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Found 40 results

  1. Should Marijuana be legal? Please Reply with what you think about it and also give your opinions on why it should be or why it shouldn't be.
  2. Ok. The poll yesterday went well. I was able to put together a good Idea where most of you stand. I am going to say the most votes was in 100% which is like to see. But we did get a large number of No Hopes, and 25%. Which I am not surprised about. While going through the comments all of you made (and again thank you for them I get to really see what everyone is thinking) I saw that Lucky Duck said a lot of the devs don't work in the office.Which concerns me. Because I know for a fact we probably have most of the dev team sitting at home watching youtube and eating ramen. if there is no way to monitor the work flow how are you going to get anything done. I would like to hear what you guys have to say about this topic!! Thanks!
  3. What is your favorite fast food place? 

    What is your favorite fast food place? (if you like another place that i haven't mentioned then just type it in the deception) -Johannes
  4. I'm curious to see where the community currently are in regards to what jobs and roles they'll provide to servers. I've currently made a couple of categories in a poll (if the poll shows) to allow people to just vote their way in if they don't want to share specifics, so check out the options and throw in a vote if you can! If you're interested in sharing who you plan to be, post below; Character name: Roger Picklebottom Role: Content Creator Focus of role-play: Self-proclaimed best-seller of books Why?: I've always wanted to write books (IRL), so to bring in this aspect for an in-game role-play allows me to see how well my writings would actually be sought after. Now I'm not saying that all my work will be good to read, or whether people will want to read them, but it would be nice to see how well my work could interact with people, and since I can't draw/paint to save my life, the written aspect of content creation in this game is really appealing for me Expected Income: Next to nothing, but I'll still strut about and act like I'm someone like "Richard Castle" from the TV Show "Castle" EDIT: I know there are quite a few similar topics like this, I'd just like to see the answers in poll format too, to get a gauge of how well the community would be split across the roles.
  5. Just wondering about the community's feeling about today's stream. I tried to make as many options as possible to make it easy to express yourself.
  6. Just wanted to make a poll just to get an idea of how many pledgers there are, that's all
  7. Weekly Hopes #2

    Do you think the tracker was a good Idea?. Vote then tell us why or why not!
  8. So I was just wondering where you guys stand a week later. Please ask any questions you have here. I am here for debate and for helping you guys!
  9. Im doing this to get an Idea where all you stand today.
  10. I just got one question to ask everyone and I'm curious what the results will be. The question is very simple.
  11. Here we all meet again. It's been some time, but I kept with the media. So, let's get to it then. This is my opinion, you don't have to share it, but at least respect it. Here we are again. Town Square module gets delayed AGAIN with no good reasons why. There has to be a point where even the die hard fans of this game have to admit that this is just bad. When they released an alright video that really didn't show much and what it did show was old and unfinished work the community went crazy. When the devs pushed back the release date of the module people were not happy, but willing to wait for a fully completed module. Now, months later than the original release date the module is being pushed back even further. The devs shouldn't be even thinking about an "official release date" if they can't even release a solid good video. Mentioning videos, weren't the devs supposed to drop a new video that shows the Town Square Module? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they said in the last dev blog they'll release a video to compensate for the first delay. Which still hasn't even came out yet. So what's the deal? Here comes my opinion, the devs got too excited and gave out an "official release date" which they could never provide evidence that it could be done within that time frame. They realize they were not gonna come close to getting it done for that launch date so they pushed it back a month. Why would they push it back only a month if the game needed so much more work? The answer is this: They wanted to keep the positivity going with the fans so they pushed it back just a month because everyone can deal with a month. Now if they came out and said "Hey guys, the module still needs a lot more work and we underestimated it. So to assure the module gets completed with no problems were delaying the launch for a few months". That sounds a lot better until the last sentence, " a few months". I don't know about you, but one months sounds a lot better than a few months and I wouldn't oppose it. So here we are again. The devs said they can get the module ready in a month, but in reality they knew very well it couldn't be done. So they pushed it back another month. You're probably wondering "Where's the evidence?". So here it is: Depending on the date you look at this it might be different than the one I'm talking about. If you scroll all the way down to the Asylum Task Tracker. I'm skipping the Bug Tracker info. Art The 2D graphics is finished. Animations: 1 in progress and 2 completed. Character Art: 1 New. Environment: 5 In progress and only 1 completed. Props: 1 finished. Technical Art: 8 new and 5 finished. UI and UX: 1 in progress and 2 completed. Programming Gameplay: 8 new, 1 finished, 1 in testing, and 1 in progress. Systems: 4 new and 1 in testing. User Interface: 6 new, 5 in progress, and 3 completed. So after first looking at it I was very shocked. I mean look at it. The devs had the beginning of the announcement date for the Town Square Module (back in 2017) to the first delay. They were never ready for the first Official Launch Date even if they wanted to be. Facts speak for themselves and what I see here is a lot of "New" and "In Progress" tasks that yes are based off of April 19, 2018, but still shouldn't outnumber the completed tasks at this point like they do. Having just got clarification these tasks are the ones remaining since April 19, 2018. So they made a lot more progress than displayed (they really should show the tasks completed since the first delay, since that is what we want to know. How much work needed to be done and how much did they finish from then to now). But, like I said before there is absolutely no way this module could have been finished a month ago or even today. With proper organization the devs should of been able to see that there's no way they could get this done with the original and first delay timeline. Therefore, they should of delayed it for the CORRECT amount of time needed to get this module out for everyone and not say "It'll be done in a month" when they know very well it wouldn't be. So there it is. I wanted to give my opinion. Now please correct me if I'm wrong in any of this. I didn't create this thread to cause hatred towards the devs. I created this to broaden people's perspectives on this whole situation. To give them all of the details. So once again if I made a mistake in this let me know. I will be glad to make changes if needed. I truly want this game to come out and I still support it. Yes, I support it though I just gave reasons that may say the opposite. Those reasons were to help others. Knowing that already hasn't made me hate the game or the devs, but I want to see proper treatment that we all deserve.
  12. March 2018 Poll!!

    IDENTITY PARTY ORGANIZATION POLL Good day everyone, here is the second poll of 2018 and the last poll before TS releases. You may notice that Brian Hamilton is currently not active and is currently not participating in any of the polls. I wish him luck and hope to see him return in the near future. I would highly recommend anyone participating in the poll look over the voter guidelines to make sure all procedures are followed: Any Candidate who is found to have exploited the voting system and have violated the voter guidelines will be first warned then banned from future polling and debates run by the IPO. We are currently looking into possibly holding a debate in the Town Square once the TS module releases. Let us know what you think of that. The polls ends March 9th, 2018 @ 12pm EST
  13. January 2018 Poll!

    IDENTITY PARTY ORGANIZATION POLL Good day everyone, here is the first poll of 2018! Between the last poll and this one, I've looked back on the data that we have received and have come to the decision to remove some of the parties. Here is a list of those effected: Thomas Hetch (HETCH) Gene Smith (SMITH) Bobby Cruz (CRUZ) The reasoning behind the removal is that over the past polls they have been inactive throughout the whole process, leading me to believe that they are dead parties. If you are one of the parties effected please contact me so that I may reinstate your party in the polls. I would highly recommend anyone participating in the poll look over the voter guidelines to make sure all procedures are followed: Any Candidate who is found to have exploited the voting system and have violated the voter guidelines will be first warned then banned from future polling and debates run by the IPO. We are currently looking into running a debate soon for a couple of the candidates and hope to bring you more information soon! The polls ends January 19th, 2018 @ 12pm EST
  14. December 2017 Poll Results

    IDENTITY POLITICAL ORGANIZATION POLL Good day everyone, the poll for December 2017 had finished Friday and I've finally found the time to compile the data together, but first, a couple things. 1) I noticed that voter turn out was much smaller then the previous poll, probably mostly to do with lack of advertisement of the poll and less activity in the politics of Identity, I hope to push for more activity leading up to the first poll in 2018 and hope for more candidates to push the polls to their voters. 2) I would like to bring attention again to the voter guidelines for the polls as to make sure people understand when certain votes become invalid, I hope that this doesn't end up a problem again in the future like it happened in the November 2017 polls, so I'm going to post a link to the guidelines here: Here are the results: Will be releasing the analysis of the data soon, so look forward to that! Will be discussing a possible debate for the month close to New Years with the other members of the IPO, hope to bring you news soon!
  15. December 2017 Poll

    IDENTITY POLITICAL ORGANIZATION POLL Firstly, I want to apologize for the lapse of time between the announcement of the poll and the actual poll, IRL stuff aside, I will try and be more timely with the execution of the polls. For now though, I hope you guys enjoy participating in the polls this month. Last month Lucious Times won the polls with a +3 lead and with Hamilton closely with a total of 14 votes. I'm excited to see how this poll comes out and get voting! ***NOTE*** Poll ends on December 15th, 2017 at Noon!
  16. December Poll Incoming Later Today!!

    Hey guys, currently getting all the data I need together to get the poll started, but expect it to get started later today!

    A poll designed to gain a rough overview of people's future intentions regarding drugs.

    Here are the official finalized results of the November 2017 Poll: ROYAL: 17 HAMIT: 14 DRP : 8 FN : 4 PRP : 3 RCP : 3 CCP : 1 PP : 1 HETCH: 1 SMITH: 1 We hope to see you all at the debate taking place in the IPO Discord Tomorrow @ 12pm Est You will be able to participate by asking the candidates live questions and hearing their policies in person. The Debate will also be lived streamed here:
  19. Voter Guidelines

    ---------------VOTER GUIDELINES--------------- Hello citizens, this is just a quick list of guidelines for the vote that determines which votes are valid, of course the list of reasons a vote could be void is very small, there are still a couple things that can happen to cause a red flag. *****NOTE***** All parties are included in this search, this is in no way to separate a party from the rest by taking votes, all void votes will be shown and given the reasoning and evidence to show why it was void. **************** All voters must have all the following qualifications to be considered a valid vote. Has at least 2 weeks of activity prior to the poll starting. (This is to insure that the account is real and not a duplicate account) The account has to have been created before the poll started. (This is also to insure that the account is real and not made for the vote) No Warning Points. (You must be able to show good moral characteristics by being free of Warning Points on your account) And that's it. Of course in the future the guidelines will probably get more complex, but for now these are all the qualifications a person must meet for their vote to be considered valid. *****NOTE***** If your account was created before the original poll (October 30th,2017) your vote is automatically considered valid in all polls unless you have warning points. **************** We are still getting the debates set up, hopefully we can do it within the next couple of weeks, or maybe even before the current poll (November 2017) ends, but we will have to wait and see how things come together.
  20. Poll currently running (Update)

    The Identity_Party_Data is currently running a poll to make a base line for political statistics for the community and parties, I'm posting this notice in the general chat so that we can have a good general idea about the political climate of the game as well as the community. If you have the chance can you please look through the current political parties of the game and vote for the one you most support. Thank you for your help and we hope to give you the most accurate and reliable political data for all citizens.
  21. Polling Key

    Here is the current poll key we will follow for current and future polls. The People's Revolutionary Party: PRP The Royal Family Party: ROYAL The Hamilton Party: HAMIT The Democratic Realist Party: DRP The Public Party: PUBP The Conservative Coalition: CCP The People's Party: PP Radical Democratic Left Party: RDLP The Front National's Party: FN The Unified Party: UFD The Roman Catholic Party: RCP Thomas Hetch: HETCH Bobby Cruz: CRUZ Gene Smith: SMITH This will be used to help organize the poll results as well as election results. More information about this service will be provided soon, please stay tuned.
  22. Jobs preferite

    Do you have another favorite job? Write it down below
  23. Just wondering what people want to do in Identity, multiple choice in case people want to do multiple things.