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Found 76 results

  1. So I created my character and then it doesn't do anything. I reloaded my game and this is what it shows. It doesn't do anything. The settings button also crashes the game.
  2. Right so I really want to upgrade my package now, but I'm not sure if I want too just yet as I won't be able to use the stuff like the car or that, so will/ or will you think of, when the full game comes out, can we have like a week to buy stuff like cars/bikes and that cheaper than none backers? I understand we are already getting a good deal now as the prices will go up when it's out, but do I buy a bigger package now or leave it and just pour my money into it when it's out? Need some help, unsure of what to do! Haha
  3. What is going on?

    What is going on Identity community. I get that we have been waiting for an extremely long time for stuff to go right. I also know that many of you are falling down the rabbit hole and completely just leaving this community. But lets keep hoping and looking forward to doing things in the game. Tell me whats on your minds lets have a chat.
  4. Town Square Module

    Hello everyone, I am wondering; do you have to have the beta passport in order to play the TSM? Thank you!
  5. GAME

    i love this game
  6. What engine does this game use?

    Curious as to what engine this game uses? Or is it a new framework? *Answer is probably somewhere but #lazy* Cheers fellas.
  7. This will be the best game ever made. We know that Module 1 gets released soon, but what about the most fun module 2? With that module the fun will raize to another level with the police if you play as one. I cant wait for module 2 to come out. So what do you think how long after the first?
  8. I dont know exactly what it is, but what i heared, it´s a shield from any damage when you havent done any crime. That means only criminals are affected, which i find unbalanced. My solution would be to delete the whole stress system, since it takes out all value of real life and freedom. Make everyone eat the same amount of bullets, but police ofc more since theyve got vests and stuff. If you say it´s for RDM, no it´s not. It may be, but it also takes out ones freedom in this game. A better solution would be to raise the maximum jail time one criminal can be given, when caught from the police. It scales on your wanted level, how much crime youve done without getting catched. Also make the wanted level dont go away at all (or maybe after 1 week), since youre a criminal. But make it that you can enter your own buildings while criminal.
  9. Since there is no official limit for gangs and members yet, i would like to make a suggestion. I personally think it´s important to have a balance in the server. It shouldnt be able to have unlimited gangs / members per server.What i mean by that, is there shouldnt be able to be 100 or even more people in one gang and 100 gangs possibly per server. There should be a limit per server. Something like this: 5 Gangs per server and 10 members per gang. This would make the criminal more balanced in opposite to the police. The police should of course then also have a limit to join per server at the same time. If there will be 50 criminals, then a bit more, maybe 70 max limit for police officers. This is important to find a right balance between these 2 things. Otherwise the game will turn into GTA (which we dont wanna have 24/7).
  10. Omg i thought for a momemt this was Identity. Does this game has graphics like this? If yes, say good bye to my real life Imao:
  11. They want to stream thuesday 29 with real ingame footage. But when is the stream exactly time? Iam from central europe.
  12. We know that everything will be like irl, but i just realized something. What if we would make the prices for items and earnings from jobs the same as in real life. Like every month you get a paycheck and can buy stuff like irl with the same prices. I personally think this would add a whole lot more realism into the game and would make it like a second reality kinda. Maybe make progress a bit faster maybe 2x the speed of real life? That sounds optimal. Like Paychecks would be optimized for 15 days instead of 1 month and everything else propotionally to that too. Idk if you get what iam trying to say. It just shouldnt be like you get in the game and the first couple of days you own a big mansion with a sports car. Maybe after 4-5 months? I dont know what the right time would be, but it needs to be find thats for sure. I mean, it wouldnt even feel like grinding since youre having fun while playing the video game where you can do anything anywhere. Just my thoughts on this, how do you guys see it?
  13. Vote what you think when it will release and possibly add a reason why.
  14. The only thing why GTA has such a hype even today is that its the only real life open world simulation game out there which is done good. If Identity will release with all its content, it will beat GTA in 1 week. Believe me. Rockstar will shit there pants if they hear of Identity. The future is ours!
  15. Hello For me it will perhabs not stop but i will play this game so much. Like its like real life and youre going to be able to do stuff you couldnt irl.
  16. hope for the best!

    Hi everyone I pledged again (€30) to become MOTORIST. I'm really hoping that this game will be what they promise. I seeing so much bad comments why? Ok people are sick of waiting but how longer we wait how better the game will be. ( thats what i believe ) How long until release Town Square module? ( Task Tracker ) If i could choose i wanna be a police officer in game or maybe even bussines man. What about you guys how do you see this game? What life would you choose?
  17. YOUTUBE GOLD Go sub to me!!! Once the modules come out I will be posting like crazy on updates and other things. Always been a dream to become youtube famous!!! HAHA
  18. About Businesses

    I just found this game a little bit ago(my comma key does not work lmao) and I am AMAZED!I've never seen anything like it and it's crazy imo.So is it possible to buy a plaza say and then rent it out for others to buy and the rents go to you?And if you bought an industry building could you perhaps mass produce something and send it to stores?And is there going to be a different char. creation so i can have one criminal char a police char and a rich business man?Another thing is will there be a car industry so you can make cars and sell them?Just curious because i'm dying to play this game xP Luv Y'all
  19. Second Life/There

    Have you guys played in the past 'Second Life'or 'There'? I was a kid then so I barely remember them but on top of my head I remember that it was a huge world with roleplaying
  20. So, I bought the Biker package way back when, and it still shows that I have that. I know that the game is expected to come out on March 21st of this year, and it is possible if not confirmed as being a steam game. Now the question remains; How will the supporters who got the beta access actually get the game? Will we be sent files or will we have to message our steam accounts so we could receive the game as a gift? Or are we gonna get payment for the game delivered through Paypal or something? My friends and I are stoked for this game, but we seriously need to know this now.
  21. Headphones

    I would like it if there are headphones in the game for smartphones, laptops, a computer, modern car, whatever.
  22. So i have just purchased the Founder pack With the Founder pack, you gain access to the beta and all the modules when they come out How will I be able to access the Town Square module when it comes out? Will it come through an Email? Or will I be able to access it through the site? It would be really helpful if I could get some confirmation on this please
  23. I think it would be cool to implement something like a paintball or airsoft field into the game. It would be fun and a great way to practice your gun skills on real players without going around and shooting people. Edit: I saw another post that was asking about paintball and it was a confirmed feature.
  24. C-low is a street game played with 3 die, each person throws them where highest roll wins the pot. Rolling a 4,5,6 is the highest followed by 6,6 6, etc.. a roll of 1,2,3 is an automatic loss. If more than 2 players get 4,5,6 they roll again against each other. I would like to see it as an illegal form of gambling that could be played on the street. It was pretty popular when I was in the military and we were bored out of our minds and wanted to feel gangster, raking in cold hard cash from each other...or losing. I'm sure if there's an economy issue you could cap the bets, or # of rolls etc... just thought I'd throw it up for consideration, thanks.
  25. I'm not too sure if these types of things are already planned for the game already but if they are I would love some clarification on these details possibly being in the game. 1. Gas stations with working pumps to were you can actually grab the pump to fill your gas tank ( Just to add that extra detail of realism you don't get in games) 2. Restaurants that are RP based Ex. Being a chef / waiter waiting on other players. [ Small details not just for restaurants but all jobs would really make a huge impact for this game!] 3. Working Stock market effected by the world. Ex. Stocks for specific business drop if the business owner is murdered / the building is raided ect. FOR COMBAT 4. Bleed out system as well as bullet decals in the correct spot you were shot. Ex. Shot in leg causing a limp and bleeding effect at point of impact with a bullet wound as well as constant decline in health until treated with bandage etc. {This is something I find very necessary for this type of game especially for the realism this game is wanting to deliver for RP'rs, it would also improve EMS jobs and encourage players to partake in that field much more. 5. A detailed wounded system. As an example, something like what Escape from Tarkov has done with its combat system with different conditions depending on where you are shot. Not just bleed out like most games. Ex. Gut shot causing internal bleeding not fixed by just bandaging/Head shot causing concussions as well as other things depending on the severity. Bottom line is really am looking forward to this game and I hope some of these things are considered at least a smidge for the final version released, Already backed it on the website and even thinking of upgrading my version to help out even more. But most importantly it's not so much these things go in the game but please take note that its small details like this that make a game that much better and really separate if from whats out there already (even though its doing that already) hence why its gotten the attention it deserves. Please let me know what you think of my ideas, I'd love to know and would love to help with development anyway possible. Keep up the great work and can't wait!