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  1. Buyer Beware!

    There was once an individual talking about instances in development that brought light to the fact that this game is progressing EXTREMELY slowly, in the discord...i was made aware that they are no longer able to join the discord...i think its entirely fair for me to warn others of this situation as it shows going against the grain is extremely risky. Do not purchase this until further progress is made! Small question for the readers: What do you think they should add to the game?
  2. Petitioning for an answer, please sign.

    On the discord there was a few sentences givin out by the devs....if you count that as development...up to you lol
  3. The most recent Dev blog...

    Oh believe me conversations have been had, people are wise to all the power here and the discord People cant face the music so they lash out at people like us
  4. The most recent Dev blog...

    This thread is being watched careful...dont speak out why you think its got so many views but nothing else
  5. The most recent Dev blog...

    Seems as if the community has givin' up or is tired of the same ol' crap
  6. The most recent Dev blog...

    Soooo....the latest Dev blog was Posted May 9, 2019. (Nearly 13 months ago) Has there been any movement? Any updates? Any Tasks fulfilled? Has anything progressed since......?
  7. Developers? Are you there? I have a question

    ^Necro...move along everyone
  8. Update Regarding Newsletter

    Some of these accounts feel like bots...
  9. Update Regarding Newsletter

    I mean...i don't think you should call something like this a "Hobby". They've made well over a million and a half dollars and have this community with 100's of thousands of backers waiting...its kind of s spit in the face to all those backers to merely call it a "Hobby"
  10. Reminder of the expectations (info you may not know)

    "Quite soon"..."Really soon"..."When its ready"... Here we go
  11. New Information from paratus

    Its crazy to finally see all the users who were backing this game so hard and defending it are now joining the right side, its been said since day people are starting to believe
  12. IdentityRPG is a disaster

    ...sounds an awful lot like what they've said every single time someone asks about deadlines or thing of that nature
  13. Enough is Enough

    Yeah...i just assumed everyone left this forum lol thought i was the last one
  14. Devs haven't been online since august

    oh believe me, we both share close to the same opinion
  15. [Poll] A few questions for people who are still around

    Ohhhhh "Soon™" Lmao i get it now