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  1. French or not ?

    je ne parle pas fran├žais
  2. What guns do you want to see?

    Both of them
  3. Vaulting And Climbing

    colours are great <3
  4. Which Mafia/Gang will succeed

    I don't know any of them
  5. Explosions?

    So no big vehicle accidents with 10 deaths hh?
  6. Will there be explosions like in Arma 3?
  7. Lets go deeper

    In this game u won't be able to have sex
  8. Translate for baguette
  9. In the basic A3 Maps (Altis,Stratis) you can go in every house u want, so I wondered if it was also possible in identity? (Off course u can't go in locked houses )
  10. Town square

    I expect a delay even for the 1st video
  11. Here ya go

  12. Here ya go