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Found 5 results

  1. Will we be able to choose our home country? im personally from brazil and will we be able to choose that country?
  2. Hacker/Pentester

    Maybe you could insert something like a penetraition tester for companies and a hacker for the bad guys or a hacker for the police
  3. Everybody gonna lose their mind.
  4. Hello reader @Motown, First of all, I would like to start by saying that I mean 0 disrespect and I have full respect for the devs and them writing the threads. I think that they just couldn't put in enough detail but they were in a rush or maybe just by mistake were a little bit vague. In a post of yours you said this " Players can choose from a wide range of professions, including the ability to become a Firefighter, EMT, Taxi Driver, Farmer, Bounty Hunter, Fisherman, Logger, Miner, Delivery Driver and even a business entrepreneur. The options available to you as a player get more specific than this even, but we aren’t yet ready to expand on the full list. The direction of development is prone to change, and we don’t want to promise anything that might change down the pipeline. Business ownership allows players to own factories and small business, giving them control over what items are manufactured and sold. Items created by a factory must be delivered to their destination city where store owners in that area can decide what quantity and type (formal wear, casual, punk outfits, weapons, etc.) they wish to list in their business. Some default items are always available in all stores for when market demand is not met" Although most of this is a very good idea, there is something that I would like to address and get your opinion on. Especially this part "Bounty Hunter" I have a few questions I would like to ask and would greatly appreciate if you could answer them for me. Of course any member is allowed to give their input but I am mostly looking for the devs and @Motown for their opinion. 1. Will the bounty hunter job be an illegal thing where you go around and kill people that have a bounty on them. 2. Will there be any RP involved in this arresting/killing. If not then it kind of deters the point of the same in the sense that bounty hunters with money will get sniper rifles and just shoot down their target with no RP and will just cause drama and debates on whether or not that was allowed or blah blah blah. 3. Could you please elaborate in detail on what you mean by "Bounty Hunter". Different people have different definitions of a bounty hunter. Some think that a bounty hunter is someone who works for the police and captures highly wanted criminals. Some people see a bounty hunter as basically a hitman. You tell them who you want dead, and they go kill him. Secondly, the big corporations are a very good idea but I think that they will either have very little influence on the game or way too much, here's why: Corporations are big companies that own a lot of other companies. The people in these companies are at the top of the top and most of them will stay that way until the end of their days. On top of all the power that they have, they have influence. So in this game, the biggest of the biggest corporations will either have too much power and in return, there won't be much of a chance for the smaller companies to get larger and develop. It will be very limited to a few people that control a lot of money and have almost all the power in the world. Speaking of power, if they were ever sent to court on any accounts, would bribery be allowed? Would the biggest corporations be allowed to bribe judges and live free and happy for the rest of their days just because they have money? I don't think anyone would want a big corporation to be able to do that. Although this happens all the time in real life (corruption) I believe that this should have a post dedicated to and the community should be able to become a solid conclusion Finally, if any dev or game founder would like to adress any of this, it would be greatly appreciated Yours forever ~Dickbutt
  5. Identity RPG ' Pledge Cards '

    This is an idea I have, you know that you have to redeem a code for example, a ITunes card so you can buy music, apps and games for your Iphone? I was thinking about this one idea where Aslyum Entertainment will create their own " Pledge Cards " or however you want to call them. My reason for why I would bring up this idea in the first place is because people with credit cards would not want to put their own credit card information into the account. I would buy these cards at GameStop and I could redeem these points so I could buy for example: the Citizen pack for $15.00. What do you guys think?