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  2. when is the game coming out ?

    okaay thank u for that answer @dagtag
  3. when is the game coming out ?

    The beta is coming out after the three modules, there are no dates nor will there be any dates. Just sit tight and put your focus elsewhere for the time being
  4. when is the game coming out ?

    no but i want to know if i want know i ask
  5. when is the game coming out ?

    Do you really think you are the first one asking this?
  6. when is the game coming out ?

    when is the beta coming out ??
  7. Kibo To Yume Law Firm

    I agree. I like the website layout as well.
  8. Redeemed my game key and game is not in my libary?

    To answer your question actually I'm a game developer myself and I do understand the Basics of game development hence why I mention some of the process needed to even make a game. Yet your ignorant comment with no retour to what I said or even an inclination to what it takes have no idea about game development. That's why you crying about my comment.. If you don't like it simply wait till its complete to buy it. I'm been in Early Access since before it existed with Alpha Beta and QA for companies for the past 15 years. How many Jamms you been too?
  9. VIP area

    VIP area on these forums? But why? I mean, why would I'd like to have access to a dead forum section? To feel exclusive? There are lots of free forum hosting places around the internet, you could always run your private exclusive virtual club and sell invitations in gam.... wait a minute, that's not a bad idea...
  10. You own it, it's all on you...

    you must have known that development can take up some time before you pledged no? I hope this is common knowledge to everyone... don't pledge if you know that you are gonna back out once its taking some time because that is what development tends to do, a game isn't made on a year time... if you have concerns beforehand, wait before you pledge. But pledging and then asking for a refund can get a project into trouble. also, its not the map making that takes up most of the time behind a project, the thing that takes time is the programming behind it, getting all systems into place and all that. so the size of the map shouldn't really matter that much...
  11. Hello from germany

    You're awesome ! Thank you so much for your welcome messages. I am so happy about my pledge and found an really (mostly) nice community. Thanks again! I love to communicate with people all around the world (hopefully they understand my perfect english lol) and I can't wait to play with you guys - and hopefully, I met some new friends! I wish you all the best ! Your Bilbo
  12. You own it, it's all on you...

    I also backed on kickstarter way back in the middle of 2016. I also requested a refund lately. I just simply cannot see anything close to a finished open world gameplay with all the jobs and all the different activities that promote interaction being completed anytime soon. I simply don't see how that is possible, there is still an entire world that needs added in, and with all the different things we were supposed to be able to do I was picturing something at least the size of a DayZ or even a GTA5 map.
  13. Yesterday
  14. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    Well then the government hill have to step in to help. And if they can’t do that. Half the server is doomed. there will be a server-wide war. Server War 1 (I don’t mean to insult ww1)
  15. Skull & Bones Recordings

    Im in the discord been in there for ages, just saying join the discord is not a source?
  16. Skull & Bones Recordings

    Join the discord.
  17. That moment...

    Not a vine, but from a great vine artist back in the day.
  18. You own it, it's all on you...

    I can understand both point of views. I'm myself a pledger since the end of 2016, and when I looked at the project, I was interested to support them so it could become a great game. I pretty much devoured all bits of information they were giving us, then I put it aside and only checked from time to time to see what's going on. Then I've started becoming more active on the forum, and found out about the Discord. Then I've checked the stream clips, looking at those that I'm interested into and so far I wasn't upset. But let's get to the point, they kept saying things were getting close, but I didn't really mind, since everything was subject to change and they didn't make anything official. When they released the crime video, I was like oh boy. Lots of people were disappointed, and I did have mixed feelings about it. Another time, I was in the voice channel talking with LightBringer and one of the dev blog just came out and it was about the first release date being pushed back. I was like oh no... I knew a lot of people would be really upset and so did I. I started being a bit sketchy about it but I decided to still wait. And when they said they couldn't release it yet and put the task tracker, I was like alright, I'm not caring anymore about those time frames. I'll just wait like a good boy and keep telling myself it'll be out when it's ready. Once it'll be out, then I'll probably start recording clips where I give my opinion, what I like or dislike. I'll probably mess around and see if I can find bugs too.
  19. So I have seen tons of people asking about where to play and what to play for Arma 3 Roleplay. Well, I'd like to present to your Arma 3 Life Roleplay that's free to play and not full of the drama as we do not tolerate it. We currently have custom things such as a working database for cops to look up license plates and wanted criminals. The fire department can fight fires and help the sick drive custom fire trucks but most of all have fun. There is a custom drug system and custom moonshine system. We also unlike other communities will be allowing people to have assault rifles and pistols to make it so members can make gangs run guns or even be a bounty hunter. Also, we brought back the faction Blueprint shop where you can run a business making cars and trucks for all the factions and members of the server to make a player driven economy. Do people see you as a Leader to run our Coast Guard or our Police Department if so then come to sign up at this new Epic Community? Link to Website: Address to Come to hang out enjoy the Rp but most of all have fun.
  20. That moment...

    Status update seems to be a more fitting place for this.

    Its quiet since that discord server. How is everybody doing in life?
  22. The Identity (CH.2)(Book Series VOL 1)

    did anyone fucking read this wtf

    Hey there, unfortunately the cosmetics are there but they don't give an advantage other than giving a home/ some storage. Apartments in the packages are unique designs but you can buy them in game with in game money; however the apartments won't be the same layout as the pledge rewards. Also @Beach_Ball is currently no longer with Asylum as his contract ended recently and he wished to have some time off. We hope he will be back in the future though.
  24. Good Eve gents and gals, I want to bring to light a common issue i have seen in games that are offering content for real life currency. Its good to have, but one thing i noticed is that, it could lead to people actually not playing the game to its full potential. Lets be honest here. If i paid for a luxury apartment and not actually grind for one, i would look like a scrub. Its like putting cheat codes in GTA and getting free money / apartments / guns etc. You get my point. I think the paid cosmetics is a bit to early to advertise. I would have liked to see a different way to fund development costs. However, i am a bit understanding of the business move. I think people will get bored if the top looking apartments were bought with real money and not earned in game from hard labor. My goal obviously here is to make a lot of money and experience that feeling of reward when i do buy an expensive apartment. Are these apartments going to give an edge in comparison to people having regular apartments? Hopefully @Beach_Ball could answer this. Now, mind you that i understand the funding that this will bring. However, i am not convinced. Sorry, our opinions are different on the matters. You see, i want the pure enjoyment of finally being able to walk in that smooth upscale apartment just purchased after along grind. Please, don't forget the feeling when you spent the last 3 weeks grinding for an apartment and then finally you get that dopamine rush to your brain of rewarding accomplishment you walk in it for the first time. Bravo! Anyone remembers such nostalgic feeling that we experienced in games like GTA V???? I Do. I hope i still can feel such rewarding feeling..... Drops $400 on the game.... I feel like a scrub. What are your thoughts?
  25. considering you only have 12 posts. All hear in this post is crying and whining.... this game takes patience. Sorry but not sorry.
  26. You own it, it's all on you...

    I suppose there is a lot of people who took this is a purchase rather than investment. I appreciate you two actually talking and explaining now, before it seemed like I was just getting shooed off the thread for disagreeing. Not saying it was you two in particular, but it's nice to have a discussion rather than an argument.
  27. You own it, it's all on you...

    What is this, reasonable discussion between two people with different views on the internet? thats not allowed! Joking aside, one thing I personally feel about a lot of the refund scares people jump into for many different reasons, is often silly. Its true that you should know what youre getting into before backing the game. That said, its really not *purchasing* the game, its an investment in the development of the game proposed. I have the impression that some do not fully understand this, and jump to think their money is being stolen and they were scammed because they dont have anything yet. Its complete fallacy. Investment inherently means chance of loss, we arent guaranteed that identity will succeed or come out. Things happen and things fail, but if everyone that funded the game in the first place jumped for refunds and bankrupted the project, of course its more likely to fail. Early acces titles have spoiled gamers with "pay now, get it now". Truth be told you end up playing a botched half of a game and get bored and move on long before you have even got what you paid for. This reason alone is why I have a bit more faith in Identity, modules to give us a taste of whats to come without totally squandering what the whole experience should be but in a broken and incomplete state.
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