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  1. No update for 2 month??

    Ever notice how a pot of water takes longer to boil when you're staring at it waiting for it to boil? Or how when at school or work, staring at the clock counting the seconds until you can leave seems like an eternity? My point is while watching a project in anticipation of news/updates/releases you need not focus on it or time will move very slowly in your perspective on development. This is by far not a AAA company making a game and they do not have unlimited funding like Rockstar, EA, or Ubisoft would (who all in my opinion are horrible developers when it comes to either moderation/interaction with their customers or delivery of "showcased" materials). The best thing you can do in this situation if the developers are not able or are unwilling to spend the time to provide an update to us, just check back once every two weeks so you don't drive yourself mad. I have faith that the reason they are not showing off anything is because either they are working hard on making it all work correctly together, look good, and/or they are working on elements of the game that cannot be shown off as easily due to it being mostly backend. The reason I have faith in them is because I do not check every day for an update because that would drive me crazy just how it would drive me crazy staring at the clock all day at work waiting for the day to be over. Edit: Ironically I wanted to add the purpose I'm even on these forums right now is to look for any news or updates
  2. A Positive Note for the People Who Are Upset

    People who put money into identity and are not happy with the state of development should have known the risks before hand by doing their own research into kickstarters and early access. It does not take much effort to find information that will lead you to "this is a risk that you may not be happy with the results". The people who are complaining that they put money in and are negatively talking about identity are actually contradicting their own, because by speaking negatively instead of supportive, they are working against their own money they put in. Trying to destroy the game for the future because you are unhappy with the money you spent and did not receive a finished product yet will compromise you ever receiving that finished product. I am a kickstarter of identity and I will continue to support them in their goal to finish this game because as far as I'm concerned, my investment of money that I donated into the kickstarter is still there being put towards game development and I want the development team to use it and work on the game and finish it. Know the risks of your money - Do research on the product or idea you are paying into Weigh the worth - if you are not willing to lose your money, don't gamble or invest with it or only gamble/invest with the amount you are willing to lose Take responsibility for your own actions - If you have invested money, it is your own free will. What you do forward may have a negative effect on you or other people. Being negative does not solve anything, look at all of the positives such as; look how fast they have squashed all of those bugs in the last week or so. They are obviously trying hard to get everything up and running for people to checkout.
  3. How can people still defend this game.

    Well, I kickstarted the game and I knew exactly what I was getting into when I handed over my money. It's always a risk and I was willing to donate to support the project with the amount I put in and also willing to accept the fact that I may lose that investment with little or no gain. The fact that this game can become a great one was and is the reason I still support it. I will continue supporting the game until the end wherever that may be, because it's a great idea. People need to understand the risk of paying for early access or kickstarting a game before they spend their money is the bottom line. If you're worried so much about losing your money, you should not gamble with it. If you are willing to lose that amount you gambled with, then you won't be so upset when you lose it. People are still defending the game because they want it to work out and want to have hope for it is basically what it comes down to. This is a game that a lot of people have wanted to be created. I have done a lot of 3d/2d work in the past and even dabbled into a little bit of programming, sound editing, and project management when I was working on my own game and I can tell you it is NOT an easy task. That is why I continue to support the project and hope for the best.
  4. How can people still defend this game.

    Oh okay thanks, any forum post?
  5. How can people still defend this game.

    Just wondering, where is the source on Motown leaving the company?
  6. DIfferent Name ?

    I was in discord the other night and mentioned this to @HairyGrenade and he did mention that there is a fix for names being worked on. He did not mention what the fix was going to be, or what priority it is, or when it will go into affect, but I would take that as there will be a fix in the future, and I would not worry about it right now. I'm sure their priority right now is fixing the town square so it's in a more playable state so people can enjoy the "demo" of features and so the development team can start moving forward with creating more content to update the town square etc. I do hope they bring in a system that allows for multiple people with the same name, maybe identify people by drivers license id numbers or something like that. Maybe can use a similar system to discord like how you have an id number along with your name to identify you.

    Maybe people should lower their expectations to an actual sensible level like the rest of us who are being understanding lol.
  8. Release status update?

  9. Release status update?

    Seems like a lot of people are expecting the full game or beta to be released with this Town Square module. The devs have said countless times that this is just a small part of a town (social area) where you will be able to see features the game will have to offer. Streamers are even so dense that I heard one saying he doesn't see how the 3 modules will make a full game when the town square is so small. I am a kickstarter backer of identity and everyone needs to be patient with it. You aren't going to lose a leg if it doesn't come out today and there is no reason to stress out the devs over what is essentially a preview of features. Yes, they said it was coming out way earlier and never did, delayed. Yes they do lack highly on PR and a proper response to the issue which is holding them back from releasing today, Nov 30th like they said they would, but some people need to calm down here with the "scam" accusations and be a little more patient than you are wanting to be. And to the developers, keep up the great work in development; Get much better at PR please and keep us more up to date on issues especially when they are happening. Nothing worse than the developers MIA without much of a word on what is going on and everyone waiting around for something to come out. tldr; I think everyone can afford to be a bit more patient for something that is essentially a "demo" of features and not even the full game rather than freaking out over it not going live as expected due to some sort of error.
  10. FOIP (Face over IP)

    Would be amazing if identity could put something like this in, it should be a requirement for RP games honestly but I doubt it'll happen sadly.
  11. Another Rant about time square

    Because people are impatient and want it all now. I'm not going to lie, I wanna play both identity and mount and blade bannerlord right now, but either are in not finished stages, what is the point in playing something that doesn't work correctly? Those same people who say they want it right now and demand it right now would also be the same people complaining in the forums about how many things are broken and not working. Would be those people that continue to blame the developers for releasing an unfinished game. So in short, those people are not really the ones to listen to. People get hyped and they want to play which is understandable, however since when does anyone know exact what they want anyway? When they get it, they'd realize they wanted the full completed idea released, not the current state it is in, and then will be disappointed.
  12. Personally I think it's the opposite. Once the main code is done and the core gameplay is there, the map design and building should take the least time because it's mostly art assets and good 3d artists can pump out content quickly especially if they are inspired by references. I've been doing 3d design for over 15 years and from my experience it is way quicker than programming and even scripting events (depending on the complexity of the event)
  13. Another Rant about time square

    I'm sure if there were to be any smart investors in the future, they would prefer quality for long term success over a rushed broken product. You can cook food faster by leaving it plain and turning up the heat, but will it taste better than taking your time preparing it and cook it to a specific design.
  14. I was wondering if identity is still using SpatialOS because I heard from someone it isn't going to be used anymore and wanted to know if anyone had any information on if its still being used, and if not, how will the development team achieve a large amount of players on one server. It's hard for me to keep up with 100% of the news from identity at the moment, so any information and/or opinions regarding the current topic here is appreciated.
  15. Release the game

    The devs are working hard on the game and they have shown that, so there is no need in trying to rush them. Obviously you want to play the game, we all do, but do you want the game to be released in a broken, uninteresting, and unplayable state? Complaining about art assets when you want the game to be released is a contradiction and stopping production of art assets would if anything make the wait longer. Artists are not the ones programming so by them halting progress on art would not change the programming side of things, it would only slow future progression when it comes time to put that future art that they could of made already into game. Lets say you had a business such as a tech support company. Would you have the janitors help customers with their technology issues? No, because it's not their job and that isn't what they were hired for, but you would still have them continue cleaning the place even if you were getting a huge build up of customers.