum Entertainment out and would be a perfect source to start with regarding press for you company. Best of luck to you all.
  11. Release status update?

    Nobody is buying this. The Kickstarter failed, Paratus should be focusing all of his efforts on the massively overdue Identity beta. We are NOT going to support some Rocket League clone to indirectly support Identity, how stupid do you think we are?
  12. Release status update?

    Phony games has a separate development team and isn’t being developed by paratus himself. The only impact that the development of furballs can have on identity is a bigger budget for its development, which is a good thing.
  13. Release status update?

    Paratus is too busy working on furballs instead of identity. Phony Games Scammer
  14. Earlier
  15. Release status update?

    Everyone should read what you said. People simply doesn’t understand that IT NEEDS TIME i’m not a game developer or smt, but by common sense this game is so detailed and a really big thing, of course they’re not gonna finish the game over night. Its weird how people want everything so quickly and not appreciating the effort from the devs 😪
  16. Update Regarding Newsletter

    Some of these accounts feel like bots...
  17. Update Regarding Newsletter

    The dev's I think are doing the right this in releasing this newsletter. Instead of releasing modules, with the new incremental updates will keep more players engaged and awaiting the updates as they will be more frequent instead of waiting months in between the release of these mega-updates. I can't wait for the future of the game and keep up the work devs. We're counting out ya'll.
  18. Town Square

    If you buy Identity on steam Early Access or the equivalent $30 Founder package on the site shop then you will have access to identity during the Steam EA period, and after. So yes, you will have it now. The latest Newsletter stated that it will no longer go through module stages but will get significant updates as a whole and so it will be like other EA games and not in small separated portions
  19. If i buy Identity now, will i be able to play the town square and other modules later?
  20. Update Regarding Newsletter

    He literally explained it in the post ”phony games is a mobile game producer, HENCE THE PUNNY NAME (IE: PHONY-Y)”
  21. Update Regarding Newsletter

    the "Phony" in this case is just some wordplay, the company is focused on mobile games, hence the name.
  22. Patch and Newsletter - January 25th.

    We have released a new patch that reworked character movement which is essential for Identity's future content updates along with many bug fixes. The newsletter detailing our changed release plans and the future ahead can be located here!
  23. Update Regarding Newsletter

    Instead of using your time off to do another game how about speak to your community at that time? Dissapearing for more then half of a year and coming back with a news that a new game is made besides identity isnt funny, really. So there was time to doing that, but no time to write some words, interessting. If i have a company which is struggling at everything i dont start anything new at my "off time" and instead try to deliver the promised stuff for the main project. What is that for an behavior? you dont feel ashamed for that? The icing on the cake is that you even talked about the town square stuff that you delivered what was promised. I had a laugh as i read this, really what you delivered is less then nothing.
  24. Update Regarding Newsletter

    At the end of the day i believe the developer. John insists that its got nothing to do with Identity then fine. Im all good for having more than one company. A developer is only as good as his community. We gotta support them with this as i have for many years. Im sure that john means every word of it. He just doesnt come on here any more because people are belittling him. Im sure that John knows full well that if Identity gets fucked then its gonna be a shit storm. Ive tried my best at making games (Never successful but just testing) and there is nothing wrong with going back to something old. Just because you dont like the idea of having a game like Furballs (no offence but i aint a mobile fan) and im sure a high percentage doesnt either there is still a percentage and we can all spread the word. Theres i dont know how many people on here but its a lot. Just gotta hope that it helps our way up in Identity. If it doesnt im sure John will continue with the help of the community. Also btw John, the new idea behind updated (a gradual, linear update system) is great. you should have done it before. Keep up the good work John. Prove em all wrong. End of the day, you are trying. Everyone else have copied and failed. We still waiting for Identity by dude, but no one else has come close. So take your time.
  25. Update Regarding Newsletter

    I've had to explain this more than I should have already because of the video posted above. Claims made there, aside from the fact that I'm the director of both corporations, are simply not true. Phony Games is a mobile game producer, hence the punny name (ie: phone-y). Furballs began as a small project I'd work in on my off time. It took a while to create because I'd only work on it a few hours a week as Identity was my full-time project. To continue it's development faster, Phony was established. Furballs has had about a dozen people work on it, including artists. None of them, not a single one, had any involvement with Identity. They are two ENTIRELY different companies with entirely different people behind them. Furballs was funded out of my own personal pocket. The email is worded as it is because, well, it's entirely accurate. Phony and Furballs exist without Identity, and the email has nothing to do with its development or release. Phony is a new company and has little reach publicly on it's own. Asylum, on the other hand, can reach out to hundreds of thousands of people. Thus, it makes sense to have Asylum help publish for Phony as it has and will continue to do far outside of the single email sent. In return for this added value, Phony will be providing a royalty to Asylum and Identity; this will happen with or without Kickstarter funding. Phony gains access to marketing and publishing services, and in return provides royalty income. It's quite simple and an extremely common practice.
  26. Well, ignore the fact thats not released and may estimated not fix dates, but whats the wrong part on that all is the communication and status between devs and community. Its an mistake what shouldnt be done in early access and also in this fact of game development progress. At least there are enough early access games, whats not finished, to take fear a communication could help.
  27. Update Regarding Newsletter

    I didnt refer to identity as a hobby project, i refered to furballs as a hobby project. however I do understand the confusion so I went ahead and edited my post
  28. Update Regarding Newsletter

    I mean...i don't think you should call something like this a "Hobby". They've made well over a million and a half dollars and have this community with 100's of thousands of backers waiting...its kind of s spit in the face to all those backers to merely call it a "Hobby"
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