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  1. First image is Identity's Store, second image is Star Citizen's Store. Not a bad thing to be inspired by other web designs, but this just looks 'too heavily inspired.' doesn't look too good.
  2. thank thank

    Thanks @Beach_Ball for changing my name from Xentinel to Boumu thank thank clap clap
  3. What's your Steam account?
  4. Please tell me the Social Followers counter is broken...

    Ok so we are all aware that we can buy houses, a room in a hotel and some other nice places to live, but what are the benefits besides being able to place custom furniture? What is the difference from living in a car? I mean living a car would probably save you a lot of money wouldn't it? So what's the benefits of living in a house besides the cosmetics (furniture, wardrobes, etc)
  6. Modules

    I'm just gonna leave this here:
  7. buying FOUNDER

    I'd assume not...

    Will our character's faces be completely created by us by editing/dragging face meshes? or will faces come in presets; similar to The Division or Dark Souls' character presets.
  9. buying FOUNDER

    No modules will be considered DLC. They are test versions of the game that are being released at seperate dates, one will be for testing towns, another for cars, etc.
  10. How real will clothing be?

    (and yes I have looked at the imgur album

    That would be cool if after a large party, trash (cups, bottles, confetti) is generated around the house and you or someone you hire can clean it up
  12. Soicalize

    Players will be able to emote to each other (like waving hello or something similar) but I don't know if it will go to extent of: Sean would like to hug you F1 to Accept or ignore But what I do know is that there will be no 18+ animations. surely you can role play it but it won't be added to the game's system. You can marry other players as well
  13. So far I know that there will be many combinations of clothing and some players will be able to submit their own designs into the game; but how much detail will be put into the clothing, will there be waist size customization, material/fabric changing, what about wearing tucked in, half tucked, not tucked at all? Maybe even having dirt cover your black shoes after doing yard work or hiking? (and not just covered in dirt for 20s but actually on the clothing until it is washed.) When I think about clothing in MMO's or Open World games it's a very simple mechanic: Long Tee 1 Long Tee 2 Short Sleeve 1 Short Sleeve 2 and so on. Image for reference, notice how the shadows, creases in the shirt and shape of the shirts are all completely identical but the shirt is just textured differently. Will Identity be like this? Where there is just a basic model for clothing and then it just being retextured dozens of times? What about the layers of clothing, will we be able to have a short sleeve under a long tee and wear both at the same time? Will we be able to customize whether the suspenders go on the shoulders or hang around the hips? What about being able to take off a flannel and tie it around your hips? Sorry for the brigade of questions, just curious about the clothing system