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  3. What's the latest on this game? Really surprised there's been no changes since I was here months ago. Shooting range still isn't open. The server I was just in had a total of 1 player in Shame. Nice looking game with some neat want-to-dos. Check back in a couple of months. Off to play Star Citizen. If you're a Star Citizen player look for me....OrphanBird
  4. Devs haven't been online since august

    Be careful man, statements like this are ban-able... Not allowed to state the activities or status of the Mods or Devs...just a heads up
  5. Last week
  6. No update for 2 month??

    I think it reached the point where those who can´t refund should make a collective suit against the devs.. if my comment gets deleted eh whatever.
  7. No update for 2 month??

    Look I don't have all the answers, and yes I may press for more answers but that is already happening. The CM's press for info/ updates that are substantial to give. IMO, A small update will please a lot of people but then at the same time it will cause more arguing/ shit from others because it is a small update and not a big one.
  8. NUDITY ?

    Yes, but having stuff like that I am sure can get your game banned on things like twitch etc.
  9. On the website Paratus and Hair guy hasnt been on since august I think this project has actually been burried. Just refund
  10. NUDITY ?

    this is a life sim, right? sex is part of life
  11. Identity was a Cashgrab

    So the game has not been updated for 5 month now, here is your proof
  12. Identity was a Cashgrab

    The only real update not including "bug fixes" was growing weed which still is clunky. Come on mate, let's be honest here the game has been in development for 5 years at least. Now all of a sudden the devs go quiet, despite being online on discord constantly. Think to yourself if you're a dev, and you see all these doubters and lost backers you'd at least keep then posted even if it was to say that they're still alive or ran into some hiccups. They've not done anything and are losing backers so of course the game isn't going to be updated.
  13. Identity was a Cashgrab

    Thats one of the most bullshit excuses i ever heard
  14. Identity was a Cashgrab

    The game was released a year ago, and in that year it received countless of updates. Sure, the updates werent huge, bur they were there.
  15. Maybe they are working on the game in secret...?

    Guys, they have gone. Its a SCAM, wake up and ditch the poxy stupid module from steam called Town square.... its over.
  16. No update for 2 month??

    I think this sums it all up to be honest. @LuckyDuckyou're in contact with the devs, you ask for an update and they say they have nothing to report. Seriously..... if I was a moderator with the amount of work you have put in (look at your post count) and you have nothing from the devs.... then I would be handing my moderator badge back. How on earth can the devs say they have nothing to give you to report back to the community that have bank rolled them so far???? Surely, you should be warning these cunts there is and has been an awful lot of discontentment on the forums, which I am sure, they never bother to look as they know the community would rip them apart. Not even a "don't worry guys, we are working really hard on the town module, swat physics or some coding and we appreciate the patience of the community so far. We have implemented xxx we have changed coding on xxx and we have added additional functionality to xxx" How hard is that? Sorry, but @luckyduck, if you don't start quizzing the devs and start shouting, then fuck all is going to happen, as it is now, and the devs obviously don't give a shit about their game, and the people who set them up in their nice office. Its a SCAM..... why can't you see this? If it wasnt, we SHOULD have been given some information, but to say they have nothing is BOLLOCKS mate.
  17. Identity was a Cashgrab

    How are people still defending the devs? literally not responding to their playbase makes them a SHIT devs, oh and not to mention the game hasn't changed in over 2 years! this is a lost cause.
  18. Identity was a Cashgrab

    what a shit rule
  19. Identity was a Cashgrab

    I disagree
  20. Earlier
  21. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Will really love to join
  22. Would be good, wont be a thing. Like it would be stupid for them to do it like this, if they told us e.g that they have to make a break& give a real reason but never made a break that would be cool. BUT just being BEGONE without any trace... you see what it caused so far
  23. a really small part of me thinks that maybe they are tryna work on the game in secret and when its done they will surprise us with a beta version or something idk haha
  24. Why we need the Swat Module

    3rd question is answered on steam store and is purely a estimated release date. I hope the community gets a update ASAP about the 2nd module.
  25. Why we need the Swat Module

    Waste of time theu don't care man.
  26. Identity was a Cashgrab

    Banned from what? because I wouldn't know as i have not banned anyone for a very long time. Also if you mean discord. Well I am more on the forum than discord and so I wouldn't know sorry. However there would be a reason behind it and not just because you say that.
  27. Answer this pole a about the Swat Module It has been a year since the First Module's Release. when can we get some info on the Swat module
  28. Identity was a Cashgrab

    At first, I thought the team had just had bad communication, now I think it's a fraud. I call on all donors to get closer to the legal services of their country in order to recover their money to put an end to this scam
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