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  2. Please don't fuck this up.

    Im glad to hear that you can buy all these things in game. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd like to see the first module release soon, if they had to put it in alpha to release it tomorrow i wouldnt care. The game has a lot of potential if they do it right.
  3. Please don't fuck this up.

    Apartments are not houses for starters. Also everything in the shop are available in game but will have a different layout. There is a in-game currency and jobs in game. You can get everything in the game but just not these specific aesthetics of items.
  4. Please don't fuck this up.

    Just another way to raise money for the project I guess, or maybe they're just giving us a bone to shut us up.
  5. Still Waiting..

    I'm enjoying reading those actually, at least I see other people with the same feelings about this situation, the more topics the more I realize this game is going to suck(hopefully i'm wrong)
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  7. Please don't fuck this up.

    Pretty sure devs have stated before that everything you can buy on the shop you can buy In-game. The whole point of all of these is they don't give you an advantage over anyone else. Why should I care if someone buys a penthouse? Or a good looking sports car? Yeah my point exactly. There's nothing wrong with the devs trying to get a little extra funding by selling ingame items separately or in packages earlier before release.
  8. Any Poker Players?

  9. Still Waiting..

    ^ Finally someone gets it, cheers bru
  10. Please don't fuck this up.

    They already stated that you can buy these things with in game money. The stuff on the shop is for those who don't want to work their way up to buying a new apartment when they get started.
  11. Please don't fuck this up.

    oh and a maltese? really? pets? if i cant buy a pet ingame with ingame cash im going to be livid.
  12. Please don't fuck this up.

    I just wanna start by saying i've got high hopes for this game. I think it was announced around 2015 or 2016, and i have been waiting with high expectations for a while now. This is the exact type of game i can see myself playing for days on end. That being said, the game isn't even released yet. It's still in development.. And i just took a look at the shop. There are cosmetics being sold before the game has even released? Really? You're gonna make us pay real money.. upwards of 100 dollars.. for a house? There should be in-game jobs and in-game currency. We should be able to work for these things. That is the whole point of games like these. Rewards! So what in the hell is with this shit? In the first module release it doesn't even look like vehicles will be driveable. But there are cars being sold on the shop for real money. Come the fuck on! Please don't fuck this up. I'm rooting for this game. Access to the game should be sold now. The more funding there is the better the game should be. I don't have a problem with more expensive PACKAGES including cars and houses to go along with access to the game. But selling these things on their own? Thats a whole other ball game. We should all be on a level paying field, whether or not we had the cash to splurge.
  13. Still Waiting..

    Something more official needs to be done for the multi-threading of similar topics to stop. No, people shouldn't have to use forum search to find nuggets of information here and there when it should be made readily available on-site or on a dev blog. It is on the developers' shoulders to provide this information, not a mod, and these threads would be drastically reduced if the developers would take a few minutes out to do their job (and yes, keeping a playerbase updated OFFICIALLY on the whys and hows and whens IS the job of the developer, even if they give a community manager the power to make official postings about it and no I don't mean answering questions in the myriad forum threads. I mean actual, bonafide updates) Complaining at the OP does nothing, as this is primarily a developer issue at the core. I don't like the repeat topics either, but there's an easy way to control this that's not being taken. For whatever reason. If updates aren't going to be done, maybe a Discourse section of forums could be put into place to funnel these sorts of topics?
  14. Biggest Development Flaws

    I disagree with launching the game in its current state, but your other points have positive and constructive criticism. I respect you for not going out of your way to share any hidden anger towards the Developers/game itself. Majority of your other points are, otherwise, truly important for this team to take into consideration. With releasing the game as is right now, though, that would be similar to Life Is Feudal: MMO, where nearly all Steam reviews are negative (although the game itself is a needle in a haystack sort of MMO) and thus not many people are encouraged enough to give it a try. Two different styled MMOs. One (LIF: MMO) which launched into Open Beta/Early Access without the right sort of content and patches/updates (which are done nearly every day now) and one (IdentityRPG) which has the ability to launch into Early Access with the right sort of content, amount of patches/updates, and keep the playerbase and future playerbase thriving. We may not see the same viewpoint on this, but as much as I would love for this game to launch as is, I know it would not be in its best interest in the long-run. But, again, I do respect you for your positive criticism.
  15. Opinions.

    My opinion may not count too well but for what it is worth, here I go. I understand venting your frustration, but a lot of your frustration is what we all passively feel in different ways whether more quietly or as aggressively. We all would like this wonderful concept of an MMORPG (in literal sense of Role-Playing Game) to be released and although many may be upset and many may be frustrated... a game in development is not something that can just be launched because we want it done. Somewhere in this forum, someone mentioned that with every test, there may be a bug, and with every fix on that bug, another bug may appear. When you consider the idea of the game, the coding that had to be done from scratch, and the previous sentence, you have to be considerate to the game's development. Yes, it may suck that the game is not playable as of yet, but in no way/shape/form would I want this game to be launched just to have servers going down every hour to fix this or that. Even when this first module is launched, we will face bugs/glitches that will force us to end our gameplay for a limited time, but I would prefer a much smaller scaled version of patches/updates than servers being constantly worked on due to the Developers giving in and launching the module. Many others including myself have pledged $30 or more towards this game and still remain patient. The only advice I could give you is not to pan out your anger and frustration in this way, as someone above mentioned, the Developers never respond to these things. While staying either optimistic or patient is tough, your best bet is to do what you feel you should. Whether you feel a refund is necessary, or if you have a change in your mindset and decide to ride it out towards launch - these decisions are up to you. Many of us have chosen to wait until the launch and I'm sure some of us including myself stay in the shadows of these forums and check on the progression towards launch every so often. Personally, I keep up to date with not just this game's potential and launch, but a few others as well. Without getting too off-topic, there is one game in particular which is taking 'uber' long to launch and I know it's not coming out anytime soon but I have no problem with it. Developers take their time and info/clue us in when it is needed. Perhaps we should know more. Perhaps. But until then, patience is a virtue.
  16. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    I am well aware of what it contains. I have been a member since 2nd january, 2016. So I have been waiting for a very long time and I pledged quite alot for this. I am well known.
  17. Still Waiting..

    As i said before, your entitled to your opinion, and I am glad you were able to prove your point. Realize I also have mine. I believe this topic is right on target.
  18. Still Waiting..

    They do tell us, and Well it has been stated many times by me on posts like this. Maybe the search function is a good idea for people as it takes little time to find a answer compared to waiting for 1. There was a database bug causing crashes/ delaying moving forward. When one bug gets fixed, it also can create many more bugs, small or big. That is how development is and that is why the task is taking longer than need be. Issues, arise and issues get fixed, but more always creep up.
  19. Still Waiting..

    actually that's not true, this is a message to the devs as you have stated in your original post, I will say this again, a message and a topic or two very different things. see that? a message, not a topic
  20. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    Moderator not a developer. Also please read up on what the first module is about.... This is the first thing you should have done really as a step towards finding out what comes with the development.
  21. Still Waiting..

    This topic is in regards to "The Town Square" and how long it is taking to get released. If there is many other posts like mine as you suggested, perhaps there is a problem with the devs that need to be addressed. The longer this game takes, the quicker others will think this is a scam and I believe it needs to be addressed. No offense to you or the other users that continue to police my postings, but I am far within the rules of making a post. If you wish to be a moderator perhaps you should put in a application ? Rather than polluting my post with your pointless thoughts that have nothing to do with the topic of this post. The fact is I/we have waiting months and years for a promise not delivered. This post is needed, even if you disagree with me. I felt like giving a post, and I did. I realize you disagree and that's fine. We paid for a game, we eventually deserve to play the game.
  22. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    But we do know what it will contain... the last task is apartment inventory, and this is a big part of the game. Lucky is a moderator btw, not a developer
  23. Still Waiting..

    I do agree threads like these are pointless, including this one. All it does is clutter the forums. If you have an opinion, why not just add it to one of the other countless similar threads? If it's a personal message to the devs, why not inbox them? But making an entire thread for it yourself, repeating what others have said before, is kinda absurd.
  24. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    U can't be so sure though. as the developer said. The module doesn't contain much. And we have been stuck on 1 last thing for months, nothing happens, no updates.. Nothing..
  25. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    The first module was the foundation of the game; that's why it has taken so long. This module contains everything so the game can function as it should, and the other modules will go off of the coding already in place and add some new things that connect with it. The 2nd and 3rd module will take considerably less time to come out, as the base game is already in place to be added once all the additional assets are put on. It's like a cake; we have the 1st module, which is our actual bread cake. We baked it, and now it's just sitting there on the counter, warm, kinda plain, but still tasty and good on it's own. Then, the other two modules are like our frosting and sprinkles. They go on the cake, make it a lot more pretty and delicious, and everyone is happy. The cake took about 30 or 40 minutes to bake, but the frosting took around 10. We just needed the cake first. Considering this game will be built to host constant activity and people, the testing of the systems has to be strenuous and meticulous. They can't let the game collapse on itself. I think they should've been more open about that, but we're almost there, so I wont gripe about it.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    So it wont contain much? Then what is taking so long, for "not containing much" Like the develop has been stuck on last phase for months now, one single thing.. I mean, how long will it be till 2nd and 3rd module will be released?
  28. Dev blog?

    it s not coming out today i guess:p i start to assume we just get 2 dev blogs in september, if they can handle that
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