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  1. This will be the best game ever made. We know that Module 1 gets released soon, but what about the most fun module 2? With that module the fun will raize to another level with the police if you play as one. I cant wait for module 2 to come out. So what do you think how long after the first?
  2. Recommendation to being mugged

    This isnt an unbalanced and completly from the real life distanced game, so forget this op feature against criminals. It all comes down of the players skill in the end of the day. The stress system makes an encounter between 2 people realistic and most important FAIR. The thing which determires now who lives and who dies is the players SKILL to AIM. Dont forget my quote: "Your skills determies if you can beat the stress system or not"
  3. Anthony Smith introduction

    That´s my homies. Let´s turn this server up with our members from SAMP
  4. Jake Smith introduction

    Was geht bin wieder back lol warum stürmt ihr so schnell ? haha
  5. yo was geht :D Bin so gehypet!!

  6. So what do you guys think, when will the first module release? I hope next week.
  7. Delete the stress system

    The topic os now closed. Sorry for the missunderstunding: This one made me and 10.000 other germans love this game even more:
  8. I dont know exactly what it is, but what i heared, it´s a shield from any damage when you havent done any crime. That means only criminals are affected, which i find unbalanced. My solution would be to delete the whole stress system, since it takes out all value of real life and freedom. Make everyone eat the same amount of bullets, but police ofc more since theyve got vests and stuff. If you say it´s for RDM, no it´s not. It may be, but it also takes out ones freedom in this game. A better solution would be to raise the maximum jail time one criminal can be given, when caught from the police. It scales on your wanted level, how much crime youve done without getting catched. Also make the wanted level dont go away at all (or maybe after 1 week), since youre a criminal. But make it that you can enter your own buildings while criminal.
  9. Time/Years

    There should be no ingame date cuz this game is not supposed to make your character get older. It´s a fix state of time we all are playing daily. The time isnt moving forwards inside the game.
  10. Hitman (recruiting)

    If youre getting killed youre arrested so same thing. And yes youre wanted forever. So wether go criminal and live with it being able to getting caught any time or live a normal boring live without much money
  11. Hitman (recruiting)

    Youll recive wanted levels. For each wanted level its 20 mins jail time.
  12. Hitman (recruiting)

  13. drug use and drug production in identity

    I know and i want it to be real like you say. They shoule improve the crimnal market as muxh as they can. I hope its possible for them
  14. drug use and drug production in identity

    Not so much details needed. Just give them the option to grow weed in backyard or on fields. Sell them when theyre done per gram. Ill only sell cocaine tho.