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Found 28 results

  1. March 2018 Poll!!

    IDENTITY PARTY ORGANIZATION POLL Good day everyone, here is the second poll of 2018 and the last poll before TS releases. You may notice that Brian Hamilton is currently not active and is currently not participating in any of the polls. I wish him luck and hope to see him return in the near future. I would highly recommend anyone participating in the poll look over the voter guidelines to make sure all procedures are followed: Any Candidate who is found to have exploited the voting system and have violated the voter guidelines will be first warned then banned from future polling and debates run by the IPO. We are currently looking into possibly holding a debate in the Town Square once the TS module releases. Let us know what you think of that. The polls ends March 9th, 2018 @ 12pm EST
  2. December 2017 Poll

    IDENTITY POLITICAL ORGANIZATION POLL Firstly, I want to apologize for the lapse of time between the announcement of the poll and the actual poll, IRL stuff aside, I will try and be more timely with the execution of the polls. For now though, I hope you guys enjoy participating in the polls this month. Last month Lucious Times won the polls with a +3 lead and with Hamilton closely with a total of 14 votes. I'm excited to see how this poll comes out and get voting! ***NOTE*** Poll ends on December 15th, 2017 at Noon!
  3. December Poll Incoming Later Today!!

    Hey guys, currently getting all the data I need together to get the poll started, but expect it to get started later today!
  4. Poll currently running (Update)

    The Identity_Party_Data is currently running a poll to make a base line for political statistics for the community and parties, I'm posting this notice in the general chat so that we can have a good general idea about the political climate of the game as well as the community. If you have the chance can you please look through the current political parties of the game and vote for the one you most support. Thank you for your help and we hope to give you the most accurate and reliable political data for all citizens.
  5. My Character!

    Name: Marie-Clare Bouchard. Appearance: Race/Nationality/Ethnicity:White/French. Personality:Strong-Minded, Passionate, Intelligent, Outspoken and Ambitious! I speak my mind and do not stop working until I get what is best for my country! I am a politician and I am running for Governor! Education: I attended a private primary and secondary school. I studied Political Science and International Law at Sorbonne University in Paris! D.O.B: 17-August-1995 Sexuality:Straight. Misc Facts:Born and raised in Juan Les Pins in the South Of France. I came from a wealthy family. Background: I was born and raised in Juan Les Pins in the South Of France. My grandfather was also a politician, he was right wing just like me! He was runner up in the 2002 French Presidential Election. My aunt is also a politician, she is also right wing and she finished runner up in the 2016 French Presidential Election. I am known for speaking out against terrorism and my drastic ideas to combat terrorism. My family found their money by investing in political parties and through stock exchange, we are one of the richest families in France and quite high up in the wealth rankings in Europe!
  6. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    I thought I'd make a thread with an updated list of the current Governor candidates and add a poll so that we can get some early poll numbers in! Please let me know if you are running and I will add you to the poll. Campaign Pages Lucious Times: Thomas Hetch: Bobby Cruz: FrancePourLaVie: Roger the Shrubber: Connor Abbott: Maurice Clinton: Brian Hamilton:
  7. Hello, I have decided to follow suit of the other candidates running for governor and have started a campaign, myself. My name is Gentino and an important role as governor would be to manage the taxes and put the appropriate amount of funds into each government facilities. Right now, I can't promise a set tax percentage to the police department but I can take time to hear your ideas! You see, the police, whether local or state, should have a say in the political process. Therefore, I would like to know about what you'd like to see as a law enforcement officer. The sooner we all can get an understanding of a generalized "want" the sooner we can act on making sure that "want" happens. We need you prepared. There is no doubt that crime won't raid the streets of Identity Island but with your help we could suppress it, strategically. What do I mean by that? Instead of always pushing on the offence; arrests, ticketing, etc. We could take it to the next level to make sure honest-citizens are being appreciated for following the laws. How?. Incentives! Police Precincts could host fairs or festivals towards honest-citizens which will encourage them to continue following the law. We want to make the laws attractive and thank the ones obeying them. I hope we can come together and make this happen. Feel free to ask questions and remember: "A Vote For Me, Will Be A Vote For A Strong Government Start Off."
  8. Political Platform

    Seeing how others have created platforms I will be doing the same for if I choose to run. So, in advance here is my political platform: Short Statement: One of the main questions I believe all people should answer is, “what makes you different than the rest?” Well in simple terms, all these politicians want either “Less Government, Less Taxes” or “More Government, and More Taxes.” You know what I want? I want “Less Government but More Taxes” why? Well let me lay out a scenario. Let’s say we have three departments: The Health and Human Resources (Healthcare), The Department of Education, and the Department of Secondary Education. If we had a total of $4,000,000,000 to use on these departments, we’d have to split it up. But seeing that the Department of Secondary Education can be combined with the Department of Education, we would be able to have only two departments but still the 4,000,000,000 giving us a chance to put more funds into a department.. which could end up leading to universal healthcare, no college tuition, or a social security. Now obviously there isn’t just three departments but with the funds we plan to make, we could cut back on some unneeded or duplicate government facilities and hope to breath life into change. Income Tax: Simply, I feel six marginal tax brackets covers all the basic incomes to set a fair, justifiable approach to taxing. These percentages will change with time due to numerous factors that require real-time statistics ((which isn’t possible when the game isn’t even in beta stages)) so treat these as projections/estimates. $5,000 - $40,000 = 3.2% $40,001 – $70,000 = 4.7% $70,001 – $100,000= 9.2% $100,001 - %400,000 = 12% $400,001 - $999,999= 15.9% $1,000,000 – + = 18.6% Sales Tax (If Applicable): 3.4% total Bear Arms: Acts against humanity fall directly in the hands of weapons and the ability a person has to use them. Factoring in both emotional aspects of the human possessing a firearm and the physical weaponry, itself, I believe limiting military level weapons so that civilians have access only in the extent of inside their homes, enriches self-defense while having public safeguards. Weapon Permits beyond that, for concealed carry or open carry, would be for lower level weapons like (but not limited to), handguns. Justice & Corruption: Law Enforcement entities do exactly what their name suggests; they ENFORCE THE LAW. Therefore, if politicians are not forming bills that have to do with the safety of our streets, there is no way for it to be enforced. It’s a group effort which means I would be pushing for both the support of law makers and law enforcement to make peace a reality not a fantasy. As for corruption: A federal agency would be established to keep checks and balances on both the government and the law enforcement. This agency would operate independently. Businesses: Incentives should be given for both small and large businesses that have less layoffs and a strong workforce. Positive intentions, also, go a long way. It’s time to end that ruthless saying, “Nothing Personal Just Business” because businesses that target the health, environmental safeties, or social accountabilities of the people for profit should not be encouraged to continue. For example, tobacco companies. We may not be able to make tobacco illegal but I’m not going to support something that is scientifically proven to cause damage. Voting: All people have the right to vote. Think about it? Why give the government the right to manage funding of federal prisons if the prisoners don’t have a say in who is representing them. Criminal or Not, if you’re a U.S. Citizen you should be able to vote. Death Penalty: It is not a man nor woman’s duty to take another person’s life because of their actions. Religion aside, we are taught to not fight fire with fire but instead cool down the flame and settle with a few burns rather than arson. Gandhi elaborates that better with what he has said about revenge: “An eye for an eye only makes the world blind.” Healthcare and Health: As stated before, small and large businesses that can keep in mind the health (and other factors) of the people of this great nation deserve incentives. Right now, it is impossible for me to layout a healthcare system that is anywhere near accurate due to there not being real-time statistics of average income compared to private and federal health facilities. Welfare: Remember, this isn’t free money. This is tax payers’ money. Establishing a program like this is risky. It takes proper enforcement and strict guidelines. Abuse of these type of programs are predictable and will be considered federal crimes. Anyone that isn’t receiving an income of 5,000 or more, yearly, will be automatically granted to rely on Welfare until they can establish a job but would have limitations like every three weeks a welfare agent checks in for updates on employment. Welfare would also be open to people that make “5,000 through 7,000” on annual income but a person making 5,000 to 7,000 would have to apply, unlike someone who makes 4,999 or less, and they would still be held accountable for tax. It has been my pleasure to share my opinions with such a friendly community. If you have an questions feel free to ask. And remember: "A Vote For Me, Will Be A Vote For A Strong Government Start Off."
  9. It's Still Early...ish

    Hello, I have plans on running for political office in the future but understand I am fairly new to this. So here is a few thins I want to be made known: 1) This is the beginning which means building a strong foundation for the government is the best route to take but if we allow corrupted politicians to take office in the start, it'll be so much easier for the foundation to be built on corruption which in return leads to it's crumble. So I am advising that a strong government is selected. 2) We need to see politicians as change makers, not criminals! 3) Checks and Balances is key. One person having too much power will result in corruption and even possibly dictatorship. 4) NO PROMISES! All these politicians will promise things they can't fulfill during their campaign because it sounds good. Be real, don't just tell the people what they want to hear. Those are some of the obvious points I want discussed at the start of this government. Like I've mentioned I have plans to run for a political office but due to not knowing much of "identity" it may not happen, right away. I got what it take politically.. just get the ropes down. I have no clue of what political positions exist but I will be sure to find one I am suited for me and run for office, as soon as possible because: A Vote For Me, Will Be A Vote For A Strong Government Start Off. Still That Newbie, Gentino Donny Costellano III
  10. Senate Campaing Page

    Hello I am Thomas Hetch and I am part and Leader Of the Identity Party. This is a page in which you can say what party you are part of if you are announcing a spot in the senate if there is one. It will make it more fair for the people of Identity to choose a leader that can control the governor and their cabinet so those people don't have complete power. I am making a fair society hopefully. Let us not make this North Korea or Russia.
  11. Hello! I am Supreme Leader, and I am running for Governor through the National Identity Front. Who am I? Allow me to introduce myself in a bit more detail. My name is Supreme Leader, and I'm a Korean American male from Seattle, Washington. I have the innate ability to organize, and lead a group of people, as well as the ability to take criticism well. I am very open-minded, and I enjoy debating with others in order to sharpen my argumentative skills, and to ultimately be a well-rounded and rational person. My idea of the ideal government is one that for the most part, keeps out of the lives of it's people. The role of the government is not to be an invisible gun against the head to the civilians, but rather to help the collective population express their needs through their elected officials. This means that generally for social issues, I find that it's best for the people to decide their own fate, rather than some highly ranked official who has somehow convinced himself of his moral superiority to have the ability to make decisions for the collective majority. Here, I will state my general beliefs for a variety of different heated topics of political discussion. Feel free to question, and challenge me to debate on whatever topic of your choice. As does my party, the NIF, I promote intellectual conversation, and I find that it is one of the most healthy things that you can do for your brain. I'm completely against the idea of exclusion of thought and the idea of thought-policing, as I feel that if you truly are correct in your thinking, then you should have absolutely no problem in making the other person look like a complete idiot in an intellectual discussion. If not, you probably should sit down and consider thinking deeper into your political views. And even in the event that you cannot get to a common ground, being able to disagree while remaining united is the foundation of any great civilization built on intellectual expansion and development. Anyways, let's begin. Topics: Freedom of Speech - This is a topic not being discussed by the other candidates, but I feel that is necessary to address. The right to freedom of speech, historically, has always been created to help support unpopular speech. Popular speech has no need for such laws of protection, because popular speech protects itself. It is important that we hear out every possible political ideology out there, and then weed out those that are weak through proper, intellectual discussion. The concept goes something like this: If you truly believe that you are correct in comparison to another person, then what is the worry in taking to them in a debate? Challenging your views and beliefs with others does nothing more than help sharpen your ability to logical reason, but on top of that it helps weed out inferior or outdated beliefs within our society. Marijuana - I find it to be absolutely useless to waste our time and money on trying to fight against the use of recreational marijuana. However, I still strongly believe that there should be strict regulations on ALL different kinds of drugs. For example, I find that there should be a vote among the people in which we decide the legal age to purchase, and posses certain amounts of marijuana. I believe that in social topics such as these, that it should be in the hands of the people to decide their fate. Gun Control - I am a strong believer in the right to bear arms, for multiple different reasons. Firstly, I find that there is a always a threat of potential government tyranny. The people should be able to fight back against an authoritarian government, if it gets to that extreme. Secondly, the threat of being a victim of crime is always a constant threat as well. The people should be able to defend themselves against those wicked-minded, and also when criminals begin to acknowledge that more and more people are deciding to carry weapons, the crime rate will naturally decrease. However, with more loose policy on gun control, there must be more strict punishments if someone were to be caught misusing their firearms. Longer jail time, and other penalties need to be enforced to discourage this behavior. Minimum Wage - As a person who advocates for free-market, I do not feel there needs to be a need for government regulation on minimum wage. It's more than a myth that government or businesses controls prices, or wages. The market does. The government should not be saturating the market with enforcing fictitious prices and wages out of nowhere, because the market will naturally balance these wages and prices out through supply, demand, and the economic prosperity of the consumer base. The Law - With giving more freedoms to the people, there needs to be harsh punishments to deter these people from turning to a life of crime. This means longer prison sentences, and harsher penalties for committing crimes. Obviously, the punishments will vary dependent on the type of crime. However, with giving the people the privilege of certain liberties, we must give incentive them to maintain a positive lifestyle through having them acknowledge the dire consequences for going against the law of the land. The Government - I find that the role of the government is to accurately represent the people, and to give the people a voice in which they can express their views. Through this, I will help support intellectual discussion within our population, and enforce the law of freedom of speech. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Taxes - This one will be an odd-ball because we don't necessarily know how the economy will function as of now, and we can only make speculate at this point. However, these are my proposed tax plans (due to change, but the general principles will still be the same). Income Tax: Up to $9,000 ------- 3% tax $9000-$30,000 ------- 5% tax $30,000-$80,000 ------- 15% tax $80,000-$100,000 ------- 20% tax $100,000-$200,000 ------- 25% tax $200,000+ ------- 28% tax This proposed tax plan is to ensure power in the middle class, and to support consumerism in the market for not only people of business interests to thrive, but also our consumer population. I will also allow people to write-off donations and charity in their taxes, however to stop tax avoidance, only 70% of the total donations and charity will be able to be written off. This way a person of $200,000 income can't just "donate" $200,000 to a friend's organization, just for his friend to give it back to him, with the initial guy having zero tax liability. However, having the ability to write off donations and charity will still help give incentive people to give back to their communities, while still not taking a huge hit in their net incomes. Business Tax: I propose a low 2% corporate income tax, for a few reasons. 1) Increase in the job market With more businesses having to worry less about how much the government is going to take out of their profits, we should be helping them, as businesses will be an integral part of our economy. With the decrease in focus of taxes, businesses will be able to hire more, pay more, offer better benefits, etc. Now, you may ask: "What if the businesses just pocket the extra cash?" Something to understand is that with everything having to do with a business and a customer, there is always competition. With businesses looking for the best, most motivated, and most efficient workers, they have to offer something with employment that other businesses cannot. This is why we see such an increase of the better workers in the lower class moving to businesses like Amazon IRL, because they offer something to their employees that other businesses just can't compete with. To summarize a bit more, businesses will HAVE to employ more with BETTER benefits in order to even compete in the job market. This is why I don't propose a base minimum wage, because the market will determine this on its own accord, and pushing government regulation on this will do nothing more than harm to our free and open markets. 2) Better benefits for employees Same reasons as above ^^ Competition, competition, and more competition in the job market among employers to attract the best workers they possibly can. 3) If we drastically lower the corporate income tax, we could eliminate the special treatment for dividends and capital gains. The reason we currently have the special rates is to offset the "double taxation" of corporate profits. You can quibble with the term, but the fact remains that a 35% corporate income tax combined with, say, a 43% marginal income tax rate (once we add in the special Medicare surcharges), would be a hell of a disincentive for the very wealthy to invest; you're talking about lowering the projected return on an investment by almost 3/4. There's little question that this would be bad--there's a reason that not even Sweden attempts to levy those sorts of taxes on capital. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I am aware that there are a multitude of topics that I may have missed, but feel free to ask me through a reply! I'd be more than happy to answer or challenge any of you to a debate. Supreme Leader for Governor! President of the National Identity Front (NIF)
  12. Hi everyone, My name is John Loyal and I am new to the demographics of a pc gaming world. My wife and I have been taking classes together because of my doctor's advice, he says when you get old like me you need to stay active. So instead of going to play chess like a cliche old man I decided to cope with the current times, sit on my computer and find a nice pc game. I heard through the grapevine that Identity was the "GOD OF ALL RPG's" and I thought I'd give it a try. Come to find out the game isn't even out yet, surprises me. Games usually don't have this much talk until they've been released. But it was so interesting that I looked through the forums. The first thing I spotted was The Podium, I'm a big time politics lover having served in the US Air Force back in '85. But I held off and look through everything else first. The people I noticed the most were @PrezLegend , @Herzog , and @ThomasHetch . Finally going through The Podium I found that @PrezLegend and @ThomasHetch are campaigning for Governor of the identity Island. First off, I'm again very surprised how organized people are before the game has even been released. I realize how active @PrezLegend is right off bat. He's very vocal and speaks to all the different sorts of groups. I did notice he was younger too, which caught me by surprise when I looked at the way his plans were detailed. It doesn't matter much about the age of anyone in a game though, half of y'all cats are youngn's anyhow. @ThomasHetch I see has been recognized very much. He seemed to be the #1 candidate before @PrezLegend came into the picture. I went and took a look at the policies and laws that both candidates represent (The Royal Family Party & The Identity Party). I assume the candidates founded these party's polices and so forth themselves. Anyhow, looking into the parties details I found that @PrezLegend 's policies were just so much easier to understand, they were fair, just truly a clear understanding of real-life politics and game politics. I say real-life politics because after looking at his profile I searched him up seeing that he actually has greatly participated in our nation's politics. I say good luck all around to each and every candidate, but to @PrezLegend I have an additional request. @PrezLegend you should let me be your Identity Campaign Manager...I have nothing better to do! I could influence a few more folks to see what I see in you and grant The Royal Family some suppport. If you'll let me use the information I found about you online I'd appreciate that, I believe it'll show your true colors. This is my idea: The Royal Family Party - Governor Nominee ( @PrezLegend Mr. Lucious Times) Campaign Managers - @FatherOfLoyalty + 9 Others Party Members - ANYONE I hope you'll consider.
  13. More Political Discussion!

    Hi guys, it's me Mr. Lucious Lee Times. I'm here to tell you guys there are about 6 guys running for Governor of the Identity Island including myself. We've given policies and laws, but we don't think of everything. We need you all to be asking questions and truly trying to figure out who you want to vote for! Just like this past American Presidential Election was big, this is too!
  14. Hi guys, it's me Mr. Lucious Lee Times. I'm here to tell you guys there are about 8 guys running for Governor of the Identity Island including myself. We've given policies and laws, but we don't think of everything. We need you all to be asking questions and truly trying to figure out who you want to vote for! Just like this past American Presidential Election was big, this is too!
  15. Hi guys, it's me Mr. Lucious Lee Times. I'm here to tell you guys there are about 8 guys running for Governor of the Identity Island including myself. We've given policies and laws, but we don't think of everything. We need you all to be asking questions and truly trying to figure out who you want to vote for! Just like this past American Presidential Election was big, this is too!

    dear sir/ma'ma running for the position of either mayor or governor the people would like to advise you that you are the most important part of the society in more ways than one and the people would like to remind you that we will NOT uphold any type of CORRUPTION what so ever. Any leader that is showing signs of potential corruption will be ELIMINATED from office forcefully without a second glance! so sir/ma'ma proceed with extreme caution for the people are watching and we are very vigilant, we do NOT make mistakes and neither should you. sincerely -the people
  17. As a governor candidate, I must ask, what type of game government would you all be interested in? - Always, PrezLegend
  18. Roger for Governor

    Gun Control- I personally believe that every citizen of Identity should have access to firearms (with some exceptions). I think that it is crucial for people to have this right because if the government and cops have all the guns then they can do whatever they want to the civilian population of this island. This would also heavily fuel the illegal weapons trade which would result in more deaths and crime. Another point that I would like to make is that it's not the law-abiding citizens who you have to worry about, it's the criminals who are going to get guns anyway and commit their crime. I want people to be able to defend themselves from these criminals. After all it is every man's inalienable right to bear arms! Now to the exceptions that I was talking about. These would be people who have been convicted of violent crimes or have been hospitalized for mental health issues in the past. They will not be allowed to purchase a firearm. Violent crimes include robbery, murder, illegal affiliated gang involvement, and many more. Legal firearms will include pistols,rifles, and shotguns that are not automatic. You will need to get a special permit to carry an automatic rifle from the governmental office. You will also have to submit to a background check. If you want to purchase a civilian grade weapon (semi-auto) you will need a licence (the licence you can get from the gun store) and have to submit to a background check as well. My last point on this issue is that banning all guns will hurt a crucial legal business and that is gun trading/selling or manufacturing. This would cut jobs and make people poorer in the end. This would also shift the money supposed to be going into law abiding citizen's pockets to gangs and underground dealers thus promoting more crime. Marijuana- I believe that the legalization of marijuana is inevitable. This is going to be important for the citizens of the great island of identity and will help stimulate the economy. You may smoke it freely! The way I would set it up is that you must get a permit and storefront to sell marijuana. You can only sell in those stores to protect the integrity of the businesses that choose to sell. There will be a small tax on the sale of marijuana. Anyone caught trying to undercut the tax and legit businesses by selling the drug will be fined heavily. Although there will be no jail time since this is not considered a violent crime unless involved with a gang known to be violent. You will only get fines starting with 50$ on the first offense then doubling every time you are caught. The reason I wouldn't throw you in jail is because again it's not a violent crime and that would just be a huge governmental waste on your tax dollars. The government would have to pay for your food while in jail, the space you take up in jail, the officers time, and many more factors that would be disadvantageous for the government to pursue that route. Tax rate: 6-10% I feel like the legalization of marijuana would also limit the profits of gangs trying to profit in that area and thus limit crime in that area. Corruption- Corruption is going to be a huge issue especially in the police and government. This topic is going to explain my view on this issue and the way I'm going to combat it. For starters I'm going to make a law that makes all elected officials live by the laws they propose/pass (including myself) through. The next thing I'm going to do is set up districts where the people of those districts vote for representatives to represent them in a congress like set up. The only requirement is that they have to have no prior illegal gang involvement or criminal record, as well as no party affiliation. These people will help uphold a system of checks and balances to make sure no law is too overbearing. This will also assure that the will of the people alone will be met from that district. There will be a lawyer appointed from the reps (of the districts) to look into the governmental spending and cabinet members accounts. He must have no criminal record or party affiliation. This will make sure no money is flowing into criminal accounts. The police will have a strict vetting process and training to hopefully route out any bad eggs. There will be term limits. You can only be governor for 2 terms, each term being 1 year (may change). The governor will then peacefully pass down power to whoever was voted in. We will do this so no one becomes a dictator and will promote fresh ideas. The last thing is that the government will produce a public budget report at the end of each month. This will state where all the money was spent unless that information is classified for whatever reason. Economy- I have a few ideas for how I will help stimulate the economy of identity. The government will by no means get heavily involved but may offer some benefits to businesses on the great island. Firstly I would withhold all taxes from newly formed businesses for 3 months while they get on their feet. The business tax rate would be around 2-3% very low to promote more business. Next I would start a business incentive program that would reward businesses for doing well and thus helping them expand and create more jobs. Something that i'm very excited about is helping businesses in identity thrive. The major way i'm going to do that is by reinvesting most of the tax dollars into businesses to support growth and more jobs. The more jobs people have the more money the government makes thus more money we can invest into businesses around the great Island of Identity. this would benefit everyone a lot. Something that sets me apart from other candidates is that I feel like the government should stay out of healthcare thus decreasing costs to where we can afford these incentives. I will talk about my specific view on healthcare on a later date. I will also work with the FMMB (Fair Market Merchant Bureau) to route out any corruption in the business world. This goes along well with my campaign slogan "flexibility that doesn't break your budget". Healthcare- Healthcare is going to be a hot button issue on the island and I believe that it shouldn't be a government issued thing at all. This is going to be a big point of difference between me and the other candidates running for governor. There are many reasons why I feel this way. The first reason would be that the government has a track record of doing a poor job in the healthcare area. If you look at a real life example in Canada you will find huge waiting lists and people actually coming to America for operations and procedures. Another reason for no governmental healthcare is that I don't want the government to be responsible for your life. This may sound harsh but I don't want to take the blame for lives lost due to a failed healthcare policy. The third reason is the cost, the cost of healthcare to the government would be high and the care provided would most likely be lackluster (very generalized). With limiting the cost of healthcare to the government, the government could spend the money elsewhere like businesses for one example. With no government healthcare and leaving it to the private companies this would promote competition (which would drive down costs), and give you better quality care. There will be some money allocated to help private healthcare companies though. It will be small maybe 5% of the money that the government takes in will be allocated towards that. This money will go towards running costs and possibly training of their staff. Police- I will start off by saying I have the utmost respect for the men and women in uniform. My uncle for whom I'm very close to is a police officer and talks about some of the things he has to do/go through. I know that this is going to be in a game but nevertheless your job will not be easy and I understand that. Here's some of the things that I will propose to hopefully make it easier for the officer's on the line of duty. First I will designate a portion of the tax dollars to go to the police force so you guys can have the best equipment and vehicles etc. Maybe 10-20% in that area. The next thing that I will do is set up a bonus program for officers who are doing good and are on the force for a long time. This will be a thank you for your service type of thing. One policy that I want to make clear is that NO and absolutely NO hate crimes towards cops will be tolerated. These will be met with swift justice and may bring with it the ultimate penalty. The same can be said for you guys (the cops) please don't abuse your power which i'm sure you won't. Cops I'm with you all the way and understand that we need you guys. I will personally not ask for escorts from you guys because let's be honest here, you guys probably have a lot of better things to do. As far as training goes and what not I'm not very experienced in that area but I would like to at some point get together experienced instructors to generate a standard operating procedure and training program. This is a way to better you guys and make you the best police force of all the servers on identity. This will also make training faster and more efficient. Minimum Wage- I think a fair minimum wage will be around 10-12$. This is lower than most people’s proposals for a couple reasons. The first being new companies will be able to hire more people thus creating jobs because of the little bit lower wage. The 3-5$ this saves will add up after a while and businesses will be able to use it to expand more. Tax Bracket- This is a huge issue with a lot of debate over what is too much and what is too little. Here’s how I will look into doing taxes. Very simple! Income: 0-80,000$ 80,001-infinity$ 4% 8-9% (still deciding) Business: 2-3% across the board Sales: 6-10% on legal drugs 3% on goods Death penalty- Yes I believe in the death penalty. This would be for people who do acts of terror or murderers in some cases. The person will be given last words, and read their crimes before killed. Climate/Environment- I don’t believe this will be a huge issue in the game but if there ever was one there would be fines in place for companies and individuals who pollute/litter all over. Optional Welfare- If you're poor and really trying to get by you may apply for welfare. This would mean you would have to do a background check to make sure the money doesn’t go to waste. The money you would receive would only cover some living expenses. This law will only be in place if the Government can spare the money. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions? Please ask and I will try to respond to the best of my ability. Note: Since the game isn't out there is no promises due to the possible limitations that we don't know about yet.
  19. Hello to all of you at the Board Room! I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Bobby Cruz, and I am running for governor. Business, both big, small, corporate, and family-owned, are the foundation of our community. An immense amount of money is flowing through your businesses, growing the economy and allowing you to provide great products and services to the citizens of Identity! As a new candidate for Governor, I wanted to stop by and ask a few questions to the business people of Identity on how our campaign can better help to support you. Here they are: What is a reasonable tax percentage for businesses? Do you think that businesses should have a flat tax rate or should they vary depending on income? What do you think about a governmental business start-up support program? (government subsidized loans to help citizens start their own business) Thank you for your time! I look forward to working with you all. All the best, Bobby Cruz
  20. The Solid Center

    THE SOLID CENTER The solid center focuses on the Freedom and the wealth of an individual and its rights. We are taking care of social issues as well as a liberal market. Our goal is to liberate the individual from others to minimize the gap between poor and rich to get everybody to a level of wealth. Taxes: The taxes will be higher if you vote for us, but it is for everyones advantage. With only the tax money we can assure you that the living standart will rise rapidly. And if the living standart rises, there will be less criminal activity for you to worry about! The market is liberal anyways, so you dont need that much money to sell/buy things, because the government won't be able to steal your money off products that you created. People, who are producing important products for living, will be rewarded with a bonus on every product the've made. Our goals: Liberation of the market (The market is completely ruled by the people and the government shall not interrupt) Complete freedom for everybody (Including: Equality, freedom of speech, Leaglization of drugs, Not more surveilance than needed, etc.) Non-corruption policy Welfare program More goals will be following as the game releases. Let the country be ruled by you!
  21. Hello to all of you at the Police Precinct! I wanted to stop by and quickly introduce myself to you. My name is Bobby Cruz and I am running for Governor. Law enforcement is one of the most important aspects of our society and is the key to it running smoothly and safely. I want you to know that I appreciate what each and every one of you do on a daily basis for our community. I would love your input on how our campaign can improve in supporting you. Here are some questions I'd like to pose to all of you: What percentage of tax do you feel is sufficient for you to run an efficient, quality and successful police force? and What kind of gun control laws would you like to see implemented in our society that would best decrease the amount of violent crime? Thank you all for your time! Please feel free to visit my campaign home, linked below, and ask me any questions! All the best, Bobby Cruz
  22. Bobby Cruz for Governor!

    Thank you for visiting the home of our campaign and welcome! I will be posting updates here as they come. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Bobby Cruz. Just like you, I am a citizen of Identity. I think we can all agree that we are incredibly excited for this game to become a reality. Personally, I am eager to see what my fellow citizens choose to do with their lives. Will you pursue a career in law enforcement and bravely commit yourself to protecting others? Will you become a successful, innovative businessperson and provide great products and services to the people of Identity? Perhaps you are a creative mind and will opt to become an artist, interior decorator or furniture designer. No matter what path you choose in Identity, it is critical for you to be able to live your life, fulfill your roles and enjoy yourself in a community that is happy, safe, and equal. After much thought, I have decided to announce my campaign for Governor. My goal that I commit to you, the citizens, is to provide a community that is constantly harboring a place for your opinions on important matters. Governing is not a one-person job. Having as much input as possible from our citizens is key to a successful, transparent and well-functioning government and society. Our Goals If elected, the government will run on three essential platforms: Involvement, Ideas and Impact. Let me explain: INVOLVEMENT This is the foundation of my campaign and will be the foundation of our government if I am elected. In order to successfully carry out my role as governor, I am asking for input from all citizens no matter your background. Each and every one of your opinions matters to me and are vital to shaping a society for our citizens. Involvement is open to anyone and everyone who is willing to sacrifice their valuable time for the betterment of our society. Opportunities for involvement will include being able to serve on the Governor’s Cabinet, multiple committees across a variety of disciplines such as labor, environment, public policy, and ethics, as well as citizen polls and votes to directly provide the government with your opinion. IDEAS Once you become involved, whether it be through the cabinet, committees or taking part in frequent polls and votes, your ideas have the potential to become reality. Have an idea about public policy that you would love to see implemented in our community? Are you unhappy with a recent governing decision and want to voice your opinion for change? Maybe you are living in an area experiencing an unusually high amount of crime and want to establish a neighborhood watch program. All of these are possible and we want to hear about it. As your governor, I promise you that my team and I will evaluate every single one of your ideas with seriousness, professionalism and promptness. Not one idea gets overlooked in my office. I want to implement your ideas into our community to make it a better place. IMPACT Lastly, your ideas become impactful in the community. This is where your ideas about how our community is governed are put in place. When your idea successfully makes it through and is approved by voters, our citizens, we take immediate action to implement it. My commitment to you is that I will enforce these new ideas to the fullest extent of my authority. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that we have covered the platforms, I will move on to my stances on important issues facing our world today. I will do my best to keep it short and sweet, and I will welcome your questions at any time! Issues TAXES Tax percentages of income and how they will be distributed are yet to be determined. This is one of the biggest and most controversial parts of a government thus it is a work in progress. I would like to bring on a committed campaign team that I can collaborate with to pursue this venture. Please see “Involvement Opportunities” below for more information on how you can become a part of the campaign. EQUALITY Every citizen has the right to pursue any opportunity they desire, so long as it follows the law, no matter their background. I am committed to ensuring that this is enforced, maintained and improved upon throughout my term. HEALTHCARE Healthcare is a right for all people. I believe that it should be provided, free of cost, to all of our citizens. Funding will be provided primarily through taxes. GUN CONTROL A controversial matter that is of utmost importance. Guns will be very difficult to obtain in our community. Prospects will have to complete an intensive background check, training programs and psychiatric analyses before being considered for a gun permit. DRUG LAWS Illicit drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine will be illegal. Marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco will be fully legalized. JOBS AND MINIMUM WAGE My goal is for every citizen to have a job or career that they enjoy and that they can make a decent living off of. Minimum wage will be set at $15 to ensure that citizens can provide themselves with the basic necessities to live. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES Our campaign is currently looking for a number of individuals to assist us across all categories. Please direct message me for an application. Current Openings: Campaign Advisors ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Bobby Cruz for Governor Campaign is a committed supporter and volunteer for the Human Rights Preservation Organization. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you all very much for taking the time to read my post. Please feel free to ask questions, either on this post or through direct message. I look forward to the future of this campaign and the future of our community!
  23. Hello fellow police officers I am here to notify you that I am officially running for governor since yesterday. If I am elected I promise to set aside 30% of taxes to give to police work for better weapons, bullet proof vests, stronger vehicles, better tech, and build on more checkpoint each year in my term. I hope I have your vote to make a brighter beginning for Identity Island.
  24. im Running For Governer of the Island please vote for Sebastian Triton. i will make the taxes VERY low $0 to $20,00 is %2 tax rate $20,000 to 40,000 is 4% tax rate And every $20,000 it will go up 2% Businesses rate is 2% honestly i don't believe in global warming but if you do then thats fine I Don't think there should be a death penalty i don't think we should have too many drug policys but some Drugs i think should be outlawed i think people should have gun licence but also i think some guns should be exclusively for cops and the SWAT and some guns should be outlawed Completely for everyone
  25. Hello my name is Thomas Hetch and I am running for governor. I am the founder and CEO of a unnamed security company I think it is important that I should be elected governor because I believe that we need a safe, fair, and prosperous state. Since I know how to run a business I can use the economy to our advantage. If you want proof of how successful Hetch Tech is then you will see when a new branch come to Ash Hill. I think that all races, sexual orientations, religions, and political statuses should be welcome with loving arms in this great state. If you have any ideas or questions then just tell me in the replies. Thank You and don't be afraid to be heard and vote. Last of all my slogan is if you have the ability to help then you have the responsibility to help. This means that if you have a lot of money the you should donate a fair share of it to a charity. My platform right under this. Thanks, Hetch