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  1. I'd like to know How it will work the corps paramedic and firefighters. And whether there will be a hacker job (And what he can do, such as hacking the security of the bank )
  2. it'so possibility. More info for : Firefighter and paramedic. Bank robbery methods (stealth or assault) Job hacker?
  3. Jobs preferite

    Do you have another favorite job? Write it down below
  4. Hi guys, I was asking about things about this job : 1) What are the tasks to do? (I hope it's not a trivial thing to do with a vehicle) 2) How much is the firefighter's salary? 3) Do you need more firefighters in certain situations? 4) Will there be natural causes that involve this body? (Example : Forest in flames, earthquakes etc.) 5) Do you have degrees? 6) Do you have a kind of radio to communicate with other members? 7) Does the vehicle have useful accessories? (Example : stairs, fire extinguisher) 8) Will there be a role to play in the office and be in the office?
  5. You have the possibilty of having the dogs? And will there be more races? i'm very curious
  6. in the game it will be only english or more language? example: italian,french ecc.ecc.
  7. Thanks a lot for the answer and for moving the post
  8. I have now read the main post, and I apologize that it is not in the right section, could it be moved for pleasure?
  9. Do the benefits obtained with the various "packages" also get on private servers?