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Found 3 results

  1. The Great Nation of PrezLegend

    I, PrezLegend have wisely constructed an alliance of Businesses, Military, and Police Officers all together under the loyalty to PrezLegend as Governor. Royal Guard: Alpha Military Corporation Businesses: Police Officers:
  2. As future governor I must say the police force is the most important aspect of the game. Due to the fact that crime in the city will be ridiculously high I'll need many brave players willing to risk their lives in order to protect the city's businesses, people, and daily lives in general. As governor I have the capability to write and enact laws. Including laws that enact wages for our officers. I believe officers or any form of police service should be awarded the highest game career pay. Support The Great Monarchy and don't be shy to give your input, I'd like to build a good conversation.
  3. As a governor candidate, I must ask, what type of game government would you all be interested in? - Always, PrezLegend