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  1. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    Yeah, it looks like the progress has ether stagnated because they are still working on all of those tasks or they are focusing on the website stuff. Maybe? Not sure what's going on, but I hope we see some progress update soon.
  2. a question for the modules

    In the past the devs have said that since a majority of the back ground stuff for the game was done in Module 1 development, the last two modules should take a lot less time to complete.
  3. Over reacting much?

    I feel that the main problem we have is that people call the game a "scam" because we haven't actually seen any real extensive gameplay of TS at all. We've seen the original gameplay released with the announcement of the game, and then the small "Meth Dealer" trailer that took way to long to make and didn't live up to the promises made to the community by the devs about it. We as a community haven't seen any gameplay of the TS module, only pictures and designs of furniture. Many, if not all of the current problems in the community would be solved if the devs would show more transparency and actually show off the game instead of being extremely conservative about their first impression, which by the way is currently fogged by the, and I'm saying this as the idea of being a person looking into this for the first time, lies and misleading of the devs, which makes this oh so perfect "first impression" worthless.
  4. Delay announced by Motown

    I believe they do not work on the weekend so we should be keeping our eyes out for it to be updated sometime later today
  5. Delay announced by Motown

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Motown in the discord has just confirmed another delay with no upcoming ETA. All information about the release will be through the Dev Tracker.
  6. Identity TS launch party?

    I see no reason for TS not to come out this year, we still got the rest of the year and if the devs do have to wait till next year to release TS, well then this game is basically dead at that point.
  7. Identity TS launch party?

    Well then we can all bask in the glory of start up problems together. RANT PARTY!
  8. Identity TS launch party?

    So this is what i'm thinking. On the eve of the release we should totally get together in the Discord to have a little "launch party" and then once the game releases we can all go in the game together and get set up together in the voice chat. Then we can do like Karaoke night in game or something? Suggestions? I think this could be a cool idea if done right.
  9. Game being delayed? We shouldn't complain

    I think you've missed the point of the whole reason why people are upset with the devs. While the delay is certainly apart of it, most people that I've talked to about the situation are more concerned about the misinformation from the devs and how they are dealing with the PR of their project. Most of us can understand that delays can and probably will happen, but when a dev says that they are 100% certain about a release date and then go on about their being a 1/100000 chance a delay happens, only for a delay to happen a couple hours later, you can kinda see where there might be an issue with that. I agree that certain things can't be helped and in most cases there really isn't any reason to complain about a delay, maybe annoyed, but that should be it. People feel lied to and used, and I'm pretty sure no one likes to feel that way.
  10. A few questions

    No problem. 1) You can create more then one character, but it has to be on a different server. 2) Characters are connected to the server and you must create a new one for each server. 3) For each character you make you start from 0.
  11. A few questions

    Sorry for the double post, having internet problems.
  12. Possible Ways to Publicise the Game?

    Holy f, you still live. Glad to see you back and kickin. I think it would probably be a good idea to give out more of a sense of how the actual development is going instead of just the words of the devs. Screenshots and the like are simple to do and even easier to upload, and I'm not talking about those model editing that Jade does, I'm talking about actual screenshots from what the devs are doing the last couple of days from inside of town square. Plus it doesn't help that they usually contradict themselves when they talk about the game and this could be a good way to at least keep their story straight.
  13. Delay thoughts?

    That sounds like an interesting idea. Maybe you should pitch it to @Beach_Ball, he's pretty good on the listening to the community front so he might go for it if you talk to him about it.
  14. Delay thoughts?

    Makes sense, like I said, no one likes a delay, but I think it's more about the way your PR team goes about releasing information and informing the community. Fix those issues and many of the problems in the community we currently have will probably ether lessen or go away entirely. Thank you for what you guys are doing for this game, but it's a learning curve and I wish you guys luck on getting past that.
  15. Delay thoughts?

    One thing i would like to point out is that their is one thing to give an estimate of a release and giving a hyped up date where the whole point is that their is no way for it to be delayed, which is the case of the TS delay. While I know delays are a normal thing in development, people are more pissed off about being unnecessarily lead on by the devs, which I imagine no one likes.