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  1. Update Regarding Newsletter

    What will the next update be? What kind of fixes/additions will there be? And if you could tell us when it’d be nice as well 😁 P.S i’m constantly checking the game out for updates 👍🏼
  2. Release status update?

    Everyone should read what you said. People simply doesn’t understand that IT NEEDS TIME i’m not a game developer or smt, but by common sense this game is so detailed and a really big thing, of course they’re not gonna finish the game over night. Its weird how people want everything so quickly and not appreciating the effort from the devs 😪
  3. If i buy Identity now, will i be able to play the town square and other modules later?
  4. Update Regarding Newsletter

    He literally explained it in the post ”phony games is a mobile game producer, HENCE THE PUNNY NAME (IE: PHONY-Y)”