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Found 4 results

  1. Hello from Argentina

    Hello people! I'm Lautarius15i´m 15 years old and i live in Argentina. I like programmation, the AI and the business. I wait find spanish people. ¡Good luck!

    Thank you all for coming to this post, As we all know. ITS 30 November and the game should be here but maybe John is being lazy to push the button. LETS ENCOURAGE HIM TO PUSH THE BUTTON!!. #PushItJohn
  3. Everybody gonna lose their mind.
  4. The Kings

    The Kings Started out as a small organised crime cartel and expanded into an empire. Raised from the ground by a single man, Jack Hale but they know him as "The King". Corny name for a leader, right? The Kings originated from an island called Altis and expanded over to Identity where they stake their claim in the midst of the all the chaos and madness that is Identity. All members of The Kings follow a strict code of suave chivalry. You help us? We help you. Everything gets a return. There are a few things you should know before trying to gain your initiation into The Kings: Firstly, how we run and who's in-charge. Secondly, how you're expected to look and act. (Appearance is important to us, fuck this up and you're out kid.) Lastly, the common enemy. Let's start with the basics, eh? Who's in-charge: At the tippy top, we have "The King" - He makes all the decisions neccessary to make us tick and operate as we should. Next, his warchiefs. These guys are the toughest of the tough, meanest of the mean. They see through all the day to day operations and keep us on our toes. Then, the heavy muscle. These ladies and gents have gained trust within The Kings and command groups of The Kings in lieu of an warchief. They've probably been around longer than you've been alive. Now for the back-bone of The Kings, the patched members or "patch" if you wanna use that lingo. These guys and gals deal with the day-to-day operations usually in groups. Well taught and trained, they understand what is required of them in order to earn their keep. Lastly, the new blood. Kids, newbies and wannabes. They are potential members of The Kings they carry out the same duties as a patched member would however they operate under the supervision until fully initiated into The Kings. Now for our appearance: You'll usually see our members donning a black leather jacket with our patch on it. Depending on what rank they are will depend on what patches they have and what they wear. For example: The King - he wears what the f*ck he wants. Warchief - Leather jacket with The Kings patch and 3 upside-down chevrons sown to his/her collar. Heavy Muscle- Leather jacket with The Kings patch and 2 upside-down chevrons sown into his/her collar. Patch - Leather jacket with The Kings patch and 1 upside-down chevron sown into his/her collar New Blood - Black and white jailhouse tee. They don't get the honor of wearing our patch yet. That's not all of the appearance. You gotta act somewhat professional yet suave, we don't want no street thugs or "Hello Sir, may I get you a drink" type bullsh*t. Lastly, our common enemy... Anyone who's threatening us that could be of significant harm to our success, is an enemy. Anyone who disrespects The King or attempts to damage our reputation, is an enemy. Anyone who wants to steal our business or steals our property, is an enemy. Anyone who harms any of our boys or uh girls, is an enemy. Lastly, anyone who opposes us in general, is an enemy. Think you got what it takes big boy? Find one of our recruiters around town, they're pretty hard to find so that's your first test. Good luck kid. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment Info: Recruitment is currently closed for Identity until it's release. So no public information will be shared until then. We are in no way shape or form affiliated with any real life or fictional gangs/factions under the name "The Kings". So we apologise for any inconvenience.