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Found 3 results

  1. Town square

    Hey i was just wondering if it was posible to do a tour around the Town Square.
  2. Helicopters

    Hello, to start off, I want to become a helicopter pilot when enter the military. After the Army, I want to fly for my local hospital as "Care Flight". I watch videos all the time over helicopters (mostly the UH-60) and the army all the time, as well as fly helicopters on advanced mode on Arma 3 so I can better prepare myself for the future. I've been watching the development of Identity and am very excited for its release, however I saw that there wouldn't be any air vehicles. The reasons seemed to make sense but that really hurt. Therefore, I would like to bring up some reasons that might change your minds. 1. Many people like to fly. Including me, but more realistically, this could make people that fly or want to IRL more interested in the game. That, of course, results in improved revenue. *insert "smiley face" and "dollar sign"* 2. More jobs. I'm not sure how many jobs will be available to the players in the game but incorporating helicopters would provide at least three more. Discussed more below. 3. Fire/EMS and Police. Not recreational. If we make helicopters limited to jobs, you won't have to worry about hundreds of helicopters flying around the server, maybe three at most. Not to mention Heli Tours. 4. Realism. From what I've observed of this game, one the main goals is realism. However, whats a city without tin cans flying around? I can already imagine it, driving my car to the hospital when in the distance I hear that sweet and familiar chopping sound fast approaching. I look up to see my co-worker, a responsible/aviation loving lad like myself, making a final circle around the helipad as he comes in for a landing. As I get inside the building, I see a severely injured player on a stretcher that needs medical attention immediately. I sign in for my shift of the day and walk outside to see her sitting there, the beautiful flying machine I am thrilled to call mine for the next six hours. I take a brief moment to observe her glory, the early morning sun reflecting off the windshield and the hospital logo and can almost smell the jet fuel through my computer screen. I give my copilot a fist bump and open the cockpit door. I sit down and begin the start-up procedure and listen to that turbine whistle rise in pitch and then the blades slowly begin turning. Suddenly, we get the call to help out another unfortunate Identity player, and we roll. "Fortunate Son" begins playing in the background as the camera begins to pan out to get a view of the city then the helicopter flies by and then the picture fades out revealing the Identity symbol. (good trailer idea!!) With the above information/reasons, I urge you to implement helicopters into the game for my sake and pilots everywhere. Our love for flying runs deep and we want to be able to express our talents in an amazing, reasonable, role-play game like yours. I can't wait for the game to be released and to be flying my helicopter to the next scene, reminding me of what my future holds. Thank you, DustRain365.