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  1. Possible Ways to Publicise the Game?

    I agree but hype is pretty much all that is keeping this title afloat right now. If the game launches without an active playerbase, it begins its deathspiral before it has even left beta. If we stir up real support right now, we can guarantee a future for the game for years to come.
  2. Possible Ways to Publicise the Game?

    Glad to see you too mate. The prodigal son has indeed finally returned. I agree with you about the screenshots. They're the most concrete reminder we still have that this game exists. 3D models are fantastic but people don't care a jot unless they see real, well-imagined environments that look entertaining and engaging. The Facebook posts are nice enough too but I imagine the real draw for most gamers will be to see the game in action. It might help to instil some more backer confidence too, given that most people seem to have given up How goes the forum Discord actually?
  3. Hello from Germany!

    Hi mate, and greetings from England! It's nice to see someone who isn't afraid to introduce themselves properly here! I hope that you remain an active member of the community
  4. Hi all. Christ, it's been a while. I apologise for being so inactive as of late. Work has taken its toll and after a year of uncertainty, I'm back and better than ever. In short, I hope that phrase can eventually be used to define Identity. Honestly, the game has gone through something of a slump in recent months, with many previously-active backers losing interest and moving on to other matters, while more and more delays are announced. Thus, I propose that a radical new strategy is needed to propel Identity's popularity once again - something akin to the endorsement of FrankieOnPC from years gone by? What can we do to stir up new support, generating new forum members and dedicated players? How can both we and Asylum prove that Identity is not yet dead in the water? We need ideas, people! Regards, Felix
  5. Account Support FAQs

    Hi crew. Felix here. I've been absent from the forums for some months, so after a lovely email from @LuckyDuck , I've given it a much-needed 2018 edit. Hopefully, you all still find it useful. Cheers.
  6. Identity Dev Blog Update

    Hey all, The Asylum Team sent this email out to all of their newsletter subscribers, discussing progress with the game: I'm pretty gutted about the delay, obviously, but it sounds like the devs are once again making progess - can't wait to see the results. Felix
  7. Hey all! Firstly, I have to apologise for my recent absence. I'm aware that it's been well over a year since I last retained a consistent profile on these forums, so I need to keep up. Secondly, hello to all the new players that have joined since December 2015! It's fantastic to see the game undergoing something of a second coming, so I can rest safe in the knowledge that there'll always be a huge number of people to share some great times when Identity (finally) reaches its release! But on to my original question; I'm currently undergoing something of a PC upgrade and not having really delved into the world of PC construction in the past before, I could use some help. I have already ordered the parts online and with the help of my far more experienced SO, I'm planning on starting work in a couple of days time. What is worrying me, however, is the possibly of a hardware limitation when attempting to play Identity. For instance, I bought an i3-6300 (yes, I'm aware, not overly fantastic but it was all I could afford on my shitty income), a GTX 1050 and 8GB of RAM. With the fairly sub-standard quality of the dual-core i3, will it be possible to play Identity easily (even on a lower graphics setting) or not at all? I understand that we are still awaiting news of system requirements, however, given its similarity to other titles - Arma 2/3 etc - does anyone have any clue at all? Thanks in advance and once again, hello! DrFelixPhD

    Been years since I've seen any of this. A couple of months ago, I was trying to find them again to reupload them for anyone that hadn't seen them. It's odd that they weren't publicised more and couldn't be found on the Official Identity YT channel.
  9. First RP

    Never once tried an RP within a video game, but I am member of the Star Wars cosplay community, The 501st Legion, in which we dress up as Stormtroopers, march around and wonder why women don't want to date us. Definitely a lot of fun and the people you meet are incredible - lovely to see fellow fans of such an awesome movie franchise. Here's me with a mate of mine at an event in London a couple of years ago - I'm the one on the left
  10. Old brands.

    Perhaps an inclusion of GTA's Fruit phones, Facade or Lifeinvader?
  11. Should I pre order?

    Unfortunately, making regular updates isn't exactly the Asylum's strong point. Like Crafty said, I'm sure we'll start seeing far more information the closer we get to release - just keep an eye out for dev blogs and the occasional video. If you want even more justification before you ever feel like preordering, just either send a forums message to @Motown or the CONTACT US button at the bottom of the page. Have a fantastic day and good luck with your purchase!
  12. Good day all! I apologise for my inactivity in recent months - unfortunately, I've been weighed down with exams and college, though now, I am completely free! Thusly, I wanted to try and re-engage myself with the forums and catch up on the game once again. So, what's the general progress of Identity? Has anything catastrophic occurred since March? Is Motown still in to Motown music? I'm curious! Thanks! Your homie, Felix
  13. Animations?

    Or krumping!
  14. Animations?

    Nah, mate - I'm still allowed 10 :L
  15. Animations?

    I'll have a look It's like moderator, yet even more voluntary!