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Found 2 results

  1. john what are your plans for now about fixing this game their is so many glitches its unreal the game is unplayable ive just entered the game not so long ago and noticed new glitches and bugs ive never seen before its like no matter what you patch and fix you just create 10 more glitches for every few you do. there is no way this game will be played by people in the months to come if it does not get fixed pronto maybe hire some experts on this game building programme who know what they are doing. this is falling apart and soon the people who have backed you and the game for years and still are will eventually say to themselves you know what its failed goodbye. so like I said whats the next step whats happening are you guys making progress to have this game fixed or is it to the point where everyone is so stressed and giving up but not saying anything to the public or what. we deserve to know whats going on there has been no up date today or yester day.

    Thank you all for coming to this post, As we all know. ITS 30 November and the game should be here but maybe John is being lazy to push the button. LETS ENCOURAGE HIM TO PUSH THE BUTTON!!. #PushItJohn