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Found 21 results

  1. Will pets in the future be able to guard or protect property ?
  2. house

    hello, i have one question : if i buy version 90 £ with one house , the house is on 1 servers or all servers ?
  3. We have seen the devs spend a lot of time in making houses and the interior. But there is one thing that bothers me. Why spend so much time in houses and interior when a lot of people are not gonna have a house? Why not spend your time better in other things that more people can use. Or make a seperate pass with only the house and nothing else so that people like me do not have to pay 60 dollars for only a house. Kind Regards Emiel Bins
  4. Everybody gonna lose their mind.
  5. Hey guys, my first post here. Im just wondering if house/apartment flipping will be a thing, where you can purchase a cheap, ugly apartment or house and make it nice then sell it for a profit. Thanks!
  6. Sorry if it's already been asked but I was wondering how the housing system would work? Like say apartments for instance, would everyone have their own apartment or would some be shared like say John and Paul own the same room but when John walks in his room, it's his and when Paul does, it's his apartment instead? Also will there be rural houses?
  7. Furry Walls - House customization

    Where's the furry wall customization? Definitely needs to be implemented! When I roll into my crib turnt I need to just stroke the furry wall.
  8. I think that it would be nice if you could design the format of your house, or in other words the blueprints. You could pick where each room would be, where the doorways would be, and measurements, etc. -O*S
  9. Can i get a apartment if i buy the package to 30 Dollars, maybe buy one for ingame money?
  10. Household bills

    I know there will be house renting, but what about house upkeep. I think there should be some monthly maintenance cost for apartment or house and at least electricity depending on the number of lights,TVs,... you have.(maybe internet, water). If you don't pay the bills your stuff will stop working or you will be forced to move. Even better if it would be depending on a usage (leaving the TV ON while away). Maybe stuff cold brake after some time and you can buy a new one or hire someone to repair it. I think this offers new job opportunities and people will have to move into smaller apartment if they cant support it.
  11. Housing Inspiration

    Hi everyone! I have been a house geek for a while now, and I'd like to provide some ideas and some photos for the devs to work with when creating the many homes around the island! Please feel free to leave a suggestion of your own! Townhouses/Rowhouses These homes are most often found in inner cities. They are mostly historic, but there are more modern takes that are sometimes found in suburbs as well as in the cities. Cabin/Mountain Retreat These types of homes are most often found in mountainous areas with large and beautiful vistas overlooking landscape and sometimes nearby cities. Oceanfront/Beach Houses These homes are almost always on stilts to protect them home in case the tide comes in too far. They are often painted in bright and pastel colors. I imagine these homes being beachside in Turtle Beach on the island. American Foursquare These homes are most often found in the outskirts of cities and in rural villages. These homes usually have slim driveways and detached garages behind the home. Victorian These houses are most often found in cities and rural villages, but can sometimes be spotted in the suburbs. American Suburban These houses are most often found in neighborhoods in city suburbs. Split Level These homes are most often found in city suburbs and rural areas, but sometimes can be found in the outskirts of cities. Cape Cod These homes are most often found in rural areas and in city suburbs. New American These homes are most often found in city suburbs and in semi-rural areas. Farmhouse These homes are found in rural areas and are usually met with large porches, lots of land, and barns.
  12. So I have a couple of questions about Apartments, Houses, and Business buildings like factories and small shops and stuff because I heard there was a unlimited amount of apartments but a limited amount of houses (and I'm assuming the same goes for buildings) on the island. Apartments So I heard there will be a unlimited number of apartments and I was wondering if everyone will have an apartment to live in when they first start or will they have to pay for it just like any other building along with rent? I believe hearing people will get an apartment for awhile when they start for free but will they eventually actually have to go out and buy one and pay the rent? Will the apartments be on the map for a player to walk to and will high end apartments be the same as the unlimited apartments as in there is a unlimited amount of them? Or will they be unique like the houses on the island? Houses So I heard about every house being unique and such but what if every single house was owned and everybody had live in apartments, would they be available for purchase when the player leaves the server or is it forever owned? I think this would be a bit disappointing because what if the player hasn't been on for quite awhile and they still own that house? Will there be some sort of time limit on how long they can own the house if they are gone? If it does work like that, would the player lose the money they put into the house? How many houses will a player be able to own? I don't know how else to ask these questions but I hope you understand them. Buildings So this is similar to the questions I asked about the houses. What if all the buildings were owned and people weren't able to create their business and expand? Will the building be there forever owned by the player who bought it or will everybody have a chance to create a business? Will the building eventually be un-owned when they leave or will there be a time limit for how long they are gone? How many buildings can you own? Will every building look different and have a different layout? One more question. Is there a limit to how many people can be inside a building, house, and apartment?
  13. Exactly what the title says. What is your goal in Identity? My goal is to start off as a mugger/drug dealer and slowly build my money up until I can find a place to live, and then get a job in the transportation industry. After I make some good money I'll eventually quit the job, get some nice clothes, a decent house, a decent vehicle, etc. After that, I'll either join a Mafia, MC, or a Street Gang. From that point on I'll just try to work my way up to being a somewhat significantly high rank in the organization I'm in. I'll grind my money up and buy the things I've wanted and try to have as much fun as possible no matter how boring the circumstance is.
  14. Hello, To prep myself for this game I've been playing some GTA V. In GTA there is pent houses for companies (I'm sure you've seen these). I propose having the option to clutter your house/apartment/office just like the GTA V penthouses are cluttered. Drugs and money everywhere! Also I propose cluttering gun shelves or racks with the guns that are in them. For the objects in your house I could see them being separate objects. Like units of cocaine (however you do them Kilograms, grams, pounds, doesn't matter) are in a brick or baggie that you can place on a counter. This could possibly add some lag, so baggies probably shouldn't be made, but a brick or stack of bricks could probably be done (Same with a stack of money). As for the Items. I suggest a scale (for measuring), a tray that you can put drugs on (could be used rather than bricks Just give them an inventory and have them display a little model of what is currently on it), next is a money counter. The money counter is obviously not as useful, but it would be a cool animation and fun little addition to the game if there is a business meeting in a penthouse to see the money counter going. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.
  15. Animals

    Hi My name is Aaron and I only heard of this game today, but I am going to buy it within the next 3 days when I have my money together I was wondering if in the future you can get pets not just cats and dogs but pigs, horses, sheep, snakes, spiders, lizards and many others It would be a very very cool thing to have in game since I own two pigs in real life, it would be nice if I could get them in game Really enjoying what I see so far, keep up the amazing work.
  16. House/appartment Prices

    The appartment and house prices. i dont want them to be like 5000 or lower prices like that but more like 15000 for one of the cheapest,40000 for a more luxurious one but smaller,100000 for a luxurious one that has more space but less rooms,200k luxurious and plenty of space and so on but this is not a accurate speculation of mine because of the money systeme..the money system has not been "Confirmed"to be like the way real life works because RPG/MMO games also need to be somewhat realistic atleast this one. if you would for example be able to buy a house when playing like...4 hours it would be a little to fast butt it would be alot better if you could for example get a hotel for a week or more IRL time for only a couple 10-100 per night but im not sying this would go for every one because like i said 10-100 a night, the 10 would then be for more old and "more unluxurious" ones and the more luxurious and nicer they are the more pricey. Now back to houses and Appartments, if you are poor and want to have a "roof"above your head you could buy a little shack somewhere more unpopulated and less rich. but if you have the money you can buy a real big house or even a mansion to live in..have your own cleaner... now i want to stop talking an let you think of more idea's in the comments of this post, Thanks for lissening and have a good day.
  17. thoughts from the housing trailer

    i'm sorry, i feel like i'm posting a lot, but i was rewatching the housing trailer and i had some ideas(of course). in it the person said that a bookshelf was a "special" container or something like that, but proceeded to say it will mostly hold books so i'm a bit confused. i thought it would be excellent to have photos you could put in there, maybe some figurines or knick knacks. if you're a criminal you could get special bookcases that can open up to a hidden gun case or even be a secret safe. go scooby doo and suddenly bookcases are now doors to secret rooms but only if you have a house. and then what about tv stands... i've never seen a single person put books below their tv. i think it would be a great opportunity if you guys made deals with certain movie companies or something and people could buy movies or tv show season with real money(probably a micro transaction of some sort) or special in game currency not available to all players unless they pay with real money and get dvds and tv seasons that could be stored and rewatched. maybe that's a bit much but idk. maybe the players could make their own movies and sell those? then about power outlets and electronics, will there be a way to extend cords? or would there be a way to move outlets around even if you're in an apartment? will there be such a thing as extension cords? the video kind of disheartens me with the lamps tiny little cord, it looks so awkward. then the bed, as i understand it you guys are staying away from anything sexual so that the game can be streamed on various sites namely twitch, but does that mean that only one person at a time can sleep in a bed? so like if you and your SO live together in game does that mean that each would have to have their own room or could the two sleep in a bed together? will there be any sleeping? what about just relaxing in bed and reading a book or comic, could there still then be only one person? then for criminals, can people break into a persons house? i'm assuming there's going to be some sort of locking system where you can lock your doors or windows if you live in the house or have the key, so does that mean there could be a lockpicking skill? if you can break into a persons house this would add a great opportunity for kidnapping or even murder. or if they have a safe you can find and steal from it. then police could be called in to try and figure out who broke in and why. could you steal peoples furniture to keep for yourself even if it's the original piece? as for apartments, in gta(i'm sorry i keep referencing gta) the apartments you get have balconies that are inaccessible which has always disappointed me, in identity can you get an apartment that has a balcony of some sort that you can go out on and be able to look down at the city below you? i think this would be great and very relaxing or deadly depending which way the wind is blowing. for art, will there be different mediums that you can use? such as a piece that looks like it was made with pencil, marker, painting, pastels, or done digitally. will there be a like ruler tool or something so that you can make a box to draw in a just to make straight lines? is there an infinite supply or art supplies or can you run out and have to buy more? i think it would be great to be able to switch between mediums and like make your sketch in pencil then color over it using something else.
  18. I was wondering once you are able to buy houses, or appartments can you buy more than one... ie have your original apartment and then live in a house, I get the feeling you can but wanted to make sure. Also does anyone know when buying housing (apartment or house) will unlock to buy with in game money?
  19. Are you going to be able to purchase a house or apartment once the first module is out, assuming you have the money?Was unsure by the way this sentence (If you've pledged to Identity's development ANDreceived an apartment or penthouse, you'll be able to explore all of its features. .) was worded. Does this mean I have to have Purchased a bundle with a house to have one before the game releases. Thank you for any answers and for the amazing game you are making. Literally seems like a dream game Absolutely Amazing
  20. Housing

    Hey Developers! I just found about about your game, and it sounds like a lot of fun! I was wondering if there is a any chance of having a house in the woods? And if so, can u customize it? Like, repainting, maybe get a pool, plant flowers etc etc. Thank you!
  21. The Cobra Team - Real Estate Firm Est. 2002 and founded by Mr Cobra J. --- Profession --- Owner/CEO - Cobra J. (MrCobraJ) Co-CEO - Tanner Coe (CoDogX) Employee Manager - OPEN Assistants - OPEN (depends on demand) Insurance Worker - OPEN Sales Agents - OPEN (depends on the demand) Sales Manager - OPEN Supervisor - OPEN Finance Manager - OPEN Advertising Manager - OPEN --- Requirements --- - Have to have some understanding of real estate, if you don't understand what any of the professions even mean look them up and do a little research. - This is a serious career, if you think you can do what you please than you can be fired or demoted to a lower paying profession until you can prove that you are serious. - If you have questions please ask them, nobody wants to choose the wrong decision. --- Extra --- Please message me if you are interested in any professions above and if you think I missed an important one let me know, and also follow me for updates on the company, like the logo and advertising. --- CEO's Notes --- Hello, are you unemployed and are interested in housing and property? Are you unhappy with your current job? Or are finishing schooling for a job like this? Here at The Cobra Team, we believe in giving our young and old residents an opportunity in real estate, we would love to have you aboard , we need people like you to make our company work and to please our clients. Please take your time to think about us. See above for possible careers, and PM me your resume and a somewhat decent application proving to me why you are a good employee for us. We are branching off from our original HQ in Ont, CAN and we are expecting to establish our main HQ here, near the ocean front of course. Our professional team of designers will be coming down on a further date. But for now we are focusing on getting you your dream home/ or apartment for the lowest price possible! We also believe in giving back to the community and every once in a while we will participate in food drives, fundraisers, or just random acts of kindness among the community. ---Edits--- Edit made, April 10th 10:58PM, Thanks for all the positive feedback, a new logo has been designed and has been re-uploaded, I hope all of you like the new logo. I will also try to add new content to the account every few days. Bye for now.l Edit made, April 17th 9:16PM, I've fixed the problem with the new/old CEO or whatever you'd like to call it, CoDogX was meant to be a Co-CEO not the head CEO. Thanks for letting us know. Also read above for new information, we are expanding our company! Edit made, June 26th 11:11AM, I'm working on a trailer/ teaser for the company, explaining into further detail what the company is and what we are thinking on doing, also I meant to add this a lot longer ago, but, I'm also working on an application that I will submit to the thread when I'm finished, you can find help/useful information to your questions on the other thread started by @CoDogX we will be answering questions there.