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  1. Seriously!

    Why do we not get responses from the Devs or moderates? Why is the tracker not been updated? Its nearly the end of the week outmr we not going to see a change until next week or something this is so unprofessional. What's going on
  2. OMFG

    2 days and still no tracker update. It's fucking Wednesday. What the hell are you devs doing? Should be finished by now it's one task yes I know a fix can create other problems but fucking hell the only problem I see is the lack of communication and the lack of being able to complete one stupid task ahhhhhhhhhh don't make me angry you wouldn't like it if I'm angry ahhhhhhhhhh hdjchxycixygjcxhxhcffufucux no but seriously hurry up. Ps can't wait to play the first module

    But I'm sure the phone number will be able to be seen on the phone itself otherwise how will you know the assigned number your given if you don't buy one. What are we suppose to just guess it no .

    Like what shieksdee said why buy a personal number I know it seems call but it's just a number may aswel just stick with the number your assigned with

    What's the point?
  6. What are the rules for custom Logos?

    Surely if your paying for a logo you should be able to do what you like
  7. No your close but it was coming up to 30 000 and it's now it's 150 000
  8. Website update

    Yes indeed it does. it's a good hope for us all
  9. Website update

    So the new website is here which the website update was. Could this be another sign of the release of town square being with us very very soon
  10. Last task

    How long does it take for this stupid task to be completed if it's just the inventory that many people have said then God sake who cares just release the TS now and fix it for an update. Why keep us waiting for this shitty task
  11. Town square release tracker

    Only joking lol yer I'm waiting no matter what this module will be so good and the game is going to be incredible
  12. Town square release tracker

    5 days and still no tracker update I'm hoping this means it's a good sign for it to be completed. If not I'm going to punch myself in the face the more likes I get is how many times I will punch myself
  13. Smoke!

    There are no NPC's
  14. Death

    That would be a bad idea even for any game you could play so well and all it takes is a bunch of haters that just kidnap and kill and yes it will happen alot