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  2. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    Grinding gwent and witcher 3 on death march (third replay so decided to torture myself) while waiting for marvel's avenger newest game
  3. Listen to music

    I'm more into harder subgenres of rock and metal really, bands like Nightwish, Katatonia, Icon and the Black Roses, A Perfect Circle, Tool and such
  4. worth it?

    What was your first?
  5. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    a playable game, unlike this
  6. Developers? Are you there? I have a question

    Please do not ever buy this game.
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  8. yes, development is still ongoing.
  9. Is there on going development for the "Identity RPG game"?
  10. Hello Mr. Langston,

    I would be interested in joining your mafia. Although I would want to know more information about your mafia, such as what are your numbers right now in terms of members, what are your main goals as a mafia, and would I be allowed to carry a firearm, would that firearm be provided by your crime organization, and in terms of positions, would I be allowed as an associate if I joined to shadow any position that I would be interested in pursuing? Let me know that information when you can thank you!

  11. worth it?

    Lol, don't buy this game. I preordered it years ago. And it's my second biggest mistake in gaming.
  12. worth it?

    don't get this game
  13. worth it?

    Read the Steam reviews and announcement for yourself:'ve moved onto publishing "another company"'s game through KickStarter (however its owned by Asylum Entertainment's owner as well), there is a lack of funds, and active development has stopped w/ the developers moving to part-time work. They also feel they've finished their kickstarter obligations and are not required to release the modular content they promised, changing the development timelime even more. All of this (minus the owner-complication of Furballs) can be found in their newsletter I've linked. Or you could based on the amount of devblogs they release, which is: 0. The last one was on May 29, 2019. The last patch was on January 25th, with the one before that being back on June 17th, 2019.
  14. I'm A Professional Transporter

    Signs the first time i saw the movie transporter i have done similar Jobs like that but i would like to do it as an full life carrier and i know that you alredy have 1 person on the side but i would like to make an deal and offer to expand this global comunication and i know you alredy have north and south america and your other person have maybe asia but i can Take on europe and togheter we make profits and grow our bussiness and iam all in for legal transportation write to me if you are intrested to do a full life carrier and bussiness. // your future partner
  15. Hitmen For Hire

    How to contact you guys to hire
  16. The Black Angels MC

    Dear Mr Smith, I would be very interested in finding out if I could earn membership in your mc.I have been thinking about approaching your club for this reason for quite a while now,sit is not just a spur of the moment decision,but a genuine wish to experience the brotherhood that membership would bring. With sincere regards
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  18. Rust game. Any thoughts?

    Update about Rust: all I can say that holy crap, the multiplayer is intense
  19. Town Square

    Look at the steam page/numbers first if you still wanna go for it sure, but I'd recommend on waiting to see if it comes out of early access or gets any other major updates beforehand because it's currently pretty dead and still not really a game unless you wanna customize your house and play chess
  20. Homeless Crime

    Please help me here..
  21. Homeless Crime

    I want to join....
  22. 300 Block Boys

    I am interested, but sadly I am in a totally different country...(ToT) plus i think I'm too young
  23. worth it?

    The development still continues but its a bit slow atm. What you can get on steam right now isn’t a completed game. the choice is up to you, if you want to play a finished product i would wait.
  24. worth it?

    So i want to buy this game on steam, but everyone says devs stopped wordking on it and scammed everyone, is that true?
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