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Found 27 results

  1. Greetings, fellow citizens of Identity Island. I heavily desire to produce a political compass that consists of every single party's spectrum within the compass. If possible, may one please copy and paste the following image in order to apply your party into this compass?: The People's Revolutionary Party's IDEAL is located on the compass, which symbolizes a "Red Dot" on the compass:
  2. |Red Star Limousines| Join our discord! For special benefits! Take a peek at our new website! Edit: We have rebranded from Emore Transportation Services edit: since identity took us by surprise on how much it wasn’t finished we have gone to a Newman game and will no longer be red star limousines for identity rpg “On time. Everytime. Rain or Shine.” Red Star Limousines is a private transportation service based in Ash Hill Town SquareWhether it be wanting to have a little space while going to the airport, or wanting to have a private partyWith your friends we got you covered varying from yachts,limousine’s,Commericial SUV’s etc.• Prices as low as 125$ an hour• As many people as you want• Friendly Certified Drivers• Any weather transportation• 24/7 Any location RSL Provides Plenty of Job just sign up an Application and you will be ready to go! Job Possibilities • Limo Driver (1/200 • Party Bus driver (0/100 • Yacht Driver(0/50) • Customer Service(0/20) • Carpool Driver0/400) • COO (1/1) • CFO(0/1) Red Star Limousines provides transportation to any location whether it be your home,airport,work etc we got you covered, whether you need a party bus,limousine,SUV or a Exotic vehicle you can count on us to satisfy your transportation needs CONTACT US: EMORE.IDENTITY@GMAIL.COM PHONE: COMING SOON! Hello thank you for taking your time to read this We are still in the editing process for our public buisness website You can now apply for a Job on our website (limo driver,yacht captain etc) We are a private transportation Service striving to satisfy your transportation needs Whether it’s needing a ride to the airport,to your house or just wanting to drive in style Don’t worry we got you covered Thank you for taking your time to read this “Ontime. Every time. Rain or shine.” *note company will be fully released after the release of the town square module For more information sign up for our newsletter on our website or contact us *We are open to buisness partners Please email us if you are interested *Due to complaints we have rebranded the company from Emore Transportation Services to Red Star Limousines due to the mouthful of words that Emore brough
  3. Political Party Database

    Political Party Database After having looked at some other boards within the forums, I had noticed that we don't really have a place to find information on the most popular, upcoming political parties here on Identity, except for via The Podium board which would require you to scroll through numerous threads and pages to find the right party for you. I wanted to make this thread to try and group together the most common parties with some information as to who leads it, what the parties believe in and their policies. I also understand that as politics will be one of the final aspects induced into the final game, there hasn't been much need for a post like this, however, many are still interested in the political aspect and I'm always willing to add new parties in to the list via request. If you would like your party added, send me a private message on the forums, or, much more preferably via Discord (ItsDev#3140). I would also like to ask the leaders of the parties mentioned - or those who wish for their parties to be added - to contact me in regards to writing a brief description which best describes their party and the views in which their parties share. The Hamilton Party Leader: @BrianHamilton Website: THP Campaign Thread: The Hamilton Party Brief Description: The Hamilton Party believes in creating a safer and more equal community through protecting the citizens of Identity from hate crime whilst also working to improve funding for the emergency services such as Law Enforcement, Medical Service and the Fire & Rescue Service, whilst also creating more job opportunities for those unemployed. The Royal Family Party Leader: @LuciousTimes Thread: Mr. Lucious Times For Governor ( The Royal Family Party ) Brief Description: A party known for having peace and unity forever. Founded and led by Lucious Times with his other government officials The Royal Family truly is a family. With views both conservative and liberal, the party tends to find favor with all. Being the eldest current party, The Royal Family has set legacy and intends to continue that walk in its existence. Gene Smith Candidate: @GeneSmith Thread: Gene Smith for Governor The People's Revolutionary Party Leader: @DLimit Thread: The People's Revolutionary Party (P.R.P) Brief Description: The People's Revolutionary Party is a Direct-Democratic Communist party that desires to provide individuals with Universal food, clothing, shelter, energy, healthcare, education, and transportation. It appeals to the "Mass-Line Struggle" as a means towards fulfilling the needs, demands, and requests of the working-class citizens of Identity Island via "The People's Revolutionary General Assembly", in-which citizens shall be capable of electing Constitutional Laws and policies through direct-democratic means. Français National Leader: @FrancePourLaVie Thread: Français National {FN} The Technocratic Party Leader: @Anonymous_Citizen Website: Technocracy Identity Thread: The Technocracy Party Brief Description: The Technocratic Party believes that government should be "governed by the capable." Leaders are chosen based upon their individual skill-sets, determining their most strategic position in the nation's structure. The party changes its policies in order to reflect scientific truths and discoveries. The core policies of the Technocratic Party are based upon the principles of strategy, growth, and vigilance with each principle acting as an equal driving force. The Identity Party of America Leader: @ThomasHetch Thread: The Identity Party of America
  4. About The Parties

    Can we will create our spesific parties or are we will should to use Identity's default parties? I am searching this question's answer. Please tell me. Regards.
  5. SOUL'D OUT - NIGHT CLUB Title: SOUL'D OUT Owner: Jeru Jones Type of Business: Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar 1. Primary ~ Night Club 2. Secondary ~ Bar 3. Tertiary ~ Restaurant Slogan: N/A (VOTE IN POLLS!) Location: Ash Hill, Roseport, or Turtle Beach Theme: Disco, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, R&B, and Hip Hop "Soul'd Out" is a Night Club that also functions as a bar and a restaurant, which also hosts live events and performances by either official bands or the attendees within the club. Special events may include: 1. Disco/80s Night 2. Spoken-Word Poetry Night (Self-explanatory) 3. Expressive Art Night (Gallery) 4. Lady's Discount Night (Discounted price for women) 5. Dance Contest 6. Costume Night & Contest 7. SOUL'D OUT RAFFLE (Paid Lottery with Reward) 8. Chess/Checkers Tournament (Day & Night) 9. Poker Night (If Available) 10. Karaoke Night 11. Buy Two, Get One Free (Alcohol) 12. "Fight Night" AND MANY MORE.... -------------------------------------------- NOW HIRING!: 1. Co-Owner (Resume and Interview Mandatory) 2. Bartenders (1-2) 3. Servers (2-4) 4. Chefs (2-3) 5. Out-Door Security (1-2) 6. In-Door Security (2-4) 7. Transporters (1-2) 8. DJs (1-2) 9. Cleaners (1-2) NOW ACCEPTING!: 1. Musicians/Bands 2. Poets 3. Painters 4. Dancers SEARCHING FOR: 1. Brewery Companies 2. Farmers 3. Herdsman/Hunters 4. Interior-Designers etc... ------------------------------------------------- RULES: 1. Any firearms or blades, whether legal or illegal, shall be seized and stored within a security lock box until your departure from the club. 2. LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS OF THE STATE: - Law enforcement agents, whether on-duty or off-duty, are NOT permitted to enter the club. A Law enforcement agent of the state/county/island MUST present the owner or vice-owner with a warrant in order to enter the premises. Failure to abide by such a policy shall result in being charged with "trespassing". - Any individual that discloses any information regarding the actions that were committed within the club to any on-duty or off-duty agents of the police department, the judicial courts, or any other "Law-enforcement agent of the state/county/island" shall undergo a long-term suspension that is determined by the owner of the club (in-between one month to six months). The second case shall result in a permanent ban. - Any individual that voluntarily invites a "Law-enforcement Agent of the state/county/island" shall undergo a long-term suspension that is determined by the owner of the club (in-between two weeks to six months). The second case shall result in a permanent ban. A "Law-enforcement agent of the state/county/island" may include but is not limited to: - Any member of The Police Department - A judge (unless granted permission via an invitation) - A state/county/island-attorney (unless granted permission via an invitation) - A third-party contractor that is contracted to the state/county/island (unless granted permission via an invitation) 3. Any form of racial, gender-based, sex-based, sexual-based, disability-based, religious-based, and age-based discrimination is heavily prohibited within the club. 4. The consumption of cigarettes and marijuana shall be permitted as long as it is in accordance with the Law. However, individuals are prohibited from transporting and/or consuming "out-door food and beverages" within the club. (Read those words again) 5. Alongside with a service or entrance fee during events, individuals are obligated to spend a minimum amount of $20.00 per hour within the night club. Failure to abide by such policy would result in being removed from the premises for "loitering" and potentially "trespassing". 6. Zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment within the club. Any individual that sexually harasses another individual, with evidence, shall be suspended from the premises for two weeks. After two weeks, if the individual commits the identical offense, the subject shall be permanently banned from the premises. 7. Purchasing customers are capable of advertising their companies within the club to a limited degree. One cannot distribute pamphlets, flyers, posters, or business cards for free without the permission of either the "Owner" or "Co-Owner" of the club. However, if a business owner desires to advertise their company within a club, the business shall be expected to provide "Soul'd Out" with an "Advertising Fee". The fee could either be purchased "up-front" or in the form of purchasing an X amount of dollars worth of food and beverages. 8. Any act of violence that disrupts the flow of the business shall be prohibited on the premises (fight outside).
  6. Time For A Debate

    TO ALL CURRENT LEADERS OF A POLITICAL PARTY. I invite all current leaders of a political party in Identity to engage in a debate with me on the Official Identity Discord Server, The IPO Discord Server or The Identity Life Server. Due to recent attacks at me, I call for this debate to very soon (within a few days). If interested please let me know in the replies section. Thank you, -Marie Clare Bouchard.
  7. UNITED LIBERTY PARTY PLATFORM Principles and Goals TAXES: Higher taxes on large corporations. Upper, middle, and lower class workers will have generally low taxes. ECONOMY: Mixed economy with limited government involvement to ensure economic stability. RELIGION: The right to freely exercise one’s faith is guaranteed by law. Religious practices may be restricted if they pose a threat to public safety. GAY MARRIAGE: Support gay marriage IMMIGRATION: Support allowing immigrants legally into the country after being screened. Persons who are found to be illegal residents will face charges of illegal immigration and will attend hearings where a proper punishment will be settled upon. Deportation is an option for certain cases. EDUCATION: No tuition for primary public educational facilities. Low tuition for state-subsidized universities. Will have government sponsored loan programs with minimal interest. HEALTHCARE: Universal health care. All members of the society will receive health care, no matter their social and economic status. ENERGY: Support clean energy sources, and hope to have at least 75% of the grid powered by clean energy sources, including nuclear and solar energy. Will regulate fossil energy sources. Funding will also be put into experimental energy sources, such as wind, tidal, geothermal, and fusion plants. ENVIRONMENT: Find it important to protect the environment and to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible. Excessive air pollution caused by companies will result in fines. GUNS: Support the right to own a firearm. Want sufficient background checks to ensure that criminals do not purchase firearms. DEFENSE: Believe in reducing military spending in order to fund other government programs. The money saved from reducing military spending could be used to issue grants to educational facilities, modernize police utilities, and reduce the taxes caused by universal health care. DEATH PENALTY: Against the death penalty in all circumstances. The United Liberty Party finds that the death penalty is immoral and sometimes results in the wrongful execution of an innocent citizen. PROTESTS: Support a citizen’s right to assemble, as long as it does not cause an issue of public safety or disrupt the rights of other citizens. Laws All citizens will be brought to a court of law and tried upon breaking a law, less heinous crimes will result in a fine that must be paid within a week of issuance. Citizens may have an attorney present during questioning and/or their trial. An attorney will be provided if the defendant cannot afford one. (Note: Prison time for offences are listed alongside the crime) Driving Offences (3 speeding tickets will result in revocation of driver’s license) Speeding - $50 Driving without a license - $100 General Offences Hate crime - $200 Resisting arrest - 30 Minutes Police evasion - 30 Minutes Possession of an illegal firearm - confiscation of weapon + 30 Minutes Violent Offences Assault - 1 Hour Assaulting an officer - 1.5 Hours Vehicular manslaughter - 2 Hours Manslaughter - 2.5 Hours Murder- 3 Hours Robbery (Discharging a firearm during robbery will add 1 hour) Theft under $1,000 - 15 Minutes Theft of $1,000-$5,000 - 30 Minutes Theft of $5,000-$10,000 - 1 Hours Theft over 10,000 - 1.5 Hours (+45 minutes every $10,000) Drugs (Note that you can be charged with multiple drug crimes i.e. intent to distribute + possession, or possession of marijuana + possession of cocaine) Possession of illegal drugs - confiscation + 15 Minutes Intent to distribute illegal drugs- confiscation + 30 Minutes Intent to purchase illegal drugs- confiscation + 15 Minutes THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to read our political party platform. I am George America and I am the current Chairman of the United Liberty Party. Please feel free to identify with my party if you see that it suites your views, I hope to host party conventions in the future for all of our members. Vote George America Governor for a better future. Feel free to contact me through messages at anytime for any reason you see fit. Current Leadership Chairman: America Vice Chair: Maserati Vice Chair: Ferrari Secretary: Abyssal Treasurer: Porsche
  8. Hello, I represent the Identity Party Data service used to poll citizens about party alliance and approval. I'm here to establish contact with all major or minor parties of the Identity game so I am able to gain the most accurate and relevant data. Currently we are holding a poll to establish a base for all data, I ask all political parties to help push the poll to your supporters so I may gain the most relevant data and provide the most accurate data for any political party. Because of the five messages a day limit with the messenger, I am currently only able to start contact with a few parties for now. If you are a party leader can you please check your messages to establish contact with me. If you currently don't have a message from me, I will try to contact you tomorrow when I am able to. I hope to provide the most accurate and reliable data to the citizens and to provide statistics on the polls and approval ratings. I will make a more detailed post later that will establish what the main goal as well as all the priorities of the IPD to the whole of the political climate. NanoSpace
  9. Everybody gonna lose their mind.
  10. I was wondering, would Identity allow any sort of third party developers to come in and monetise their creations. i.e: CG Hair Creators, CG Clothing creators, Motion Capture Animators, Mesh/Sculpt objects, etc? If only a few, from the list, what would they be? Thanks, JS
  11. Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! (FN)

    Marie-Clare Bouchard For Governor! I am officially throwing my hat into the ring for the role of governor! I am the official party nominee for the Français National and I am calling on all party members to vote for me! All other citizens in other parties are also welcomed to vote for me too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Manifesto ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Healthcare: I believe that citizens should have the choice to pay for a universal healthcare. If you want universal health care you will pay a flat charge of an estimated $500 per real life day. Paying the $500 will entitle you to free healthcare for that entire day, once the day is over then you must pay another $500 if you want to continue on with universal health care. Abusing this system force you to pay a fine of up to $15,000, if you refuse to pay you will be banned from being able to receive universal health care. Please keep in mind that the costs and times you must pay the charge may change when we know more about times and incomes in Identity. I believe in large funding for the public hospital system as it is much more affordable for most citizens in Identity. I would also like to introduce the new role of Minister Of Health. This role will be offered by me to a politician who has some experience with the health care and knows how to run a good healthcare system. This role will not have any income, it is just a massive help to a politicians career and will give them a lot of positive publicity. Law Enforcement: I am strongly pro-police. If elected I will introduce the role of Police Commissioner. The Police Commissioner will run all police related business and issues. Again this role will not offer any additional pay, and you will receive a normal police officers wage, it is an honor to receive this job as it is regarded as the best job in the law enforcement occupation. Fire Related Issues: The Fire Department will not receive as much funding as the police or the healthcare system, as fires are not predicted to be that common. We will give out the basic needs for a working fire department, a few fire stations scattered around the map, plenty of fire trucks, wages for the firemen and women and of course a banquet dinner in the name of the cities fire department will be held while I am working in my term. Terrorism: I will give special funding to the police for to fight terrorism in the city and will set up an anti-terrorism force within the police department. I will touch on this subject in more detail in the religion portion of my manifesto. Religion:I am a Christian and want Christians of all types, Protestants, Orthodox and Catholics to be able to exercise their religion freely and if it is in the game, I want Christians to be able to go to church. I also support the religious freedom of, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Atheists. Other small religions like, Scientology are allowed to express their religion freely. On the topic of Islam, I will put in place a complete and utter ban on Burqas. Any other face masks must be removed if you are asked to remove them by the police. That goes for all religions. I am willing to hold a public vote on the topic of Burqas if wanted by the public. If Islamic terrorism finds its way into the city and a terrorist attack takes place, then a stricter ban will be put in place by me. Other than that Muslims will be allowed to practice their religion freely. I do not in any way want to ban Islam, and the government will stay out of religion if I am in charge. LGBT+:LGBT+ rights will be fully supported by the government and I will allow all LGBT+ marriage and adoption. Voting: All citizens will have the right to vote in elections and referendums. Death Penalty:Death penalty will only be used on terrorists in extreme cases. If someone commits a terrorist attack, is involved in a terrorist attacking, plotted or is plotting a terrorist attack, etc, then they will receive the death penalty. Drug Usage: Alcohol, tobacco and prescription medicine will be the only legal drugs allowed if I am elected. Marijuana will be banned, however we will not go after a marijuana company as long as they publicly announce that their company is shutting down. If this decision upsets our citizens, I may hold a referendum on the topic. Welfare:A job seekers tax cut will be available to all unemployed players for 3 real life days, there will be no welfare for players to receive. Tax: I believe in a flat 12%, however there will be tax cuts for players, some examples are, job seekers tax cut, single parent tax cut, etc. If you vote for me you can be assured of a safer, cleaner and better Identity! If you have any queries about my campaign fell free to reply to this article. "Vote Marie-Clare Bouchard, For A Safer Identity".
  12. Français National {FN} (Brand Update)

    Front National Logo As A Candidate:Being a candidate for The Français National would give you massive support and votes from all other members of the party, and in turn you will be asked to support and represent The Front National if you become Governor. As A Citizen:Being a citizen and supporter of The Français National would help make your decision for the election a lot easier. If there is a Français National Governor then you can be assured that the ideologies you believe in will be 100% supported by our governor. All party members are encouraged to run in elections and are also asked to support your fellow Front National party members in the elections. Before the actual elections begin, a small campaign will begin in search of The Français National nominee for the elections, this system will keep our party organised, it will help rally up the members of the party to support their nominee in the election. It will also help the parties chance of success in the election, as all members of the party will vote for 1 candidate instead of having multiple candidates. Parties Ideologies:The Français National is strongly pro-police. We would say we are strongly right-wing. We would like to introduce the new police role of Commissioner. The Commissioner will earn more money than any other member of the law enforcement occupation. The Commissioners job is to handle all police related issues, this will allow our governor to spend their time on other situations. The party supports LGBT+ rights and supports gay marriage and adoption. We believe that pensions should be mainly private and will not support government pensions, this is to the benefit of the people, as a pension company is expensive to run and if we cancel it, it will give us more money to spend on other new government programmes. We believe in a flat 12% tax on income however we believe in tax cuts for certain citizens, e.g, single parent tax cut. Expect an announcement from our party leader later on about joining the campaign for governor. I am the official founder and current party leader. If you have any inquiries or would like to join the party, feel free to leave a reply. Regards-FrancePourLaVie.
  13. Hello all. My party has received a little bit of criticism and looking back there are a few things that I would like to clarify and/or change. Here we go. CONTENTS 1. Taxes 2. Crime 2(a) - Justice System 2(b) - Drugs 2(c) - Immunity Deals 3. Gun Control 4. Voting 5. Miscellaneous 6. FAQ's SECTION ONE - TAXES My stances on taxes are very simple. We need high taxes to maintain a safe and prosperous society. Below I will list some of the things that require taxes and what my views on them are. Healthcare - I am an absolute supporter of free healthcare. If you fall over and break your leg, you have enough to worry about than pesky and expensive medical bills. If you are injured or need medical help, you will get it. Justice System - As you will see below with my justice system, it will need funding. While I will use my own business to help support my justice system to the best of my ability, I cannot promise miracles. A well funded policing system will hopefully pull down crime rates in the city by deterring potential criminals. Public Transport - This is an odd thing that I think is actually quite important. As I would like a clean city as much as possible, I intend on making public transport free to any working citizen as well as any disabled or long term injured individuals. This is important because I would like the city to have a very high living standard while keeping costs low. I understand that not everyone will be able to afford the latest car, so free public transport is important to me as long as you are giving back to society. Free Education/Newbie-Programmes - Newbie programmes will be spoken about in the misc. section, but for now lets focus on the education part. I intend to invest in the university and school ideas that a few people have suggested. And a few more things. Rest assured, my salary comes from my business, no taxes will be taken that aren't needed. As a business you will have a small tax but not as large as as an individual. Everyone will be eligible for a tax return if you make considerable donations/investments into charities and smaller businesses. SECTION TWO - CRIMES 2(a) - Justice System: I believe in a 3-step criminal justice system. STEP 1 - Prevention Law enforcement will do many things to prevent criminal activity from happening in the first place. This includes but is not limited to: - The police working closely with the community to develop good public relations. - Police workshops which give an insight to the every day life of officers. - Spare police units working within the university are to create a good impression on the newer players. - Offering incentives to be a good hard-working citizen. Prevention is a step which also deals with small crimes such as petty theft, ASB and other silly things in order to prevent offenders from going on to commit larger offences by encouraging them to live with a smaller punishment for a shorter time such as: - Working for a start-up business for under minimum wage for a short time. - Community service such as litter picking and other ways to clean up the environment. - Helping out members of the community. - Attending programmes to help eliminate the desire to commit such behaviour. STEP 2 - Sanction Punishing criminals who bypass the first step will hopefully prevent repeated offences. Sanctions could include: - Lengthy prison sentences. - A criminal record which prevents you from using free public services (transport, mailing, etc.) - Hefty fines. - Shop owners rights to deny you service for serious crimes. - Curfew times in which you must be at your home. STEP 3 - Rehabilitation Everyone makes mistakes, and you shouldn't have to live with them forever. Because of this, our rehabilitation programmes offer ways for criminals to have their records wiped or reduced. These programmes are specific to the crimes you have committed as well as courses which will help you give back to the community. For example, since you have a record which could make employment hard, we will enrol you into a university course so you can gain the necessary qualifications to cancel out your record. The difference with a criminal course and a normal course is that criminal courses are easier to complete but you must attend classes more frequently and they do not grant you the same level qualifications as a standard citizen could achieve. Criminal courses are mandatory when you are enrolled into one, however once you have completed it you are free to take a standard course as a regular citizen. 2(b) - Drugs Drugs is a big topic and I know I will lose some votes here, but we are not for being demagogic like other parties. The Peoples Party is strongly against drugs. The only drugs which we agree should be legal are prescription medication, which includes medical marijuana, cigars/cigarettes, and alcohol. Although we do not support the recreational consumption of any drug, including those mentioned, we understand that our opinions should not fully dictate the peoples actions. There will be conditions set on consuming these drugs, however that is up to each individual candidate. The reason we are against recreational marijuana is because whether you like it or not, it does do damage to your body. Numerous medical studies have proven that cannabis can cause many problems to you and your peer groups, you can view one of which here. If you read into that article, the NHS claim that 10% of cannabis users have become independent on the drug, and that is not the kind of people we want living in your society. We want fully aware and intelligent people living in and around us, and for that reason we are against this. The reason we bring this up in particular is that many people are for the legalisation of cannabis under the presumption caused by junkies alternate facts that cannabis does no damage to you; the most popular being that no one has ever died as a result of cannabis. While it is true that no one has died due to an OVERDOSE of the drug, people have died as a result of their action while under the influence of it. And yes their deaths could have been prevented if they weren't high. Saying no one has ever died of weed is like saying no one has ever died of a car crash. Yes, no one has died solely on the fact that the car crashed, they died because of the huge force killing them, but if they never crashed the car they never would have died. 2(c) - Immunity Deals This is an odd one but I did want to bring it up. Immunity deals. Immunity deals are special pardons which prevents punishment for a crime or crimes that someone has already committed or may commit in the future. I do intend on granting immunity agreements if one or more of the below criteria has been met. A) The crime committed will help protect more lives than it will destroy. B) The immunity agreement will lead to the apprehension of one or more individuals that are equal to or more risky to the security of the country than the perpetrator already in custody. C) The information given in return for the agreement will lead investigators to solving a serious investigation so long as the agreement will not endanger any more lives. SECTION THREE - GUN CONTROL I am for arming the citizens of Identity but not in the traditional American sense. Owning a weapon is not a right, it is a privilege. If you are misusing your weapon, make no mistake about it, the government has every right to confiscate it and refuse to sell you a new one. Owning a gun will be on a whitelist basis, not a blacklist. You will not only need to pass criminal record checks, but you will also have to undergo mental therapy to ensure you are stable enough for a weapon, and also weapons safety training. A gun is only to be shot to prevent a life from being lost. This includes your own or someone else's. The only exception to this rule is if someone is in your property with intend to commit a crime. This does not mean you can shoot someone for entering your garden, and since we know you will not be able to break into houses, the only place where this rule will take effect is if someone is stealing from a company warehouse for example. You can apply for a gun permit once you have undergone the courses mentioned. One thing that will surprise people about our opinion on this is that we do not believe that a criminal record should automatically exclude you from being able to defend your city with a gun. If you have a crime which a gun could be used to commit on your record then you will be excluded, but if you have been charged for dealing cannabis I think its safe to say you aren't a Pablo Escobar, and so you will still be able to apply for a gun license. SECTION FOUR - VOTING Our opinion on voting is very simple. Every single citizen on the island should have a say on how their lives are governed. We don't care if you are a newbie, if you are in prison, if you are an elderly woman or a young man. Every time there is a voting process, everyone will have the right to vote. Not every decision will be ran through the public, because there are some things that the people need to know and some things that you do not. You aren't choosing a candidate who will tell you everything, you are choosing a candidate who is best fit to a decision on what you need to know and what you don't. If you disagree with that, you know nothing about politics. Believe me that if something will affect your day-to-day lives, you will have a say in it. But if it is concluded that consulting the public wouldn't benefit anyone but a minority, be prepared to accept the choices that we make as a government too. SECTION FIVE - MISCELLANEOUS There are a few things I would like to explain very briefly here that you may not have understood before. Newbie Programmes - Newbie programmes are a short course for new players in which they will receive things such as a tour of the city they wish to stay in, ways to meet new friends in game to roleplay with and much more. The things that these courses will entail is entirely up to the individual candidates and the people of the island. Good Relations - When I mentioned good relations earlier on I didn't want to over explain the term. By this I meant that police will engage with the community in simple things like attending art shows, starting conversations etc. Universities - While the government will not be directly in control of universities as we want them to be a thing ran by the people for the people, we will provide funding to these through tax income. If you want to start your own university feel free to reply or PM me with the details and I will let you know if it is acceptable or not. Anything else you want explained feel free to ask and I will edit them in here. SECTION SIX - FAQ's Why are the taxes so high?!? As mentioned before, we would like to fund programmes and universities etc. as well as free healthcare, public transport for workers and a well funded police force. What could the public possibly not need to know? Well, if we are debating on whether to grant immunity to a high notoriety criminal in exchange for the greater good, the public is better off not knowing this. In this case we would give them a home well away from other people and tell them to law low. They would receive 24/7 surveillance to ensure they do not leave a specified area for a certain amount of time. What are your views on the death penalty? Never. No life lost is ever justified, no matter the reasons. As above, I will add to this section over time. If you would like to represent your party, PM me with your campaign and I will determine if you fit our agenda/manifesto or not.
  14. Top 6 Political Parties

    Political Parties / Color 1. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement - Yellow 2. The Conservative Coalition Party - Blue 3. The Peoples Party - Green 4. The Royal Family Party - Orange 5. The Communist Party of Roseport - Dark Red 6. The Liberal Progress Union - Red Top 6 active Political Parties in forum. Edit 10.04.2017.
  15. NATIONAL IDENTITY FRONT (NIF) There is nothing more important than the political independence for a civilized group of people. As the people, we must embrace and share a communal identity with our nation to ensure that the political measures taken are for the furthering of full sovereignty, self-governance, and for the interest of the people. Through contextualizing history, we can understand that groups of people work best together when they share a common goal and idea. This is the ultimate goal of the National Identity Front. For those who are unaware, allow me to explain the meaning of Nationalism. Nationalism is the patriotic principle which sticks people together of different ethnic, tribal, linguistic, religious and cultural groupings into a single defined population, linked to a specific geographic territory. Our proposed system works through near-total democracy, with the voices of the people being heard over the non-elected bureaucrats who run our land. However, in order to reach such a democracy which is fair and equal for all, we must enforce an ethnostate to first achieve the aforementioned common goal, idea, and national identity. We are all for political discourse, and in fact, we promote it. We believe that no matter how much you may disagree with any form of speech, that if you are truly the "correct" one, then you should be able to out-argue them in an intellectual discussion. With the National Identity Front, our member base generally leans to fiscal conservatism, minimalism in government, market freedom, and, for the most part, social conservatism. However, our biggest focus is bringing the voice back to the people who built the lands in which we stand. It is the people's choice in which direction we take our land, with obviously the help of advice of council. How the Party is structured: President - Supreme Leader Vice Presidents - Djdobish, OnePumpWonder (There will be 2 of these) General Secretaries - iAreJayar (There will be 3 of these) Council Member - TBD (There will be 8 of these) NIF Members - Anyone who wants to help out and support the movement. We are looking for people who are like-minded, and want to help promote this party. If you want to join our party, PM me! Visit our website here: This is a movement, and we need YOUR help to make IdentityRPG a truly great experience. UPDATE: The NIF President, Supreme Leader, is running for office. Show your support!
  16. As a governor candidate, I must ask, what type of game government would you all be interested in? - Always, PrezLegend
  17. Roger for Governor- The Freedom Party

    The Freedom Party Party Mission: This party has been formed due to the lack of quality of individuals running for governor of the Island of Identity. Our mission is to advance the agenda of the people of Identity and ensure their freedoms as the people of this great land. We shall make sure that no dictator, no fame seeker, and no money grabber shall ever hold the position of governor on this great island. Party Officials: Governor Candidate: Roger Party Leader: Alpha Party Commissioners: Kyle, and Aus More pending Agenda/Laws: 1. Gun Control- On this issue our candidate expresses the inalienable right for every man to bear arms. These legal guns include anything from pistols to rifles that are of civilian grade. Permits will have to be issued to those seeking automatic weapons and a firm vetting process by the administrative office. Those who work for private businesses like security, transportation and other will have more freedom to use those arms. There will also be background checks for those looking to purchase any weapon. Penalty for breaking the law: Jail time(how long TBD) Reasoning: This I believe will be a very important law because I believe that a lot of people are going to want to have an automatic which may lead to deadly shootouts with cops. Jail times must be stiff for this reason. 2. Marijuana- Marijuana will be legal in the island of Identity to sell in shops and stores designated to sell the item. It may be smoked freely. Marijuana will also be slightly taxed by the government (see the tax laws for more info). Those who get caught selling marijuana without the correct permits will be fined heavily but since this is a non-violent crime no jail time shall occur. Penalty for breaking the law: 1st offense: 50$, 2nd offense: 100$, and doubles from then on. Reasoning: We don’t want people to undercut legit businesses to make a quick profit. We want to protect our businesses no matter what it is and we will be tough on law breakers. At the same time, jail time for a non-violent crime is a governmental waste and will only result in lost money. ONLY FINES! 3. Taxes- SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Business Sales Housing Legal Drugs 3% 5% TBD 10% Code all new businesses will not have to pay taxes for 3 months so they can get on their feet. Penalty for breaking the Law: If you don't pay your taxes you will be jailed after the 3rd offense. There will be no additional fines placed on you. Jail time TBD. Reasoning: We want to ensure the growth of our businesses out there because after all that’s how people are going to make money. So by giving you the 3 strike rule this will give you a chance to redeem yourself. We will have just jail time because adding more fines to your unpayable taxes would just ruin you more and it would be stupid. 4. Non-Violent crime- This will mostly be met with fines. What is a non-violent crime? Speeding, Selling Marijuana illegally, Doing various things without a license. Basically anything that doesn’t hurt someone or yourself. 5. Term Limits- You can only be governor 3 times before you have to pass off the torch peacefully. Penalty for breaking the Law: I’d hope people rise up and rebel because then you would have a dictator. Reasoning: We want to promote fresh ideas and don’t want a dictator. 6. Pardoning- Governor may pardon individuals only by having the rest of his cabinet confirm it. Reasoning: We don’t want a political party to pardon people just because they like them or have some type of illegal business dealings with them. 7. Healthcare- We shall leave this up to the private companies the government has no right to dictate your healthcare. We’re talking about your life here. 8. Optional Welfare- If you're poor and really trying to get by you may apply for welfare. This would mean you would have to take a drug test and background test to make sure the money doesn’t go to waste. The money you would receive would only cover some living expenses. This law will only be in place if the Government can spare the money. 9. Optional Business Incentives- This governor wants to put together a fund to give incentives to businesses who are doing well. More to come with this! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flexibility that doesn't break your budget!
  18. THE ROYAL FAMILY PARTY PLATFORM ICA Politics Award - For whoever has been most active and engaging in the political arena. The ICA Politics Award goes to @LuciousTimes - Joel Keys _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Policies (Simplified) : SOCIAL SECURITY: Social Security should be privatized (not to be confused with private savings accounts, but rather, private investments). JOBS: Pro small business. Supports giving small businesses and large businesses a 10% tax on corporation profit ( profit means after employees, inventory, and other expenses have been paid for) so that more jobs can be created. TAXES: Taxes will be a very simple flat tax. 13% of your reported yearly income. 10% tax will be placed on corporation profit, not income. ECONOMY: Supports free market competition and entrepreneurship, corporate deregulation and cutting entitlement spending. SECURITY/DEFENSE: Believe in a limited missile defense. Oppose nuclear buildup in the U.S. Believe that peace is achieved through worldwide relationship building. LEGAL/TORT REFORM: Supports tort reform and limiting victims compensation,especially for frivolous lawsuits. IMMIGRATION: Support illegal alien’s ability and right to become citizens and giving them more protections under the law. FAITH: Advocate free exercise of religion. EDUCATION: Promote school choice/vouchers and homeschooling. Supports voluntary student supported prayer in school. Opposes gender and race quotes in colleges. ABORTION: Generally pro-life with emphasis on promoting alternatives to abortion. ENERGY: Wish to find environmentally friendly energy sources and solutions. Oppose private increased drilling, especially in the U.S. However, government may be held to no large environment restrictions. HEALTHCARE: Strongly supports a complete separation of healthcare and state. However, in Identity our government will provide healthcare as the National Health Service introduced in 1948. 3% of all taxes will be put towards all healthcare needs. Doctor & Dental! FOREIGN POLICY: Strongly supports worldwide coalitions and multi-national programs. Supports aid for disadvantaged countries. Supports the UN. PEACE. UNITY. FOREVER. CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: No restrictions on contributions form any legal resident. Believe that politicians holding an office should not be able to run for another seat until term is over. ENVIRONMENT: Supports privatizing federal land. Believe in cap and trade market based air pollution reductions and that the market should regulate itself. GUNS: Limited gun control. GAY RIGHTS: Pro private choice and equality including marriage. Laws (Detailed) : Due to the game environment the worst punishment for a crime is prison time and fines. So, for all crimes criminals will be punished by fine and/or prison time. THESE ARE FIRST OFFENSE PRISON TIMES, EVERY ADDITIONAL OFFENSE WILL HAVE YOUR TIME DOUBLED ( NOT EXCEEDING AN HOUR) WITH A $1000 FEE ATTACHED. SO, IF YOU PLAN TO MURDER 5 PEOPLE YOU MIGHT WANT TO BE PROSECUTED FOR ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME. MURDER - 1 Hour THEFT OVER $5000 - 1 Hour THEFT BETWEEN $1000 & $5000 - 45 Minutes THEFT UNDER $1000 - 30 Minutes POSSESSION OF ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS - 30 Minutes ANY ACCOMPLICE ACTIONS OF ANY CRIME - 15 Minutes Five Characteristics of a Lucious Times Economy The main features of a Times economy are as follows: (a) Factors of production are owned by the individuals. (b) Every individual has freedom to start business of his own choice. (c) All economic activities are guided by the motive of profit. (d) Individuals are the owners and acquire property and pass it on to next heir after death. (e) Government has little role to play in the functioning of the economy. Prices of goods and services are determined by the market forces of demand and supply. Important Business Information Tax on businesses is 10% on company profit. After employees have been paid, inventory bought, etc. Depending on what the company reports as profit a business could nearly have no tax! The Tale of Lucious Times Lucious grew to be homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. In a city of crime Lucious had to be on the lookout at every turn. In Lucious' young life he grew to be very aware of the crime filled city and knew he had to do something to ensure his safety. At 15, Lucious started an organization with a few neighborhood boys called "The Peacekeepers". These boys were brutal. They cleaned the streets of crime in the most direct ways possible. Showing up to criminal hideouts and wasting away every member present, making fake visits to prisons and jails to poison and eliminate those criminals on the inside, making appointments with the LAPD to let THEM know how things would be done. The Peacekeepers were vigilantes at the finest. The city soon had a crime rate so low new schools were being built and more people migrated to the lovely city of Los Angeles. Through all the harsh deeds The Peacekeepers had done Lucious never was present for the actual action. He was the mastermind, the planner, the brain of the whole operation. Sitting behind a desk as leader of The Peacekeepers. Oh how things looked great! Lucious had made something out of nothing and became a city icon and hero as he grew older. Though soon, things made a turn for the worst. Lucious' closest partner, his beautiful fiance was capture by a man known by the name Gustavo Fring. A now well-known high profile methamphetamine drug lord. He did so because by cleaning up the city Lucious made distribution for Mr. Fring come to a complete stop in the area. Lucious grew furious, so furious he began to walk into a whole new light. The Peacekeepers became a weapon at Lucious' disposal. He thought long and hard and then finally had a plan. After finding where Fring was located Lucious and his team of over 200 men approached the location, guns loaded and ready for anything. However, Fring was already aware of Lucious' presence and decided to retaliate. Fring killed Lucious' fiance, then sent out total war upon Lucious and his men. In the end only two men were left standing; Fring and Lucious. After few words, Lucious caught leverage and killed Fring. Though Lucious was severely injured by gunshot. He called the LAPD. With quickness, Lucious was saved and had chance to speak with the LAPD Chief of Police. He thanked Lucious for his doings and after a long conversation of tears the chief left. Lucious began to realize how much he'd loss. All his men, his fiance, his hold on the city from crime all gone! Three weeks later Lucious walked out of the hospital, grab all $789,211 he'd raised with his people, and began to leave town for a new home. A place called Turtle Beach on Identity Island. However, when he got to the town line he found something waiting for him. Over half the city was standing their with gold-colored gold-scented candles. Some of them stood to give thanks, but many stood ready to follow him wherever he went. A woman by the name of Dorris Jean approached Lucious and told him this: "We give these candles to represent who you are to the city. Forever will you be the gold we all love, the gold we all know has provided, the gold we all know will pay the price. For to us you are a leader and friend. For you have become like royalty in this city. And with you royalty we be your royal family." Lucious was proud. All negative feelings previous washed away. Lucious now felt the obligation to continue to lead. For he knew he was wise and could give great leadership. This time he wouldn't limit himself to the leadership of a groups of boys who run a city, no. That was below him now. Now he needed to lead in higher heights where he could have greater impact and influence. A position of power such as Governor would do the trick! So he then decided to venture into the political field of leadership once he arrived in his new home. A few hours later after a celebratory evening Lucious and the now called Royal Family left. 12 days later they arrived in Turtle Beach on the Identity island and the rest is soon to be foretold...
  19. LF Staff for NFFA Party

    "Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and America, A Nation Reborn" The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) is a group of people just like you that value freedom, family and human rights. We are a new Totalitarian government that have devised a plan to help stabilize Western society and culture. We are currently looking for strong willed individuals to assist us in our election that's soon to come. If this interests you at all or you have any questions, please feel free to comment or send me a private message. The rules for the annual Purge are as follows: -Sirens blare throughout the land at 7:00 p.m. and 11 p.m. every second Thursday to signal the start and end of The Purge. -All police, fire, and medical emergency services remain unavailable or suspended for the 4-hour Purge. -Government officials with authorization levels of ranking 10 or higher are granted immunity. -Weapons of Class 4 and below are permitted for use while Class 5 weaponry (explosive devices such as grenades, rocket launchers, bazookas, etc, weapons of mass destruction, and viral/biological and chemical agents) are prohibited. -Public execution method decided by citizens is the penalty for violators of any rules. Positions within Party Senior Leadership Supreme Leader- Trappedinpet (Robert Campbell) Supreme Foreman- steiner0400 (Nick Sider) District Leader- open (multi) District 1- tyronethecalzone (Tyrone Ramsey) District 3- Preston_bodhi_343 (Bodhi Winters) Deputy District Leader- open (multi) Administration Supreme Department Leader- open Department Leader Foreman- open District Assistant- open (multi) Public Relations- open (multi) Volunteers- open (multi) Security Supreme Head Of Security- Bob the Baron (Bobby Campbell) Deputy of Security- Malistad (Malistad Gyorr) District Head of Security- open (multi) District 1- Alpha (Alpha Regal) District 2- Crawely (Stuart Billington) District Security Deputy- open (multi) District 1- ScottV10 Security Official- open (multi) If Interested in a position, please mail us which along with a bit about yourself and the reasoning you believe you'd do well. Any questions feel free to ask. NFFA Supports: Boosting local small-medium business through tax breaks. Academic Tax Breaks Right to Bear Arms The Military Environmental Preservation Standards
  20. Due to an overwhelming lack of support, I am retiring the Communist Party. The community is simply not ready for the enlightened ideals of a progressive post-scarcity egalitarian utopia. Overview The word "communist" has been associated with totalitarianism and autocracy ever since the establishment of the USSR. But communism was a merely the word they used to get power. The goal of communism is to create a better life for everyone, not just those fortunate enough to be born with money. We will fight for the working class, the proletariats, so that they can have a say in government decisions. "Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners." ~Vladimir Lenin Platforms Economics/Taxation: We want to balance the distribution of wealth among the citizens, so that there is not such a large gap as left behind by Ronald Reagan. We will institute new or higher taxes on the rich, while cutting slack for the working class. We are also set out on making services and goods people need affordable and not just a way for the capitalists to make more money. We will do this by nationalizing such industries as pharmaceuticals and banks. Welfare: Everybody has a right to necessities, such as food and shelter. We will provide these basic things so that people can work and strive for their luxuries, not their life. Unemployment: A word that plagues our great nation. The Communist Party strives to end unemployment and, by extension, unproductivity. We will institute mandatory work for the unemployed so that everyone contributes towards making society a better place. Healthcare: We want to provide free healthcare to every citizen, as they all have a right to life. Gun Control: Guns will be completely banned for citizens, so to decrease gun related violence. People say guns don't kill people, people kill people, but in countries like the UK where their police officers don't even carry guns, gun crimes are drastically reduced. In conclusion, our dream is to make life better for everyone. If you have any questions or want to join, just message me.
  21. Dear Readers, I am the co-founder of LPU (Liberal Progress Union). We are looking for people to fill in jobs as part of the party. You will be paid as long as you get your job done. the following are the Jobs Available Heads Candidates - @Pineapple Head Of Law - @Some_Lemon Head Of Public Relations - @Tomato Head Of Research and Marketing - @Pineapple Head Of Security - @Avocado Head Of Education - OPEN Head Of Events - @Simply_Ethan Head Of Transport - @K9_GAMING Services Bodyguards - @K9_GAMING OPEN (4) Lawyers - @Some_Lemon, OPEN (2) Catering - OPEN (3) Teachers - OPEN (2) Private Chauffeurs - OPEN (6) MARKETING Project Lead - possibly OPEN (1) Marketer - OPEN (3) RESEARCH Researcher - OPEN (4) Appliance Form: Name - Age - Job applying for - Why do you want to join LPU - Thank you For reading, if you have any questions PM me. We have a website in progress.
  22. The Peoples Party

    First off, no. I do not intend on running for office. I am providing a party for people who do intend on running for office, who want something unique. Something that stands out, that one grape in a bunch of blackberries. The Peoples Party (TPP) isn't your standard party. Our policies differ from most as you, the people arent our main priority. Do we want you to be happy? Yes, but we would rather ensure everyone is educated and employed before that. You may be wondering why I would say this, and the truth is that I actually care about the success of this island. I'm not gonna sit back and blow smoke up your backsides to get votes, I strive to make my candidates succeed through the truth, not a pretty face. Taxes For some odd reason every party wants to reduce taxes. I am one of the only people to actually want the opposite; to increase them. Now, I know what your thinking. Why would anyone want less money? Well, I intend on using your money to make your life easier. I will take a % of your income which varies depending on your salary. Now yes, it will be alot but hear me out. This % will cover many thing such as free public transport for employed individuals, free legal consultation and most importantly a free healthcare system. If you invest alot into small companies and/or charity you are eligible to file for a tax return at the end of a year, giving you back some momey for your comtribution to society. This tax will also cover any emergency service operative 3 days of food every week. Below is the taxes for salaries. $9,999 > = 7.5% Tax $10,000 - $19,999 = 25% Tax (Potential of 10% tax return) $20,000 - $39,999 = 35% Tax (Potential 20% tax returns) $40,000 - $99,999 = 45% Tax (Potential 35% tax returns) $100,000 < = 50% Tax (Potential 45% tax returns) On top of this, if you own a business then no matter how much you are making, there is a fixed 30% tax rate on your profits (after employee payroll). On any products there is a 7.5% sales tax in VAT. I also plan on removing sales tax during the month of December, and a 50% tax reduction on anyone earning less than $20,000 during the same month. Goals One of our main goals is to introduce committees that anyone in the community can volunteer for. This gives the power to the people, allowing them to voice their opinions and put forward their own ideas to be implemented. We will also have committees dedicated to communicating with prisoners and helping them to prevent themselves from reoffending. I do also want to put in place a programme in which convicts and people who cannot get employment after 2 real weeks can do community service and delivery jobs for me and earn enough to keep them alive. As far as law enforcement goes, I plan to use those taxes to reduce crime rates significantly, giving police and other emergency services a larger yet more controlled budget. Regular patrols will occur, and you should never expect a precinct to have a slow work day. I am open to more ideas but until the game comes out this is all I've got.
  23. The Liberal Progress Union

    Welcome to the LPU (Liberal Progress Union) ! In this party, we care about the people and the economy, but it is our duty to make as many people happy as possible all at once! As our name suggests, we care about bringing people together as well as progressing our economy to the highest it will ever be! With a dedicated team of staff, we will lead you and all of your friends into the future that you want! What we offer We offer a fair society, everyone gets a fair trail and a free decent lawyer to go with it! Our team of dedicated lawyers will lead you through the tough times and will try as hard as they can to ensure your bail. We want to increase the amount of Police to ensure your safety on the walkways and in cars. We will keep taxes to a minimum to keep our economy thriving and so all of you people out there pay an equal percentage! ( This of course will need to be checked with other things first to ensure this, such as if we wanted to add free healthcare and education as well as free transport for the working class then taxes would most likely rise by a large %!) We wont be stuck in our offices all day, we will be out there talking with you to see what YOU think, and how we could improve things! Our website : We are open to discussions and are looking for new members to push our ideas forwards! We will see YOU on the other side! Thank you - Pineapple and Team
  24. The Accession Party

    "A star, for the future." ______________________________________________________________________ Political Views: Corporation and Business: Corporations and Business will have significantly lower tax rates if Identified by the state as a legitimate business that serves as a complement towards the economy. The Accession Party does not accept to any form of Crony capitalism as we respect the people's ownership over their goods and establishments and further more we believe there should be no connection or relationship with government and business (this excludes taxes). A Free Market for the people, corporations and business will not have abusive restrictions held upon them so they may increase their percentages of expandability and contribute to the economy. Taxation: All Men and Women have the right to be taxed equally; The Accession Party will ensure proper taxation and proper usage of such when put into treasury. Male or Female, you both will be taxed equally by default no matter what career field you have assigned or represent yourself in. Though the Accession Party aims for progression, furthermore those that own any sort of business or establishment will be taxed on a lower rate as you have identified yourself as a positive contribution to the people's economy (Creating Jobs, Assembling/Creating for those which live within our state). Taxation will be forwarded in this order (Least to Greatest) Special Accommodation Purposes (Creation of Parks, Playgrounds) > Mass Public Transportation > Maintenance and Stabilization of Highways, Roads, Streets and Tolls. > Water, Sewer and Power Facilities > Hospitals and Extended Health Care Services > Law Enforcement > Primary and Seconday Education Property Ownership: The State does not have ownership over the people's properties, Every Man or Women has the right for complete ownership over their land. The Accession Party will allow the individual(s) to protect their land under circumstances of burglary at any cost. A Law shall be created to protect an individual right's to protect their home. The law gives property owners the right to defend themselves with a reasonable response. That means any force used against a trespasser must usually be proportionate to harm that is reasonably perceived. Gun Control: The People have the right to defend themselves using a firearm in any life threatening situation. The Accession Party is a stronger supporter that every man and women have the right to bear arm as a form of personal protection for themselves and their loved ones. Though, Any who wish for any sort of ownership or possession of a firearm must apply for government assigned licensing ___________________________________________________ VOTE FOR FELIX DAVIDSON! Chairman: Felix Davidson "Cubtheman" CO-Chairman: Alan Stryker "TheLeaf"
  25. Not Your Average Leftist Party

    hmm after reading a bit of the CCPs platform and the other platforms of the Moderate Party and the Anarcho-Capitalist Party, I'd be inclined to join the CCP due to its organization and well thought out platform which obviously reflects on them as devoted players who take this seriously. Unfortunately, as a left-leaning libertarian (libertarian socialist if that makes it easier for you, i don't like to call it that because it brings out ignorant stigmas due to its connotation) - though i don't support a complete free market like most libertarian socialists do, but rather a mixed market economy (free market with some government regulation) - so my ideals conflict with a couple areas of the CCPs and Moderate Party's platform. Due to these conflicts I'd be interested in forming a left-leaning, libertarian political party. If anyone is interested in forming a legitimate left-leaning political party to offer the people of Identity an alternative choice to their current options please contact me so that we can get organized and develop a throught-out platform that caters not only the the left-leaning, but to all citizens of Identity as well. P.S. I don't have anything against the CCPs, Moderates, or the Anarcho-Capitalists, but i feel that while they held a few shared views, there were too many conflicting views that have pushed me away from wanting to join their respective parties. Good luck to all of you, wish you success in the future! If things here don't work out then I will be giving each of you another look over and join one of you three (assuming no other new parties are formed between now and then).