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    We're almost there! Identity's Town Square module has been submitted to Steam and is pending approval. You'll find the Steam store page either today or within the next day or two. Enjoy the trailer above, fresh off the Steam listing. Following Steam's approval of the Town Square within the next day or two, you'll be presented with the official Steam release date. This date will be in November, 2018!
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    Identity and the Town Square are now listed on the Steam store page! We have only a short time before Steam's approval process is complete. The Steam release date for Town Square is in only three weeks time! Head on over to our Steam store page ( https://store.steampowered.com/app/792990/Identity/ ) for all of the exciting information. Also, don't forget to stop by the Steam community section which you'll find on our store page. It's almost here! Thank you to all of our supporters who have allowed us to come so far. This is the first major milestone for a game which could spawn a genre.
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    We are still on track to be published by the end of this month. There is a little bit in the hands of Valve, but everything on our end is in order. It's not far, now!
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    The time has finally come! I'm going to start this dev blog update with the news you really want: the Identity Town Square module will be published to Steam before the end of this month (October)! This means that you'll be able to create your characters, meet other players and set up your homes very soon. Here's how it'll work: before the end of the month, the Identity Town Square store page will be published. At this point, we need to wait for Steam's approval of our application which takes a couple of weeks. Once approved and released, you'll be in the square! The great news here is that when the Town Square does show up on Steam, the date shown (which will be quite near) is the absolute date that you'll be playing. We're so very close to getting the foundation of Identity out there for you to get your hands on! Next to come, the SWAT module's development will take but a fraction of the time to create as the Town Square has the foundation in place for the entire MMORPG. The back-end we need to push forward is here and from the point of the Town Square release our development focus is switched over to gameplay features. As a developer, this feels great! Get your Identity Steam key! We're getting close! You can now connect your Steam account to your Identity game account and obtain your Identity game Steam key. This key will add Identity to your library so that when Identity is released, you can download it and start playing immediately without having to do anything else. To get your key, login on the main site at www.IdentityRPG.com. You can then go to the Account tab of your profile where you'll see an option to link your Steam account. You must have BETA ACCESS on your account to claim a key! ATTENTION! You can only attach one steam account to one game account, and it's permanent. Be sure you're logged into your game account which has the items you've purchased before attaching a Steam account! While you won't get Identity in your game library just yet, you will as soon as we're published and approved. Handing out the keys like this allows us to reduce load on our servers. We currently have 20,000 keys in the system and we'll be adding more. Once you've obtained your key from the Identity website you can enter it into your Steam client, but be sure that you're logged into the Steam account where you'd like to own Identity. Click the Games menu in Steam, and then Activate a Product on Steam. Identity Insider: Prison Life Another Identity Insider is here, giving you a detailed look into the prison mechanics of Identity. You can see more Insider updates on the about page of the Identity website. Identity prison concept art Eventually, your luck is going to run out. Crime does pay, and it pays well, but the long arm of the law will catch up with you. For minor crimes you might see a ticket or time in jail, but serious offences will land you in prison. In Identity, prison has a culture and lifestyle of its own. You might be there as punishment, but there’s a lot going on while you’re serving your sentence. Put in your time in your cellblock’s relative safety, or choose to step out and join a prison gang. Prison Gangs Prison gangs are the core of your activity behind bars. With three gangs vying for control around you, you’ll need to choose a side to stay safe on the inside. Those without gangs are even more vulnerable when they step outside the safety of their own cellblock. Each prison gang has access to a private contraband market, providing its members with unique looks, makeshift weapons and more. Don’t get caught with illegal goods, though, as some police officer players could be serving as prison guards in their down-time. Infamy You’ll need to pull your weight if you want the protection that a gang can offer. Your gang is going to ask a lot of you; prison life is incredibly dangerous. Each gang member will be offered tasks to carry out for cigarettes, the prison currency of choice, allowing access to equipment and items from the contraband markets within the walls. You may be asked to shank a rival inmate or to destroy a treasured artifact deep in hostile turf, for example. Special achievements available within prison, often related to nefarious activity, will unlock customizations such as tattoos or haircuts so that you can send a message to those around you on the outside. Sentencing You could be serving up to 45 minutes behind bars. That is, unless you take matters into your own hands! As a good and obedient inmate, you have the options of working for the prison with small jobs such as pressing plates or cleaning up trash in the yard. This work will reduce your sentence time. Time is money, though. Sometimes you just can’t wait. If you’re willing to take the risk, you can force your way out. When conditions are right and the inmates are ready, you might be able to get into a guard room and get your hands on a weapon. This can kickoff an entire player-versus-player scenario between a group of inmates and the guard forces. Fight your way out through an increasingly difficult situation and you’re home free; you’re going to have an even bigger bounty on your head, though. Prison breaks can also happen from the outside. If the prison isn’t on lockdown, outside gangs can gear up and bring the fight to the police. These conflicts are much more intense, though, and there is a lot of risk involved as the police are well equipped and the attackers can lose everything if killed or arrested. Trial by Jury If you hate the idea of getting your hands dirty with work but you’re not up for risking a longer sentence trying to escape, you might want to try your luck in front of a jury of your peers. Those with a heavy term can request a trial. Several random citizens around the land will be summoned to jury duty, being paid if they answer the call. Your fate will be in their hands, and also on the shoulders of your attorney. You might represent yourself or hire a smooth-talking legal corporation to help get you off the hook. You or your lawyer will have a short opportunity to explain how the law must have wronged you (you’re innocent, right?) and then it’s all up to the jury. If most of the jury declares you not-guilty, you’re free to go; however, if only a few don’t buy your story it’s back to your small cell. Serving Your Time When you’re not in the mood for the gritty and competitive life in gang warfare, find your way to the common areas in the prison. Common areas are safe zones with all sorts of ways to pass the time with other inmates around you. The common area gives you safe access to weightlifting, TVs which play from a variety of streaming services, billiards and more. You might be locked up, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun! DasMEHDI plays Town Square live! Earlier this month, DasMEHDI, a popular Twitch streamer, had the chance to hop into our development build and explore the Town Square with his friends. Check out the hilarious footage below! Note that this is an early development build, which was already outdated at the time of play, and is not representive of the Town Square's current state. Still, it's a lot of fun! DasMEHDI Early TS Development Build Play New website is here The Identity website has had an overhaul to prepare for the Town Square release and Steam integrations. The new website brings all kinds of cool new features, mostly for the game account systems and the Identity shop! We're also going to be filling up the About page with all sorts of new information from the Insider releases. Now that the website has a true and proper shop, you can now get your hands on cool new items without having to buy entire packages. The shop now has all kinds of exclusive items, including apartment pets! You'll be able to get your hands on friendly critters for your home in-game as well, although those featured on the shop are only available there. Some of these items are only available for a limited time. Some of the new items include: Custom T-Shirt Graphic - Upload an image which can be placed on T-Shirts you create in-game! Each image can be used on 10 shirts. Vanity License Plate - Show your style with a custom license plate, visible on your in-game vehicle. Vanity Phone Number - Want a number that's easy to remember? Get a vanity phone number for yourself or your business. More Apartment Floorplans - Floor plans which haven't been available since Kickstarter, including the enormous Penthouse. Huge Clothing Packages - Clothing packages including clothes with dozens of original brands. Pets! Cats, dogs and more - Pets currently available include sphynx and tabby cats as well as pugs, maltese and the shiba inu (doge?). Another important note: when the new payment options (aside from PayPal) go live, we'll shortly after be removing all of the old packages. We will at this time never again be selling cash, so there's not much time remaining to get starter cash before Identity goes live. This is not something we plan to sell again in the future, but all who have it in their account will be able to claim that cash once on each server. Visit the New Identity Site Now! The Twitch Clips If you've been following Identity's development closely, you probably already know that developers stream their work live on the Identity Twitch channel every Tuesday and Thursday. We also use that time to answer almost every question that gets asked about Identity's development and gameplay. Now that we've been doing this a while, we've answered a lot of questions. Our awesome community manager, BeachBall, has taken the time to compile a massive list of questions linked to clips where they're answered by a developer. Get comfy and head over to the Twitch Clips Directory forum thread. If you haven't found this already, be prepared to spend a good bit of time listening to all sorts of awesome information. This is the best place to learn of Identity's fine details! -- John VanderZwet
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    As our community continues to grow, we are seeking additional help from our community members in the Moderator capacity to help keep our community a friendly place! We want the forums and discord to be mediums where users may carry engaging discussions about Identity without the threat of being harassed or threatened. This is not to say that we don’t accept people offering constructive criticism! We want our community to offer a healthy discussion that aims to make Identity the best it can possibly be! An excellent trait for a moderator to have is the capability to demonstrate a good sense of empathy. Having a human approach to situations that demand attention plays a huge part in keeping the community happy! By providing robotic responses and instantly dismissing users who may have unintentionally broken the rules, a moderator might end up contributing to a bad situation! It’s important to understand where someone is coming from, and to give others a chance to explain their situation regarding a dispute where possible. Patience obviously degrades with repeated offenders who seek to solely incite negative responses, but for first offenders, we’re looking for mods who might try to relieve some of the blame by relating to their actions (while still letting them know that they broke the rules and that it’s not okay to do so)! You will be given until Sunday, November 11th to complete and submit an application where we will then review all entries and message the new moderators. Follow this thread for updates. Apply Here: https://goo.gl/forms/FQ8l6DS7tWGWEL3R2 Things we look for: Advantages: 1. Forum activity 2. Discord activity 3. Positive interaction posts/comments 4. Well put application 5. Past experience 6. High involvement in the community 7. Good grammar Red Flags: 1. Previous warning points 2. Very new forum profiles 3. Low activity on the forums or discord 4. Negative forum or discord interactions with other users, etc. Thank you and we look forward to finding the right fit to ensure the best experience on the Identity Forums and Discord. We will also be preparing a moderator guide as well as instructions for the newly selected moderators so be prepared to accept an NDA. DEADLINE IS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11th. https://goo.gl/forms/FQ8l6DS7tWGWEL3R2
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    Star Citizen brings Face Over IP in the game, i think this would be such a amazing thing for a RP game like Identity. This is really a big thing.
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    Your only problem seems to be that you are now so convinced of inferior "early access" that you have forgotten what quality means. Quality means perfection and you don't reach it with a deadline. See the given dates not as a deadline, but as a tendency. The delays only arise because Asylum doesn't want to present a shitty game straight into your throat, which only let you hyped for a short while. The recent delays are very likely due to open questions from Steam. "Steam Direct" compares in contrast to the dead "Steam Greenlight" whether the game ever the required guidelines in terms of copyright ect for the platform complies and possibly also ask questions that need clarification. This takes time and more complex games like Identity are looked at more closely than they do to a $2 2D shooter. Peace.
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    Great news and congratulations to the team on making it to this significant milestone!
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    Here you gou fam : You should seek a bit more before making posts
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    Wow. I've been following this game since the very FIRST announcement many years ago. I've been a member on this forum quietly watching for over two years now, and I feel like I should speak up and say something. There are a TON of people running around here being far too critical, making wild assumptions, and being incredibly unreasonable/entitled. This game has been in development for a few years. They have a "working" game that you probably have seen videos/screenshots from. Just because they are releasing the Town Square as a standalone module doesn't mean they aren't far along with the development. Take a look at Star Citizen. They did exactly the same thing. They started development, began crowd funding, and released a small taste module of the game. Why? Because they wanted people to be able to get a feel for the game and explore a little. That's what these devs are doing. They're not releasing the module because "that's all they've done" or because "development just started". You, nor I have actually gone into the studio and looked at what's been made so far. Then why are you making assumptions? These guys are a new development team but not new to developing. Some of these Early Access Alpha titles that come out never end up being finished because they're created by a team that's never developed anything and don't have the drive or determination to see it through. I have no reason to believe these devs won't follow through with their promises/goals. I read another thread that was complaining about the slow development time, the delays, etc. One person actually complained that the devs didn't get the Steam store page up and running by the end of October as they had planned. The problem was they submitted the information and Steam had to approve it which takes time. So it launched a few days later and this person complains. Really? How about giving these a break. They're working hard, putting content out (streams, videos, etc), and clearly are on track with their goal. Will it be a couple years before the whole thing is fleshed out? Sure. Are we getting tastes of the game in parts and sections? Yes. For a reason. Seems to me that people need to relax and sit back and wait to see what happens. I don't think the devs have given anyone here a reason to be concerned. If you're that hugely concerned over the process, ask for a refund and come back later when more of it is released. You coming here complaining, or challenging them isn't going to make anything better. I promise you.
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    I do understand your concern, and it's well placed, but it really doesn't have much affect on us at this point as we're working through the weekends a lot already. Hiring temporary developers is almost impossible, though, as with our complex systems it can take weeks or even months for the new developers to fully understand them well enough in order to fix or develop upon them.
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    Eh, it's not a 4 man group. Those are the forum accounts. They have at least around 15 artists and 3 programmers. Not quite as low as 4 but still very low. To put it into perspective, Fallout 4 took just over 100 people to make, GTA V took much more than 1,000, and Red Dead Redemption (the first one) took over 800 people. As much as I criticise the devs, you gotta hand it to them, this is a huge project and if they pull off half of what they claim to with a team 35x smaller than similar scale games, fair play to them.
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    Always believed in you guys. Cant wait to finnaly get a first look at this game.
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    Why are you devs pushing your limits all the time? So many people were so excited when everyone heard about Identity, it was soo cool and would be living up for so much into the Roleplay world. Nothing kept happening and like after a year you guys posted out a deadline for the FIRST MODULE, that promise wasn't kept, and what did you guys do? Nothing really... Then after awhile, you did another deadline... You didn't keep that either.. Within this time you guys probably have lost half of the players already. Its now over 2years ago this game was announced, and we are still talking about a release of the first module, hey.... There is two more modules after this, are we talking about 2022 till these "modules" are done? Then what? Closed beta? Bug fixes... Open Beta... Hell... Are we talking about 2030? You guys have now announced this module is going to be released by latest last October, so far it doesn't look promising. And to bad.. I pretty much almost lost all my excitement about this game.
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    This literally makes no sense, that's not how estimates work. An estimate is a rough calculation of an actual release, they can be as open or closed as the developer wants, but they can totally be held accountable for bad estimates. Maybe one or two bad estimates, that's fine, of course. Estimates ARE NOT made to be missed over and over (by a year+). This could be "we expect release to be in the second half of 2018", "in Q4 of 2018", or even something specific going down to a month. If you include estimates along with "release dates", I think there have been something along the lines of 5 or 6 missed deadlines (if you count the complete abandonment of the development tracker). And no, don't compare this to RDR2 or some shit, this is a TINY piece of a massive idea, after 4 years. The "b-b-but they're making the foundation" doesn't mean shit either until I see something that actually works (player VOIP, player housing, submitting paintings, submitting books ALL WORKING IN TANGENT, even then, I don't believe this game is build as an MMO at this point, especially with no SpatialOS integration, as planned later). Until then, the "foundation" is as good as non existent. I'll ask you this question then, since you seem to find your way to get out of any question. Why has the front page not been updated since July for dev blog posts? I love Identity, and cannot wait for the release by the way.
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    Weren't you one of the individuals that told everyone to stop making comparisons to AAA games/studios because "This team is smaller"?
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    No. You cannot just flip flop. You stated that the only reason for a December 2016 release date was because they had to put it to the maximum. You cannot just say whatever you feel like to please us, you cannot just change your answer when your first one is proven to be false. Really makes me doubt this answer, as if it was true you would have said it the first time instead of 'Oh they just picked the furthest possible date Kickstarter would allow.' Anytime someone tries to compare Identity to a AAA (notably GTA V) you, and many other criticise that thinking and say that Identity isn't a AAA game and shouldn't be compared to one, yet here you are comparing it to a AAA game. No, it doesn't take 2 years to make a triple A game, but you aren't a triple A game. Also, we aren't worried that you don't have the game done in 2 years, we are worried that it's been 4 years and we don't even have a playable version of the game. How long is it gonna be before we get even a beta? No, the tracker is not up to date. One bug for four months? No, it is not up to date. Also, they did not update it every day. The definition of update with regards to this situation is to 'give (someone) the latest information about something.' No new information = not latest information = not an update. No one is claiming there has been more than 2 release dates, but there has definitely been more than two delays and more than two release frames.
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    Keep in mind those are just estimations for the next modules, things can change with development and funding to make that timeframe vary.
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    I'd like to ask the devs to revisit the max jail/prison sentence of 45 minutes and perhaps think about raising that to at least an hour. The fact that you can reduce your time by good behavior/working will offset that extra 15 minutes. But someone who commits say Murder/Homicide, led Police on a chase, risked countless civilian lives, etc... shouldn't be out in 30 minutes after doing some work. I did a lot of Policing in GTA RP and we jailed a lot of people for an hour or more. Rarely did they ever complain because they accepted the fact that they screwed up royally and they never had the chance to get out early like they will here. But time and time again if we didn't give them enough of a sentence, they were right back out causing trouble because the penalty wasn't enough. So I'd hope that 45 minute sentence isn't a hard ruling and the devs might revisit it. I did see this video here: https://clips.twitch.tv/NurturingSmokyWerewolfSmoocherZ I'd like to see the max be more than 45 minutes from the start vs. after testing.
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    If you're unsure, you can just wait it out. Don't forget it's pledges to support the developers, and you get rewards out of it. You can pledge how much you feel comfortable giving to them.
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    Yes I know, I didn't want to argue the job of these few developers because if I were them, I wouldn't have got the job done with that amount of partners. But well, I can say now that these kind of games can't be developed by a small group. I mean, you've made some good announcements in regards to features that will allow us to do roleplay: corporations, gangs and prison. However, none of these will be available on Town Square, right? If so, then it would be a waste of time to buy the game. I prefer to spend $60 dollars on a game I know it will contain roleplay features. I hope you guys can make it, but humans have the horrible tendency to make estimations. So if this module took almost 4 years, I can only imagine the other features to be released on 2023. And nothing was said about vehicles. Back to GTA:V MP, I guess hehe.
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    There is nothing to hide, they are being locked because topics like this are creating people to believe they know the release date. Once the game hits steam everyone will see the release date so there is no guessing. That release date is also something that has to be fulfilled with steam, not something they can go back and forth on after it’s been set like it is. We all want a better alternative then ARMA I lived through Altis Life, this will be better. Your post is not going to get you in trouble but we are locked the previous one because people are answering what they think they know, which then makes others believe that’s the case, which then creates a build up and then people get let down. “It’s coming out X if it’s not out it’s another lie”. We just need to wait for the store page so everyone has the opportunity to see the exact launch date. Once that happens if you want to speculate something sure, but let’s just wait for that store page to solidify the true without speculation. Hope this answers your questions, if you have any addition questions feel free to shoot me a PM and I’ll answer what I can and if I do not have the answers I’ll talk to Paratus. Thanks!
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    Hey, friends, the Identity Town Square Steam release trailer just came out: What do the people think?!
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Rockstar have earned the right to delay their games because they have a reputation and a following and have something on the line, so we know for a fact that a delay is for the better and we know that the game will come out. Do you think Rockstar delayed their first few games? No, they didn't. Their first game was State of Emergency, which (to the best of my knowledge) wasn't delayed. Again, I may be wrong, but from what I can find Rockstar released their first game in 2002 and didn't delay a game until 2007. They built their reputation first before disappointing. Asylum have delayed their first game, which is a terrible image and reputation to create for themselves. Asylum have not proven they can be trusted and we have never seen a product from Asylum, so we have nothing to base our assumptions off other than the fact they keep delaying. They have no portfolio. No reputation (or at least they didn't when they started the development). Also, with regards to your last comment, I am certain that people keep throwing around this statement that they had to scrap the code a few times and start from scratch, so the fact that there were only 4 devs between that time is irrelevant.
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    "When will closed beta begin? It's really too early to say with any certainty, although we feel that two years time will be quite enough to reach a feature complete state. We will most definitely not release an incomplete beta product; when Identity enters closed beta and your invitations are sent out, the game will be mostly complete with bug fixing and polishing remaining. Last updated: Mon, January 5 2015 8:08 PM UTC +00:00" Not sure if you wana qualify this one as a delay, but you're right, Kickstarter does only allow for 2 years, but this was said, and has nothing to do with Kickstarter's limitations. It does concern me a bit that "2 years until feature complete" has turned into almost 4 years for 1 slice of a massive concept, but we will see :).
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    And let's be honest.. Don't we rather wait and get a good game than getting a bug-festival because of too early release?
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    About things like car crashes, murders or bank robberies, that players actually did in-game. Game will detect where it happened, what part of the day, if someone was hurt or killed, how it ended, is suspect catched or still on the run etc. And we will be hearing this on news in TV at like 9PM, and on the radio in-between songs few times a day. It will require quotes for every situation and game will have to set them in the right order. Is it possible? What do you think about it?
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    Please use the following format to expedite the process: Store Page Username: Email Address: Description of the issue: If you are a backer, what package did you purchase and when: Screenshot of PayPal Transaction:
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    Just wanted to see and hear from those of you that have decided to become Police Officers in the game whether that's on a public server or private one (get an updated thread going). Hop in and say hello. Discuss your character if you'd like, and what you're hoping to see from policing in-game. I for one am running as my usual RP character, John Shields. I have to update his backstory once we know more about the locations in the game. But I'm planning on running for a bit on the public servers (hopefully they're not a cluster of people running around just killing each other) and then eventually move to a hardcore RP community if one comes around. I have a lot of online Police experience everything from Recruit on up to Chief of Police and Sheriff, and also offline as well (13 years of Law Enforcement). Looking forward to serving with you all.
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    So I am fairly well known to be a critic of the development process. It is a fact that this process has been a shambles, not an opinion, and even Asylum would probably agree they messed up a lot. But I was going through some previous old posts looking for some quotes I vaguely remember, and I came across a lot of posts complaining about how they had missed another deadline. I think it was the April delay (if I remember correctly) where we were all getting frustrated that the devs had missed an other date, and it resulted in a lot of us asking what the point of a date was if you weren't going to stick to it. Looking back I do really appreciate how the devs learned from that and decided against setting another one. I don't know if I am right, but I'd like to believe we played a part in that decision. Although I have major problems and concerns with the development, I do think that was one of the best decisions you have made, to not release another date until the store page went up. Now I know I was having issues with you not releasing a date the other day, but that was different as I was led to believe that there was already a definitive date set, and there would be no point in keeping that from us if it was already set in stone, but I am glad that you stopped giving estimates. Although I am considering the store page not being published by the end of October a delay, I was already expecting it so it didn't bother me as much as the other ones, so I will ignore that for now. I propose that you do this more often. There are tons of suggestions on the forums, and even if it is just explaining why you can't do it, that's enough to show we are being listened to. I have noticed Paratus respond to a lot more posts now, which really does help us to empathise with you. We have been waiting a very unreasonable amount of time, and people are getting agitated, and seeing that the CEO took 30 seconds to reply to your opinion really helps calm us down. I understand John cant reply to every thread, but it does work when he does. Also, no offence to the moderators, but you really do not do a great job with handling criticism to this game. You lock posts that criticise, you get very defensive and you dismiss people who you consider 'haters' because they have genuine concerns. One person I would like to mention and thank is @LuckyDuck. I'm not sure if its intention, but I have noticed that Lucky has been improving a lot lately. Instead of attacking criticisms, he argues them with actual facts. I had a disagreement with him the other day, for example, and he presented factual arguments back calmly and without attacking my character. At the end, he said a final argument but also said that he understood how someone could misinterpret what he said, which is what I was arguing. When a moderator, or anyone really, is open to accepting both views and not just telling me I am wrong, it makes them so much more respectable. Because of his reply, acknowledging my point of view as legitimate but disagreeing respectfully, I didn't feel a need to continue arguing. Now I do still think he could improve, I am not saying he is perfect, but I genuinely have a very negative opinion of the moderator team for their conduct and LuckyDuck is the only positive influence on me at the minute. This is what all of the mods should be like, if someone is very annoyed or heated, don't just condemn them and lock their topic. This makes you look like you are censoring peoples opinions. Actually enquire as to what the problem is and how to resolve it, and then say you will convey it to the dev team. You are there to moderate, not police. Even if someone is entirely wrong, ask them why they think a certain thing, ask them what they think could be done to resolve the issue. Even if it is a rule violation and the topic kind of needs to be locked, drop them a PM to check up on them and continue the discussion privately. If you lot could do this, people would respect you a lot more. But when you lock topics that criticise, refuse to admit fault and just argue without helping, you create a negative reputation for yourselves and the developers. The mod team represent the developers, so if you change your behaviour, peoples opinions of the dev team will also change. Now one of three things will happen. 1. The mods will ignore, lock or simply not read this. 2. The mods will read this and proceed to do exactly what I am suggesting not to and pick this apart for mistakes or things I got wrong or get very defensive and blame everything on me or the community. 3. They will simply say thank you for the suggestion, acknowledge what I am saying has some merit, and actually try and see if they can make adjustments. When I was on the Discord the other day I brought up another delay that happened and people just started arguing with me without considering that I may have reasonable concerns. When people are so unaccepting, it makes us want to argue our points more aggressively. Calling me toxic and a spammer does not do anything but show your arrogance and delusion. Then banning me from the Discord for what? I read the rules, I did not break them. If I did then so did everyone else in that discussion. You left me, a member of your community, annoyed so that you could feel like you won, instead of listening, explaining and concluding. Now for the final part. The 30th of November release date. I am disappointed this is later than I expected and genuinely think you should have done better, but at the end of the day it is here and final. Thanks for the work, and I hope the launch goes well. It could have been worse, and at least we will be playing before December. Thanks. I welcome any challenges to this and any extra opinions or suggestions, but if you are just here to argue instead of discuss I won't be responding. I ask you all to do this too, if someone comes across as aggressive, react to it with the confused face to give them a chance to reword. Do not respond to people who are just attacking, arguing or just being a nuisance in general. Thank you.
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    This is the backstory that I use for my character John Shields on just about every server/game with realistic RP like this. It obviously needs to be tweaked to be in line with Identity (in terms of location names, but we just don't know them yet)... it's currently GTA RP based. It's long, I know: "Goodbye, John... goodbye John... goodbye John" the words rang in his head as he opened his eyes from a deep sleep, staring up at the crack in the ceiling over the couch. He groaned rolling onto his side and then pushed himself up into a seated position. He looked around the living room of his apartment which lay in shambles. Empty pizza boxes were stacked in every corner of the room and empty beer bottles lay toppled over on the table and around the floor. After rubbing his face in his hands, he stood up, staggered for a moment, then sauntered off towards the kitchen. He smacked his lips and was suffering from dry mouth while having some major hangover side effects. Reaching out he pulled the refrigerator door opened and of course, the light refused to come on. It had burned out some two weeks ago and he just didn't have the energy to fix it. Inside the refrigerator was a half empty bottle of orange juice (missing the top), an empty beer bottle, and a slab of cheese that was probably old enough to sprout wings and fly away. He groaned and shut the door. He turned his head and headed back to his couch to get back into his stupor when he noticed an envelope by the front door. It had apparently been slid underneath and lay halfway under the crack. He dragged his way over to it and grabbed it, wrinkling it in his hand in the process. He then walked back to the couch, flopped onto it leaning back and ripped the envelope open with little care for the contents. In the process, he tore the corner of the letter and held it close to his face to begin reading. Six days. He had six days to vacate the apartment and remove all his stuff. He laughed at the thought of the eviction notice and threw it onto the floor in a ball. Sure, he missed a few payments and sure he had it out with the super in the hallway the other day. It escalated more than it ever had and resulted in John grabbing the man by the collar and threatening to "make his body disappear" if he bothered him again. Perhaps he took it a bit far that time. Where did he go wrong? He used to spend his Memorial Day's BBQing with the family. He'd invite his neighbors over and spent it with his wife, daughter, and son. Steak, chicken, and some of the best sausages in town (which he discovered at one of the most obscure Italian deli’s down the street). But of course, it all spiraled after the shooting. That idiot kid, not even 12 years old, who thought it would be smart to run from the cops and when confronted in that backyard, pull out a BB gun. John shot him and while he never regretted it directly and was praised by his department, he suffered most from the public outcry. He found the tires of his vehicle slashed in the parking lot near the Police Department (even though they hired a security guard to keep a close eye on it) a half dozen times, and he found notes stuck to the front door of his home threatening the life of his kids, and his own. It got to the point where John's wife Mary couldn't take it anymore and demanded that they move and he quit his job. But he loved his job. Obviously not more than his family but it was his calling and he needed it. Then came the riots in downtown Detroit when the Grand Jury refused to pursue charges against John. He came home to find his windows smashed out of his home, his dog Kilo was found laying on the front lawn shot to death, and much of his property was strewn around his house. Almost all of the good stuff had been stolen. A few days later the Detroit Police Chief pulled him into his office and in a political move of "Justice for Devon", he informed John that he would be releasing him from the department. The city needed some closure to the incident and the Chief said the mayor needed to show the public something was being done. After that, John couldn't find his wife and kids. He called his wife's phone and she wouldn't answer. So, he drank. Then, he drank more. He would hide out in shady motels around the city burning the last of his severance money from the city and drink himself to sleep and then drink himself awake. A few weeks later he found his cell phone under the bed and there was a voicemail from Mary. She was divorcing him and wouldn't be seeing him again. She and the kids were gone and she wouldn't say where. The last words on the message... "Goodbye John". He groaned again and rubbed at his face. Maybe he could rub hard enough that his past would disappear. When he opened his eyes he was still in the same shithole apartment he was in when he started. Nothing had changed, and he swore he saw Fred (his roommate cockroach) run across the wall behind the broken television in the corner of the room. They never saw eye to eye, and Fred refused to pay rent when it came to it. Many of arguments were had and shoes were thrown because of Fred's squatting. John looked down at the floor at the crumpled mess of an eviction notice. He then looked around again at the trashed apartment. He lifted his foot and kicked at a bottle on the table sending it screaming across the room shattering against the wall. Then, he reached under the couch and fished his old Nike running shoes out from underneath sliding them on. Without a word, and lacking his normal grunt, he lifted himself up and walked to the front door. The door was never locked anymore so he pushed his way into the hallway, left the door wide open, and just started walking. As he ventured into the sun he shielded his eyes. He hadn't seen legitimate day light in a long time. He looked over his shoulder at the FOR RENT sign that flapped in the breeze with one of the corner tie downs missing. The neighborhood was a mess, a ghetto. None of the buildings left standing had any life to them. The burned out foundations which lay every other lot seemed to have more character. He coughed some life into his lungs and started walking again. He didn't know where he was going or what he was doing, he just pressed forward. After what seemed like hours, he came to a bus depot and boarded one of the Dashound buses. He didn't remember paying for the bus ride, and he remembered nothing about the route. He just remembered looking up when the bus driver yelled down the aisle for the fifteenth time that he was at his last stop. He tripped his way to the front as the bus driver gave him an extremely aggravated look then exited the door. A sign near the depot read, "Los Santos", wherever the hell that was. He stumbled along the street for another hour before coming to a pier where kids and families were enjoying their day off at the beach. John stumbled, then fell onto the sand looking out across the water and annoyed at how happy everyone around him was. The playful screams of the children were piercing to Johns head which was desperately in need of another bottle of Jack Daniels or at the very least a Sam Adams. As he lay on the sand, with the water rushing closer and closer with each wave, he rubbed at the stains of his blue jeans. They seemed to grow and not get any better. Rock bottom really is at the bottom. Soon after, John was shaken back to the world of the living. A large man in a uniform of some kind was doing his best to wake him and was trying to get him to move off of the beach as everyone had gone home for the evening and the beach was closing. John stood, nodded his head in thanks and without speaking, walked off towards the city along the pier. He glanced around and saw the same "Welcome to Los Santos" sign. He'd never heard of this place but he needed a new environment and a start over with his miserable life. Stepping forward he began exploring, not entirely sure what the future held for him and how long he would be there. But, he did know there was nothing left for him back in Detroit. So, he just kept walking.
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    GOOD JOB IDENTITY YOU GUYS DID AN AWESOME JOB ON GETTING TOWN SQUARE WRAPPED UP AND KEEP UP THE AWESOME HARD DEDICATED WORK!!! Awesome game play video, I appreciate all the time you developers spend working on this for future epic gaming. Good Day
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    They also said it would be published by November. Then Friday. Now they are saying today. I'll believe it when I see it.
  35. 2 points
    But that is misleading, because they have worked on other games before, just not under the name Asylum. These people aren't some fresh out of college devs who are trying to work out how to use certain programmes etc., they know what they are doing.
  36. 2 points
    Yea I am glad they were able to get the game published on the date they announced I have been routing for it unlike some people who just despise them now
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    With 0.1% certainty: I'm gonna be a small business owner and open a shop, like a café or something. With 99.9% certainty: I'm gonna spend 15 hours on character creation, then do nothing but run around Town Square like a mad person and end up in prison.
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    Capitalism DOES serve the interest of a small minority of individuals but screws over the majority. In Communism the majority make the rules in the work place and in government. Under capitalism the minority makes the rules in the work place and the government.
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    Nope. Don't give them another reason to delay. It is extremely rare that games take longer than two weeks to be approved. Asylum stated in their own dev blog that this process takes Also see this: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/review_process By Steam's own standards, this process takes (in the worst case scenario) 13 days. Maximum of 5 for the store presence, maximum of 5 for the product build, and maximum of three for the trading cards. Since Identity won't have trading cards in the TS module (presumably), this process shouldn't take any more than 10 days, or two business weeks. This means at the latest, we should expect release on the 10th of November, however factoring in the weekends over those two weeks, 14th of November is perfectly reasonable and if it is released after then, there will be an issue and we have every right to be annoyed over yet another delay.
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    October! LOL. November is here and the Identity Defense Force is gonna begin a tactic about how NOTHING is/was supposed to happen. what? you thought!? nah... See you didn't notice the "fine print" that said "published" not released... you see.. huh? yeah. yeah, "after" October... That's when... dummy. you really thought... lol... nah be smart. After October. ok. now you know. beware. but yeah. DEFEND THE DEVS! cause you know, life and hours worked and numbers and yeah so bad fans, good devs. devs gooood. right? yeah but OCTOBER. no wait after, or something.... you'll SEE. just, u know, WAIT
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    I could literally do it myself in 5 minutes by just editing the existing html and copy and pasting some shit in all updates page. It's just not a good look.
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    Agree. devs think they can change rpg games. Can't wait to see how it compares to Rdr2 and Fallout 76...lol. This will flop so hard it will make No Mans Sky look good.
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    I have been following the content here on the forums and waiting like everyone else for the release of the Town Square. All I can say is I am not holding my breath.
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    You don't suppose Kickstarter has those guidelines for a very good reason, and that the fact that this project has crossed that line with nothing meaningful in the hands of backers is a bit worrying? That perhaps they're not in the right to want an indefinite, ever-increasing deadline by passing on knowingly wrong information to their followers? The Kickstarter is a pretty serious blindspot of this whole thing honestly, because it was designed specifically to a) get proper funding from investors and not random backers (not done), and b) to get a fully operational beta out by Q1 2017 (definitely not done). It's a bit disquieting to see people very quickly shrug off what is essentially a failed KS. And if one passes the 2 year deadline, suddenly they have nobody to be accountable to or even the vaguest sense when people can expect to see something of the final game. So while you're right it's not their 'fault' they couldn't increase the time limit, it also wasn't their right to put off releasing something forever in the first place.
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    Kickstarter projects only allow Maximum 2 year deadline and so the devs had 0 choice on when they got to estimate it then unless in a 2 year period. My point exactly is that it was not their fault that they could not increase the time line on it. That being said my opinion is they had 2 delays only because of that. However okay, it technically is a delay but having a estimate is not a guarantee
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    That is lies. There may have only been two specific dates, but there were a lot more promises of the game 'coming soon' and release being 'imminent'. Just because only two specific dates were mentioned doesn't mean there have only been two delays.
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    The steam store will be published before the end of October, which then steam will takes a couple weeks to verify the application (Identity: Town Square.
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