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Found 9 results

  1. You own it, it's all on you...

    Crowdfunding, Kick Starter, Early Access, Backer, Founder, Etc. Have a certain expectation level that comes with them if you so chose to engage in the process. Many negative Nancy's here seem to ignore that fact, or simply make up their own expectation level when they themselves feel that progression is slow or communication is lax from the developers and studio. If you so chose to engage in said process, you should really follow the the studio and developer announcements early on, as I did and many of you did. Once you feel comfortable with the proposed product and feel reasonably satisfied with what the vision of the end result is, then and only then should you be reaching in your pocket. For some that's the first day for others that is three years down the road. I followed the prospect of Identity for almost three years before I reached into my pocket or even made forum account for that matter. Either way, if you don't go into this with the attitude and mindset that you just threw your money on red number 7 on the roulette table, then you have set yourself up for disappointment. The fact is, these projects are a gamble and if you chose to partake, You own it, it's all on you.
  2. What does Founder Hat help me with?

    What does the Founder Hat help me with in the game?
  3. Hi everyone! I am 28 years old from Canada and I love Simulators. I was fantasizing about a simulator like Identity for many years and vowed to create one if no one does soon as I am in game development as well as a music producer. I could actually start my own team and make it happen. Luckily there are many other gamers who have a similar interest and I found you guys. I wonder, if I pay for the Founder package right now, will it allow me to jump in the game already? Cheers, Maverick
  4. So looking at the founder packs, I tried to deduce how the garages where working, and I'm left with a question. I heard somewhere that idle vehicles would despawn and be brought back to your garage meaning you probably can't own more vehicle that you have parking space, I'm guessing. And in the most expensive founder packs there give you a "two car garage". Which probably mean that you can only fit one vehicle per parking space. Now the founder packs also give you a rusty car or some motorcycle. My question is: What if you want a vehicle that's not rusty? Do you have to sell your founder car first for parking space? Can you even sell it? What is going on there?
  5. So i have just purchased the Founder pack With the Founder pack, you gain access to the beta and all the modules when they come out How will I be able to access the Town Square module when it comes out? Will it come through an Email? Or will I be able to access it through the site? It would be really helpful if I could get some confirmation on this please
  6. Ranks

    So if i bought citizen when the game launchs i get the gameĀ»? And the founder? The same thing but it Beta=?
  7. If i buy the Founder grade after the modules has started , I have the acces for the modules ??? Sorry for my English , I'm French
  8. I pledged

    Hi, i just pledged $30, it says that i have pledged but when the module comes out how do i download the module? Also how do i get the founder hat? I am dumb at this stuff so if you guys could please explain what happens now that i have pledged that would be so helpful.
  9. Simple question. Will you still be able to buy founder's pack after the first module is released? I want to buy Founder's pack but i don't have the money until the 20th of march.