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  2. the music in identity

    I kinda agree, however they could make it a different feature, where you can listen to your own music as if it were a music disk, some sort of mix tape.
  3. Steam Yea or Nah

    once you can purchase from the steam store you will be able to buy the founders package(the one that includes beta access) and it will be 30$ just like on the website
  4. What jobs

    the first module will only showcase the social aspect and thus wont contain any jobs, the first time we will see actual jobs is in the beta
  5. $30 on the steam store. Can’t buy early I’m afraid. You either buy on the site through PayPal and get a key now (to later install the game at release) or you just buy it off of steam on release day. No preinstalling sadly. I know in places like the Netherlands and Austraia it releases Dec 1st but most of Europe and NA, SA seem to have a release for the 30th
  6. TV news system

    stream it on twitch. anyone will be able to watch any twitchstream ingame
  7. What jobs

    What sort of jobs are there going to be in the first module or is it going to be just make friends and explore the city
  8. Steam Yea or Nah

    Price or is it same price as on page
  9. Steam Yea or Nah

    It is on steam release 30th nov
  10. So I can go and purchase the game with my steam currency now? Or will I have to wait until the 30th of Nov and what time zone is this game releasing and will the game be more expensive on the steam store? Thanks, Aidos
  11. Steam Yea or Nah

    And if so how much will it be on steam
  12. TV news system

    Because GTA V did not need to include this in there game plus GTA V was being developed in 2011 so I doubt the technology was around back then.
  13. Nov 30th or Dec 1st depending on your time zone, store page is already up, and yes
  14. Steam Yea or Nah

    Is identity gonna come out on steam (if not i think it would be a good idea and you would sell more game copies)
  15. Thank you fro helping me with this matter. I am also wondering when the game releases on steam will I be able to purchase the Founder Edition through the Steam Store?
  16. If you try to buy beta access it will prompt you to have to buy the passport aswell which is the full game, for an additional $15. The “beta access” in the store is just for those who didn’t have beta and just the passport.
  17. Thank you very much for the perceived compliment. Is one interested in supporting the party?
  18. the music in identity

    It's a great feature in gta. It breaks immersion a little bit if people in game don't hear the same music as you do though. And identity is supposed to be all about immersion.
  19. About the staff who made this module

    I understand that the features of Town Square aren't ground breaking, and same for the other two modules. That also applies to many other games on the market. The idea of the Town Square module is simply to socialize around with other players, doing activities, customize your apartment or check out the other layouts, etc. Depends which video you're talking about. For example, the crime video was featuring a lot of placeholders which some were very outdated. Worry not, those will be replaced. As for the Town Square videos, it doesn't look that bad in my opinion. I've seen videos of a few games in development where they focused on the graphics but had very poor game optimization and several bugs. If you're not satisfied yet about the current state of Identity, I'd recommend to wait before investing into it.
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  21. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    I'm not looking forward that lmfao
  22. Delivery

    My Car service company TriDash needs some drivers. We are hiring.
  23. the music in identity

    Guess im going to see if we can request a "own radio station" thing like in gta where you put your songs into a folder to then be able to listen it in your car
  24. Bonjour de France

    Oh là ! Ce post est peut être vieux mais c'est réglé maintenant
  25. About the staff who made this module

    They created a lot of things, not just chess or a place. It's not ready for a release that's all. They are already working on the second module for exemple.
  26. About the staff who made this module

    Agreed... I have seen Students final year projects with similar functionality and that was 8 years ago. We have all these people saying 'you have to take your hats off to what this small dev team has done' and let's be honest... So far, they have created a virtual chat room about 500 square meters wide, with chess, karaoke and apartment customization... This isn't really groundbreaking stuff lads... this wouldn't have been groundbreaking stuff 10 years ago... Watch the videos of this game on youtube and tell me honestly that it looks good and on par with other 2018 games? I'm sorry but it does not...
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