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  2. Joining black mamba

    I want to joine your gang please help
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  4. No update for 2 month??

    Buddy its 2019 and nothing changed from the 2016 town square aside from little tweaks.
  5. No update for 2 month??

    no you weren't, the packages displayed "ESTIMATED delivery" which yes, they still didnt meet, however there is a difference between saying "estimation" and straight up saying you will release it then. second of all, kickstarter only allows one year of development time for the estimation date, so that's why it says 2016. took them 4 years, however keep in mind that they started out with 2 developers, and that they did redo the first module a couple times because of certain plugins not being supported anymore. a million dollars is nothing in the game industry... look at how much a game usually costs to be made, the scale of this game is massive, and yes it is possible to accomplish it with a million dollars, but again, a million dollars is nothing in this industry. of course they can, just because it is taking them a long time to make the game doesnt mean they cant develop some sort of security system. their development team isn't huge.
  6. No update for 2 month??

    Was told in 2015 this game would have beta access in 2016. It took how long to come up with this crap?! No excuse. EVEN if these jackasses come up with all 3 modulus , it would probably be 2030 and we will probably have ps6 by then. I'm sure THEY at Sony will have developers that could handle this. "Checkers game". Or walk around and talk till you fall off the map cause these devs have no clue how to make a game even with a million dollars.... Even "IF" these guys made this you really think they have the time or knowledge to stop hackers or anyway to SAVE your toons from being hacked or deleted from their servers...can they even hold enough toons on their they even have room for more than 20 players at once. I'd say no to all. These people are a joke and got what they wanted. I bet my life in 5 years I come back here and still no game was made. To all you "It takes time" how long?!?!?! 50 years???????? Give me a million and I also will promise you the world. Paypal sound good to you??????
  7. No update for 2 month??

    Any news on what the devs said when you asked them for updates for the great people supporting this game? Thanks
  8. Medical System - A comprehensive Look

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  10. Medical System - A comprehensive Look

    Is this game still being worked on?
  11. What games have you waiting?

    Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077 Dogfight 2
  12. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    I'm playing Call of duty black ops 4 blackout and Witcher 3
  13. People need to understand

    Yes but look at the current state of the game, there shouldnt be any excuses. I've seen smaller teams doing better than that Come on, its a SOCIAL MODULE, okay? SOCIAL, its not rocket science. I took into account the budget, the team size, the time, and Il be hella sure they could have pulled off something better than this
  14. People need to understand

    okay and from all that money raised there was also a lot of money that they didnt receive... because of invalid credit cards etc. yes and no, yes it has been 4 years since the kickstarter, but its not as simple as you are making it out to be, there are a lot of factors playing into why it took them 4 years... the first year they were with a smaller team than now, also they redid a lot of stuff because of software not being supported anymore. it also didnt take them 1 million dollars to make the module, they raised a million, that doesnt mean they spent it all... the way you are formulating everything you are making everything seem so black and white, when in reality its not, tell the whole truth, not the partial truth
  15. People need to understand

    Ok so how exactly are they spending this money? We must take into account that they raised over $1million dollars+ (by the way, that's alot in terms of a kickstarter), and look what we get. This project took 4 YEARS to make and $1M Dollar just to make this crap module? This is a joke
  16. People need to understand

    But please open you'r eyes. Who is going to keep this game Alive? The one person that play this game ? Where should the more money came from for further development ? The one that Play this game ? Okay so i have been following alot of games Dev teams, and how they Work, this here Seem to be dead, i have seen smaller teams that do more stuff, that shows commitment to there players, and gives news on a daily bases. Even devs being on my stream to see bugs and stuff. So don't say give it time, time dont always do great things, but people do great things.
  17. People need to understand

    @JamesLuck01i know im not in the position to demand anything but post a new update and show us what you guys did so far. it will help. at least a little i hope
  18. People need to understand

    No denial about it You see unlike most people I actually bothered to look into how kickstarter works and how long the process can be etc I knew what was involved when I pledged and I'm happy to wait a lot longer The only people who are in denial are the ones who pledged blindfolded and now regret it because they can't get a refund for a game they thought was full. In future use your brain and research a bit before spending your money
  19. People need to understand

    I think you might also be in denial about the project, because it is still going ahead.... It goes both ways, you don't know it is not still being developed and are just guessing. I know it is still being worked on. Am I also in denial? (Rhetorical Question)
  20. People need to understand

    Nobody ever complained about the devs communicating lmao, everybody complained that what they say just blatantly isn't true. Remember when they said the trailer was being delayed to get the animations? Then it released and they said don't worry they're just placeholders? And then when the placeholders are just in the actual game now? (I'm pretty sure, if not,the animations look like shit anyway). People complain because of broken promises and lack of commitment to a PAID PROJECT. It would be different if this was a passion project or hobby, but this is being made out by the devs to be their job, and they fucking suck at it as well as selling things on the store they haven't even coded yet, and WHEN do the $15 pledgers get their copy? Oh right, never. I would be empathetic with the devs as I know creating projects can be hard if it wasn't for blatant dishonesty, greed, and lack of quality. It's easy to hash out a fever dream and boast all the ideas you have, the part that matters is doing it.
  21. People need to understand

    I paid for the motherfucking cake.
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  23. Just refund everyone

    imma throw myself into that knive.. Karem do you need the manager?
  24. Just refund everyone

    No dev updates for 3 months. Community growing restless. Just start refunding people before this problem gets worse honestly. We get that u guys pocketed a whole lot of money but honestly your level of commitment to this game is atrocious and you clearly agree with us that is why you haven't released any information on the game in 3 months.
  25. Lack of communication from devs, no dev blogs Good luck

    100 % if you give me a chance
  27. People need to understand

    Sadly there's a lot of delusional people on here. Everyone would love to play what was promised. When there's zero updates and minimal effort put into the first module it becomes obvious to anyone with half a brain cell it isn't moving forward.
  28. People need to understand

    People like the op are in denial they still think the project is still going ahead.
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