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  1. where is the more frequent updates you promised on discord?

    1. Raja


      Why do you keep flexing the office on every page you post ur company which 'you don't operate out of' ?

    2. Raja


      How does it feel to be exposed for phony games and being a phony scammer?



  2. @dagtagwill you do that? or its not on the list of stuff you're allowed to reply to. Better yet just tell him to come on the forum and reply himself. and also why he promised more frequent updates on discord but lied about that as well.
  3. I'm sure you would like to think that or you were told that but how many people put paint cans in their barn assets.... mmmm just one.
  4. Update Regarding Newsletter

    Such an honest guy doesn't need to explain to people who paid him millions lol 2 Different companies with entirely different people behind them but... all i see is johnny boy How ironic is it that they provide "royalties" to asylum but the payments went straight to johnny boy... If I was starting a company and i told asylum to help me reach an audience I certainly wouldn't let johnny boy run my Kickstarter nor would I let him register my company under his name.
  5. Do me a favor tho and ask johnny boy why he still flexes his "office" when he said they don't operate out of there.
  6. okay bud, just remember IN MY OPINION(so they don't ban me) the last thing they posted on twitter was actually an asset they bought and added additional lighting so I don't believe shit and you can stop trying to convince me. I'm just here to warn people of the future who are looking at this BS. https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/modular-barn-pack
  7. still ongoing with no updates since 2018 https://www.identityrpg.com/devtracker Very honest of you lol
  8. Release status update?

    lol what a bunch of bs, That's why he runs the Kickstarter and owns the company. if he isn't working on it and has a separate dev team that means he deployed them to work for him and paid them wasting budget and time for $500 on Kickstarter. https://opencorporates.com/companies/ca/11768646
  9. Release status update?

    Paratus is too busy working on furballs instead of identity. Phony Games Scammer
  10. As of today, no developer has touched the forum since august. Unfortunately, https://www.identityrpg.com/modules/townsquare under development tasks has not been updated as of April 19th, 2018. it also states that it was "Last updated 22 hours ago" but that is just an html text node that doesn't actually update( just plain text). Identity has raised over 180k since 2016 on Kickstarter, it has raised more from selling packages on the website and also including a premature steam release. According to the website currently, that is $1.4 million+ dollars raised. Modules were supposed to be a way for early backers to test the game and provide feedback but the fact that asylum decided to do a steam release and provide everyone the same date to access it whether you bought it on the same day it was released on steam(30 Nov 2018) or you have been a backer since 2016 made it seem like a cash-grab. "You deserve much more frequent updates, and we're committing to give you that moving forward" If we cant even get frequent updates what is the point anymore? if they cant keep their word regarding updates then there isnt much to believe regarding the future promises they made. I have complained multiple times to steam and also the developers regarding a refund but according to them that wont happen and like many other discussions on Kickstarter,steam or the forums of identityRPG im almost certain this will not be responded to by the developers/community managers nor do i really care for a response at this point. There isnt much i can do other than warning others who haven't yet fallen victim to identity, youll be purchasing a module(wouldnt exactly call it a game) that likely wont see any updates for years to come and doesnt have a proper public relations team. They spent money on a studio for asylum entertainment which houses 3 employees(according to their Linkedin) and that to me is just a horrible way of managing funds. Identity ironically lost its identity and hype and that to me is just unfortunate. Good luck to you all and have a wonderful holiday season.
  11. Santos RP

    I got this email not too long ago hello everyone, As a lot of SantosRP members may know I had recently purchased the company that owns and operates SantosRP, called JAC Systems. I purchased the company with the intention of boosting development of SantosRP and bringing the community back to life, and that's exactly what we did. We took the servers offline, restaffed the community, re-optimized the game mode, and had an amazing relaunch bring the community back to life! Updates were getting pushed and new ones were scheduled for release. The community was alive again, two full servers of players enjoying RP. SantosRP WAS BACK and moving in the right direction. That was until Santos caught the eyes of Take-Two Interactive, AKA. Rockstar Games.... On November 22nd, 2016 JAC Systems applied for the Trademark SantosRP On March 1st, 2017 the Trademark was approved for publication, shortly after on April 11th, 2017 and oppositionwas filed by Take-Two Interactive. On May 18th, 2017 I bought JAC Systems and started right away on reviving the SantosRPCommunity. On August 9th, 2017 I received an emailform Take-Two Interactive threatening to take legal actions against JAC Systems if I continue to operate under the name SantosRP and that is where everything was brought to a screeching halt... I was faced with a very hard decision to fight back or to give into the large corporation and shut down SantosRP for good... After weeks of emails, phone calls, and lawyers we have both myself and Take-Two Interactive have come to an agreement. SantosRP will be changing its name and operating under a new name that is undetermined at this time. This GoFundMe is here as an ask for help, help from the community that I have given a lot to try and save, reignite, and bring back to life. I need help to pay the all the legal fees and royalties due to previous revenue. I am no longer able to let the financial burden of JAC Systems effect my wife and two children. I can no longer invest more of my personal money into JAC Systems, and with that said I am faced with the hard choice of asking the community for help and putting SantosRPback on track under a new name or giving into Take-Two Interactive and shut the doors.... Please help keep SantosRP ALIVE, any amount will help. Here is a link to the GoFundMe Campaign, please spread it as far as we can! LETS SAVE SANTOS! If we all chip in a little it makes a lot! https://www.gofundme.com/save-santosrp Sincerely, Shawn, (Owner JAC Systems LLC.) ____ For 15k its not worth saving lol
  12. Dev Blog #009

    can you put the link for signature restrictions
  13. Dev Blog #009

    Town Square Clothing Store Remember the clothing store concept art we showed last month? This in-game screenshot shows how concept translates to reality (minus the actual clothing - \ Identity is being produced by a very small team, although with our new office (see above) we're on a hiring craze and expanding in a big way. In fact, our programming team is going to be three times larger by the end of September. That's only the tip, too, as we're also bringing in a full-time dedicated community manager so that you get the regular updates from the team which you deserve. Our art team is also expanding with some of the most incredible talent in the industry. You didn't even thoroughly read it
  14. I have searched the forum and i don't believe this question was asked. At this moment in time there are 11000 backers and the module is soon to be released. Claiming our place in any of the modules would be a first come first serve basis? and how many citizens would be able to participate? @Paratus @Motown @HairyGrenade