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  2. Been away 2 months... and have come back to...

    new mmorpg trailer released the new Altis life genre. These people seem more promising check it out backers wanted and the trailer looks incredible not just open world with houses and work life but planes and helicopters too check it out its called RAW fuck this game after seeing this new trailer asylum have lost big time
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  4. Plans for Identity

    By the time this game comes out I will be dead
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  6. Plans for Identity

    Dont get your hopes up yet.
  7. Plans for Identity

    By the time the game comes out those jobs will probably be taken up by androids anyways.
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  9. Patch - June 17th

    Patch As we continue our work on the SWAT module we also continue to work on bugs and quality of life changes. - Fixed a VoIP related crash that could occur when traveling in the elevators or into the cinema. - Changed anti-aliasing to a new custom FXAA based method. This will remove the ghosting effect around your character. - Added image sharpening, defaulted to 80%. You can control this (or disable it) in your video settings. - Added more litter and polish to the world. - Lighting has been overhauled, especially during the day. - Significant performance improvement when outside. -The player turning animations are now much smoother. -Tweaked the turning speeds of players a bit. - Fixed some map bugs. - Camera shake when sprinting. - Players will no longer hover a few centimeters off the ground. - The police station NPC now describes the mechanics of playing as a police officer. - Fixed bugs with placing an art canvas on an easel. - Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented the placement of a canvas on your apartment walls. - Fixed some poorly placed canvases in the art gallery. - A new tool for the community managers means approval of submitted art to the gallery. There's a lot of new community work in there now!
  10. Plans for Identity

    You are missing the Paramedic career and maybe add a option for None and Other.
  11. Plans for Identity

    Lol you put only two careers and im going to be neither of them
  12. Plans for Identity

    Vote your choices for what you want to do in identity!

    Founded - 1973 The 1% As a club the Santos MC follow the philosophy that it stands for. The 1% percent of the society that does not follow the rules and abide by the norm. The Santos MC is an organization surrounded by the fact that we take no shit and take no hesitation on making a first punch. We proudly wear out 1% diamond on our front cut and make sure it's clear we don't care if your alive or not. We pride ourselves on needing no one but the club. We demand respect and if not given it's taken you will either respect us or fear us. Requirements *+16 of age *Must have Discord *Mic required *Basic MC knowledge *Mature Mindset NOT REQUIRED TO BE HISPANIC OR SPEAK SPANISH If interested or have any questions join us on our club discord. RP Background Founded - 1978 Years Active - 1978-Present Established - Los Angeles, CA Key People - Hispanic Type - Outlaw Motorcycle Club Region - United States, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Membership - 300-400 Santos MC is a Hispanic themed club that is based around the west coast style bikes and low riders. The club was originally formed as an act of peace and brotherhood and a stand to the cops and the oppressors that surrounded the Mexican communities. In the 80’s the club took to gang and violence as the club grew. In the Early 70’s the club decided to support the act of gun running and drug smuggling and distribution with a hand in prostitution to afford to keep the club up and running with a stable income FOR IMAGES GO TO
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  15. Complete lack of direction?

    Seriously though, how can anyone say there is lack of direction? There is abundant proof to claim the has been extensive work done. There are people employed at this company. It is a business. Employees at any job need to perform or they will loose the job. Likewise, again, the employee is expecting employment with some longevity and some measure of job security. Maybe the salary? other benefits? Personally, I don't imagine many people out there would want a job that couldn't provide some of these basic requirements. Secondly, if one of their employees ever wants to find a new opportunity maybe with a more recognized industry name (like Take Two, Bethesda ,Team 7, CD Projekt Red, Namco, etc, or work for Microsoft or Sony, for example. Nintendo?) on a first party title, I imagine that employee will be thinking about their positive impact during their time at Asylum Entertainment. All the employees, maybe at least most, want whats best for themselves and the company. The project they are part of will reflect that. The world is not perfect. When you get knocked down, you learn to get up, and keep going, keep moving forward, regardless or maybe even because of the naysayers. Sometimes it's plan "B" on deck. Sometimes plan "C". If Identity hits plan "Z", I'm keeping my eyes open for plan "AA". Say what you will about this topic. I'm done. Especially when the argument falls on deaf ears. Peace out here. Catch ya'll on the next one.
  16. Complete lack of direction?

    I'm entitled to reply to your opinion, all I am saying is I won't take your opinion personally.
  17. Complete lack of direction?

    Then why quote my post then? HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
  18. Complete lack of direction?

    First of all posting these GIF pictures is very cringy( and makes you look like a 5 year old). I'm not a kid btw, and spell my name right. you're another delusional fan who has no idea what you are talking about. If you are ok that it took 4 years to make a social module, good for you, but I am not ok with that. You can say whatever you want, but your opinion means nothing to me. Stop calling people "immature" or "kids" because they do not agree with you, this is getting ridiculous. Waiting 4 years for a not even a game is more than enough time needed.
  19. Complete lack of direction?

    This is the real truth of the matter! Bravo LuckyDuck! I think some people like that shadow123 or whatever, dude is too young to understand, I think, this basic point. Maybe with his immaturity and young age impatience is natural, and like most kids today, just wants everything now, now, now. I hope once he grows up and has to live in the real world with the rest of us, him and people like him will realize that as the old saying goes, "Rome was not built in a day". Also, just want to send a thank you to all the community moderators coming in here to provide some clarity on these issues, because although redundant, and having been addressed countless times before in many posts, the topic keeps being brought up. I for one am fatigued at the redundancy of it all. So Thanks! FYI There are many games out there. I don't understand how people can obsess over one game. I think people just like to complain in blog posts for the frick of it. I'm sure their motives will not be truly expressed and instead will cling on to statements such as "we were promised this" and "the devs said that" or "this date and and that date", maybe even going as far as "no work has been done there is no progress blah, blah, blah." Nonsense all of it really. The proof is in the pudding, but acknowledging the facts and embracing the truth, which is that this dev team has done what other teams wont, and that is being transparent as much as possible, acknowledging this will leave them with no argument to make, so people like shadow90210 and others will just ignore them and post their ramblings. I for one am done engaging with such immature behavior. Good luck Community Moderators, and Godspeed. Patience little ones.
  20. Complete lack of direction?

    Maybe, but that is not all entirely true because anyone who has the passion of something and is determined for something, then they can complete such a project. No matter how small or big, if you have passion and determination I think you can get it done.
  21. Complete lack of direction?

    I agree, but clearly you need a bigger developer team to make a game of this immensity.
  22. Complete lack of direction?

    Developers can only take into account for somethings, but the developers cannot predict the future of what might or not happen.
  23. Complete lack of direction?

    Sorry but you keep repeating yourself in every thread. please go back to my threads to see my answers. thanks
  24. Complete lack of direction?

    and this isn't that post. this isn't about accounting factors, you are going off topic with this and bringing it back to the topic you were discussing last time. please try to stay on topic
  25. Complete lack of direction?

    I mean if its hard to make a social module then I don't have anything to say lol. Like I said on previous post, all these factors should have been taken into account before making the game
  26. Complete lack of direction?

    it took them 4 years to redo the town square twice, and as I have said before, a lot of the base systems have already been made + they have more developers now than they had the first year. these are all things that should be accounted for. development time isn't as easy to calculate as you make it out to be and it depends on a lot of variables.
  27. Complete lack of direction?

    debateable dates, if it took 4 years to make a social module then its going to take 8 years to make the other modules
  28. Complete lack of direction?

    Basically this @4thdesign
  29. Complete lack of direction?

    as it stands right now the modules will be a year apart, the swat module in 2019, the racing module in 2020 and the beta in 2021. these are estimates, and not to be taken as an actual promise. this is also public information on the steam page
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