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  1. About the steam verification process...

    ^ LOL
  2. identity released date 12am?

    Be careful man, this moderator is shutting down any nay saying posts...
  3. Weren't you one of the individuals that told everyone to stop making comparisons to AAA games/studios because "This team is smaller"?
  4. Town square release

    Actually using the data you have given, it would still be correct to say "They Always Delay" because if they have like you've said only given 2 release dates and fall short on all those release dates Then technically Matumbo is correct
  5. To the Devs about next weeks stream

    Just want you to know....i got your reference there Yo-Ho Yar Good Stuff
  6. Update

    not taking sides but you gotta admit...that was good
  7. Town Square Module Estimated Release Date?

    Its best to not ask those kind of questions here my friend LOL Kappa
  8. Beach Ball Has Left

    Some very questionable behavior indeed
  9. Another Rant about time square

    "Its is clear to us now that the issue is deeper than we expected"....."That one specifically was the deal breaker that forced us to reschedule".....Whew glad they cleared that up for me once again, was thinking for a second the Town Square Mod. was gonna be released "Very Soon"
  10. Another Rant about time square

    I agree bugs would induce a not so fun time, but honestly...and its been said many times...At no point will this game be perfect (not to be offensive) but for real...could be years and you'll still find the tiniest of bugs, where do you draw the line?
  11. You own it, it's all on you...

    Yeah.....that is kinda shady....thank you for bringing it to my attention....i didnt even seen that post
  12. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    Uhhh can we get a MOD to lock this thread?....Alot of personal attacks and such going on....not a productive thread... @LuckyDuck @HairyGrenade
  13. Getting Keys!

    Ehhhh...ill believe it when its in my possession...cause you know...delays lol
  14. Can we please have some honesty and transparency?

    i sincerely hope so <3 rooting for it
  15. Everybody is Freaking out About Identity.

    ...because they've already fallen through on the numerous other dates that they gave out