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  2. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    I've just started playing retro bowl and Dragon Age Origins, and no wonder why so many people have praised this as a good game. The story is interesting, the character writings believable, the world immersive.
  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    we need to pressure STEAM to get our refund for this game
  4. p-olios

    would you like to sign my pedition to name ingame cookies p-olios?
  5. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    yes, it's dead.
  6. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Any updates?
  7. Hi i have a queston

    So i know the devs are still working, and to admit i do have a bit of hope for this game, so when can we see an update, footage of the new map new newsletter SOMETHING! i just want to know if/when you see yourselves releasing this?
  8. A BIG thank you

    Haha lol
  9. A BIG thank you

    ikea wants to know your location

    Yea man, next level gameplay. I once spent 3 full hours throwing coins into the fountain!
  11. So Stoked For IdentiyRPG

    I also am hyped for this totally real game, that I paid to play about 5 years ago. I definitely believe that my money is going towards production costs and that I definitely was not robbed of my money. There is no way this was all just a scam to make a quick million from gullible gamers.
  12. What's to come

    Go back into the dreamland you came from KEK
  13. Suggestion - Progress or Refund

    Are you seriously gonna doubt this game? Seriously? After they've been showering us with those coveted micro updates they promised us and letting us experience the ground breaking, long awaited Town Square module? If that's not enough for you and you actually want a game not made by a bunch of incompetent morons then we don't even want you here. We're Asylum Entertainment fans all the way here.
  14. Sweet RP Idea

    Anyone want to start a fictional role-play where IdentityRPG is a real game that will actually get released by a competent team? Obviously this could only exist in fiction, but I think it might be worth exploring. I definitely think we should base it off of what was promised rather than the steaming pile of hot garbage that they tried to feed everyone. Thoughts?
  16. What's to come

    We just have to patient guys, developing a game of this caliber is a lot of work and you know this stand-up team isn't gonna let us down. Failure isn't an option, believe that. Keep the hype train going and keep spending because this investment is gonna pay off like Apple stock.
  17. So Stoked For IdentiyRPG

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm beside myself with excitement to play this totally awesome and real game that must certainly be coming soon. Move aside GTA Online, the boss has arrived! This game is gonna change the way I think about RPGs. I thought I knew what was possible, but this game is going to shatter every concept I have about games in general and also I just can't believe it's so real and is definitely coming no matter what. I personally love how the website is still up and presumably still taking money (gotta get these honest and moral developers paid!) and also I love how real this game is. I'm just so hyped right now I couldn't contain myself, gonna go back to patiently waiting for the next epic dev journal. Keep the hype up boys!
  18. Suggestion - Progress or Refund

    never gonna happen at this rate bud. i think we all know that by now.
  19. Some development would be great <3
  20. What's to come

    Howdo you even get a refund? i don't think I linked to steam and I was one of the early people to support.
  21. What's to come

    Oof poor you man. that seriously sucks
  22. What's to come

    The worse part is not being able to refund it since I fu****ng claimed it thru steam, which was the only way to "play" the Town Square module. 250$ gone. Thanks ASYLUM!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Ship crew or anything alike?

    people still post here?
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