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  1. Prostitutes and sexual interactions

    There isn't sex in the game, but there will in fact be strips clubs and kissing. Not everything sexually related is gone, but you cannot have sex at all.
  2. cant claim beta access key

    Hey there, currently there is not a playable build of the game released, but the Town Square module will be released shortly after the tasks at the bottom of this page are completed.
  3. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    Sorry! You can have friends over in your apartment.
  4. Hello, Im new Player

    If you want to get access to the alpha and beta I'd upgrade just $15 more dollars. That will give you a pledge of $30, you can always upgrade again later if you like the game.
  5. Hello, Im new Player

    Hey there! just letting you know the $15 pledge will only get you full release, which won't be for a while. If you pledge $15 more for the $30 package, you will get every early access build.
  6. Questions

    Drawing pads will be supported, but you will likely have to wait until the full release of the game. You will need to go through a short tutorials in order to receive your driving license. You can drive without a license, but will have to pay the consequences if you are caught.
  7. Brand new

    This game is essentially a RP only experience, however once the full game is out, private servers will be able to change a lot of options to fit your play style.
  8. So... what's happening?

    Thread locked per request from the creator.
  9. Can we not just close discussion topics

    The creator of the thread requested that the thread be locked. So we did just that.
  10. New Town Square Gameplay

    The chess, karaoke, painting, customizing your character, watching movies were all shown. There is another gameplay video found here you can check out.
  11. So... what's happening?

    The Town Square had been re-made several times as the expectations of the art time have risen, so when remaking the Town Square, everything was improved, the layout, models and textures. Not only that, but this module includes the core mechanics of the game, so tons of coding takes place for everything to run smoothly as it's getting built from the ground up.
  12. New Town Square Gameplay

    You can play chess, sing karaoke or order food in there. Submit art work to the art gallery or write books in the library. Buy clothes, customize your character, watch movies in the cinema and more! All shown in this video or others on the official youtube channel. Let me know if I can assist you with anything else.
  13. New Town Square Gameplay

    Hey there! Currently there is no date, but if you go here. At the bottom is a task tracker and after all those tasks are done, the TS module will be released.
  14. Looting Players

    Yes, once a player dies they will drop any cash, food, etc. they had on them at the time.