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  1. Typing With Eyes Closed Game

    I would like the game to come out now, i can't wait any longer, and i am typing all this with closed eyes. Get on my level.
  2. I can only hope that i have time Thanks for the answer
  3. Just sounds a bit weird that you wont be able to buy Citizenship when the first module is released.
  4. Simple question. Will you still be able to buy founder's pack after the first module is released? I want to buy Founder's pack but i don't have the money until the 20th of march.
  5. Thomas Hetch for governer

    You have my vote Mr.Hetch, and should you ever need me i will be happy to assist you in any matter.
  6. Building Markets / Interior Designer

    Well more like a decorator, i don't mean that they would have to build the things from scratch i mean if you wanted to put different floor boards in or wallpaper.
  7. Thanks for the answer :).
  8. Hey, so to start off, my friend and i thought of this idea and thought it would be really cool and realistic, and would also fit the things already in progress. So the thing of this is based around Interior design and a Interior designer job that would allow you to buy home improvements but would make it so you couldn't just do it your self and you would have to wait for a worker, in details i am thinking about it this way. There would be a interior design job where you would be notified about an order placed by someone, and you would get the address and a list of materials needed for the job, where you would maybe have the things in your inventory and you would go to the place and would have to build the different improvements (Getting an option to begin doing the things needed and would have like a percentage of the things getting improved) and as the other things in the game and stated by the devs if no worker comes by the certain time it would automatically be placed. The thing with building markets is kinda like a second choice and a longer more time consuming thing to do where as a player if you would want a certain thing in your house instead of contacting a interior designer firm, you would have to go down to a building market and buy the stuff your self and do the things yourself as opposed to contacting the worker, where doing that would maybe cost a little bit more and you wouldn't have to be doing all the work yourself. I really think this would be a great addition to the game and would make alot of sense and improving on the realism. EDIT: (I edited the post from carpenters to interior designers, im still not 100% sure what the specific profession is called but i think it is Interior designer) Thanks for reading this suggestion, i also posted a question that will be linked below ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Okay so to start of i've not bought the game yet but im really considering it, i have both a question and a suggestion (Will link the suggestion in the last line). So my question is if it will be possible to buy a store in the mall, or owning property in the mall and making your own store? I would really like this because it would be extremly immersive and i think people would put this to great use. And my suggestion is here ----------------------------------