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  2. What games have you waiting?

    I've been waiting for Retro Bowl College for a long time and finally it's out! I'm a huge fan of the original Retro Bowl game, and I was really excited to see what the developers would do with a college football spin-off. Here is a link to game -
  3. Hello Fellow RPers

    Notice anything off about this image.
  4. Holdin' out hope baby!

    Good luck with your hopes, last time i checked their discord it was full of inappropriate images. If they can't even moderate their discord, or post updates even after apologizing for the lack of communication ain't nothing gonna happen.
  5. Holdin' out hope baby!

    Just made myself a custom IdentityRPG shirt and hat! I cant wait for this game to release. I'm gonna start a restaurant!
  6. 4 months and 7 years ago

    rip money i think
  7. 4 months and 7 years ago

    it's very not likely........
  8. 4 months and 7 years ago

    HI, It has been 4 months since the last announcement, it's now 2023. I've been following this thing since 2016, its been 7 years now and we haven't seen anything tangible other than the town square. Can the Devs please post another update on what is happening? I get that they are struggling, but can they at least update us more frequently? I kind of want to know what is going on, I really used to look forward to the game and was disappointed when it "flopped" now we get an update that the devs are still working. Can we get an update, maybe a release date too?
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