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  1. I think it's time to say "Thank you" to the Team!

    Uhhh can we get a MOD to lock this thread?....Alot of personal attacks and such going on....not a productive thread... @LuckyDuck @HairyGrenade
  2. Getting Keys!

    Ehhhh...ill believe it when its in my possession...cause you know...delays lol
  3. Can we please have some honesty and transparency?

    i sincerely hope so <3 rooting for it
  4. Everybody is Freaking out About Identity.

    ...because they've already fallen through on the numerous other dates that they gave out
  5. About Release Date

    I sure hope not...cause if it did i have a feeling either this forum will get a lot more hostile, or a lot more quiet
  6. About Release Date

    @meturkan careful asking about that kinda stuff here....tis shunned lol
  7. Can we please have some honesty and transparency?

    ^ Yup, id like to point out that in everyone of these constructive criticism type posts, the first people to start getting aggressive, are the type of individual you have pointed out here
  8. ^ THIS! If this issue would be resolved, i am certain that most of the posts OP is regarding would cease Couldn't have said it better! Cheers! @Chase
  9. Still Waiting..

    ^ Finally someone gets it, cheers bru
  10. Everyone STOP!!!!

  11. [Insert Topic Regarding Release Date]

    Yallz mad/disappointed/scared cause you've made all these elaborate political party's and business ideas, factions, and all the art and stuff that goes with it...and your worried that if the game does come out in the next 2 years it will have lost its player base and it'll all be for not
  12. Prove us wrong Asylum Entertainment [Video]

    My exact thoughts! They know who PSI is and what kinda creator he is, and thought "yahhh maybe we should unban him" (I mean no negativity against you PSI XD)
  13. Prove us wrong Asylum Entertainment [Video]

    "Whoooops so sorry PSISYN, accidentally blacklisted YOU specifically, shortly after you published that specific youtube video"....KAPPA
  14. Last task

    Thats come on now....theres no way it shouldve taken this long
  15. I had to concentrate so hard to make sure i didn't get lost in that rabbit hole LOL