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    Yes but look at the current state of the game, there shouldnt be any excuses. I've seen smaller teams doing better than that Come on, its a SOCIAL MODULE, okay? SOCIAL, its not rocket science. I took into account the budget, the team size, the time, and Il be hella sure they could have pulled off something better than this
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    No dev updates for 3 months. Community growing restless. Just start refunding people before this problem gets worse honestly. We get that u guys pocketed a whole lot of money but honestly your level of commitment to this game is atrocious and you clearly agree with us that is why you haven't released any information on the game in 3 months.
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    What a silly post. So by your logic the fact that the modual doesn't reflect 4+ years work and zero contact = Toxic community. The thing is the community isn't stupid. I wish this game was a reality but the truth it it isn't going to be. It doesn't take much to update the community but they won't because there isn't anything to update them about. Surely if they wanted to finish this game the modual wouldn't be as buggy and poor performing as it is and wouldn't be 6 months worth of work at best. The gaming community is smart enough to know issues when they see them.
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    As developers, they are required to disclose information to its funders (which there seems to be a lack of).
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    I check the forum once a month or 2 months, it still doesn't seem to matter. The game isn't getting anywhere they ever said it would be. If it does get done it'll probably be lackluster, that's just the reality. I wouldn't put any more mental effort into checking the forums and expecting something. If the devs see this, even though I doubt they check the forums anyway, or they wouldn't be failing easy promises all the time, if they do see these posts then I hope they consider it a challenge to prove me wrong. Trust me, I'd love to be proven wrong and look like an absolute clown right now. I hope it happens, but man, you'd be better off scraping your own dev team for this one. It's unreal engine, I've seen more work from a solo dev I know on a VR game in the past month than identity has put out in the past year. They got paid and stopped caring it seems. It's a kickstarter game by a low quality arma 3 dev team. Edit: Don't throw gun progress back in my face, it wasn't that complex, they made bullet physics according to already existing formulas is what they said. It's impressive, but not after this much time.
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    Too many unfortunately. I for one think the steam reviews are a disgrace. Ppl reviewing it like it is full game and in all fairness to the devs they clearly stated it was just a module. Any small bit of research would have shown this immediately. No doubt these reviews turned alot of ppl away from purchasing it.
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    Heres my constructive question: Would it be worthwhile for a dev, to pop into the forums and post something up about where they are and what they are currently working on? Personally, I would like to see and read what they are currently doing. Please don't say go to Discord, I don't use it and never will, considering this website was the only thing to start with where people could pledge, buy, shop and discuss oriiginally, surely some updates on here would suit people very well? Thanks, if you can answer that, or act upon it and ask the devs to put something together to post up, that would be really really useful, not just for me, but for EVERYONE.
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    So i can see that there has been no update to the game in 2 month now, so can we have any news ? .. and how is this game going to rise when there is between 0-3 playing the game at the same time ?
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    As the title says People need to learn and understand. When it comes to game development people either complain that nothing is getting done because the devs are always communicating with the forums and backers etc or people are complaining because the opposite is happening where the devs and team are working hard but aren't saying much. Too many people want their cake and to eat it and it doesn't happen period. For all those saying the game is a scam etc you're wrong and that's a blatant fallacy, the devs delivered town square when everyone said they wouldn't, they added more things earlier than they should to appease people. Hell they're on pretty good time all things considered yet people are constantly complaining and finding things to moan about. I've barely been on the forums in the last year because I don't need to constantly keep checking progress because I know that the devs are working on this and are doing everything they can. I'm sorry to say but it's the community who are the toxic problem and not the devs, my words may be harsh but they are certainly true and we have seen it time and time again. People you really need to stop giving the devs a hard time, and the mods even more so. You wouldn't want to be treated this way if it was you, so please give them all a break, they're only human and they're trying their best, lay off them and do something productive while you wait.
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    Ok so how exactly are they spending this money? We must take into account that they raised over $1million dollars+ (by the way, that's alot in terms of a kickstarter), and look what we get. This project took 4 YEARS to make and $1M Dollar just to make this crap module? This is a joke
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    But please open you'r eyes. Who is going to keep this game Alive? The one person that play this game ? Where should the more money came from for further development ? The one that Play this game ? Okay so i have been following alot of games Dev teams, and how they Work, this here Seem to be dead, i have seen smaller teams that do more stuff, that shows commitment to there players, and gives news on a daily bases. Even devs being on my stream to see bugs and stuff. So don't say give it time, time dont always do great things, but people do great things.
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    I paid for the motherfucking cake.
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    Lack of communication from devs, no dev blogs Good luck
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    They promised to "we will be releasing new screenshots, information and videos on a vary regular basis" . "Imagine where we will be in a year with your support"
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    I'm just here to vote for the B team. I know they will come through for us.
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    I agree, but if I see that the developers are actually working hard on the game then hell i'l give them respect, if somone actually complained in this scenario then the person is either an ignorant or has no sense of reality. But in this case there is a BIG lack of dev-investor relation, which is the breeding cause of "assumption", which can be used as a weapon to attack the developers. These attack can go from anywhere to calling the developers lazy to fraud.
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    Like the games we get for $60 and then it is not even the full game and rather like it is in Beta. I think people should read before buying because clearly majority of the reviews are for the full game and not a module and just shows that the people who wrote them didn't read the store page or research anything.
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    Wow so indepth, so reassuring.
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    Just putting this here <3
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    Definitely. I will go and ask for sure and to be fair I would love to see the community get an update. Yes I agree! The steam reviews are disgraceful.
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    Sorry dude but you're wrong. I myself put alot of thought into it and I pledged knowing Damn well it was going to take years. But if we hear absolutely nothing from the dev team for months then of course ppl are going to start asking questions. That's only normal.
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    Everyone has the right to voice their concern but the question is "How many of the people doing that, did not research more about the project before throwing money away to it?" There are a lot that just saw it and went oh I want that, but it was with no second thought nor reading up about where the project is at in development. Those people need to realise that it is their fault for not putting thought into what they were doing with their money. However, Others who read up on the game and did some research first, they should also have put in thought about whether they would want to help development and even wait a long period of time before getting something worth their money. These people have the right to be frustrated at themselves for throwing money in a project which is far from finished as much as with the time they have to wait for updates. But it is entirely their fault for using their money. Go ahead, voice your concerns but remember it is mostly your fault with the waiting, to see where your money was going towards. You had a choice pledge and wait or sit in the background watching as it goes forward with development. Enjoy the wait and play other games for awhile. Peace out! James
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    Oh boy i cant wait for look on your face when...oh yeah i wont have to see it. People have a right to voice their concerns, i don't care what your going to write about how "its SO annoying", you constantly say the same things when challenged but people who spend money on a product or idea have the right to question its validity and progress. Yes these things take time but in that spare time i PASSIONATELY ENCOURAGE every single one of these people to challenge the Devs/Studio, as long as it isn't in a vulgar/name calling way.
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    i ate it noone is "hinding" behind closed or deleted posts. Its just ducking bullsnot to cry around all the time because something isnt happening as fast as you want it to. OF FUCKING COURSE they should do more. Never said anything against them not doing enough. In fact i was one of those who always asked why nothing is going on. thats how it goes with Kickstarter games. they die. Dev´s leave and the Donators get left behind on hundreds of bucks wasted. Give this bs a few months maybe they manage to get something moved but if not. Your fault for still waiting i´d say. its 2k19 ffs people should by now know more than well that shit like this will always happen and that they should just stfu and move on if it does. @LuckyDuck btw i report myself for foul language. i really bet that the devs just left coz all the salt they received for everything they did. Would fuck off myself if i was in that possition.
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    I think it's time we accept that things aren't right. The amount of work put into this game does not add up with the amount of time they've had. It's not even debatable and people saying it takes time....well look how long they've had and look what we've got. Also these are not a AAA company so keeping the payers and public up-to-date is key to building a successful studio they've haven't done that. Yes Rockstar don't keep us in the loop but we know Rockstar always deliver, they already have a good reputation. These guys don't so having a poor product and terrible communication has shot themselves in the foot.
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    Its august and no dev blog??? Whats going on?
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    Ever notice how a pot of water takes longer to boil when you're staring at it waiting for it to boil? Or how when at school or work, staring at the clock counting the seconds until you can leave seems like an eternity? My point is while watching a project in anticipation of news/updates/releases you need not focus on it or time will move very slowly in your perspective on development. This is by far not a AAA company making a game and they do not have unlimited funding like Rockstar, EA, or Ubisoft would (who all in my opinion are horrible developers when it comes to either moderation/interaction with their customers or delivery of "showcased" materials). The best thing you can do in this situation if the developers are not able or are unwilling to spend the time to provide an update to us, just check back once every two weeks so you don't drive yourself mad. I have faith that the reason they are not showing off anything is because either they are working hard on making it all work correctly together, look good, and/or they are working on elements of the game that cannot be shown off as easily due to it being mostly backend. The reason I have faith in them is because I do not check every day for an update because that would drive me crazy just how it would drive me crazy staring at the clock all day at work waiting for the day to be over. Edit: Ironically I wanted to add the purpose I'm even on these forums right now is to look for any news or updates
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    -Add a changelog so we can see the updates https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/1-Star-Citizen https://changelog.survivethenights.net/ These two are a good example of what we should implement on the forum.
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    You know.. I think its time now to stop to gripe because 2 months passed without an update. Just Play another game, stuff will come eventually. I stopped waiting completely and *poof* a week later i was able to download the game... well one game-ish thing at least All i got to say If you read this small stuff here, i really trolled you there. But you a nice person so imma share a cookie with you <3
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    I create my own gang who wants to join?just message me DEADLY BURN GANG
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    With the release of our highly anticipated Town Square module, comes “The Beginner’s Guide to the Town Square.” Apartment Basics: In order to purchase furniture, speak to the NPC at the desk of the hotel lobby. To successfully enter your apartment, from the elevator menu simply ensure that your character’s name is inputted into the search bar and select “Search.” This will take you to the correct floor of your apartment and load the instance. Once exiting the elevator, the text at the bottom of your screen will assist you in locating the door to your designated apartment. Ex: “Your apartment can be found at number 405.” Keybinds for customization: -Middle Mouse: Initiates editor menu -Left Click: Selects the highlighted area for editing -Right Click: Exits editor menu Placing apartment furniture: -i: Opens player inventory (can be rebinded) -Left click on the item you want to place in your apartment -Select “Place in World” on the bottom left of the screen -Scroll the mouse wheel to rotate the object being placed -Left click: Places the object at the desired location -Del: Removes furniture after it’s picked up Picking up and moving furniture: -Middle mouse: Enter customization menu -Highlight object by looking at it -Left click: Picks object up and allows player to move it Basic Controls: -T (hold): Push to Talk -Enter: Text Chat (instanced based) -Shift: Sprint -C: Crouch -Space: Jump -Tilda/Console key: Emotes -V: First/ Third Person view
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