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  1. Death and respawn

    Last bind point- usually your house/apartment.
  2. Getting Drunk/High

    As always, not much detail about how said features work or will work, but they will be in the game.
  3. Because that's pretty much what I've been looking for my almost entire life I come from mainly from MMORPGs but I also played a fair amount of "virtual worlds", like IMVU, Second World, OurWorld and many games I can't remember anymore. I just love making my own character and making a story around it that I can live through, and get other people engaged in... plus I'm really freaking lonely so gaming is my way of making friends don't judge
  4. Biggest Dangers to Identity

    I read "Biggest dancers to Identity" My bad. *slowly backs away*
  5. Generally modding is still a maybe- they're considering it, they've done and probably are still doing some work on it, but not sure if it'll make it to the final product or not.
  6. Mechanic

  7. Mechanic

    No problem ^^ I'm bookmarking their tweets, so when someone asks a question I can just search through the bookmarks~ Searching through twitter is problematic.
  8. Mechanic

    So this is what I got and not sure how fixing cars will look like... But it's possible. ^u^
  9. Major

    Major in what? Do you mean Mayor? o:
  10. Interactive Actions

    I hope it's not clicking on randomly placed dots to place your character in a pose.
  11. I can't wait for Townsquare so we can finally see how the CC looks like.
  12. I hope so! >-< Too little character screenshots, too many houses and buildings!
  13. Apart from trollers and PKs, I'm worried about character creator. Will the characters look good? Can I customize them to the extent of Black Desert? Can I pick whatever shade of purple I want or will I have few limited options? <.<