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    I remember funding this game when I was in the 7th grade, I was using a macbook that would not even be able to run this game. I am now in college with a pc that can run this game perfectly but guess what there is no game. Its been more than 5 years now and you guys haven't I lost all hope in y'all. You guys should just sell of what you have to some better developers and let them finish the game or something because this is obviously going no where.
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    I just wish I could get my money back in all seriousness. What a horrid excuse for a dev team.
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    Whats sad is they dont even have the balls to say anything.
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    It's 2022. Finish your game.
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    we need to pressure STEAM to get our refund for this game
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    Are you seriously gonna doubt this game? Seriously? After they've been showering us with those coveted micro updates they promised us and letting us experience the ground breaking, long awaited Town Square module? If that's not enough for you and you actually want a game not made by a bunch of incompetent morons then we don't even want you here. We're Asylum Entertainment fans all the way here.
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    Enough is enough, I'd agree. This has been a travesty. I am definitely disappointed.
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    Ok, this needs to stop The Last Piece of info the devs gave us was in the summer. IT IS DECEMBER! They need to give us an update on what they are doing, or they are gonna lose our interest in the game, and lose money, and this whole thing will be considered a scam like all the other games that tried to do what Asylum Entertainment is attempting to do! They haven’t given us any info about the Swat Module! And barely any updates in the Town Square. They haven’t made any Development Streams in almost a year! What happened to Cool Twitch streams on Tuesdays and Thursdays? They haven’t responded to any of their “Citizen’s” Questions Respond to the Poll!