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    Instead of using your time off to do another game how about speak to your community at that time? Dissapearing for more then half of a year and coming back with a news that a new game is made besides identity isnt funny, really. So there was time to doing that, but no time to write some words, interessting. If i have a company which is struggling at everything i dont start anything new at my "off time" and instead try to deliver the promised stuff for the main project. What is that for an behavior? you dont feel ashamed for that? The icing on the cake is that you even talked about the town square stuff that you delivered what was promised. I had a laugh as i read this, really what you delivered is less then nothing.
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    Lol, don't buy this game. I preordered it years ago. And it's my second biggest mistake in gaming.
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    I've had to explain this more than I should have already because of the video posted above. Claims made there, aside from the fact that I'm the director of both corporations, are simply not true. Phony Games is a mobile game producer, hence the punny name (ie: phone-y). Furballs began as a small project I'd work in on my off time. It took a while to create because I'd only work on it a few hours a week as Identity was my full-time project. To continue it's development faster, Phony was established. Furballs has had about a dozen people work on it, including artists. None of them, not a single one, had any involvement with Identity. They are two ENTIRELY different companies with entirely different people behind them. Furballs was funded out of my own personal pocket. The email is worded as it is because, well, it's entirely accurate. Phony and Furballs exist without Identity, and the email has nothing to do with its development or release. Phony is a new company and has little reach publicly on it's own. Asylum, on the other hand, can reach out to hundreds of thousands of people. Thus, it makes sense to have Asylum help publish for Phony as it has and will continue to do far outside of the single email sent. In return for this added value, Phony will be providing a royalty to Asylum and Identity; this will happen with or without Kickstarter funding. Phony gains access to marketing and publishing services, and in return provides royalty income. It's quite simple and an extremely common practice.
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    Hello. Im just going to say I am someone who hasnt really ever squalored around in negative posts about this being a bad game, the devs being scams, etc. I had some real hopes coming from this game, now of which have been squashed and I had moved onto bigger/better things and forming roleplay community of my own in games that already provide a medium of "life" roleplay. But Through intermittent checking of the status of this game and watching gameplay, I can just say that this is definitely a letdown, in so many areas. In my time, I've seen admins/devs waver people aside, ban unrightfully or for outspoken opinion, and some very very shadiness of certain practices; like for instance, the whole "mansion design" debocle where the concept artist had done nothing but redone a backcropping of Al Gore's house; and then Mod team disclaiming that it isnt a 'exact replica' when nothing changed but the backdrop. Aaaaallllll the way to the game itself seeming like a very, very poorly done UE4 showcase where the actual 'gameplay' elements seem like they are frankensteined together by someone very inexperienced, or them being ripped from other assets. Any correlation to trailers presented have been in a player controller/view that obviously is not present in the game along with content that "isnt done yet" but somehow extremely easy to imagine that it wouldnt look the same as the trailers if we were shown the exact content without the smoke and mirrors. This is not some sort of witch hunt, but me putting my final piece on what has been YEARS of waiting, silently, hoping for the best. These are all things that are not harmful, targetting comments, but rather things that are observably true. Its no longer a time for "Well just dont support us anymore" or "The game is still being worked on" or "Nobody is forcing you to stay". Each and every one of those offsetting comments from blind diehards or Mod Teams actuallly just shows the inability to level with the community, to be truthful, to share ACTUAL progress. With a larger dev team, a massive budget that SO MANY people would KILL to have and do some serious progress towards their projects, this could have been something. After a certain point, a team must take responsibility for the discrepancies rather than shoulder it all aside when they know that their community knows that there is less and less going as planned and the deciding factor as to why this has lost so much steam over the years is because of the lack of transparency, and the lack of responsibility. Money isnt everything, but time is, and I imagine that there are so many people who have prepared for so much more, to be part of something bigger, whole communities formed around this; and essentially the best that can be said is "Well refund it" or "Game still in progress!". Not even the point of people saying "Patience" can any longer apply anymore. No longer can it really be waived aside that a massive monetary backing apparently isnt enough to do what was said could be done. But there has been so many layers of incompetence with this project that I cant help but come to the conclusion that it was too ambitious to succeed with whoever is at the helm, and the team behind it as well.
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    Thank you to the guys who we know are a bit over zealous on the forums. Played perfectly into my hands the actions of others. Excellent work. BYE BYE asylum, you have failed MASSIVELY.
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    am i the only one that feels like a retard for believing in and supporting identity? if anyone is still thinking of getting this save yourself and dont..
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    So i want to buy this game on steam, but everyone says devs stopped wordking on it and scammed everyone, is that true?
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    don't get this game
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    Read the Steam reviews and announcement for yourself: https://identityrpg.com/mailer/newsletter.htmlThey've moved onto publishing "another company"'s game through KickStarter (however its owned by Asylum Entertainment's owner as well), there is a lack of funds, and active development has stopped w/ the developers moving to part-time work. They also feel they've finished their kickstarter obligations and are not required to release the modular content they promised, changing the development timelime even more. All of this (minus the owner-complication of Furballs) can be found in their newsletter I've linked. Or you could based on the amount of devblogs they release, which is: 0. The last one was on May 29, 2019. The last patch was on January 25th, with the one before that being back on June 17th, 2019.
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    Hilarious! I do wish they would just be honest for once and apologise about what an overt failure this has ultimately turned out to be. But apparently there's something to be gained by playing make believe. The last bit of official info we got that wasn't posted on a Discord that a sizeable amount of the community never visits was basically a "fund this thing for Identity's sake", and that nobody was working on it full time any more. Game over.
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    The game itself absolutely has to change, at least in current scope, for it to ever have a chance at succeeding in any way, form, or fashion. They squandered the money AND kicked down their own backers' trust.........and without funds OR at least an adequate skillset (which they've shown is not really up to snuff yet), something of the magnitude of what they promised is never, ever, ever, ever coming. So it's absolutely a good suggestion to allow Identity to morph into something more feasible for them to create. The only other possibility I see is to sell the IP to a functional team that has a greater chance of finishing it.
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    slower pace is funny, if we look what we got after years.
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    Some of these accounts feel like bots...
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    the development of identity isn't affected by furballs the same way spaceX isn't affected by tesla. Furballs started out as a hobby project that paratus worked a couple hours a week on. He can do what he wants with his free time, everyone has hobbies.
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    It's intentionally obtuse at best, extremely scummy at worst. The fact that John is the head of Phony Games is obviously a crucial bit of info that should've been mentioned in the newsletter, and the fact that they didn't is telling. The issue arises from time spent. The indication that Asylum is merely the publisher for the game implies that development for Identity has not been affected by Furballs. Unless John spent literally 0 hours on Furballs, this just isn't true. Basically, it's an attempt to coo meaningless reassurances while also asking for more cash. What a disaster. After months of no communication, we get a new Kickstarter and a death knell.
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    BUY STAR CITIZEN or At least look at the website, it is a successful game that has amazing game and i basically the space version of what identity dreamed it would be, buy STAR CITIZEN
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    They need a real community manager if this game is always in development
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    Its a shame but i think we have been mislead by the developers either that or they are not that good at community guidance and leading their fan base forward with physical results
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    There was once an individual talking about instances in development that brought light to the fact that this game is progressing EXTREMELY slowly, in the discord...i was made aware that they are no longer able to join the discord...i think its entirely fair for me to warn others of this situation as it shows going against the grain is extremely risky. Do not purchase this until further progress is made! Small question for the readers: What do you think they should add to the game?
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    Well i am exactly one of those ppl spending 3 to 5k on Star Citizen lul AND I DONT REGRET IT COZ I AT LEAST CAN PLAY IT NOT LIKE THIS
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    Is there on going development for the "Identity RPG game"?
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    The guy has been BUSTED. How the mods can still stand up for Asylum is hilarious. Glad I popped in whilst in lockdown just to see if anyone had posted, and glad I did. Thanks to RAJA for the company information. If anyone is in the area of Johnny, then he may expect some unwelcome visitors to have a "chat" with him. This is over for me, the end.... i suggest anyone else reading this, gives up and deletes the game/website and remove on discord. ITS GOING NOWHERE
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    @dagtagwill you do that? or its not on the list of stuff you're allowed to reply to. Better yet just tell him to come on the forum and reply himself. and also why he promised more frequent updates on discord but lied about that as well.
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    Do me a favor tho and ask johnny boy why he still flexes his "office" when he said they don't operate out of there.
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    okay bud, just remember IN MY OPINION(so they don't ban me) the last thing they posted on twitter was actually an asset they bought and added additional lighting so I don't believe shit and you can stop trying to convince me. I'm just here to warn people of the future who are looking at this BS. https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/modular-barn-pack
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    still ongoing with no updates since 2018 https://www.identityrpg.com/devtracker Very honest of you lol
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    Moderator? More like Necromancer, amirite? But really, why are moderators only coming in to necro posts?
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    Coming back to check here after the dumpster fire sham of a release and wow it looks like it's just devolved into something even more ludicrous. Please do not spend your cash on this until they release a full product.
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    We have released a new patch that reworked character movement which is essential for Identity's future content updates along with many bug fixes. The newsletter detailing our changed release plans and the future ahead can be located here! https://identityrpg.com/mailer/newsletter.html
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    At the end of the day i believe the developer. John insists that its got nothing to do with Identity then fine. Im all good for having more than one company. A developer is only as good as his community. We gotta support them with this as i have for many years. Im sure that john means every word of it. He just doesnt come on here any more because people are belittling him. Im sure that John knows full well that if Identity gets fucked then its gonna be a shit storm. Ive tried my best at making games (Never successful but just testing) and there is nothing wrong with going back to something old. Just because you dont like the idea of having a game like Furballs (no offence but i aint a mobile fan) and im sure a high percentage doesnt either there is still a percentage and we can all spread the word. Theres i dont know how many people on here but its a lot. Just gotta hope that it helps our way up in Identity. If it doesnt im sure John will continue with the help of the community. Also btw John, the new idea behind updated (a gradual, linear update system) is great. you should have done it before. Keep up the good work John. Prove em all wrong. End of the day, you are trying. Everyone else have copied and failed. We still waiting for Identity by dude, but no one else has come close. So take your time.
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    Also I wouldn't know if he was active in the discord because I was banned. Great community we have here ladies and gentlemen.
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    I don't know why, but I just got reminded that Identity exists. Been here as well since it's seeding investment days, first community startup and what not. And it is way too relatable with the "staying up" all nights part. I remember I used to write down my thoughts on paper, start making deals and whatnot. Preparing for everything. I believe we just have to be patient indeed, it might be hard as our imagination and promises exceed often what we get delivered. Like with Cyberpunk 2077 for an example. But then again, it is this ambition that drives the innovative process. We just have to make the best of it and be patient. God's Speed, to the Developers.
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    The "Mansion Concept" is done with a common concept artist technique. I cannot remember the technique name however. Those comments are not the right things to be said, however it is the truth too. No one is forced to be here, Mods can only show what they are given to show. (They are also under NDA and so unless they are told they can share, then they can't.) The game is still being worked on, as slow as it may be. (I cant give any evidence, but only my faith in the project) Most game budget's are higher than merely little $1.5 mil. Games cost a lot nowadays. Most mmo's cost more than $5 million if not more. So the low $1.5 is less than 1/3 of that. I am very patient myself, however it can be frustrating over longer periods and that is why you need to watch from a distance; not closely.
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    Well said person of the internwebs, well said.
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    Soooo....the latest Dev blog was Posted May 9, 2019. (Nearly 13 months ago) Has there been any movement? Any updates? Any Tasks fulfilled? Has anything progressed since......?
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    What was your first?
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    The game was released a year ago, and in that year it received countless of updates. Sure, the updates werent huge, bur they were there.
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    I'm playing Call of duty black ops 4 blackout , electric man , superfighters unblocked and world of solitaire
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    Bedrooms and items are account tied so you shouldn't lose those. You may lose the items your characters has though, like furniture inventory and food items.
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    People who put money into identity and are not happy with the state of development should have known the risks before hand by doing their own research into kickstarters and early access. It does not take much effort to find information that will lead you to "this is a risk that you may not be happy with the results". The people who are complaining that they put money in and are negatively talking about identity are actually contradicting their own, because by speaking negatively instead of supportive, they are working against their own money they put in. Trying to destroy the game for the future because you are unhappy with the money you spent and did not receive a finished product yet will compromise you ever receiving that finished product. I am a kickstarter of identity and I will continue to support them in their goal to finish this game because as far as I'm concerned, my investment of money that I donated into the kickstarter is still there being put towards game development and I want the development team to use it and work on the game and finish it. Know the risks of your money - Do research on the product or idea you are paying into Weigh the worth - if you are not willing to lose your money, don't gamble or invest with it or only gamble/invest with the amount you are willing to lose Take responsibility for your own actions - If you have invested money, it is your own free will. What you do forward may have a negative effect on you or other people. Being negative does not solve anything, look at all of the positives such as; look how fast they have squashed all of those bugs in the last week or so. They are obviously trying hard to get everything up and running for people to checkout.
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    I was a little disappointed about the release, but I still have hope for this game as well. : )
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    Not to be rude or anything but I am just curious. I qouted you that Identity was announced when development started. Why in Identity Trailer 0:15-0:20 one of the developers said that he will show us on what you have been working for the last few months in absolute secrecy?