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  1. if you are talking about the weapon insider, really compare those two things closely, both of them are modular barns, so it is normal that they share some similarities in color and shape, but that is really where the comparison of the two end. as far as I know, those assets are not the same.
  2. those updates do not reflect the progress that has been made so far since the website hasn't really been updated in a long time, especially that link. the last update that got released on steam was January 25th(yes, in retrospect that is still a long time ago, but if you read the newsletter that is understandable).
  3. yes, development is still ongoing.
  4. worth it?

    The development still continues but its a bit slow atm. What you can get on steam right now isn’t a completed game. the choice is up to you, if you want to play a finished product i would wait.
  5. Update Regarding Newsletter

    there is no specific when yet but the swat module is being replaced with guns, character development, map expansion, police systems. I can't tell with certainty that this will all be one update, but this is the information we have so far.
  6. Release status update?

    that's speculation from your end. Noone said anything about money being spent on furballs that would have gone to identity. because this is not the case. no money from identity's budget was used for the development of furballs. just because paratus owns both companies doesn't mean they are the same company and it doesn't mean they are working off the same money.
  7. Release status update?

    Phony games has a separate development team and isn’t being developed by paratus himself. The only impact that the development of furballs can have on identity is a bigger budget for its development, which is a good thing.
  8. Update Regarding Newsletter

    the "Phony" in this case is just some wordplay, the company is focused on mobile games, hence the name.
  9. Update Regarding Newsletter

    I didnt refer to identity as a hobby project, i refered to furballs as a hobby project. however I do understand the confusion so I went ahead and edited my post
  10. Update Regarding Newsletter

    the development of identity isn't affected by furballs the same way spaceX isn't affected by tesla. Furballs started out as a hobby project that paratus worked a couple hours a week on. He can do what he wants with his free time, everyone has hobbies.
  11. if you have the founder pack you should be able to download and play the town square. if you havent already, be sure to read this:
  12. Enough is Enough

    as we have already explained to you before, that office was a budget office, and they havent had the office for a while now because everyone is remote... they didnt "blow" their whole income on that office, and getting an office like that isn't bad business practice at all.
  13. Enough is Enough

    Paratus was in the discord two days ago answering a couple of questions.
  14. Enough is Enough

    the game Is still being worked on, nothing has been canceled/abandoned
  15. he is merely clarifying that estimates and release dates aren't the same, and that they shouldnt be seen as the same thing. estimates can shift and change over time and shouldnt be taken as actual release windows. the project isn't done for and is still being worked on, and we dont want everyone to forge this happened.