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    People were banned for spamming and breaking rules of the server and so that is why they were banned. People can appeal in the account support area if they want to. The CM's contract run out and so he never renewed it. There are now 2 CM's which so the other one leaving makes no difference. Ye, like every other game. I can name many games with bugs on launch and so that was always to be expected. The game was delayed for the better and it was going to be just the social module even if it wasn't delayed with little content either way. The Forum may have low activity but check the discord where the activity is always high.
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    Hey all:) This game was one i really look forward to when i first saw it. But then it got delayd, and i thought its better be good when it was that big of delay, but sadly not... So many bugs at release of the first Alpha.. But then it started to go down the Hill, the community manager stopped, seem to me the first Warming.. Then they started to ban slot of people from there discord, including me for repost one of there own Twitter post.. they said when its release on steam we would get more devs blog even videos, but thats almost stopped too. They almost never stream on Twitch anymore. This forum is almost dead, i see around 7-11 people playing the game at the same time. People cant defend this anymore, really really bad way the devs handle this game.
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    I have been waiting since Day 1 of the Kickstarter, I am not going to wait this long and give up purely because game development always have brick walls to hit and delays after delays. I believe in the project and the developers in completing it. I think it could have been done better yeah sure but having a go and getting it right first time never happens so I expected it would be ages to wait for the full game release but I am helping in some way with the project and I want to keep helping. I like to keep my faith in my passionate/ dream games I wish to have.
  4. 3 points - Soccer balls have been refactored to produce more realistic physics. We can now also add player controls to the interaction. To start, you can now kick the ball harder if you're holding down your left mouse button when you hit it. - Characters can now turn more sharply, especially at high speeds (sprinting). - Added a little polish to jumping and landing animation. - Fixed a bug allowing you to turn your character while standing from chairs. - Marijuana joints have been removed from the drug dealer. He now sells cannabis seeds instead. - Hydroponics table is now available at the furniture vendor. Use this to grow plants from seeds in your homes. - Drying rack is now available at the furniture vendor. Use this to dry grown herbs in your home. - Dried cannabis can now become small/medium bags of marijuna, or even large bricks of marijuana, depending on the size of the plant(s). - Bags or bricks of marijuana can be converted into joints of varying quality levels. - Apartments have maximum crafting stations (in this release, the hydroponics and drying rack). The number varies based on size/value of floorplan. - Added functionality to parking meters and bike racks, although they're not useful until vehicles arrive. - Fixed two crashes. - Performance improvements.
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    Wow thank you for that comment so much information cheers
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    Hello Identity community! So my name is James as you all probably know by now and notice that I am late introducing myself! I am also known here as "LuckyDuck", I have been a mod now for over a year and a half helping you guys wherever need be and will carry on doing so. A little bit about me; I am going to be 24 soon, I volunteer during my free time when I can. I am a gamer like everyone here and have been waiting for this amazing game to come to reality since it was announced on kickstarter. I am a very big fan of RP. I have run a few different servers in the past for my community and now am waiting for this game to release to start it up again. Identity is my dream game and can't wait to play it with you all as it comes near! Don't forget, if you need any assistance in anyway, please don't hesitate to contact me in discord, in the forum PM's or just by tagging me with '@'. Please treat others with respect and Happy Gaming to you all! Regards, LuckyDuck
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    Uh no? Just because you say you're a moderator doesnt prove anything.
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    I can't wait for this game to release, I unlike the majority it seems knew what a kickstarting game developed by a small team of developers was from the start. It's a LONG wait, get over it. The module out now is exactly what they promised it would be, it was never meant to be a full in depth game like everyone was expecting for some reason. Its a social gathering spot to give you just a minor taste of what is to come. I have backed this game from the start and I still back it even if the module is in a buggy state cause it's the first of its kind. Ill take delays for an amazing game over a quick release to appease the kids that are impatient.
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    I think there issue here is they tried to push a very broken game out for people to see what they have going on and that ruined it for them, Myself and many others dont follow this game anymore due to the masses of bad reviews. They should have waited until it was ready, Not one part of this game has turned out as promised and also the trailers before release... Was that a different game? I dont want to hate IdentitiyRPG, There concept is what everybody wants! And iknow myself development is NEVER easy especially when they have a community slamming down on them. But again they pushed a playable version out far too early in my eyes, But i hope they can redeem them self's.
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    Oh really? Didnt know the it would take around 3+ Months to get a comment on it. Good job Mr. Moderator.
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    It's not ash hill it's down hill
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    I didn't say anything about the population of the game in its current state, so I dont know what you are on about there. Also The things I said above are facts. You may think they are not but they are. Delays happen for the better not for worse. It might be worse for the consumers but not for the game itself. The forum is pretty dead yeah, discord is still full of activity.... The CM's contract run out and well he didnt want to renew it but we have 2 new CM's now. Lastly people broke rules and they get banned.
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    They are trying to fix the problem.
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    Custom Malden Map - Added Malden Bridge Crossing - Added Malden Island Border Checkpoint - Added Chop Shop Area's with built up rocks and stairs for hight acsess - Added 3 Diffrent Rebel Zones (2 spawnable (North Island and East) and 1 seperate (West)) - Added Redesigned Le Port - Added Custom built NHS and Police stations 2 Levels of Rebel - Added Rebel Level (2 Mill + Level 5) - Added Advanced Level (15 Mill + Level 15) Bank Located On Ship - Added Static explorable ship - Added Multiple acsess ladders to areas on ship - Added Bank Vault - Added Built up Rock Barrier + Fortifications with acsess - Added Located in a bay that will keep combat out of the general pop - Added Money Launder and Currency Exchange Custom Runs - Added All runs hand placed most with added buildings - Added Runs balanced on reward - Added DvD Run - Pick up Dvds then create films at the Porn Factory (Illigal Run) and return them back to the DvD shop (Easy Peasy) - Added Added helicopter runs (With sling load boxes) - Added Oil as a ONLY heli run (Illigal) - Added Removed need for PickAxe.. Just need licence Custom Textures - Added 10 x Civ Clothes - Added 15 x Civ Car Skins - Added 5 x Police Clothes - Added 20 x Polcie Veh Skins - Added 50+ Custom Icons - Added 3 x NHS Clothes - Added 7 x NHS Veh Skins - Added 6 x Reb Only Veh Skins Many Scripts and Changes - Added Custom XP system - Added Custom UI - Added Civ Action Menu (Show emotes, gestures and stances) - Added Police deployables menu - Added Bounty Hunter (Not active yet until i deam comunity is ready for it and RP rules have been fully understood) - Added Sit on chair script - Added View police database at every police HQ - Added Gear restrictions - Added Bleed out and incapacitated (5 min unable to respawn to prevent killing self) - Added Capture sector (Gives extra XP and Cash boost to gang in command) - Added All AI has been changed into signs or processing units - Added Laptops with Warrent database (Civs can use unless caught) added to each PD - Added 3D signs and Names - Added Above head icons and positions for NHS and Police - Added Custom Jail (Can only break out if you are picked up by heli) - Added Custom lights and sounds too EMS - Alot more... Will add too this as and when we keep updating the mission Easy too follow RP Rules - Added Rules added to the in game map menu as well as all key bindings New database / New server New Malden Life server please join it is really fun IP: PORT:2302
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    i'll be half way to 90 years old by then!
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    What are the games that had you excited to the point where you pre-ordered the game before even knowing if it's any good? For me, my wait is nearly over! Pre-Ordered Left Alive a while ago for a little cheaper and it is going out tomorrow!
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    i was playing while employees were on and they said they are expecting it to be a year between every module release is what i remember so just forget about it for now dont bother with the site/nor the game an wait till you see a big update on steam with in November..
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    When will we be seeing trailers or gameplay for the swat module it's been a while now and no information about it. And I say hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I say hey what's going on?
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    this game is already dea, they don't give any information, the module is out for a long time, and still 0 Information , don't expect too much
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    click on where your name is displayed at the top right, click on account settings and click on signature, fill in whatever you wanna display under a comment, that should do the trick
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    do you know what the muzzle is in a rifle? lmao the muzzle would be inside a barrel... im guessing the scopes or free aim like realism , (how they have it in 3rd person and 1st person in other games) it aint paint ball we aint aiming with the side of the barrel lmao)
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    I think its a phenomenal idea - goes really well with the Game! nice image by the way
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    A little screenshot Tutorial for you guys
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    Once you've linked Steam to your game account, you'll be able to claim a Steam key. If you enter that key into your Steam client as it describes, you can install the Town Square and play!
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    I think they enjoy locking the odd post here and there because it must be refreshing to use some working functionality once in a while
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    That will come at a later point in town square. Including with the permissions system etc.
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    I know i posted a video about a youtuber psisyn's review on the game (a negative one) and it got deleted.25K views
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    Thank you god!!! The pc lords have spoken!!! Identity will blow every other rp mod and games out if you guys continue the way you go... I cannot wait to start a criminal path cooking meth growing marijuana or becoming a cop.... But just know, please keep this in mind griefers will always be there trolling please keep that into consideration Thank you guys I'm looking forward to the future of identity
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    Great way to not be seen, posting it to be seen by everyone... Amateurs
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    This is a minor hotfix patch to address issues found with the previous update. * Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause people who did not use heroin to see the effects when another player on the server did use it. * Fixed a bug which could cause some microphones to queue speech by default on connection. * Soccer ball reset timer reduced to 5 minutes of inactivity. * A piece of the road clipping into the police station stairwell is fixed up. * It should now be easier to place wall-mounted TVs. * Drug effects on eyeballs will now be more visible. Bloodshot eyes are back. Heroin will also restrict pupils. * Street lamps are now brighter. * VoIP range has been slightly reduced to be more physically accurate. * House edit mode will now be properly forced off when walking out of an apartment area. * Adjusted lighting in streets and police department. * Cinema lobby chairs can now be sat upon. * Added support for might stronger security in the back-end.
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    Supposedly all the big purchasers and people in the official discord think this was intended. I thought after 4 years they would, (as said on the website) that the first module of town square would be released. I was thinking of a 70-80% completion. of course,with some bugs and some missing features like (the library). But from what I'm hearing from the community managers and the people who spent $100+ on this. They willingly waited 4 years for just an empty shell of a map to be released so, THEN, they can start releasing patches that start to finally add real content to the game and stability. If this is even remotely true, I don't understand their thought process on this. So we gave them a million dollars to LEARN how to make a game for the past 4 years? Now that they are ready, we are here for another 4 year ride to stress test the game through its, as they call it on discord, (alpha state). So after 4 years we got a pre alpha alpha. Then they will work on the Town Square and after the Town square, they will start release modules like Swat and Racing after Town square which THEN, THEN!! will be the BETA. Until all 3 modules are added, THEN, it is "THE RELEASE".
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    I'm afraid you have got it all wrong... What you see now is most likely it... there will be a few additions im sure, but this will probably never be a fully playable game as intended as no one in their right might will be purchasing it based upon the thousands of steam reviews 95% of them negative. Funding cut, this game (game being very generous!!!) will not be able to progress any further...
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    Committed to the Asylum Wow, what a month. This has been the busiest, craziest month we've ever had at Asylum Entertainment and the hard work is really showing. Most of the guys here at the office have been putting in a lot of overtime hours to get the Town Square module ready as soon as possible. I myself have been working half my time as a programmer, tossing some cool new systems together. I really, really can't wait for everyone to see what we're putting together! For the past few days my personal pet project has been a total overhaul of the character control and animation system. We're working on getting new animations entirely, but it's amazing how much nicer character movement looks right now after some extra TLC. In the past Identity videos, you'll notice the camera is always locked behind your character and you rotate the character with the mouse. Now, movement is a little more like games such as Grand Theft Auto in which you can run toward the screen or parallel to it, too. If you're holding your forward run key/stick, it'll play like before. It really adds a much better sense of control. Alternatively, when you're in combat mode (weapons or melee), the view is again locked behind your shoulders. None of this applies to first-person view, of course. We've been putting a lot of time into polishing and enhancing character creation and customization in preperation for the Town Square launch. I wanted to share a screenshot to give you an idea of the extensive customization options available. You can control your gender, race, blemishes, hair and a ton of facial modifiers. You can select from a couple dozen pieces of clothing to start in, too, but most will have to be purchased at a shop. Character creation work in progress I've been waiting a very long time to see Identity in the state it is right now. We have a powerful new server making nightly builds for testing on Steam and everything is beginning to have that good polished feel you expect in a real, released game. There's still work to be done but it's an incredibly exciting time for us here. Sooner rather than later There are all sorts of features we want for the Town Square which were always planned to be added months after release. With art development moving at a faster pace than I ever anticipated it would, given the relatively tiny size of our team, it seems that we might be able to include some of these features sooner than I expected. Some of these features, which should be ready somewhat soon after Town Square is available, include tattoos, haircuts and even the shooting range. Tattoo shop (WIP) Tattoo design and development progress (WIP) A look inside the Asylum In keeping with our committment to transparency and open communication with the community, our new website will soon be launching (even before the Town Square). The new website will have all sorts of shop options for you to check out, but one of the more interesting aspects will be our development tracker. We're going to be showing you exactly where our development stands in regards to each milestone, such as the Town Square release. You're going to see live data showing what we're working on and how long we expect each element to take. Then, following the Town Square release we'll keep this going for each future development milestone. It'll sort of be like looking over our shoulders in the office yourself. The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday. We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to get to know the fine details Identity! -- John VanderZwet