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  1. New Community Manager!

    Hell yes Brandon! Cheers on you!
  2. Player Contributions (Contests?)

    A little thingy that you could hang on your wall would be enough imo + if people visit your house they know you won contest x
  3. Horses just for aesthetics is such a nice idea. This really helps the atmosphere.
  4. Google to Identity

    Yeah like an ingame social media app, which could be accessed from your real phone, when you are at work or in school to interact with others even when offline.
  5. Proxy chat

    I love this, not like the regular in-party voice chat
  6. Mini Activities

    Will there be small minigames spread across the map? Like a pinball machine or arcade machines?
  7. Hostages

    "Did you get the handcuffs?" "Nah, zipties were 20% off." Zipties are about the best replacement they could have thought off
  8. removed

    Last post has been a while, still active?
  9. Cartel suggestions

    la licuadora
  10. Devs

    Is this a general appreciation thread? I'm totally joining! I don't have all that much to say, but thanks devs for having started such an awesome project!
  11. News Reporter?

    How about news magazines? Since player-written books are already confirmed, somebody writing a weekly report would be awesome! I just have heard of a library, which sound like a take-books-for-free place, but selling them at a kiosk would be nice. I hope you can design the books at least a little.
  12. Gang bases?

    I am starting to imagine a giant group of drug dealers owning a villa in the forest. Just the fact that this will be possible is getting me hyped again!
  13. Dying of overdose?

    Nice, if this attention to detail is persistent throughout the game, it will be an great experiance!