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  1. Swat module

    Wow thank you for that comment so much information cheers
  2. Swat module

    When will we be seeing trailers or gameplay for the swat module it's been a while now and no information about it. And I say hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I say hey what's going on?
  3. How is module 2 going?

    By the feel of things right now they may have only completed one prop for the swat module and that might be a peace of rock
  4. Funding

    Ok excellent I would hate if this game didn't make it to full. This game is going to be epic
  5. What will you RP in identity?

  6. bugs in the game

    Your kidding me it's still not working? Lol it's been ages since it was released
  7. Anyone still play?

    As soon as town square has been updated with shooting etc then I'm playing as right now it's boring
  8. One Bedroom Apartment Decorated

    So why am I being taken to the studio I have a pledge for 1 bedroom
  9. One Bedroom Apartment Decorated

    Is that now where you go in the lift and search your name and it will take me to my one bedroom apartment instead of a studio