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  2. A BIG thank you

    ikea wants to know your location

    Yea man, next level gameplay. I once spent 3 full hours throwing coins into the fountain!
  4. So Stoked For IdentiyRPG

    I also am hyped for this totally real game, that I paid to play about 5 years ago. I definitely believe that my money is going towards production costs and that I definitely was not robbed of my money. There is no way this was all just a scam to make a quick million from gullible gamers.
  5. What's to come

    Go back into the dreamland you came from KEK
  6. Suggestion - Progress or Refund

    Are you seriously gonna doubt this game? Seriously? After they've been showering us with those coveted micro updates they promised us and letting us experience the ground breaking, long awaited Town Square module? If that's not enough for you and you actually want a game not made by a bunch of incompetent morons then we don't even want you here. We're Asylum Entertainment fans all the way here.
  7. Sweet RP Idea

    Anyone want to start a fictional role-play where IdentityRPG is a real game that will actually get released by a competent team? Obviously this could only exist in fiction, but I think it might be worth exploring. I definitely think we should base it off of what was promised rather than the steaming pile of hot garbage that they tried to feed everyone. Thoughts?
  9. What's to come

    We just have to patient guys, developing a game of this caliber is a lot of work and you know this stand-up team isn't gonna let us down. Failure isn't an option, believe that. Keep the hype train going and keep spending because this investment is gonna pay off like Apple stock.
  10. So Stoked For IdentiyRPG

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm beside myself with excitement to play this totally awesome and real game that must certainly be coming soon. Move aside GTA Online, the boss has arrived! This game is gonna change the way I think about RPGs. I thought I knew what was possible, but this game is going to shatter every concept I have about games in general and also I just can't believe it's so real and is definitely coming no matter what. I personally love how the website is still up and presumably still taking money (gotta get these honest and moral developers paid!) and also I love how real this game is. I'm just so hyped right now I couldn't contain myself, gonna go back to patiently waiting for the next epic dev journal. Keep the hype up boys!
  11. Suggestion - Progress or Refund

    never gonna happen at this rate bud. i think we all know that by now.
  12. Some development would be great <3
  13. What's to come

    Howdo you even get a refund? i don't think I linked to steam and I was one of the early people to support.
  14. What's to come

    Oof poor you man. that seriously sucks
  15. What's to come

    The worse part is not being able to refund it since I fu****ng claimed it thru steam, which was the only way to "play" the Town Square module. 250$ gone. Thanks ASYLUM!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Ship crew or anything alike?

    people still post here?
  17. What's to come

    There is no more being patient for this game. It's very clearly dead. Even if the developers are still actively working on it, which is extremely unlikely at this point, their reputation is absolutely ruined and they will not be able to bring in a large enough revenue stream to keep the game alive.
  18. What's to come

    I don't know why, but I just got reminded that Identity exists. Been here as well since it's seeding investment days, first community startup and what not. And it is way too relatable with the "staying up" all nights part. I remember I used to write down my thoughts on paper, start making deals and whatnot. Preparing for everything. I believe we just have to be patient indeed, it might be hard as our imagination and promises exceed often what we get delivered. Like with Cyberpunk 2077 for an example. But then again, it is this ambition that drives the innovative process. We just have to make the best of it and be patient. God's Speed, to the Developers.
  19. What's to come

    are these posts even from this year, or has the game development been that dead that it's gone nowhere in a year and a half?
  20. What's to come

    Someone should start a Fund raising / $$$ collect to get this shit up and running or just kill it once and for all, because you cannot just make people believe after years that this project will suddenly rise from nowhere... sorry but we gotta be honnest with people who actually invested at least a few bucks... man i'll just go on cyberpunk ! when they release a mp module ! they got the money and ambitions ! when you start a project like this you gotta have investors and adverts that give $$$ to roll on ! C'mon ! there is still like 10% of chance that this awesome project rise up ! The idea was great, theory was like a dream for RP'ers but now in practice it seems just like a scam. (excuse my english im french )
  21. What's to come

    I admire your positivity but I wouldn't hold your breathe for this game, not cause I don't believe it will come out but cause i think by the time it does there will already be a more viable alternative to it. They handled their fan base extremely poorly and from the info i've gathered they're out of funding as of now. The idea is great but far too ambitious for a small company to handle and the fact that all that came out of their "Modules" was the town square with nothing else i'd say it'll be a decade before anything actually comes out of this. I hope I'm wrong but looking at larger and better companies like the one that created Dayz it took them 5 years before they even started to improve their game, I can only imagine how long this one will take and they don't even have a game, just a module.

    Yeah I know, That was like, 3 months ago and I had to learn that the hard way
  23. Police business

    Howdy everyone, Here today I want to ask for at final release we elect our Sheriff and Police Chief. I have some ideas for ranks and ideas for patrol and other divisions. First Here are ranks: Sheriff Undersheriff Assistant Sheriff Chief Deputy Captain Lieutenant Sergeant II Sergeant I Detective Deputy Trainee Unit numbers: Numbers from 1-500 For example Unit 357 My idea is each car is customizable so you put your unit number on the roof and for Sgt. Up Supervisor on the body. Police ranks Chief Assistant Chief Commander Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Detective Officer II Police Officer Recruit Unit numbers 500-1000 Example 865 Just some ideas.
  24. What's to come

    I would like to start by saying. I have been with the development of this game since launch. I have not purchased the town square yet. But I plan on doing so. I still have very high hopes for this game. It has been almost or exactly five years in the making. Even if the deva are working at a slow pace I will wait to see the final project. I honestly think it will exceed my rp inspirations. I just hope updates came more frequently. So deva if your reading this please hang in there with me. I know it's been a slow process but slower the better because then comes detail. And precision. The roleplay community is growing more and more each day so I feel this game can fit everyone's needs. I have been checking the tracker and yes it has one more objective I hope the deva are working on it. Man I remember way back in 2015 how much hype I had to play this game. The ideas keep me up at night thinking of the potential and makes me happy. I just hope the deva don't let me or anyone else down.
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