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    lmao anybody else think this kid has nothin better to do, jokes "this gem" ah?? lmaoo women ass fool
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    colonelkimmers this wasnt a deadline for the game to be completed cause correct, nobody is in the place if we dont actually have any idea about where there at in the develpoment. i meant to see the guns in town square sense they keep talking about them.. if they are not ready to be put in game or the swat module is no where close they need to slow down on tellin people till they are closer. i sure people could agree on that
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    Honestly the lack of communication from the developers is very amusing and ridiculous Why arent they answering our questions in the forums? If you say their priority is making the game, well they had more than enough time to do that time to answer our questions. We have 0 idea of whats going on in there company, didnt know that 3 or more staff resigned, seriously we need more transparency here This game was built on false promises
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    The Modules are apart of the game. It is literally focusing on the 3 different parts, once they are done, they join them together while adding more to give us the beta, which will be feature complete. But they will continuously adding more to the full game. This way, you get to experience different sections of the game sooner rather than waiting longer for the entire thing. This also helps with testing as the game progresses.
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    The estimated delivery for the town square was December 2016. Its now 2019, and we are still stuck in this so called module, which has completely no relevance to the game. Aside its only a social module. If you go look in the reviews on steam, its pretty self explanatory.
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    if i don't see guns in game by the end of July i'm gonna start questioning, people stop being negative an coming on the site everyday, give them sometime, its a video game and they do take time to create but its been time theyve been talking bout guns so lets see what they can do with 2 more months.
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    as I have already said in one of your previous posts, they didnt. they mentioned that guns would be added to the town square eventually but there was never a "soon" or any other timeframe mentioned, that what was mentioned was a to-do list for town square.
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    So I'm just going to throw this thread out there, I know there are ones that are similar to this. But lets throw it all out there. So. I backed this game the day it went out onto Kickstarter. Huge believer in the concept of it. A few things that are bothering me though. A. The roadmaps aren't being public as much as they used to be. The townsquare while yes is supposed to be the basics of everything - movement, apartments, voice, etc. But no progress has been made. B. Asylum, you say that you are working on the Squat module. Where's the road map? You've shown no proof of the development. Your twitter is full of "Art designs" and once a month tweets with next to no information. Asylum, you said these exact words "Townsquare module will give us the basics of each module that will be released. Therefor the modules after townsquare will be able to be developed much faster as the basics will be done" I don't want to call you a scam. But you're not doing anything to fight the skepticism that is being thrown out there. I've noticed you locking threads when it comes to talking about this, you do not reply to forum threads. So if this is truly not a scam. Why not have more open communication. Let us not be afraid of a freedom of speech and defending yourselves on this matter. At this point... I feel like this is almost the equivalent of answering a phone call to a guy saying he is from the Microsoft support team and that an error has been identified on my computer and I need to pay to have it fixed. So as a company, It's time to be professional. No more locking threads when people are calling you out, to be fair, we all gave you our money to believe in you to develop this game. Time for you to be more transparent. I live an hour and a half away from the studio, Let me pop by, prove to me that something is being done. You can DM me on here if that's something you're able to do.
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    LMAO guns were supposed to be in TS, announced by the devs OVER 6 MONTHS AGO!! they are saying for over 6 months that we'd be able to try em out ourselves SOON. now 2 months ago or so we has a video about it but still no guns.
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    they already showed guns in the previous insider, and if you watched that video you would notice they are indeed close with the gun physics.
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    I agree with you that the game should be way more completed now with the amount of time they have. But I don't think any of us are in a position to give the developers a deadline.
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    Not A problem, just done it.
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    @ZanderiusMaximusI have only just seen the post and so I have hidden the post for the language used. However, understand EVERYONE'S post which is quoting that post is now also hidden. Also @Preston_bodhi_343 Please mind the language, profanity and insulting others is not tolerated here
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    The mods keep telling us nothing, legit nothing all they do is make up excuses for the devs. The game was built on false promises Most of my threads got locked for unknown reasons, and they keep saying like "stay on topic" which I rather am. they use the forums rules an excuse not to answer our questions. Not to mention I got banned from discord channel for expressing my opinion. Also, this isn't day one, more like day 1095. Finally, like Kareem has stated, the devs most likely never respond to these type of threads, and they should because its their RESPONSIBILITY to do so, not the mods.
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    My insecurities have nothing to do with this. I am not mainly mad about the amount of time it is taking. But more about the lack of transparency in this project. Furthermore, the devs read these threads but don't respond. After a while it just gets me to level 10 salt.
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    you convinced me to join!
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    And I would hope 95% of this community would belive it won't. You guys have done so much for us by keeping us in the loop and the dev team has done so much more by not only bringing this dream to us but also by going above and beyond to ensure that feedback is listened to and things are added in earlier to stop boredom. Seriously guys, thank you all so much.
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    Ah well the community still hasn't learned I see? Seems a lot of people still don't understand how kickstarted projects work or how alphas work or how betas and modules work etc. People pledged to this knowing it wouldn't be much until beta and despite the fact the devs have actually added more than they intended people still continue to act entitled and like they've been scammed. You lot didn't learn before and you still haven't learned now, the devs are working hard and you will get your full product one day when they get there. Jeez it's like the last few years never happened and the prokecewas just announced.
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    Idk why they don't just admit that they are not working hard on this. How long have we waited for guns, " Guns, guns, guns! The shooting range in the basement of the police station is now open and soon will give you access to a few guns to try out.This will give you a taste of how guns will work and feel. We'll show you how awesome the gun systems are with a video when we come closer to this release." They're adding stuff to town square like its DarkRP to "start a small economy" bitch just give us a fucking map and the systems we've asked for it is not that hard with such a large team ON UNREAL ENGINE. People always say they're building a game from scratch give them a break. I understand that, but also holy shit it's been this long with how big a team? Not a small one, 27 people is not small. I'd be completely fine if they were absolutely transparent and didn't act like they're some hard sweating workers pumping it out. Then also they've never met a due date, at some point, I don't remember when, I realized I'll never be seeing my $15 dollars worth. Not to mention pricing access to beta and modules IS VALUED AT ANOTHER $15, people defend that it's donating, but that shit says SHOP for a reason. Selling virtual dogs that they haven't coded yet. I wanna be patient and I wanna believe in them but I truly think a team of 10 real developers could get this done in 1/4 of the time. Maybe not the modeling, but fuck man you don't need 300 different types of furniture, I just want the game. At some point, it's not just disappointing to your customers. It's downright embarrassing to everyone on the team. Especially that Crime and Punishment trailer we got, where it got delayed a week to get sent the animations that weren't placeholders, BUT THEY WERE PLACEHOLDERS ANYWAY, IT WAS NOTED BY THE DEVS. Sometime tells me that meth system didn't work either and was just an overlay with no effect because if it had been working they would have shown it considering they show every piece of minute progress to prove that its GOING. I think that they'll get it done, one day, just not in my lifetime, the devs have a great idea and I want it to succeed and do well but nothing had boded well for the game since its original conception.
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    Personally I was one of the people who defended the game because they kept pushing back the Beta. Identity lost a lot of fans with the release. The people who remain have some kind of blinding royalty I can respect/pity. The game isn't dead until the developers give up on it. Heck, they might even pull a No Man's Sky and win back our trust. If you were a part of us who backed the game early and got screwed with no Steam refund, then just hang tight buddy wait until your kids graduate College and we might just have some fun together after all!
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    Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Patch As we continue our work on the SWAT module we also continue to work on bugs and quality of life changes. - Fixed a VoIP related crash that could occur when traveling in the elevators or into the cinema. - Changed anti-aliasing to a new custom FXAA based method. This will remove the ghosting effect around your character. - Added image sharpening, defaulted to 80%. You can control this (or disable it) in your video settings. - Added more litter and polish to the world. - Lighting has been overhauled, especially during the day. - Significant performance improvement when outside. -The player turning animations are now much smoother. -Tweaked the turning speeds of players a bit. - Fixed some map bugs. - Camera shake when sprinting. - Players will no longer hover a few centimeters off the ground. - The police station NPC now describes the mechanics of playing as a police officer. - Fixed bugs with placing an art canvas on an easel. - Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented the placement of a canvas on your apartment walls. - Fixed some poorly placed canvases in the art gallery. - A new tool for the community managers means approval of submitted art to the gallery. There's a lot of new community work in there now!