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  2. CAVES

    Caves are already on a the plan for the full game
  3. question

    so if i buy identity now can i be a cop then????????/
  4. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    I want to be the leader of the Mafia to spread in the world is famous for murder and Zakah I Mmainish money is the most important thing I do not Hesb limit in case I need to give up all the need for his love and change my name and keep a dangerous man so that he wants to join the Mafia
  5. SWAT release date??

    No worries, that thread was only posted under 2 weeks ago, a lot are still asking what the plans for Identity are.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Help linking account

    just follow this guide mate :
  8. thanks that helps, dk why i couldnt find that lmaoo maybe just didnt read it
  9. Will there be any updates on things we can do in town square untill the next module comes out? i mean like biking atleast or let the dealer sell us guns an ammo till then, if a player has a gun on the in the streets you can get shot, if not there no friendly fire!? see what you can do thatd be great! just to keep people entertained

  10. Help linking account

    Hey can someone please explain to me how can i link my account with steam???
  11. Ummm ?

    Besides, with that player average and almost nobody supporting Identity, there's not gonna be any extra income. So it will be up to the dev team to whether this should continue or not.
  12. Ummm ?

    Let be honest, the game is dead... does anyone know of anything like this that has a hope of release? Or are we all just going to have to wait for GTA VI? Realistically, IF and thats a very big IF, this game does come to Fruition, it will likely be a full game realease around 2021-2022...By that time, this game which already looks dated, will look like Goldeneye 64 looks to us right now - which in its time, was great, but in todays market, looks like a piece of shit. by 2022, there will be so many other better games developed by capable developers, perhaps time to start looking at following those titles rather than this dead horse turd of a fuckup?
  13. Ummm ?

  14. Ummm ?

    I mean.....WWII was playable lol. And had more than 2 players online in the entire game.
  15. Hello Everyone!! If you have applied before please apply again we have remade our Application. Thank you!
  16. Last week
  17. SWAT release date??

    They specified the Town Square would be a Social module with not much to do but socialize. Between now and the SWAT module they will be including new features like the shooting range. If you want to see what they plan on doing until then, check out this thread
  18. CAVES

    cave exploring should be on your list!
  19. so we have to wait another year just do actually do something in the game?? why release so early then..
  20. Progress on my appartment

    That's not a filing cabinet, mate.
  21. SWAT release date??

    It was known that SWAT would come about a year after Town Square release saying about a year between each module release.
  22. Progress on my appartment

    Why is there a filing cabinet in the bathroom
  23. lolz... this phrase is probably the most important part of that statement... Just anticipate 2020 or 2021 and u wont be disappointed.
  24. The only eta there is right now is 2019, which can also be found on the steam page. Do keep in mind that this is not official yet and can always be subject to change.
  25. when will this be released? time frame if not sure yet
  26. Can't go in or out the elivator

    @ArivaMatova You may not be patient enough. I've noticed, sometimes, it seems to take a while. Especially if you're more people in it. Trying to use it at once.
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