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  1. One Bedroom Apartment Decorated

    So why am I being taken to the studio I have a pledge for 1 bedroom
  2. One Bedroom Apartment Decorated

    Is that now where you go in the lift and search your name and it will take me to my one bedroom apartment instead of a studio
  3. Updates?

    When? Seems to be taking a while still buggy. Are they working on other tgings? Ie other modules, full game , map
  4. "Hunk Photo Frame" - Uhh, what is this?

    Yeah what ever it is it's glitches I couldn't even put it up on my wall what a shame
  5. Still can't make a character or login

    You need to upgrade man your pc ma
  6. Apartment in town Square

    I own a one bedroom house if I delete my charctor will I loose my house? how does it work? will I just lookse my character or everything?
  7. Apartment in town Square

    Just so you know and I think this is right you will loose everything on full beta as the module gives you stuff for free to test and want you to work make money and pay for your own furniture. If I'm wrong then please correct me
  8. Art work

    Their is already player made paintings in the gallery
  9. Art work

    How do you display your painting in the art gallery? Somewhen help please
  10. Improving

    This module is improving so much. Keep it up guys and the haters may well turn to lovers soon. Can not wait for more things to be added
  11. Show me your apartment

    Just purchased a one bedroom house pack so now I can try out the customise. Happy days.
  12. Show me your apartment

    Oh ok I see thank you
  13. Show me your apartment

    So why did they say we can try out apartments and check out the customise mechani cs