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  1. No update for 2 month??

    Oh boy i cant wait for look on your face when...oh yeah i wont have to see it. People have a right to voice their concerns, i don't care what your going to write about how "its SO annoying", you constantly say the same things when challenged but people who spend money on a product or idea have the right to question its validity and progress. Yes these things take time but in that spare time i PASSIONATELY ENCOURAGE every single one of these people to challenge the Devs/Studio, as long as it isn't in a vulgar/name calling way.
  2. No update for 2 month??

    Yeah i checked this myself about a week ago and figured maybe it would be up this week...but i see it has not been...curious
  3. Lack of communication from developers

    You realize that the sole reason thing get done in this world is because complaints are raised...right? Like without people complaining even about the same redundant topics, nothing would be accomplished or maybe things would, but they would be far worse off
  4. So.... Is Identity dead?

    That's a clear sign of bad moderating/development
  5. So.... Is Identity dead?

    You called someone an "Idiot" 2. Respect others. Showing respect will encourage others to participate in discussion. 3. Flame, or attack others. Insults do not contribute to discussion, and will be removed.
  6. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Well i kinda...does...exist...? By definition: the fact or state of living or having objective reality (so your nit picking this users words) This user knows the game hasn't fully launched (Givin their comment on "By the time SWAT is out") they just didn't use the best grammar (again your grasping for straws) So in closing...well prolly wont get this far cause the thread will be deleted or closed
  7. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Ahhh implications...should go smoothly
  8. So.... Is Identity dead?

    Nothing against anyone but ive noticed this very thing happening all over this forum, but i digress
  9. Posts getting locked

    Yeah i seen your post suddenly disappear, one of the reasons i bumped this thread again lol
  10. Posts getting locked

    Now that the traffic has gone down it'll be a lot easier for go unnoticed lol
  11. Ummm ?

    To be fair man a great many of these could be considered entry level Pre alpha alpha bugfixes. December 7th - Game process will no longer stay "running" when shutting down. I'm not gonna highlight them all but i do wish for their success
  12. Ummm ?

    Ah poor Ned. May he rest in piece.
  13. Ummm ?

    Yeah i mean i don't think its dead but to think this forum use to be exploding with topics (5-10 new topics a day) there seem to be 5 comments/posts a week at most
  14. Posts getting locked

    Yeah its kinda hit or miss, "most" of the time its cause people cant just have a calm debate with opposing views without things getting out of hand. There have been times however, I've seen certain posts in which certain things were brought to light/discussed that had no business being locked and deleted. Kind of just up to the mods.
  15. This is legit bad business practice

    Wait...You're telling me....Their Releasing a game...with no dedicated servers?