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Found 22 results

  1. So i have not seen any posts on Federal Units so thought i'd post. I need you guys opinion weather this will work or not? because until the developers make some uniform or even making unmarked cars we cant do much. Just thought it will be a good idea especially when it comes to riots and so on even thought there is police already and probably swat to do that, but the idea of having a separate division would be amazing. Give your thoughts?
  2. Kibo To Yume Law Firm

    Disclaimer: This post, the discord, and the website is still a work in progress and is not the final business. About us The expert team of attorneys at Kibo To Yume Law Firm has considerable experience in insurance defense, commercial litigation, medical liability and employment law, and an outstanding trial record. From thorough investigation and careful evaluation of your case, to timely and knowledgeable advice, with an uncompromising focus on results, PLF provides the attention, expertise, and cost-effectiveness of a smaller law firm with the full-service and strong regional presence typical of a large law firm. Established in 2016, we have vigorously defended our clients in all types of lawsuits, from medical malpractice to employment issues, business disputes and general liability. Price List of Legal Services You can go to our discord and talk to a lawyer about consultation. Consultation - $75 an Hour Representation in Court - $100 an Hour Drafting Statement of Claims, Contracts, and Other Documents - $75 an Hour Establishing a Company/Organisation/Association in Court - $350+ Current Positions Lawyer/Attorney(2/5) Receptionist(0/1) How to apply Go to our discord and apply there. Qualifications: -Pass our Bar Exam Test -16+ years of age -Own the game -Excellent customer service skills -Resume(Preferred) Website & Discord
  3. Shady Inc - Defense Lawyers

    Shady Inc // ABOUT US // Shady Inc is a prestigious law firm with its clients best interests in mind. It was founded in 1998 by Jepp, and has been consistently growing since then. We take great pride in protecting all our clients against harassment from police, and protecting the freedom to do business as the business owners see fit. // HIRING // Shady Inc is currently hiring new lawyers. If you would like to apply for a position, please message @jeppevinkel. We would be happy to hear from you, and discuss the details of the position. If you'd like any more information about the company or our partners, please check our website // COMPANY EMPLOYEES // President: @jeppevinkel CEO: N/A COO: N/A CFO: N/A Board of Directors: N/A Lawyers: Dag Ross // JOB DESCRIPTIONS // President: The president handles all operations in the company. He is the final chain in all decisions made by the company. Chief Executive Officer: The CEO handles all business operations. He/she handles all business opportunities, decisions, and choices. Chief Operations Officer: Handles most operations. Supervises choices, decisions, and takes over for CEO when he/she is away. Chief Financial Officer: Handles all financial decisions, he/she also manages financial issues, financial choices, etc. Board of Directors: The BoD handles issues with the company. Lawyers: The lawyers are tasked with defending our clients to the best of their extend in any case they've been given. // INVESTORS // Investors will get a percentage of the profit. All investors are listed below, if you'd like to invest in our company please message the president or CFO. Company Name: Company Name:
  4. Identity Law Firm

    Your Identity is everything to you, so, why let the law get in the way of being who and what you are. Who you are? That's up to you and how you present yourself. What you are? Your innocent of course! And I can prove it. Evidence? What evidence?! Witness? What witness?! Let me defend you or your corporation today!
  5. Pilot

    How about a career in Aviation where players from all over the map can travel from one place to another. The airplane must be owned and maintained by the pilot and people pay them to be taken to places. You could also choose to work under a business man who hires you. You could also become a third eye for the Police by flying Helicopters and serving the Law.
  6. DEA

    So if I become a DEA agent in the game, what keeps a gang I'm infiltrating from looking into my background and seeing I'm with Law Enforcement? With an online game I feel as though that's something easy to detect with just a few searches...
  7. my party is in need of someone with experience in management and legal consultancy please contact me if interested (pay will be discussed during the interview but we can not pay anyone until the game has been published and the pay will only be in game currency)
  8. Lawyers

    Are Lawyers a type or job/job class in the game where people can be Lawyers in the game?
  9. Hello, I have decided to follow suit of the other candidates running for governor and have started a campaign, myself. My name is Gentino and an important role as governor would be to manage the taxes and put the appropriate amount of funds into each government facilities. Right now, I can't promise a set tax percentage to the police department but I can take time to hear your ideas! You see, the police, whether local or state, should have a say in the political process. Therefore, I would like to know about what you'd like to see as a law enforcement officer. The sooner we all can get an understanding of a generalized "want" the sooner we can act on making sure that "want" happens. We need you prepared. There is no doubt that crime won't raid the streets of Identity Island but with your help we could suppress it, strategically. What do I mean by that? Instead of always pushing on the offence; arrests, ticketing, etc. We could take it to the next level to make sure honest-citizens are being appreciated for following the laws. How?. Incentives! Police Precincts could host fairs or festivals towards honest-citizens which will encourage them to continue following the law. We want to make the laws attractive and thank the ones obeying them. I hope we can come together and make this happen. Feel free to ask questions and remember: "A Vote For Me, Will Be A Vote For A Strong Government Start Off."
  10. Detectives?

    How will detectives work? Is my question, will they be assigned to a case if there's been a player murder and if so how will the investigation work, will there be evidence that could be used in court that only a detective can find or will they just question people and extract information?
  11. It would be nice if we could draw up a legal contract for agreements made by people in game. Like for example for services rendered or purchases with payment plans etc. That way we could take them to court if the don't pay up. Just an idea.
  12. So I was wondering, are there going to be any chance of going to court to fight cases or do you get convicted right away and just got to jail/prison? I think it would be a really good way to make more money plus give users an alternative in the justice field, I thought it would be a good idea to have to users argue cases for the defendant and the prosecution then, have a jury of their peers (other users) and decide a players fate. Just an idea guys, what do you think about it?
  13. The Great Nation of PrezLegend

    I, PrezLegend have wisely constructed an alliance of Businesses, Military, and Police Officers all together under the loyalty to PrezLegend as Governor. Royal Guard: Alpha Military Corporation Businesses: Police Officers:

    As a current law student I want to be able to be a lawyer in this game, will there be lawyers? will you be able to start your own law firm to have an open business for players in need of a lawyer to come in and express their needs, etc.
  15. The Xilion Law Practise

    Xilion Law Practise “veritas semper vincit” > Company Website < Ever since the dawn of society, man has practised a system of rules and regulations to maintain order. Those who would not abide by the rules would be punished. Because criminal activity and punishment is, and has always been, a point-of-view area of expertise, legal representation has always been a certain necessity in order to safeguard the innocent. In the modern era, with so many laws in place, it is quite understandable the average man does not know his rights and limitations. What may seem as a perfectly allowed action can sometimes cause severe legal action. We understand you; and we are there for you! The Xilion Law Practise, established in 1987 by Abraham M. Crow has a formidable record of serving well over 1500 cases at an 81% success rate. We specialize in both criminal justice and financial law, but have served with excellence in most other fields as well. Currently ran by Abraham’s son Barry L. Crow (LL.M), the firm is ever growing and ready to take your case head-on! Some additional facts: - Legal aid for anyone; if you require assistance in understanding your legal situation, we are there for you. We carefully explain in ‘plain English’ what your situation is and what your options are; - More than a case; we are also adept at permanent legal representation as a family lawyer or corporate legal assistant. - Pro Deo work; because we want to give back to the community. We deeply care for the less fortunate; - No situation too tough; because we believe in you and will do our very best to help you out. Important note: We are currently moving offices. As such, our address will change in the foreseeable future. We will keep you updated! (i.e. I don’t have a place to stay yet in the world ) NEW!! The Xilion Law Practise is hiring! Are you an aspiring (young) professional with a knack for the wondrous world of legal? Then we have need of you! The following positions are open: - Administrative clerk / Secretary; - Trainee Legal; - Senior Lawyer; In order to apply, please fill out the below form: (Form to be added soon!) Lastly; thank you for your time, and when you are in a pickle, remember that we are there for you, always! Kindest regards, Barry L. Crow
  16. Setting Precendent

    Hey! I wasn't sure if this would go on this section of the forums, but due to it being about the law, I figured it would be. Throughout history, important court cases have been used to set precedent over certain matters (Roe v. Wade, Brown v. Board, etc.). These cases range from civil rights to repeals and revisions on laws deemed unconstitutional. My question is this, and forgive me if it's been asked. Will different court cases be recorded and documented, and allowed to be used in future court cases as precedent to shape our law? Thanks!
  17. Pulling over someone?

    so we all know there is a system in the law enforcement that officers can pull over someone not just by opening sirens but also sending a request to a player to pull over as a cop. but lets say he refused will he be automatically a criminal and change the pulling over status to a high speed fire in need chase??? and if a cop pulled over someone before 5 mins can the officer pull him over again after 5 minutes more or lets say 30 mins?
  18. Law Enforcement Ideas & Suggestions

    My ideas and suggestions for Law Enforcement in the game By @Indoorseeker If you have any questions please ask Outline 1 Mission, Vision, Core Values, Code of Ethics 2 Hiring Process 3 Hierarchy and Rank 4 Organizational Chart 5 Real life levels of Law Enforcement in the United States 6 In Game levels of Law Enforcement 7 Real life population ratios versus In Game population ratios 8 Law Enforcement Presence 9 Duties and functions 10 Tools, Gear, Equipment, Uniforms, Vehicles 1 Law Enforcement Mission, Vision, Core Values, Code of Ethics These are important for any real law enforcement agency to have as these items are often the foundation of what makes your agency and what your agency strives for. (Example) Mission Our mission is to safeguard the lives, rights and property of the people we serve; to reduce the incidence and fear of crime; and to enhance public safety while working with our community to improve their quality of life. Vision It is our vision to make our community one of the safest and most enjoyable places to live and to be a leader in public safety. Core Values Professionalism, Honor, Integrity, Courage, Excellence Law Enforcement Code of Ethics As a Law Enforcement Officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the Constitutional rights of all men to liberty, equality and justice. I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all; maintain courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn, or ridicule; develop self-restraint; and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others. Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life, I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my department. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in my official capacity will be kept ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my duty. I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise for crime and with relentless prosecution of criminals, I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favor, malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities. I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I accept it as a public trust to be held so long as I am true to the ethics of the police service. I will constantly strive to achieve these objectives and ideals, dedicating myself before God* to my chosen enforcement. *footnote... individuals not obligated or required to mention God in their oath if they choose. 2 The Hiring Process In real life a person applying and testing to become a police officer will usually go through the following steps: apply to agency, participate in written and physical test, your application good scores will help place you on the agency candidate list, agency conducts oral board interview, one on one interview, background check, psychological test, doctors physical, final interview and official offer of employment. After the offer of employment the person would go into a probationary period of employment and start training with in the agency and then go to an academy usually within the first 6 months of hire. To my knowledge, game creators have said that there will be an application process that is a quiz and/or test that players will be required to take and that will determine if they can become a law enforcement officer or not. This quiz and/or test will be an automatic function on official servers to my understanding. 3 Hierarchy and Rank It is my suggestion and recommendation that the law enforcement agency on the game identity be the Sheriff's Office. I will explain more later. Sheriff Under sheriff Major Captain Sergeant Corporal Deputy Recruit 4 Organizational Chart Please refer to the attached image LE ORGANIZATIONAL CHART below 5 Real life levels of Law Enforcement in the United States Federal- federal agencies police all over the nation and usually respond at the request of state, local, and municipal agencies. State- the state police or state patrol polices the entire state, mainly on highways. County- the sheriff's office polices in all areas of the county, especially unincorporated cities and towns. Municipal - a police department polices in an incorporated city. 6 In Game levels of Law Enforcement As seen suggested on the forum, the population capacity on official servers is hoped to be about 300 players. Realistically for the game, it would be best to have one law enforcement agency that operates in order to save time, resources, and server space. I am suggesting it be a Sheriff's Office because Municipal Agencies in real life only patrol with in the city limits of the incorporated city they are based in. The county sheriff's office patrols all areas of the county, incorporated or not. And when you have a county who's population is really small, similar to the 300 player capacity in the game, it would be the sheriff's office that is the law enforcement presence in the area. You would not see a police department until a city was large enough to become incorporated. Also, the sheriff in real life is an elected official as well as a sworn in law enforcement officer. If this part was implemented into the game, it could provide an interesting feature to the game and role play environment. 7 Real life population ratios versus In Game population ratios In real life, according to FBI statistics, the average ratio of law enforcement officers to the general population is about 2 officers for every 1,000 people. So realistically, 300 people would only require one officer technically, but for role play and immersion there will be more people playing as police officers. I would recommend not going more than 10 % or 30 officers on a server. The other thing to think about is that Law Enforcement agencies are paid with tax payer money. Taxes are collected and a portion is reserved to pay for public safety and law enforcement wages. So if the official server is implemented to be as realistic as possible, the island government may not even have enough funds to pay for a lot of law enforcement officers. 8 Law Enforcement Presence In real life, on a shift, police generally break up their patrol area into different sections. This is especially true for a sheriff's office that covers a lot of square miles. Each section is assigned an officer or officers that will patrol that area or section for the duration of their shift. In scenarios where there is a request for additional officers to assist or an emergency dictates more officers, officers in that area or from different sections will respond to meet the need of the scenario. Not everyone would respond all at once, depending on the emergency or situation, but if a request is made or needed, 1 or 2 other officers will break off from their normal patrol and go to where the officer is needed to assist. 9 Duties and functions It is the duty of law enforcement to protect and serve. Both protecting and enforcing the law as well as protecting the individual lives, rights and property of the people they serve. The primary force of law enforcement is on the road. Thus a Patrol Division. The presence of officers on the road and the best coverage on the road is the best deterrent of crime and the fear of crime. The secondary force would be corrections. From small to large counties, the sheriff's office is responsible for the county jail and the smallest of agencies do not separate Sheriff's Deputies and Corrections Officers. For the purpose of the game, it would be best to train and use officers to fulfill the role and function of both Deputies on the road and Deputies in corrections. The third and forth force, investigations and special operations in the largest of agencies will have their own divisions but not always full time. The majority of agencies use already existing officers to fulfill the role of Special Weapons And Tactics. For the purpose of the game, normal officers can be used to fulfill the roles and duties of detectives, swat, air support, drug task force, gang task force, etc as they are needed when situations arise. The best use of resources is to have an officer that has multiple functions and can perform multiple types of tasks and responsibilities. 10 Tools, Gear, Equipment, Uniforms, Vehicles In real life this includes Duty belt Ballistic vest Vest carrier Holsters Firearms, pistol, rifle, shotgun Tasers Flashlights Baton Handcuffs Magazines Radio equipment OC/Pepper Spray Uniform and additional things like coats, etc. Gear bag First Aid Riot Gear Police Barriers Police Vehicle I am really interested to see an in depth customization of uniforms and equipment in the game. Please let me know if you have any questions. Family First, Mission Always. Stay Safe.
  19. LPU - Lawyers and Loans

    Welcome to the LPU, What you are about to read will be happening whether we are in or out of office. Lawyers A lot of the city will be going to jail at some point in their lives. This can leave a very bad impact on their records. To help save you from these troubles we have created a Lawyer Firm. We have a team of highly trained Lawyers (All have been taught and taken through tough training). Whether it be for pity crimes or mass murders we are here to help. Follow the link to our website for prices and more! Loans The loan system works differently. We allow any loans to be taken for a specified amount of time. When the loan is paid back we will add a 10% starting interest and then 9% for every day starting then. e.g A 10K loan is taken for 10 days the expected return price is 26K However a loan can be paid back before the date specified and you will only be charged the amount needed for the amount of days you borrowed for.
  20. Hunter Law

    Welcome to Hunter Law Our Mission Is Your Success _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Us Hunter Law was founded on a handshake in 1984 dedicated to providing the best advice and expertise at high levels. We have achieved extraordinary results following the distinctive visions of our founder Hunter Everette. A cohesive team of lawyers intensely focused solving our clients' most important and problematic issues. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our Mission Here at Hunter Law, we want to satisfy our customers needs in any means necessary. Our team of experience lawyers will act jointly and search through files upon files to find and help our customers. No matter how difficult the task may be, Hunter Law will support, advice and help our customers to gratify their problems. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Practices Bankruptcy Law Bankruptcy law applies to the insolvency problems of individuals as well as organizations. This type of law issues directly from the Constitution and is in the domain of Federal law, though State laws have an important effect on bankruptcy procedure. Corporate Law Corporate law involves the formation, dissolution, and all other legal aspects of the administration of corporations. Typical duties of corporate lawyers include mergers, acquisitions, internal reorganization, or disputes between corporations and individuals concerning liability, patents, and compliance with state and federal law, as well as international accords. Civil Rights Law Civil rights law aims to balance competing interests between institutions of government on the one hand and individuals or groups of individuals on the other. Lawyers in such practice may work on cases involving discrimination and unfair practices that infringe on rights and liberties such as expression, employment, housing, education, or other entitlements. Criminal Law Criminal law focuses on behaviors that are sanctioned under criminal code and defined as illegal. Prosecutors and District Attorneys sanction illegal behavior, while criminal defense lawyers represent clients accused of criminal activity. Both prosecution and defense professionals deal with issues of individual liberty, basic rights, and responsibilities. Intellectual Property Law Intellectual Property law focuses on protecting the rights of inventors, authors, and businesses to their tangible and intangible creations, inventions and symbols. Legal professionals in this field are often experts in a particular domain, such as science, the arts, or an industry. For example, trademark or copyright attorneys manage the legal aspects of contracts, visual identity, brand names, or slogans. Labour Law Labor law is concerned with the relations between workers and their employers on matters ranging from wages and compensation, through harassment, to discrimination based on gender, disability, or age. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Structure CEO: Dramagold Co-CEO: Open (1) Director of Finance: Open (1) Director of Marketing: Open (1) Director of Operations: Open (1) Lawyers: Open (Unlimited Amount) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recruitment Any person wishing to join this establishment will have a background check. There are a couple of requirements. 1-No Criminal Record 2-Active Player 3-Previous experience Once someone joins Hunter Law, they will be on a lease to stay with the business for at least 1 week (real time) then they can quit if they wish to. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (This thread is a work in progress and is viable to change, Thank you for your time) PM ME FOR JOB OFFERS
  21. Apply today if you want to join our ever-growing team of law professionals and bring justice to our clients! We are currently hiring for all positions, which include: Senior Partner Senior partners are battle-hardened lawyers that know all of the ins and outs of the law process. While this position has the highest pay, it also has the highest commitment and responsibility. Responsibilities include leading teams of partners, serving on the board of executives to decide the direction of the company, and in some cases working directly with our most important clients. Partner Partners are certified attorneys-at-law that have studied the law enough to pass the bar exam, an entry level exam for all law professionals. Moderate pay and commitment. Responsibilities include working alone or with teams of other partners on client cases. Associate Associates are not yet attorneys, studying under the watchful eye and helpful insight of the partners and senior partners of the law firm to pass the bar exam. Minimum pay and commitment. Responsibilities include clerical tasks and client initial interaction and interviewing. Fill out the application below and send to Mike8789! Age (InRealLife): Character Name: Character Background: Why you want to join Clout: Rank preference (Associate, Partner, Senior Partner): *Keep in mind that the character name and background sections may be changed before the release of the final game.
  22. With all the crime there must be lawyers . There can be straight laced fighting for the cause lawyers and lawyers that can be crooked and help the Mobs. Governemnt- what type of town will this be? Will there be mayors and political aspects of people who keep order? Could be fun!