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    yes, development is still ongoing.
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    Lol, don't buy this game. I preordered it years ago. And it's my second biggest mistake in gaming.
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    don't get this game
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    Read the Steam reviews and announcement for yourself: https://identityrpg.com/mailer/newsletter.htmlThey've moved onto publishing "another company"'s game through KickStarter (however its owned by Asylum Entertainment's owner as well), there is a lack of funds, and active development has stopped w/ the developers moving to part-time work. They also feel they've finished their kickstarter obligations and are not required to release the modular content they promised, changing the development timelime even more. All of this (minus the owner-complication of Furballs) can be found in their newsletter I've linked. Or you could based on the amount of devblogs they release, which is: 0. The last one was on May 29, 2019. The last patch was on January 25th, with the one before that being back on June 17th, 2019.
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    What was your first?
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    Is there on going development for the "Identity RPG game"?