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  1. We were right, and you can't argue with us anymore.

    funny thing is, the module isn't even a beta, but an alpha. and its still in first week of release people are treating the alpha like a full game/beta and that is a huge mistake, they all just gotta wait for the next patch to roll around, it will fix a lot of connection issues.
  2. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    steam wasn't the one pressing the release button though, that countdown was not official... asylum pressed the button to release it and now all is in steams hands. have you never worked with steam before?
  3. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    its 6pm in canada meaning they still have 6 hours, that's a fairly long amount of time
  4. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    its because you don't have beta access... you need the founders edition to get a beta key, this only grants you access to the full game
  5. Happy holiday IDENTITY!!!!!

    it will most likely come out between 9am-5pm est
  6. WtF where’s my game?

    don't go off from the steam countdown, its not entirely accurate, it might drop sooner/later

    how does that make sense, the first year they were with like 3 devs, since then they have grown, within these (almost) 4 years they laid out most of the groundwork meaning everything from this point on will be faster, read up on how development works mate
  8. Computer Specs Thread

    its a mostly silent PSU, I havent really had any problems with it, and I do like a pc that doesn't make too much noise
  9. Computer Specs Thread

    PC Specs: Case: Define R5 CPU: I7-7700K GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080Ti OC PSU: be quiet! POWERZONE 850W Ram: Vengeance LPX 32GB @3000Mhz Motherboard: MSI Z270 SLI PLUS Storage: 250gb ssd, 4tb hdd
  10. the music in identity

    I kinda agree, however they could make it a different feature, where you can listen to your own music as if it were a music disk, some sort of mix tape.
  11. About the staff who made this module

    Bots wont be selling stuff in town square, everything in town square is free Neither are there any jobs in ts either There are no jobs until the beta, neither will there be an economy system until the beta. you set your own goal in identity, in the end it is a roleplay game, you cant win. there are always systems in place, in the end a roleplaying game without any sort of system whatsoever wont be very functional.
  12. The Steam page is UP!

    this guide should help you get your steam key. the keys itself havent been available for everyone until last Wednesday when the page went up, there were a lot of people who hadn't received their key yet because there were insufficient amount of keys. now however everyone should indeed have one or get one in the near future.
  13. Town square

    guess I misunderstood steams information then. if you say that they have a date then I am not gonna try and argue any further. I apologize for the confusion
  14. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    I wasn't trying to rationalize a possible delay, I was trying to point out to everyone that we will be waiting at least another 2 weeks once the steam page is out, I have seen a lot of people saying things like "it will be out november 15th if not they lied" and this is what I am trying to prevent, we all know that there are those who aren't informed on how steam operates and that is all I was trying to make clear. in the end it was never my intention to rationalize a delay but it was my intention to prevent people from jumping to conclusions if its not out by the 15th, because this is impossible
  15. Town square

    you guys don't learn do you, once the store page is up there is still a waiting period of two weeks, its the 4th now meaning the soonest we can see ts is the 18th...