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  1. Watch out redeeming those Steam keys

    The reasoning for this policy is out of our control, for the most part. It's very difficult for us to manage the process when the Steam key is activated outside of our own systems. We don't have control over your Steam installation, and so the policy must exist this way.
  2. The biggest difficulty in the technical end here was synchronizing the music with the singer's voice, based on their ping to the server. We need to do more testing but right now there is only one microphone on the stage. We do have at least one duet song to see how it plays out though.
  3. Can't log onto home page

    Try again now. We're under DDoS attack at the moment but we're doing our best to mitigate it.
  4. Keep in mind that you can still see your speed on your HUD in your chosen units. The speedometers also do show kilometers, but the primary unit (larger number) is MPH.
  5. Main website only shows blackness

    Which operating system and browser are you using? I haven't seen this yet.
  6. Get your Identity Steam key!

    We're getting close! You can now connect your Steam account to your Identity game account and obtain your Identity game Steam key. This key will add Identity to your library so that when Identity is released, you can download it and start playing immediately without having to do anything else. To get your key, login on the main site (NOT THESE FORUMS) at You can then go to the Account tab of your profile where you'll see an option to link your Steam account. You must have BETA ACCESS on your account to claim a key! ATTENTION! You can only attach one steam account to one game account, and it's permanent. Be sure you're logged into your game account which has the items you've purchased before attaching a Steam account! While you won't get Identity in your game library just yet, you will very soon. Handing out the keys like this allows us to reduce load on our servers. We currently have 20,000 keys in the system and we'll be adding more.
  7. Getting Keys!

    Yep, I did tweet that. I plan on using my personal Twitter for less official stuff of note. It's something that the more devoted fans will see and I don't necessarily have the burdens of an official announcement. I don't post directly on the official Twitter account as that's handled by Beach; I posted on the weekend while working from home.
  8. That's right. Signs and car spedometers are in American format as the game takes place in America. Your HUD and other UI can display your chosen units.
  9. This is very much the case. When it comes to the SWAT module, the mechanics are actually quite simple to create in comparison to the back-end that is the Town Square. The Town Square is just a social module but there's a LOT going on behind the scenes. It is our foundation. Even with my own position, I understand the discontent completely. People are looking for some depth and words only go so far. The reason we haven't shown off a lot is two-fold: first, the majority of the work going into the Town Square is back-end and foundation work. It's grueling work which unfortunately isn't fun to look at. It's the first bit we need to take care of, but it's not something we can show in a visual sense. Furthermore, giving detailed information on the inner-workings of our foundation code can actually do harm when that information falls into the laps of the wrong people. The second issue is one of psychology. Anyone who's been following games for much time can attest to the fact that first impressions are the only ones which matter for most people. This doesn't apply to everyone, but it does for the VAST majority of people; even if people understand something is a work-in-progress when they get their hands on it, the impression they get from that experience will persist. Fortunately, we're coming to the end of the worst wait in this. I know you've heard something like this before, so it's likely taken lightly, but it's looking quite up right now. In fact, we're not far from handing out the Steam keys to prepare for a Steam launch. Our earlier estimates were well off the mark because we ran into some pretty significant issues with the engine. Keep in mind we have a HEAVILY modified version of Unreal Engine 4. We've done some pretty large changes to accommodate a real MMORPG. I wish it hasn't taken this long, but we're committed to doing this right. We're not going to take shortcuts and release a product which isn't up to our standards. The wait is almost over and you're going to be getting some fun updates quite soon.
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I'd suggest you wait for the release of the Town Square if you're more comfortable with seeing the floorplans yourself than going off of the blueprint. As Beach mentioned, you can access a preview of each available floor plan whether you own it or not. Thus, if you have the founder package you will be able to create your character and check them all out before making a commitment. In the live game, apartment value will come from it's size in that a larger apartment has more storage capacity as well as more bedrooms for co-habitation.
  11. So what's wrong with the UI?

    The issues which are taking time are not directly UI related. The task which lead to these issues was one with the UI, but each task can lead to problems which need to be solved and dealt with. I did mention this (in parts) with the last developer blog I sent out. The main issues with the task have been solved. There are a couple medium level tasks remaining and they're just being finished up this week. We're moving forward quite quickly right now.
  12. Results From Where you all stand Pt.2

    We use a combination of project management software called Wrike and a time tracker called Hubstaff for all of our remote people. They get paid only for time "clocked in", and it tracks it right down to the second. While they're in work mode we're able to see their screen, and we have a screenshot history from every few minutes of their working going back for months. We're quite on top of things, but we've found the vast majority of our remote guys to be quite reliable and honest. A lot of the remote people do work dedicated to Identity, but some work on a per-task basis.
  13. Renting out apartments.

    While you can rent out the houses you buy in the world, apartments cannot be rented. This is because we don't want someone's real-money purchases to give an advantage. For example, renting out that apartment would then translate to in-game currency indirectly. Some may be concerned about people doing this without using game mechanics, but that would require a transfer of ownership (which you cannot do with micro-transaction apartments) or, if the apartment was large enough, setting someone as a co-owner/roommate for in-game money. The latter could be done, but it would be at a great risk to the person doing it as the primary owner could walk in at any moment and take their things. When a house is rented through game mechanics, the renting player has ownership of that property as long as they continue to pay; thus, it's as secure as if they were to own it themselves. As for vehicle ownership, they exist for good reason. The vehicles which we sell are in no way high (or even mid) end vehicles. Similar vehicles will be obtainable quite early on. We've done it this way specifically to stimulate a new economy. The primary benefit of the micro-transaction vehicles is the ability to claim them once on each server. Thus, when a new server is started up, they'll help get resources on the market quickly. These resources will then be used by all players. Without this, the economy would take a few days to get moving and it would not be such an enjoyable experience.
  14. Scam

    To better clarify, do note the numbers in the corner of each image. These as they're seen are the first step in the art development. They're created quickly by a talented digital artist ( check past live streams.. this work had been shown live in the past ) as a sort of draft. When it later comes time to create the asset, we'd choose the most appropriate of the three and it would be done in high detail with any changes requested by the game designers. These three you see were based on the jungle mood boards, which is why they all look somewhat similar. The final product you see in the game won't look just like any of these, but likely close to one of them. The method used here is called compositing, and it's a great way to get a nice looking result quickly, before polishing.
  15. Scam

    Well, because it's concept art. Artists use the concept pieces there to develop the environment later. The three together are part of what's called a mood board. This is pretty standard.