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    I knew these fuckers didn't know what they were doing the moment they bought a new office and all that fancy shit to fill it when they hit over 1 million is sales of NOTHING! They sold us nothing but an empty promise, used up all the funds on crap they don't need and now they are silent. These "devs" are the ones that give game development a bad name. What a load of shit. Give us our money back you CROOKS!
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    Ok I am not against mods or anything, but why do I get keep banned every god dam time I raise a concern about the devs? Developers not responding for over 4+months is not normal
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    On the website Paratus and Hair guy hasnt been on since august I think this project has actually been burried. Just refund
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    It make sense, they promise lots of thing at the start (november 2016), they were actively responding to the forums and discord. Year passes, they literally dont respond at all (given they raised over $1m dollars), the moderators are supposely backing the developers (which I have no idea if the moderators can even get into contact with the devs) Any concerns raised in the discord gets you banned, as well as the developers are constantly online in the discord but they never talk. Very similar thing happend to RAW, except that kickstarter flagged them as fraud
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    The game was released a year ago, and in that year it received countless of updates. Sure, the updates werent huge, bur they were there.
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    18. Discuss Moderator or Administrator actions Publicly. Read the rules @xRP. You keep breaking the rule above.
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    I was curious of the same thing, actually. I have heard that some have had success requesting a refund, but I don't know if that refund came from Asylum Entertainment/Identity themselves, or if they had disputed or requested a chargeback. Suing the company is always an option, but I can't imagine one person would sue over $30 USD, or their larger pledge, which, in all, would probably cost less than court costs. If any sole person was to sue the company, it wouldn't be for monetary gain. It would be to make a point. Although, I imagine there could be other circumstances in which you could sue for more than your pledge. Good luck winning, though.
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    So the game has not been updated for 5 month now, here is your proof
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    The only real update not including "bug fixes" was growing weed which still is clunky. Come on mate, let's be honest here the game has been in development for 5 years at least. Now all of a sudden the devs go quiet, despite being online on discord constantly. Think to yourself if you're a dev, and you see all these doubters and lost backers you'd at least keep then posted even if it was to say that they're still alive or ran into some hiccups. They've not done anything and are losing backers so of course the game isn't going to be updated.
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    Thats one of the most bullshit excuses i ever heard
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    I've noticed that announcements and updates have been really slow lately, and I'm starting to worry that this game is no longer in development. Although I do admit, the current state of this game is pretty shitty, I really do hope this game grows into something decent. Anyway, I have three questions: 1) Where is Identity? Still indev? 2) If so, what are you working on? 3) Estimated release of actual game?
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    3rd question is answered on steam store and is purely a estimated release date. I hope the community gets a update ASAP about the 2nd module.
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    At first, I thought the team had just had bad communication, now I think it's a fraud. I call on all donors to get closer to the legal services of their country in order to recover their money to put an end to this scam
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    This is copied from the steam store page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/792990/Identity/ Bare in mind that it says estimates and not actual confirmed dates. I cannot answer the second question and will ask about that.
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    I am sorry, about that and yes, I asked for updates but nothing has came back for me to give you and it is annoying but I do ask each week for updates because I just want them like the community des. I am still asking but I have not got back only because I cant give anything as I have nothing given to me. As soon as I get something I will update you guys but until I get something I cant do that. It is frustrating, with the wait. But Please just keep tagging me each week to remind me to ask for an update. I will ask and if I don't reply then I still got nothing. I am on this forum all day (Browser left opened with it and so I get notifications.)
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    It was pretty obvious tbh
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    I think the moderators need to be asking questions on behalf of the users here. I asked luckyjames I think his name is to ask the devs for an update, he said it was a good idea, but nothing ever came of it. I wonder if the moderators are even in contact with these guys as this was over 6 weeks ago when I asked. I think most of us are very aware nothing is happening, and if it is, then the devs need to communicate, but without any updates for months and months, then I think in all honesty, we are all fucked and the devs have gotten away with theft. Good luck getting your money back, I have written this atrocious "game" off, or if you want to call it a module, please do so, its never going any further than the town square, otherwise the devs would have communicated that fact by now. Such a shame, a very promising game driven by idiots and conmen.
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    The concept was great, but the devs were too incompetent. i don’t recommend buying the two square module because there’s 0 thing to do
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    I think most people have abandoned the game anyway. The devs don't care if they did they would defend their project. Such a shame.
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    Dont hold your breath. These devs have not said anything for over 6 months. I hope theyre not crashing and burning, but who knows. I also fear that we all got shafted and robbed. They may be planning their exit strategy. (run out the back door in the middle of the night) If this game does come out I'm gonna be very surprised. Who knows how much debt they have currently, and if steam sales are in the red or black. Now if they have money troubles they may need a different job just to get out of debt, and then, who knows, if the funding dries out, will they have investors? With investors, there are always strings attached. I dont want to believe that they squandered our money and now they just flipping us the bird currently, but that may be whats really happening behind the scenes. They probably will abandon this project and go apply for some 9-5 somewhere just to get themselves out of the hole they dug themselves into. I hope the game gets finished, but with no word from these I.T. guys playing developers, who knows how this cookie will crumble.
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    I know I haven't signed into the forum in a long time, but it would be nice if there were at least one update per month. This would let us know that the developers are still alive and that there is some progress being made. Personally, I forgot the name of this project and haven't thought of it since their last video update on YouTube. Are there any plans on updating the community on what's going on, anytime soon?
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    I agree with the majority, there should be no excuses. Especially what about those who already paid? At least an update that something is happening would be nice from the developers' side. But hey, let's hope for the best
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    You looking for a gang to join in Identity? You found it We are the Almighty Gangster Lord Nation Nickname: GL's, Lords, Hustlerz Symbols/numbers: AGLN, AGL, VVV(veni, vidi, vici), 9-223 Criminal activites: Drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder Colors: White and Black, Red and Black(Roseport faction only) Each Faction may have as many sets as they please, a set being a small group within the faction (2-15 people max) Active Factions: -Roseport Lords -Ash Hill Disciples -Turtle Beach Lords -Nomad Lords (constant smuggling between the 3 cities) The Gangster Lord ranks are: =The Lord (leader of the whole gang) =Dukes (4 Dukes in position, each one will control one of the three cities. The Nomad Lord Duke oversees the highways and coasts) =Counts (2 Counts to every Duke, they oversee half of their Faction) =Barons (Leader of a set, they report to their designated faction Count) =Street Enforcers (A more respected and trusted GL that will have access to special tasks) =Soldiers (The starter position as a GL, you will have to get accustomed to the streets) Will accept certain gangs to an alliance NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TAKE OUR GANG'S NAME Requirements: -15+ years old (mature 13+) -Active in the community -Ability to communicate and follow rules -LOYALTY ALWAYS/No Snitches Comment below if your interested
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    No dev updates for 3 months. Community growing restless. Just start refunding people before this problem gets worse honestly. We get that u guys pocketed a whole lot of money but honestly your level of commitment to this game is atrocious and you clearly agree with us that is why you haven't released any information on the game in 3 months.
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    God I just realized this thread is more than a month old, and no update by then. Time passes by so fast, but I dont think the progress does.
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    $30 to play virtual chess and decorate a house like the sims
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    If you activated it on steam then no. If you have not redeemed it on steam then the Paypal refund policy is within 6 months of the transaction.
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    They can but they must go through paypal. Paypal refund policy is 6 months too.
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    I periodically check the game, the forums, and Twitter for updates about the game. We haven't been given a proper update, or any updates, for that matter, in months. It isn't fair to the community. If they aren't putting out any results, they should at least be updating us on what's going on. When I go away for 2 months or more without even putting any thought into the game, I expect to come back to one or the other. We haven't been given either, even after putting our money into this game and our trust into the developers. I'm starting to think that it's time to issue refunds.
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    As someone who actually understands how porting works, you're talking nonsense. You might be able to get someone who doesn't understand to believe you.
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    So I'm just going to throw this thread out there, I know there are ones that are similar to this. But lets throw it all out there. So. I backed this game the day it went out onto Kickstarter. Huge believer in the concept of it. A few things that are bothering me though. A. The roadmaps aren't being public as much as they used to be. The townsquare while yes is supposed to be the basics of everything - movement, apartments, voice, etc. But no progress has been made. B. Asylum, you say that you are working on the Squat module. Where's the road map? You've shown no proof of the development. Your twitter is full of "Art designs" and once a month tweets with next to no information. Asylum, you said these exact words "Townsquare module will give us the basics of each module that will be released. Therefor the modules after townsquare will be able to be developed much faster as the basics will be done" I don't want to call you a scam. But you're not doing anything to fight the skepticism that is being thrown out there. I've noticed you locking threads when it comes to talking about this, you do not reply to forum threads. So if this is truly not a scam. Why not have more open communication. Let us not be afraid of a freedom of speech and defending yourselves on this matter. At this point... I feel like this is almost the equivalent of answering a phone call to a guy saying he is from the Microsoft support team and that an error has been identified on my computer and I need to pay to have it fixed. So as a company, It's time to be professional. No more locking threads when people are calling you out, to be fair, we all gave you our money to believe in you to develop this game. Time for you to be more transparent. I live an hour and a half away from the studio, Let me pop by, prove to me that something is being done. You can DM me on here if that's something you're able to do.
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    Yea I got banned in the discord channel for expressing my opinion.
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    Was wondering when they were going to come to Identity ... It's Recruiting, not Reqruiting ; Fund not found; you'll in the last paragraph, private not privat, robbery not roberrt, I am not Iam, and I think that's all the errors you made... if there are any others that anyone else sees please tell me