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  1. Ohai

    I've been giving @KittyDeKarebu purina treats under the table.
  2. Ohai

    "I'm not proud of that last one.. But I did it man" - Nick, Yes Man (2008)
  3. Ohai

    Glad to know that's what my legacy is.
  4. Ohai

    i sed hi
  5. Ohai

    That's pretty much all I need to know @Vix , @NutterButter. Ohai guise.
  6. Ohai

    Am I still relevant. Have people forgotten about me? I hope not. I'm pretty awesome. I guess I'll also take this opportunity to announce my plan for when I get into Identity and that is to provide YOU, yes YOU, with top of the line clothing signifying wealth and social status! :3
  7. Blade and Soul

    Jiwan servur 4 lyfe ;-;
  8. I pepper sprayed myself.

    Rofl, I was bored, don't judge me.
  9. I pepper sprayed myself.

    No she just laughed mostly. Especially when I couldn't find ice cubes.
  10. I pepper sprayed myself.

    She's not, she's just living here until my lease runs out :L
  11. I pepper sprayed myself.

    I tried to see how long I could last without water.
  12. Continue The Story

    Was a fresh litter of adorable baby kittens! Which he...
  13. longevity of identity for rp'ers

    I don't like pineapples on my pizza D: