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  1. I did some more digging and I realize I was wrong. However steam is the one revoking keys, if an outside company would want to have a key revoked they would need to contact steam with a legitimate reason. this is to answer your initial question of course
  2. doing what wrong exactly? if you buy your game from the steam store you don't need an activation key because the game is automatically added to your library
  3. okay, first of all the moderators cant really assist you with your issue as they don't have access to the database so that's a pretty invalid reason. I wouldn't call 4 people in a week overwhelming, I am not buying into this 7 month story because there is a lack of actual evidence, its the internet, people can overreact... There are plenty of people who have gotten a refund, there is a waiting period, they are not obligated to hand out refunds so at least be happy they give it to people anyways, it will just take time as there is no one to do this full time, as we all know beachball left and Motown took over his place, but Motown has a lot more on his plate than just handing out refunds... of course it wont come out by the end of October... the steam page goes up by the end of October then we get a release date for Town Square(which is clearly stated in the dev blog). in the end you having your email discontinued isn't their fault. What exactly is your problem though, cant you log in on the website to claim your key?
  4. games bought of from steam don't have an activation key
  5. how do I explain this simple enough so you will actually understand. you get a steam key early on, that steam key ACTIVATES a PRODUCT, once you insert that steam key into steam you have activated the product, available for playing or not it is a product nonetheless.
  6. why is it worrying, because he disagrees with you? a pre order is considered a product...
  7. I am still waiting for Steam Product Key

    first of all, Town Square isn't out yet so you are not missing out on anything, the steam page will go up by the end of the month, then we get a release date. Second of all, the keys are being handed over in waves, if you havent received your key now you will receive it with the next wave of keys. I would suggest browsing through the forums before making a post to look for a similar problem as this question has been answered already
  8. from what I have gathered it is impossible to buy beta access without owning a passport though...
  9. well technically once you insert your steam key you get to choose activate product, so even though it is hidden in our library it is still a product, even so the 9 month mark has way well passed for most people(which is the time you can claim a refund) so technically paypal shouldn't have refunded this guy
  10. Thats all good and well, but is there any proof that can back their claims? People tend to overreact when they get impatient so i doubt that "seven months" was true. In the end we all backed a project, if you are impatient dont back an in development project... just wait and if you do back dont pull out at the last second. Paypal also shouldnt have given the refund because A) we have a product(yes a key counts as a product) B) these people are way past the nine month mark and i doubt its in their policy to refund an in development game.
  11. Steam Key

    Read through the post a little bit, I have explained twice that the keys are being generated in waves, your key will probably be handed to you during the next wave.
  12. Skull & Bones Recordings

    why is there a reason to block him? he provided you with a source proving you were wrong, he wasn't being an ass about you being wrong, in fact he was quite polite about it... just blocking everyone who can prove you are wrong isn't gonna get you far, accept it and move on
  13. Steam Key

    I have heard about this happening to other people before although I don't really know how to fix it, what I do notice is that there is a "." missing between "www" and "identityrpg"

    This was due to them underestimating the work that was left to be done, it can happen during development. I mean this is their first game and there is a difference between this and making a mod. Could they have accounted for things that went wrong? Sure they could, but they made a mistake, and as we all know its okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. My assumption based on my experiences as a programmer is that the development went smooth in the begining afterwards the tasks got a bit bigger and more complex and they didnt anticipate for it, after all the more code that has been written the more bigs will occur and the more difficult it is to find them. After all, these are just my thoughts on the matter, i am not saying you cant be suspecious, i am just saying that there is product ready now unlike before.

    again, total different story, when they handed out those dates they weren't even close to finished, by now however everything is in working order. in some cases tempered expectations and pessimism are one and the same, as in this case. you are looking at past events without seeing the difference between the two and just assume that they will transpire again, that is quite pessimistic. yes indeed, it shouldn't, because it cant be said. this is your personal assumption, and the reason behind this assumption is because you are being pessimistic, as I have said before, these are two completely different scenarios...