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    In Depth Look at Weapons As we continue our work on the SWAT module, this last Friday we put live a new Identity Insider video showcasing the weapons in Identity. It's an incredibly detailed system. If you haven't seen that video yet, I'd recommend checking it out now before continuing in this newsletter, as the focus of this dev blog post is going to be going into detail about what you see in that video. Check it Out! If you haven't seen the latest Identity Insider video, check it out now. If you have, watch it again because it's awesome! Identity Insider: Weapons on YouTube It's even better than it looks We tried to keep the video short and to the point, so we couldn't talk in too much detail. I'm excited about where we are right now in development, and I've been itching to explain just how great this is. We made some bold claims, such as no game in history having had weapons this detailed and it's quite true. Some games came close, but even then their calculations were approximations based on real data. In Identity, we've taken a physical approach to all things combat and vehicle related. That is, we're able to plug in data from real life into our system and our code drives true ballistic physics naturally. It means we're able to add new types of weapons and ammo incredibly quickly, and it'll just work. Some people have been expressing that this hasn't been done in MMORPGs before because it's impossible for performance reasons, but our calculations are so optimized that the entire projectile is processed in fractions of a millisecond. It's detailed and accurate, but built from the ground up for an MMORPG, too! Melee combat I'm going to step through the key parts of the video and describe, in detail, what makes Identity different from anything you've seen before. While we show off some cool weapons in the video, and there are many more not featured, it's important to note that powerful guns aren't going to be commonplace. Most people will be armed with a handgun or similar. Because of this, melee combat will be a frequent sight and we want it to feel right. Part of the issue with melee combat in most online games is that it's just a click-fest and there isn't real room for player skill. This isn't the case in Identity, where a skilled player will almost always knock the other out. Before I made Altis Life (an old and very successful Arma 3 mod) I worked on a game called Mortal Online, which was all about melee combat. Hand to hand fighting, or using melee weapons, works much in the same way here. Another game it could be compared to would be Mount & Blade, as the control system for blocking and attacking is quite similar. In Identity, there aren't special "attacks" which deal artificial damage, but instead the actual physical movement of the body or weapon which applies a force on impact that is similar to that of real life. For example, if you were swinging a baseball bat at someone, it would be the actual bat shape which hits, and the material it's made of, it's weight, how fast it's moving and more which determines the damage it deals. Note the red circles on the boxing gloves with the image above, and as seen in the video. These are physic impact points for the boxing gloves, which collide to deal damage. They're only shown for debugging and illustration purposes, and won't be visible in-game. Weapon fidelity On topic of the bullet jamming in the Insider video, there are many factors which are controlled at a detailed level in Identity. That's not to say it's something you'll have to worry yourself with often, though. Jams will be rare and will mostly happen with cheap firearms and/or those which are in poor condition. A few of us on the development team spent a good deal of time at the shooting range here in Ottawa, paying close attention to these sort of details. You'll need to maintain your guns if you want to keep them in good shape, but don't worry as it won't be tedious. If worry about the ammo in your gun isn't your thing, just buy the cheaper and commonly available ammo; however, if you want to maximize your effectiveness you can choose the right ammo for the situation. The Insider video also mentions being able to customize your ammo. Our physics models are so accurate that a hollowpoint bullet will fly slightly differently than a full-metal jacket bullet. It'll be so slight you won't really notice, though. Where the difference really comes in is with penetration and damage. As in real life, in Identity you can have empty gun magazines (you don't drop them when empty, because they're actually valuable). If you buy a box of ammo you can then fill the magazine as you like. A single gun can fire different bullet types as well as different bullet weights (grains). Gunsmithing We have mentioned several times now that more powerful guns are rarer, and that's because illegal firearms can't be purchased in a shop. You'll find handguns, some shotguns and hunting rifles there, though. Outside of that you'll need to know, or become, a gunsmith and/or a gun-runner. These aren't forced classes or occupations, but with Identity your character is simply what you decide to be through action. Anyone can do anything. Modifying your weapons will typically have pros and cons. For example, changing out a trigger could mean improved fire rate but have an affect on accuracy, as well. A new magazine release could mean faster reloads but less mobility. This will be based on several factors such as the type, quality and condition of the component. You'll be able to tailor the weapon to suit your needs and preferences. Physical accuracy of ballistics and penetration In the very first days of Identity's development, we got our hands on crime-lab documents which we based our in-game bullet ballistics upon. The result was absolutely true-to-life bullet behavior which we could expand upon with very little effort. In the video, you'll see this come into play when we shoot into the air. That might have been a bit better to show at night, though! Since the release of the Town Square module we've been focusing on SWAT module development. Part of this was the improvements, based on documents from the US Navy, into penetration calculations. Because our systems are designed to take real-world units, using real formulas was a logical progression. The results were something few other games have done, and something no other game has done this accurately. When a bullet hits a surface the system analyzes the material that was hit and knows the finest details of that material's real-world makeup. It then travels into the object, or bounces off of it with a ricochet. If it travels inside, we use other physically accurate formulas to penetrate exactly as far as it should, right down to a fraction of a millimeter. If the bullet is passing through a dense material, it can change directions from hitting hard spots. An example of the hard-spot is when I shot the kevlar vest in the video. Most bullets did not penetrate the kevlar (this vest did not have any metal plates in it), but a couple did get through with a big loss in energy. That was not a random chance, but the bullets hit a spot that had slightly less kevlar. A few millimeters of extra kevlar was the difference between stopping and penetrating. Now that is detail! Organ damage The organ damage system you saw in the video is partly our ballistics system in action, and part the medical mechanics. As the bullet enters a soft body, it can break apart and fragments can spread out, especially when using hollowpoint bullets. A shockwave also causes damage just inside the cavity. This spread can damage, or destroy, organs that it contacts. We currently have modeled two lungs, the heart and brain. We may expand on this in the future, too. When the bullet, or a fragment, passes through the organs it will cause specialty damage to the character in addition to the base damage that happens from the impact. This hit will either cause instant death or hinder the character in addition to being damaged. Blunt trauma is a different story, and can affect vision or mobility. As a paramedic, you'll need to examine the injured player and treat them accordingly. If the examination shows bubbles in the blood, for example, you'll know a lung has been hit. Paramedics will go through a quick class and test when they take the job to ensure they know best how to treat people who have been shot. Step into the Town Square! The Town Square module is now released and available on Steam. If you haven't had the chance to try the Town Square and experience a small piece of the Identity world, grab your Steam key and check it out. Identity Town Square module trailer With the Town Square now running smoothly, we've shifted much of our focus to feature development for the SWAT module. We'll continue to fix bugs and add other features to the Town Square, too. Get your Identity Steam key! To get your key, login on the main site at www.IdentityRPG.com. You can then go to the Account tab of your profile where you'll see an option to link your Steam account. You must have BETA ACCESS on your account to claim a key! ATTENTION! You can only attach one steam account to one game account, and it's permanent. Be sure you're logged into your game account which has the items you've purchased before attaching a Steam account! Once you've obtained your key from the Identity website you can enter it into your Steam client, but be sure that you're logged into the Steam account where you'd like to own Identity. Click the Games menu in Steam, and then Activate a Product on Steam. -- John VanderZwet
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    And I would hope 95% of this community would belive it won't. You guys have done so much for us by keeping us in the loop and the dev team has done so much more by not only bringing this dream to us but also by going above and beyond to ensure that feedback is listened to and things are added in earlier to stop boredom. Seriously guys, thank you all so much.
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    Ye I noticed it =) don't hurry I know what I'm buying =)
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    Idk why they don't just admit that they are not working hard on this. How long have we waited for guns, " Guns, guns, guns! The shooting range in the basement of the police station is now open and soon will give you access to a few guns to try out.This will give you a taste of how guns will work and feel. We'll show you how awesome the gun systems are with a video when we come closer to this release." They're adding stuff to town square like its DarkRP to "start a small economy" bitch just give us a fucking map and the systems we've asked for it is not that hard with such a large team ON UNREAL ENGINE. People always say they're building a game from scratch give them a break. I understand that, but also holy shit it's been this long with how big a team? Not a small one, 27 people is not small. I'd be completely fine if they were absolutely transparent and didn't act like they're some hard sweating workers pumping it out. Then also they've never met a due date, at some point, I don't remember when, I realized I'll never be seeing my $15 dollars worth. Not to mention pricing access to beta and modules IS VALUED AT ANOTHER $15, people defend that it's donating, but that shit says SHOP for a reason. Selling virtual dogs that they haven't coded yet. I wanna be patient and I wanna believe in them but I truly think a team of 10 real developers could get this done in 1/4 of the time. Maybe not the modeling, but fuck man you don't need 300 different types of furniture, I just want the game. At some point, it's not just disappointing to your customers. It's downright embarrassing to everyone on the team. Especially that Crime and Punishment trailer we got, where it got delayed a week to get sent the animations that weren't placeholders, BUT THEY WERE PLACEHOLDERS ANYWAY, IT WAS NOTED BY THE DEVS. Sometime tells me that meth system didn't work either and was just an overlay with no effect because if it had been working they would have shown it considering they show every piece of minute progress to prove that its GOING. I think that they'll get it done, one day, just not in my lifetime, the devs have a great idea and I want it to succeed and do well but nothing had boded well for the game since its original conception.
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    I'm not wit da typing shit.. so just let me know if you wanna join.
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    Fourms are dead. Game is Dead. This place will be a complete ghost town in a couple of months
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    Totally agree with you. What you buy now is a promise that has no hope. Dev team is horrible and their QA team is horrible also. There are so many bugs that leads to a dead end. Either, they ll scrap and rewrite this "module" or poorly made the next modules.
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    Wow. 2 Things absolutely kill me about this thread. #1 I don't think anyone really knows WTF their talking about when it comes to this game. Modules 1+2+3 aren't the game itself. All of those are things to do while the game is being made. #2 The success/failure argument is so polarized. You're either a delusional fan boy pretending to have some inside knowledge about game development that no one else has or you're a grieving troll cause your expectations aren't being met, right now! Now on to my opinion. I am very worried about this game. I actually want my $30 back. Not because I think it is a scam but I believe the end game will turn out to be the 3 modules + some defunct form of the rest of the games ideas. The dev team is too small, the work they have done already is too broken to have hope that the game seen in the trailer is coming to fruition anytime in the realistic future. Yes I'm aware of how games are made. Be aware that the process is changing with "Early Access" and empty promises when the dev ALREADY HAS YOUR MONEY. The incentives for delivering promises are near gone when game devs can give it their "best shot" come up far short, miss and still make a buck on selling a good idea rather than a finished polished product.
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    I know I bitch and moan about development and release and other things but Ive never asked for a refund, and although its been a long time since the production of Identity began, Im still hyped for this game. I play other games too so its cool. Sorry for my previous negativity if youre aware of it. What im trying to say is I have love for this project. also wow, so many bugs in Town Square. Still cool tho! Overall Thanks DEVS for following through! I wanna keep ranting but, yeah. Love. guess im just happy.
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    Identity is the future of MMO's patience is key.
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    It's a shame that people like you think they have a clue what they are talking about. It has nothing to do with age, it's the fact that this company pushed back ANNOUNCED release dates, 3 TIMES. Then, finally when the first module was released, we all knew it was going to be small but that wasn't the issue. It was unplayable and just looked like garbage. With the SWAT module it looks promising but if its anything like this first one, they will crash and burn.
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    ive followed it since they came out too an with all that time i woulda thought they'd hav more done but idk how hard or easy it is to psychically make a game
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    yes that is correct, anyone can say anything. but why would I lie? if I were to lie now I would only damage asylums reputation if the bug appears to be in the game after the update goes live. you see? you might not give a shit but other people still do.
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    Factual arguments? How is this factual argument? If a politician told you, "there is nothing suspicious going on" would laugh in their face.
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    He said in the internal build though, so the build they're currently working on.
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    No, the Elevator Bug is not fixed, this is misinformation when it happens every time for the 20th time, it's not a fluke it is still a Bug, no matter when or what update it started from. I report it every time whether I log back in or not. As I stated, I gave this module my time, things are still there and it's still too filled with Bugs and the lack of social aspect makes it not too welcoming of a game at this point. Maybe in a year or 2. Please don't say Bugs are fixed when it's clearly not.
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    the elevator bug only got in the game since the last update, and this bug has been fixed on their internal build. they are both focusing on progression and bug fixes
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    This is just copied and paste text from a conversation I had with my friend about the game over Discord. My goal is not to offend anyone, but my hope is that maybe the developers will see some of this and be able to take away something that may help them. Many people will likely see this as an attack, but it's being posted with the hope of being constructive & helpful, not deconstructive and rude. Again, this was a private conversation so there are references you may not understand, but for a borderline background understanding, I'm a game developer. That's about all you need to know: ------------------------------------ The problem is that people develop these small parts of the game, shooting here, food system here, and they get this idea that it's a lot easier than it is. Then they get to the hard production of actually making the features work with each other, making it work over the network, fixing bugs and that's where people generally find out how hard it actually is, and in a lot of cases regardless of difficulty, just how time-consuming it is. Basically, they got more money than they knew what to do with, and no amount of money in the world can make up for their lack of game dev experience. So they hired on a bunch of randoms and are now slowly beginning to learn what it means to do real game dev. Quite frankly the acknowledgment that they were over their heads came when I saw they bought a studio for their employees. Bad financial decision, they got it downtown in an expensive city so they're gonna lose that money fast on top of the employees they are now paying daily. On top of that this is their first game and they thought that the best decision was to blow their money on office space, very bad idea until you're established enough to have the income to keep the office space, they're basically going off savings of the kickstarter campaign. And living off savings can be very stressful (lowering productivity), as well as all the other problems that come with it (Primarily that's it finite, especially due to hype and for the most part, those interested in the game have gotten it, I don't see them as getting a ton more income than they already have). So overall the campaign is just plagued with decisions of people unfamiliar with running a business and unfamiliar with game dev. That's why it's taking them so long is because they're learning things the hardest way possible. I've seen it happen with a lot of other indie devs who have a cool idea, get a good Kickstarter campaign, and then realize just how over their head they are a month later but are then stuck in it. It happened with a game I waited 3 years for release (Survive The Nights), again, first-time game devs, successful campaign, said it'd release in 1 year but took 3. Bad quality on release/buggy. The reason these Kickstarter campaigns are generally successful is that they promise a million features that no other game is offering like STN which offered the largest survival map, or these guys who an MMO so large that every job is filled by a player. The problem is after they get the money and get to work, they realize the reason people haven't done this stuff before generally isn't because people haven't tried or people have been too lazy, but because there are technical limitations they didn't know, so they almost never are able to fulfill their full promise without it being full of bugs & lag that no amount of optimization could fix because they aimed higher than current technology is capable (with the exception of if you maybe had extremely experienced devs working on it) And that's also a problem with a lack of game development experience, if you build the foundation of your game on laggy code then your game becomes dependent and tangled into that code. It's very hard to change the fundamentals of a game without having to redo everything dependent on those fundamentals. So maybe they learned better ways to program as they went on but now they're stuck with the old code that's laggy and can't change unless they redo everything. That's something that happens in projects I work on too where I realize a better method of doing things but it becomes too late and I have to press forward (It was why Deep Space crashed so often on release, because I didn't realize everything that went into polished net code, learned it, but then it was too late and so I had to create bootleg fixes to stop the crashing) To summarize, Lack of game dev experience, Lack of business experience, Too much money That's why the game will take as long as it will. I give it 2 years at the minimum. ------------------------------------------ I won't be replying to any comments, feel free to discuss.
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    People will be already able to do these sort of things, in the full game. Lumberjacks, farmers, miners, etc. I cant remember the answer but I believe you will need to get the supplies to be able to craft furniture and it will be done in factories. However are automated. A lot of this information can be found within the twitch clips directory or FAQ's.
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    Raven Security Company Cutting Edge Security Who Are We Three owners, with nearly several years of combined experience in private security, military, and law enforcement, are resolute in providing the best security services possible. We obtain that through employee selection, training, and team work, with an emphasis on client and visitor friendliness. We do not conduct “In House” background checks where it would be tempting to employ lesser candidates. Instead we utilize a public contractor to conduct background checks. Simply put; it is not our area of expertise and we leave that specialty to those who are. Raven Security has roots as a training company. With that experience and training tools at hand it is structured to address one of the most neglected issues in the security industry, training. Raven Security exceeds all state training requirements and standards. AND, we have an In-Service-Training program. Our Services • Concierge Services • 24/7 Surveillance • At Home Patrols • Armed Patrols • Armed Bodyguards • Armored Transport Contact our company to learn about more services today! Now Hiring We are also as we have many positions open! These positions include, but are not limited to: • Security Contractor • Administrative Assistant • Firearms Instructor • Concierge • Private Drivers Where to Apply www.RavenSecurity.com/JoinNow Feel free to post questions, comments, or simply that you've applied in the replies below. Thank you! Loyalty We show our undying loyalty to our job, associates, customers, and teammate. We wear our tag and badge with pride, and will not succumb to anyone else. Our loyalty is to Raven and Raven only. Integrity We demonstrate the highest degree of integrity in every aspect of what we do. We are committed to instilling professional and ethical behavior in all our employees, teammates and associates. Governance We take responsibility for our performance legally and ethically. We have a diverse Board of Directors that provides oversight and guidance to best serve our customers. Excellence We set the bar for the best-in-class operational excellence. We empower our people to deliver customer-focused solutions with the highest levels of professionalism and commitment to excellence. Dignity We honor the rights and beliefs of our fellow associates, our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate. We treat others with dignity and respect. Teamwork We promote and support a diverse, yet unified team. While respecting the individuality of our people, we work together as a team to meet our customers' goals. We deploy willingly worldwide to the most remote and dangerous regions, leveraging our unique skill set in support of our customers' missions. Innovation We value, encourage, and enable our employees, teammates, and associates to develop innovative and pragmatic solutions to real-world challenges.
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    @lucky, my username is because I have been programming in 10+ languages since I was 8. I am a contracter and build web based DB apps from custom ticketing software to remote Windows monitoring software with ability for remote installs etc. I have programmed games for clients in Unity, Unreal, Cry Engine, Grit Engine (I am actually a developer of this game engine and got it to where it is now and I admit we havnt pushed updates lately due to lack of interest.), self made game engines. I take raspberry pis and install them into newer vehicles completely replacing their electronics system for a more modern touchscreen system with remote command start, remote windows up and down, etc. Also should I mention I have a lot of popular games and assets on ROBLOX and was a developer? (Yeah, hate me for it but ROBLOX made me the developer I am today. So let me clarify, I deffinetly have the skills to program this game 10 times over, and I will admit that I am not creative when it comes to 3D art even after all my Blender, AutoCAD, and 3d printing experience, but I am a great 2D artist. My proof is all over the internet. I have attempted making this kind of game in highschool with my 2 developer buddies and yes it took me 3 years, but I have lots to show for it. Still have the source files hidden on Github, but now the game is on an old version of Unity3D and I don't have the patience I had back in high school. What I saw was someone was creating the game I wanted and that I attempted to make, but identity had funding to do it full time and I was a highschool kid that lived in a very tiny town in Canada. Now I fully believe I can make a clone if I had the time now due to my heightened experience or the funding to create time, but instead I rather spend the little time I have between programming playing Identity instead of programming constantly to give everyone the one game everyone wants. @allresponses I feel bad for giving my honest opinion, but if you see where I am coming from, I don't understand how you guys are doing this. I use the same game engine, I even use SpatialOS which I am still curious if that's the technology you guys use for your "huge" servers. I want to be a believer and I will take everything back, but the community is just getting terrible replies and really bad videos with bad codecs. I say everything from experience, I have funded so many small teams and this is the only one not working out. I also understand this is huge, and maybe some of your guys first game (I seem to remember a famous developer was on your team but I forget his name). I do not doubt that you guys are going to make a great game, but when? Is it going to be to late that funding runs dry or you lose all publicity? Thank you for hearing me out.
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    Hey all:) This game was one i really look forward to when i first saw it. But then it got delayd, and i thought its better be good when it was that big of delay, but sadly not... So many bugs at release of the first Alpha.. But then it started to go down the Hill, the community manager stopped, seem to me the first Warming.. Then they started to ban slot of people from there discord, including me for repost one of there own Twitter post.. they said when its release on steam we would get more devs blog even videos, but thats almost stopped too. They almost never stream on Twitch anymore. This forum is almost dead, i see around 7-11 people playing the game at the same time. People cant defend this anymore, really really bad way the devs handle this game.
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    Thank you to the devs for getting the pledged apartments sorted out. We may not be able to change the walls/floors but I had a fun time decorating something other than a studio. So heres my one bedroom apartment!
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    I am Intrested in joining the langston mafia but the only issue is that im a girl.
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    Nice to meet you So my name is ILoveReeses
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    ROFL, That barn has been in the game since day one. It was on the other map that you could access using the Console. Trying to make it seem like they're actually working on something.
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    Ok... So seriously... how the hell is anyone out there still defending this complete pile of shit? Kudos to the devs, you have pulled off a pretty lucrative scam and fooled a whole bunch of people! For that alone, you are welcome to my $20! There are a few members of the community out there who are still taking it as their ultimate life goal to throw themselves infront of all the excrement being hurled at this festering shit heap... It used to annoy me, but quite honestly, I now genuinely feel sorry for you. You have clearly been oversold down the river and cannot see the wood through the trees. Hopefully soon it will dawn on you that this is a very clever scam and you can find a more worthy cause to support/defend. God speed ultimate defenders...
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    I agree. In my opinion, Asylum Entertainment shouldn't have announced the game until at least the Town Square was completed, if not after. I think where most of the failure comes from is simply a lack of experience (in business management), and a lack of balance. There was too much focus on the wrong things. Also, Asylum Entertainment is a small and independent company. There are no other games to their name (besides an Arma modification), they have only a handful of employees, and their budget (from donations) is very tiny. Despite experience from school and/or modding Arma, Identity is still their first video-game project, and a massive undertaking. Had they hired an experienced business manager in the video-game industry, and spent the time they wasted promising release dates on making tiny, simple games to get their name out there, this would probably all be different. Of course, popularity isn't always a good thing. Look at what that bloke PsiSyn said around the time the community burned. How convenient. But, if Asylum, like Telltale Games, had made some tiny game like Telltale Texas Hold'em, they could eventually pave their way to The Walking Dead, or, in Asylum's case, Identity. (I know Telltale wen't bankrupt. It was an example.) I still support Asylum Entertainment, and it is not their fault completely that things are the way they are. They are not a scam, and they don't mean any harm. They can still pull Identity out of the bog. I believe they can. I don't think it's over.
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    As a real life EMT, I would definitely be interested in seeing a medical system that is simple yet revolves around role play. Things like blood pressure, heart rate, bleeding control, saleen, etc. Here's how I would imagine the medical system to be programmed: Each civilian normally has 5 liters, or 5000mL of blood volume. A single gun shot would cause blood loss ( 2mL per second on the limb, and 4mL per second on the chest or abdomen) Stab wounds are also a possibility. Multiple gun shot wounds or stab wounds would multiply the bleeding affect. Normal blood pressure = 120/80, normal heart rate = 75. Each 1/2 liter (500mL) of blood loss causes a 10 point loss in blood pressure. Each time the blood pressure drops 10 points, the heart rate increases 10 points. (I can explain why if you want). ***Any blood pressure under 80/40 will cause the patient to pass out, any blood pressure under 50/10 will cause the patient to "die", but can still be resuscitated with CPR. A player will be able to function normally with wounds for an amount of time until his low blood pressure causes the player to pass out. This will allow the player to continue the gun fight with wounds, or give the player enough time to apply first aid to himself or a teammate. However, if a player passes out, he will need a medic to administer fluids for him to wake back up. At that point the player can either refuse further treatment, or elect to go to the hospital/be treated in the ambulance until the blood pressure is stabilized. The incentive for transport to the hospital being that a medic can give fluids to a patient up to 140/ 100 for an extra buffer of health!!! This will encourage role play. Okay so here's an example: one gun shot wound to the chest = 4mL of blood loss per second. 1 minute = 240mL of blood loss, therefore a person loses 1000mL or 1 liter of blood in approx. 4 mins per gunshot wound to the chest or abd. That means it would take 16 mins to die from one gunshot wound, and 10 mins for a player to pass out from a gun shot wound to the chest or abdomen. Double that time for gun shots to a limb. Now, of course more gun shot wounds would cause a multiplication of blood loss, so be careful out there! Maybe armor would deflect 5 bullets before losing its effectiveness??? There are 7 "compartments" on the human body. 1) The chest 2) The head 3) The abdomen 4) the Right arm 5) the left arm 6) the R leg 7) and the L leg. Head injuries: Laceration, fracture, gun shot wound...maybe a helmet deflects one or two bullets before losing its effectiveness??? Chest injuries: Laceration, broken rib, gun shot wound...maybe a Kevlar vest deflects one or two bullets before losing its effectiveness??? Abdomen injuries: Gun shot wound, laceration. Limb injuries: Gun shot wound, laceration, open fracture (bleeding), closed fracture (non-bleeding) Blood volume, blood pressure, and heart rate chart: Volume: 6000mL, BP: 140/100, HR: 55------- Volume: 5500mL, BP: 130/90, HR: 65------ Volume: 5000mL, BP: 120/80, HR: 75----- Volume: 4500mL, BP: 110/70, HR: 85----- Volume: 3500mL, BP: 100/60, HR: 95----- Volume: 3000mL, BP: 90/50, HR: 105------ Volume: 2500mL, BP: 80/40, HR: 115 (Pass out)----- Volume: 2000mL, BP: 70/30, HR: 125----- Volume: 1500mL, BP: 60/20, HR: 135----- Volume: 1000mL, BP: 50/10, HR 145 (DEATH)----- Volume: 500mL, BP: 40/10, HR: 0 (Can still be saved with CPR)----- Volume: 0mL, BP: 30/0, HR: 0 (NOT able to resuscitate and must respawn) CPR and Resuscitation: CPR can be administered by anyone, and will prevent the pressure from dropping if all wounds are bandaged successfully. However, it can only be administered if the player "dies", i.e. blood pressure at 50/10 or less. If the patient "dies", they can still receive defibrillation by a medic. However, defibrillation will only work if the blood pressure is 90/40. So...the medic will need to give saleen up to 90/60 in order for the defibrillation to work. This will also encourage teamwork between the two medic partners. A patient who has been successfully resuscitated via defibrillation MUST be transported to the hospital by the medics and MUST receive the health buffer of 140/100. Now let's apply this type of scenario to a whitelisted server... "New life rule" does not apply unless you actually re-spawn. The time it takes to transport a patient who has received defibrillation is enough time to make his return to the fight reasonable. Since the medics are a neutral entity, they cannot be within a certain distance to an active gunfight, therefore the victim's teammate will have to be able to carry the victim away from the gunfight and toward the medics. A feature to load an unconscious player into a vehicle would significantly aid this process. Example: Officer down, teammate stops the bleeding, carries him to the patrol car, loads him into the patrol car, drives him 200m (or whatever) to the medics on stand-by, medics commence patient care. The officer can either wait for his comrade to be healed, or drive back to the gunfight. OR...depending on EMS AND POLICE policies, there might be tactical medics equipped with vests and helmets that are permitted to go into an active firefight and operate ONLY TO STABILIZE AND TRANSPORT THE VICTIM BACK TO THE NEARBY AMBULANCE VIA CARRY ANIMATION. After reviewing this system and looking at practical application, most of the time the bleeding can be stopped by applying bandages to yourself, therefore medics will rarely be needed unless a person suffers multiple gun shot wounds over time. With that said, personnel who are not trained in first aid, i.e. civilians....would have a lower probability of successfully applying a bandage compared to a police officer who would have a higher probability due to police training. (Medics having 100% success rate). These probabilities/percentages can be programmed into each type of player character. Bleeding control is very important, since bleeding is what drops your blood pressure. Trauma and Medical conditions: -Gun shot wound to the chest: 4mL of blood loss per second (requires "Occlusive dressing" or blood pressure will continue to drop) -Gun shot wound to the abdomen: 4mL of blood loss per second (requires "Trauma dressing") -Gun shot wound to the head: 8mL of blood loss per second (requires "Trauma dressing") -Laceration: 4mL of blood loss per second for lacerations to the head, chest or abdomen, and 2mL of blood loss for lacerations to any limb (from stabbing or blunt force trauma, i.e. non-bladed weapons or fists)...(blunt force trauma with probability of 1:10 to cause a laceration), stabbing = 100% probability of laceration. Requires "Medium gauze" -Fractured limb (from MVA a.k.a. motor vehicle accident higher than 35mph) OR (fall from higher than 20 feet)...could be an open fracture or closed fracture, open causes bleeding. Requires "Cardboard Splint" -Fractured spine (from MVA a.k.a. motor vehicle accident higher than 50mph) OR (fall from higher than 35 feet)....causes neurogenic shock, which instantly drops the blood pressure to 80/40 (passes out). Requires "C-collar and Spine Board" -Dehydration: Not drinking enough water will cause the blood pressure to slowly drop. Maybe 1mL per minute? Player will eventually pass out and need medical treatment. Requires "Saleen Bag" -Low blood sugar: Not eating will cause your blood sugar level to slowly drop, causing you to pass out. Maybe 0.5 points per minute? Normal blood sugar: 70-140mg% (pass out at <40mg%). Requires "Oral Glucose" (can be store bought) if they are conscious...or "Saleen Bag" followed by "Dextrose 50%" if they are unconscious. via medic only -Smoke inhalation: A result of not cooking meth properly, causes the player to have decreased run speed and inability to eat or drink. Also causes decrease in shooting accuracy. Requires "Oxygen Mask" by a medic. Resolved after 5 mins of O2 therapy. -Drug overdose: Causes the player to pass out, slowly lowering the heart rate. A heart rate less than 40 causes death. Requires "Mucosal Atomization Device" by medic. -Emphysema: A result of chronic smoking. A condition that causes decreased stamina or slower run speed. Requires "Oxygen Mask" by medic. Resolved after 2.5 mins of O2 therapy EMS equipment: -An ambulance and gurney where you can take the gurney out of the ambulance first(animated), roll the gurney to the patient with the crew member holding it (animation), then load the patient on the gurney, then roll the gurney back to the ambulance with the patient on the gurney, and finally load the patient into the ambulance (animation). Both crew members should be able to sit in the back of the ambulance with the patient in order to treat them further. -Blood pressure cuff (to take blood pressures) https://www.google.com/search?q=blood+pressure+cuff&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj55afs-qrhAhUKsZ4KHRv6CAUQ_AUIDygC&biw=1920&bih=937 -Small gauze (band aid): -Medium gauze (4x4): https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=yfOfXL7ALsfj0gKa_JmwCw&q=4x4+gauze&oq=4x4+gauze&gs_l=img.3..0l7j0i8i30l3.35879.38439..38548...0.0..0.161.1040.0j8......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i67.XilFtcmrn6A Large gauze (trauma dressing) for bleeding control: https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=MvufXJXAFOaM0gL_1I3gDQ&q=large+trauma+dressing&oq=large+trauma+dressing&gs_l=img.3..0.8702.9827..10055...0.0..0.125.726.0j6......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i7i30.LPNNAsFsE9Y#imgrc=m2umye0WXEeN8M: -Occlusive dressing for gun shot wounds to the chest. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=8POfXO6SOqqu0gLOspHoCA&q=occlusive+dressing&oq=occlu&gs_l=img.1.0.0i67j0l4j0i67j0l4.68636.70332..71616...0.0..0.234.851.0j5j1......1....1..gws-wiz-img.....0..35i39.fEq8cUpVREE -0.9% sodium chloride intravenous access (saleen bag) with 500mL, and 1000mL sized bags. Each bringing up the blood pressure 10 and 20 points respectively. Blood pressure cap is 140/100. All Saleen bags have a 30 second cool down. (cannot spam) https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=WPSfXJKkBcHQ-gS19JHQCw&q=sodium+chloride+IV+1000ml&oq=sodium+chloride+IV+1000ml&gs_l=img.12...4933.8605..10477...0.0..0.120.586.0j5......1....1..gws-wiz-img.ruLwtBAA3FQ -Automated External Defibrillator (AED): To revive patients out of cardiac arrest (death). AED sound effects implemented would be awesome...https://www.soundsnap.com/tags/defibrillator -Oxygen mask for people who have smoke inhalation or emphysema (difficulty breathing). Oxygen resolves the problem, however it takes 5 minutes. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=Y_SfXNOnEdfy-gTjqrXwDA&q=non+rebreather+mask&oq=Non+rebr&gs_l=img.1.0.0l10.234764.242845..244519...3.0..0.121.1292.0j11......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......35i39j0i67.RvRq1vkGfXY -C-collar and spine board for people who've been in car accidents or falls. (placeable on the gurney with mandatory transport to hospital) https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=b_WfXOHcIpLi-gT0lYBg&q=c-collar&oq=c-collar&gs_l=img.3..0l2j0i30l8.3459.5030..5363...0.0..0.227.1055.0j7j1......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......35i39j0i67.S4gVa6l0jr8 https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=dfWfXOO0KJbm-gSFy5vgAQ&q=spine+board&oq=spine+board&gs_l=img.3..0l10.17469.19114..20479...0.0..0.132.1324.0j11......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......35i39j0i67.HuaWMdFt_SY -Cardboard splint (for fractured arms and legs) https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=ivWfXIazMM-X-gSIzL-QCg&q=carboard+splint&oq=carboard+splint&gs_l=img.3..0i10i24.19098.25398..25504...4.0..0.134.2142.0j18......1....1..gws-wiz-img.......35i39j0i67j0j0i10j0i24j0i30.-yajqhMBXSc#imgrc=_ -Mucosal Atomization Device (Naloxone aka Narcan for overdose patients) restores heart rate and blood pressure and wakes the patient up. https://www.google.com/search?q=mucosal+atomization+device&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjG-8Xn_KrhAhWC4J4KHQoECBYQ_AUIDygC&biw=1920&bih=937 Oral Glucose to treat hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and can be purchased at the store over the counter. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=2PWfXMS-LsnK-gSrk5noCQ&q=Oral+Glucose&oq=Oral+Glucose&gs_l=img.3..0l10.18524.18524..19279...0.0.. Dextrose 50% https://www.google.com/search?biw=1920&bih=937&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=7PWfXLe_LJTi-gT8tKioBw&q=Dextrose+50% &oq=Dextrose+50% &gs_l=img.12..0l10.44163.44163..44923...0.0.. I think these implementations would really help add some features to the combat system as well as increase probability of role play between EMS, civilians, and the police force. After all, this is a role playing game. I believe a good medical system would really add appeal and value to the game. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions or if there is any way I can assist further. I would love to see something like this in the game and be part of the training/leadership team for EMS as I have real world experience. Mahalo from Hawaii and EMS Honolulu!
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    If it was an estimate, he would clarify that. Grasping at straws, to make an excuse, is why people feel this is a sketchy. Fair confidence and still a few months off? Not to mention it was hardly functional. A lot of the complaining here is from how bad the PR i and yet, the staff continue to repeat their mistakes.
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    Interesting to see a number of comments from this thread appear to have been deleted?!!!!! I wonder why?!! LOL..... game is dead. Thats my opinion and I believe thats not against the law, no need to delete my comments. Thank you
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    Personally I was one of the people who defended the game because they kept pushing back the Beta. Identity lost a lot of fans with the release. The people who remain have some kind of blinding royalty I can respect/pity. The game isn't dead until the developers give up on it. Heck, they might even pull a No Man's Sky and win back our trust. If you were a part of us who backed the game early and got screwed with no Steam refund, then just hang tight buddy wait until your kids graduate College and we might just have some fun together after all!
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    Your link seems broken (from the picture)
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    Yes. I would love to join the Black Mambas Though
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    This right here is basically your written confession that you're willing to kill your employers. And that you definitively do have something to hide. As an officer of the law, I'll be sure to keep my eye for your activities. And I'll know where to look if I find a "former" employee of yours dumped dead in a ditch somewhere. Also, no need to edit to hide the evidence. Got it saved right here, just in case.
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    I recommend you put more thought into it such as the other mafias.
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    it is white-listed so kids can't just join. i was white-listed but half the police force couldn't do their job right( i called in murder and the place they were holding it and i get handcuffed ) every one is broke struggling to make a dollar. They also hosted a community event which was pretty cool but didn't help the fact that most people from the server showed up and the prize was only 1000$ (cheapest gun/glock sells for 3200). Ru-sti is a douchebag who abuses his powers threatening to ban people when he breaks the rules half the time. Really unbalanced
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    Expanding the Square While the primary development focus continues to be on SWAT, a smaller division of the Identity development team expands the features and controls of the Town Square. This brings new features to enjoy in the social module, and also prepares several features for the combat-oriented and faced-paced SWAT module. Recent Changes to the Square Since our last development blog update, we've made several notable changes to the Town Square. Drop in and check it out to see some of these changes first hand! - Marijuana is now grown by players! Plant seeds on a hydroponics table and dry grown plants on drying racks before harvesting. There are varying degrees of quality. This is the first step toward adding work and economy into the Town Square. - You can now watch YouTube videos with your friends using TVs in your apartments. - We've made significant changes to player movement and animation blending. You'll find your character movement feels much more natural. - VoIP (voice communication) has been rebuilt on a new technology to greatly increase sound quality. - Player's eyes and other facial features change depending on substance use. If you know the effects of a drug, you can tell if somebody is using by looking closely. This will be useful with police powers (see roadmap below). - You can now access the shooting range in preparation for the release of firearms. - Significant changes to the lighting have been made to give a more realistic appearance, especially during the day. - A large remake of the image processing means overall sharper graphics with more detail and eliminated "ghosting". - We've added support for chat commands. Write /emote for a list of emotes. The Town Square Roadmap - Guns, guns, guns! The shooting range in the basement of the police station is now open and soon will give you access to a few guns to try out. This will give you a taste of how guns will work and feel. We'll show you how awesome the gun systems are with a video when we come closer to this release. - Paintball guns will be available for use and play outside of the shooting range. - We'll soon be adding the ability to drop items on the ground in public spaces. These can then be picked up by other players. - A trading mechanic will allow you to securely pass items to others around you. - Security and ownership systems for apartments, allowing you to assign roommates and more. - Police powers are on the horizon for select players (moderators). This will include jailing, restraining and searching. - Even more clothing and character customization options. We have a lot already created and ready to be added. In addition to the features above coming to the Town Square, we're also expanding on jobs and tasks, both legal and illegal, to kickstart a small economy. Step into the Town Square! The Town Square module is now released and available on Steam. If you haven't had the chance to try the Town Square and experience a small piece of the Identity world, grab your Steam key and check it out. With the Town Square now running smoothly, we've shifted much of our focus to feature development for the SWAT module. We'll continue to fix bugs and add other features to the Town Square, too. Get your Identity Steam key! To get your key, login on the main site at www.IdentityRPG.com. You can then go to the Account tab of your profile where you'll see an option to link your Steam account. You must have BETA ACCESS on your account to claim a key! ATTENTION! You can only attach one steam account to one game account, and it's permanent. Be sure you're logged into your game account which has the items you've purchased before attaching a Steam account! Once you've obtained your key from the Identity website you can enter it into your Steam client, but be sure that you're logged into the Steam account where you'd like to own Identity. Click the Games menu in Steam, and then Activate a Product on Steam. -- John VanderZwet