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  1. How do i DOWNLOAD or PLAY

    I am sorry you feel that way but we delivered exactly what was advertised. We have been open about what the social module was going to be and that this wasn't going to be the full game, that's not a scam.
  2. Identity Trello

    I wasn't talking about that last question, you were already advertising other games, without mentioning anything specific, before the person in question asked what he needed to keep watch on. I even quoted when you advertised. please don't argue about this as it wont help, we warned you for advertising, just listen to the warning and keep it in mind for the next time.
  3. Identity Trello

    This is considered advertising, the creator of the topic asked if we could get live updates and you referred him to other games, this is not an answer to the initial suggestion he gave.
  4. its quite possible, some people I know, me included, have also had some issues with steam regarding downloads not showing, or games that get updated without actually having an update
  5. FEB 4th UPDATE

    the update was released 20 hours ago which was on February 4th
  6. update has been released 20 hours ago
  7. bugs in the game

    the new update is currently being tested, there are still some things that they are working on. we havent given any specific date because we don't know when the update is ready to be presented to the public
  8. bugs in the game

    the game breaking bugs have been fixed for a while, however there are still some minor bugs here and there, but the mayor ones are gone by now.
  9. Ummm ?

    who said they aren't going through with it? they are still developing the game, they didn't stop or anything like that
  10. Ummm ?

    I understand that you might be suspicious, but if you don't believe they are still working on the game go ahead and check their steamDb link, they have updated their admin build around 4 hours ago.
  11. question

    no, the modules are standalone pieces and they do not get added to one another, you can still access town square separate from the swat module and you can access the swat module separate from the racing module.
  12. question

    The swat module is more of a vs scenario, like csgo, its not open world like town square is. So technically you could be a cop but it wont be the same experience as an actual cop
  13. question

    you can be a cop once the beta is out(after all 3 modules), right now this is only the first module. they are thinking of adding some jobs to town square, but there are no guarantees that this will actually happen, and if it happens there is no guarantee that a police job will be one of them.
  14. Help linking account

    just follow this guide mate :
  15. The only eta there is right now is 2019, which can also be found on the steam page. Do keep in mind that this is not official yet and can always be subject to change.