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  1. Hey Asylum, Let's chat.

    as you said, the town square module is basic, and everything that is supposed to be in it is present, they even added thinks like growing weed etc. have you seen this insider yet? because that pretty much shows that they indeed are working on the SWAT module. and yes, the development of the other modules will go faster, but you have to hold into account that they have both fulltime devs and freelancers. so they dont always have the same amount of developers which has an impact on the time. plus we aren't even a year away and they are already showing us the gun physics. if you were to look at the last thread speaking about this you would notice that we didn't just lock it. we were asked questions, we answered those questions, and we just got asked the exact same questions again. the thread went out of hand and that is why we locked it. "freedom of speech" also doesnt apply to forums. again, we dont just lock threads right away.
  2. Complete lack of direction?

    and this isn't that post. this isn't about accounting factors, you are going off topic with this and bringing it back to the topic you were discussing last time. please try to stay on topic
  3. Complete lack of direction?

    it took them 4 years to redo the town square twice, and as I have said before, a lot of the base systems have already been made + they have more developers now than they had the first year. these are all things that should be accounted for. development time isn't as easy to calculate as you make it out to be and it depends on a lot of variables.
  4. Complete lack of direction?

    as it stands right now the modules will be a year apart, the swat module in 2019, the racing module in 2020 and the beta in 2021. these are estimates, and not to be taken as an actual promise. this is also public information on the steam page
  5. Complete lack of direction?

    I already told you the systems that are being developed for the modules will be utilized in the beta/full game. while the modules will stop existing, the work that was put into them will be combined into a full game. no resources are going to waste because of this.
  6. Complete lack of direction?

    these modules are just there to give you a taste of the actual experience, in the beta and full game these modules will be combined into one experience. look at first point I made. this isn't how it is going to work in the full game, this is just to give you a taste for the combat. again, same points as before. the rest of your post seems to contain the same misinformation. map design is not done by the programmers, so you can work on both the map and code at the same time. the skeleton of the game are the mechanics of the modules. the beta will be the first actual version with the whole experience/map
  7. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    there is a small amount of developers, not a "lack" of one. they dont need extra money to complete the game, they need it to complete it in a certain period of time. their retiring is pinned in the discord, they did announce it, just not here. when did they ever say they cant do something. and who is saying they aren't following through. they followed through on what they were going to put in the town square, and they even added stuff. they are following through on the guns, and so are they on anything else. I dont know where are getting this information from.
  8. So... long time no here, was it a "scam"?

    luckyduck has already explained to you why they didn't get more done, you keep on recycling the same arguments that have been replied to already... first you say they need to adapt with their lower budget, which they did. now you are saying its absurd they are still working with the budget they have? and yes, communication might be at a low point but what is there to communicate about despite patch notes and progress, not that much. and regarding the 3-4 years statement again, it has already been explained twice why they dont have more. the town square module isn't just 1/1000th of the game, its the whole basis, and an important one at that. a lot of things can be built off from it now that the base is done. despite the elevator glitch and the bug where you spawn under the map(havent experienced that one myself, just saw that it was happening to some people). there aren't many bugs anymore. a majority of the bugs have been fixed. it has been mentioned many times that the town square module would be a social module and that it would be very small. this isn't news, this was announced a long time ago. you are leaving out that this "1/10th" is the base of the game. and you are again leaving out the information that has been told to you repeatedly, the town square module was redone twice over those 4 years of time. not to mention that the first year they had even less devs. these all count into your "quick maths" and you forgot to include them. the point of fixing these bugs is to make the development easier in the future, you cant just expect them to add more content and then go ahead and fix bugs that they were already aware of before making that extra content. also watch out with the word "literally" as the module does have things to do, yes they might not seem significant. but furnishing your apartment, creating your character, growing weed etc. are all very important building stones that are taken care of now. it will be easier for the developers to add more customization to the character creation because the foundation is already there. you seem to keep on ignoring points that have already been made to you. this isn't all the money they raised because these figures dont include the cut that kickstarter got, the declined cards, the refunds. and like lucky has also said, this is 1 million they received over 4 years, not 1 million they had all at the same time. also, who said that they cant finish the game? it will just take longer because they dont have the manpower nor the funds of AAA studios, you cant expect a small team like this to develop at the same rate as these big companies do. I am going to be a bit picky here, but what we have now is an alpha, yes I know I am focusing a bit too much on technicalities atm but technically they didn't lie. the beta will not be an incomplete product. and yes they might have massively underestimated the time it would take them to develop the game, but this can happen, this was before they ran into these brick walls and after running into one a lot can change. all in all, you seem to keep repeating your same arguments over and over again even after a moderator replies to them, yes it is not fun to wait, and yes, people would enjoy it more if there was a lot of content, but the fact of the matter is that development takes time. please take the time to read what we have told you so that this doesnt relapse into a discussion with the same arguments again.
  9. Is this game playable ?

    its one of the newer bugs, it was in the game a while ago, it got fixed, then it reappeared. nothing to do but to wait for it to be fixed again sadly
  10. My 24 Hour Thoughts.

    yes that is correct, anyone can say anything. but why would I lie? if I were to lie now I would only damage asylums reputation if the bug appears to be in the game after the update goes live. you see? you might not give a shit but other people still do.
  11. making identity sandbox?

    I totally agree with what lucky said, and i kinda wanna add something as well. While arma and gmod have a workshop to do these sort of things, you souldnt compare them to identity. Both arma and gmod may have roleplay servers, but they arent roleplay games. Identity is purely focussed on roleplay whereas arma and gmod are more focussed around being "open" games where there is much more variation in as to what can be made of the game by the community. And while this might work great for games like arma and gmod it will defenitly not work for identity, and will most likely ruin the game as a result.
  12. So.... Is Identity dead?

    like I said in that specific comment, "I already told you the reasons why they left" perhaps go and take a look at that comment... you will always be able to construct a conspiracy theory by singling out certain comments and then just ignoring all the others.
  13. My 24 Hour Thoughts.

    like OMG_POTATOEZ clarified, I said they fixed it in the internal build, I never said they fixed the bug on the build that is currently out to the public.
  14. My 24 Hour Thoughts.

    the elevator bug only got in the game since the last update, and this bug has been fixed on their internal build. they are both focusing on progression and bug fixes
  15. First and Last Names Required

    the developers are planning to change that in the future