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  3. What guns do you want to see?

  4. What guns do you want to see?

    I know it's a little bit late for more weapon wishes, but there are still some real beauties that haven't been named up to now. Since I'm Swiss, these are some guns that are being used or have been used either by swiss law enforcement or military. Note: I've personally shot all of them, except the SG 553 due to the fact that it is a special forces weapon and it's almost impossible to get one of those as a civilian. SIG Sauer P210 SIG Sauer P226 SIG SG 550 / STGW 90 SIG SG 553 (as additional SWAT weapon?) and last but not least... Karabiner Mod. 1931 (Kar. 31/K31) <3
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  6. Its going down hill

    just did so ^^ like i said in my first answer in this thread, i wasnt active a long time here anymore since i became tired of supporting identity ^^
  7. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Slow, but not dead. Just had a content update like, 2 days ago. And another one a bit earlier.
  8. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Just a question from a fan.
  9. Its going down hill

    the devs are still focusing on fixing the bugs though, if you read the patch notes you can see that even content updates contain bug fixes, I would say this is a pretty good in between with content/bugs
  10. Its going down hill

    Yeah i know that one part wants new stuff and the other part wants only the bugs to be gone, but it realy should be in focus to get rid of the bugs. A few small additions that cant bring any bugs are totaly fine if you still want to add new things as DEV but yeah repeating myself about the bugs ^^
  11. Hallo liebe IdentityRPG Community, wir von IdentityGRP suchen zwei Moderatoren für unsere kleine Community. Voraussetzungen an den Moderator: Mindestens 18 Jahre jung ein funktionsfähiges Headset im Besitzt von Discord und Teamspeak Teamfähigkeit Sofern jemand von euch interessiert ist, kann er sich gerne bei mir via PN oder Discord melden. Forum: Discord: Beste Grüße blimi
  12. Its going down hill

    A lot of the stuff are objects being added and also the community keep on moaning about when they will add content while you dont want that. There is no winning situation really for them when you see it from 2 points.
  13. Its going down hill

    So im back alive giving my mustard to this. I played the Alpha ( Apparently the Devs are ok with me playing the module even tho i refunded) and tbh so far except 4 hours of waiting until the game loaded to the menu and a lot of clitching thru the floor i didnt notice a lot.. it was realy early tho maybe some things i experienced got fixed already... or not.. @Lucky hey buddy, nice to still see you around. How´s it going? I know we got our differences in the past and we will have a lot others still, except i get banned one day or another ( i hope that wont happen) You know props the best that i protected the game a long time and told others to just wait etc but after a too long time ( yes even for a small DEV Team they are taking a realy long time and even then didnt got too much out) i gave up. It would be awesom if the game oneday will be a big Boomer and got a lot of players and would work perfectly but everyone knows, it doesnt. and its far of doing so. Sure alpha understandable, got no problem with that. Wouldnt want to have to do that myself tbh. BUT (yep there is always a but(t)) 1) A lot of money went into Identity, in Kickstarter and here. 2) They got their own Office that aint cheap i bet <- This point may or may not be valiable since the office realy is their workplace and a workplace is needed to make a game. its just a thing on the list i had to add. 3) They do weird not always game fixing updates like that WeedPlant i read in this Thread already somewhere ( LOL ) 4) They dont realy focus mainly on just getting out all the bugs they have now inside the game but instead to the mistake of adding other new stuff into it that may or may not is necessary and may or may not gets another or another few bugs into the Game instead of getting rid of all the still running ones. ( Tbh dont call me out on anything i say, wasnt active for too long but so far what i´ve seen&heard a lot bugs are still there that where already at the alpha launch a problem..) Following is somewhat more towards the DEV´s if any if going to read this too Its not bad to add new content to the alpha already, i realy love some models they make for the game even tho some look too weird to be real... like some stuff looks like it was used in the 1970 or even in the 1960 and maybe we should for now stop adding too much new into the alpha but instead get all the bugs gone. like ALL of them currently inside the codes somewhere. IK aint a easy task. IK it takes time too. but try it. focus on that And just for the end, please dont hate at me for anything i said. Lets stay objective as much as possible coz it makes stuff easier for all doesnt it? <3
  14. It's a super simple thing to do and it will make your game look much more professional the fact you still have the default icon of unreal engine it's super ridiculous If you need help to do it you can find it in this link:
  15. Its going down hill

    I can't wait for this game to release, I unlike the majority it seems knew what a kickstarting game developed by a small team of developers was from the start. It's a LONG wait, get over it. The module out now is exactly what they promised it would be, it was never meant to be a full in depth game like everyone was expecting for some reason. Its a social gathering spot to give you just a minor taste of what is to come. I have backed this game from the start and I still back it even if the module is in a buggy state cause it's the first of its kind. Ill take delays for an amazing game over a quick release to appease the kids that are impatient.
  16. Its going down hill

    Point is there is updates. You are just trying to slam excuses on things you dont keep up to date with. The updates might be small, but they are updates in general. Well for 1 The 1st Module is a social Module and that is what we have, so for 1 that is a promise delivered. 2. The trailers you saw like the drug / gun game play is of what you can expect in the full game as it was never said that would be in the 1st Module; Town Square. I dont know what other things you are trying to point out which was not as promised. If you say any full game features, well it is just the module and not the full game and so that wont count . Here is what the Module is / about:
  17. Its going down hill

    WOW.... thats going to hold my interest for about 30secs. YAWN.............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  18. Fraud? a lot to be done? or slow?

    if you want to fix a bug you first need to be able to replicate it, sometimes a certain bug can be triggered by many different things. so when they fix a certain trigger that leads to that bug its still possible for other triggers to be in the game. sometimes by adding new stuff old bugs can pop up again as well, its nothing new for a development studio to try and fix the same bug a couple times. things like growing weed are put in the game so that the players can do something new and get a basic feeling for how this will work in the future. they havent added new clothes anymore, all the clothes that are available in the shop have been available since release so I don't really know what you are trying to imply here? for the furniture however, the two things that got added were to grow/dry your marijuana. despite the marijuana growing the developers are also working on the shooting range. if you mean that trailer where the cops drove to that meth lab, they scrapped the driving because it wasn't good enough and are going to rework it. While there are a lot of people with doubts the developers are still working on the game, remember that this isn't just our dream game, but theirs too. all I can suggest now is to focus on other things until another content update comes out, and of course to always stay positive
  19. one thing i don't understand is why are the same things being fixed and things we don't need yet being released? even made yet honestly..? work on things that'll give us something to do as well as bug fixes, adding clothing and furniture makes me wonder because those are things to be added after your game is running smooth an your customers are happy with what they see an paid for. and aren't constantly being negative and thinking its a fraud. start giving us something to do for real if the gun shop is there, you,ve released a gameplay video of shooting and not in the town square also driving, then what is going on? cant even ride a bike.., the thing is if this never come to full release and they just stop devoloping it an keep the money it would be fraud and everybody/anybody can sue the company.
  20. Its going down hill

    there was an update about 5 hours ago, we now gave people the ability to grow weed plants in their home
  21. Its going down hill

    I think there issue here is they tried to push a very broken game out for people to see what they have going on and that ruined it for them, Myself and many others dont follow this game anymore due to the masses of bad reviews. They should have waited until it was ready, Not one part of this game has turned out as promised and also the trailers before release... Was that a different game? I dont want to hate IdentitiyRPG, There concept is what everybody wants! And iknow myself development is NEVER easy especially when they have a community slamming down on them. But again they pushed a playable version out far too early in my eyes, But i hope they can redeem them self's.
  22. Its going down hill

    Full game release in 2022 I think someone said. To be honest, by that time, the game development that will have been achieved will be outdated. Other games will supersede this "game" very quickly. As someone else said.... just think.... it IS dead in the water, how the hell can anyone defend the obvious. Its current development is on its knees, no feedback, no updates no news........ DEAD. Its VERY obvious to me, how is it not so for other people??
  23. Patch - March 13th - Soccer balls have been refactored to produce more realistic physics. We can now also add player controls to the interaction. To start, you can now kick the ball harder if you're holding down your left mouse button when you hit it. - Characters can now turn more sharply, especially at high speeds (sprinting). - Added a little polish to jumping and landing animation. - Fixed a bug allowing you to turn your character while standing from chairs. - Marijuana joints have been removed from the drug dealer. He now sells cannabis seeds instead. - Hydroponics table is now available at the furniture vendor. Use this to grow plants from seeds in your homes. - Drying rack is now available at the furniture vendor. Use this to dry grown herbs in your home. - Dried cannabis can now become small/medium bags of marijuna, or even large bricks of marijuana, depending on the size of the plant(s). - Bags or bricks of marijuana can be converted into joints of varying quality levels. - Apartments have maximum crafting stations (in this release, the hydroponics and drying rack). The number varies based on size/value of floorplan. - Added functionality to parking meters and bike racks, although they're not useful until vehicles arrive. - Fixed two crashes. - Performance improvements.
  24. Its going down hill

    I have been waiting since Day 1 of the Kickstarter, I am not going to wait this long and give up purely because game development always have brick walls to hit and delays after delays. I believe in the project and the developers in completing it. I think it could have been done better yeah sure but having a go and getting it right first time never happens so I expected it would be ages to wait for the full game release but I am helping in some way with the project and I want to keep helping. I like to keep my faith in my passionate/ dream games I wish to have.
  25. Its going down hill

    @LuckyDuck I know you have a duty to say certain things and everything but just think for a second. You gotta get out of here man. Do you really believe in this project? Do you think your time can be spent better elsewhere? You can respond with the typical Mod response but just think. Just think.
  26. Its going down hill

    Please read the store page in greater detail:
  27. Its going down hill

    Hurry up with this swat module your all taking the piss out of everyone who backed this game we all might as well bend over on a table and let you all fuck is in the ass because that's what you basically are trying to do
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