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Found 43 results

  1. Swat module

    When will we be seeing trailers or gameplay for the swat module it's been a while now and no information about it. And I say hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I say hey what's going on?
  2. Why is the process bar from the Town Square module still not progressing even though the game has been out for many months now and is available to everyone on Steam? Why is the process beams from the Town Square module still not progressing even though the game has been out for many months now and is available to everyone on Steam?
  3. Hello everyone, Since the developers are working on resolving some issues at the moment, the only way to check out TownSquare is to enter it by typing 'open TownSquare' in the console. To open the console you press the tilde (~) key in the main menu. But for some people the console won't open. So therefore I decided to write a little tutorial on how I fixed it. First, open Steam and right click on 'Identity', then click on properties and go to the 'general' tab. Here you click on 'Set launch options' Click to see image There you type in '-console' Click to see image Click on 'OK' and you should be all good! Enjoy looking around for now!
  4. We're almost there! Identity's Town Square module has been submitted to Steam and is pending approval. You'll find the Steam store page either today or within the next day or two. Enjoy the trailer above, fresh off the Steam listing. Following Steam's approval of the Town Square within the next day or two, you'll be presented with the official Steam release date. This date will be in November, 2018!
  5. A slight concern

    Firstly I dont believe the devs are scamming us but.... Anyone else worried that these ‘final bugs’ are unfixable, and another rebuild is necessary? I really hope not but the amount of time they’re taking is a bit worrying
  6. OMFG

    2 days and still no tracker update. It's fucking Wednesday. What the hell are you devs doing? Should be finished by now it's one task yes I know a fix can create other problems but fucking hell the only problem I see is the lack of communication and the lack of being able to complete one stupid task ahhhhhhhhhh don't make me angry you wouldn't like it if I'm angry ahhhhhhhhhh hdjchxycixygjcxhxhcffufucux no but seriously hurry up. Ps can't wait to play the first module
  7. Release the game

    The devs should stop working on 3500 different lamps, couches, and different styles of shirts and instead focus on the game. Maybe the "module" could be released by the end of the year. There are still two more modules (SWAT and Racing) left. The full game will not be out until 2020 (or later). Remember when this was posted on Kickstart, the release date was 2016. I have watched this game for over a year and chose to wait before I pledged, which I am glad I did. Wish the devs would give people answers why this is taking so long. The "tracker" has had one item left for several weeks but the recent post says the tracker was updated 2 days ago (not sure what was updated). Those who have invested and pledged deserve answers and a release date now... not "soon."
  8. I was wondering what exactly you can do when the Town Square Module comes out? I heard there's no weapons, vehicles or in game currency as of yet. It says the you'll be able to create your character and socialize with other characters but how long will it take for the S.W.A.T and Racing modules and the BETA to come out. I feel like I am going to be waiting a year or two for the full game to come out.
  9. What do you think?

    So the Town Square module(beta) is about to come out and I was just wondering what everyone thinks about the game and the footage that's been released so far. I cant wait because I'm a really big fan of MMOs like GTA. I was wondering if anyone knew the limitations of the game, vehicle and weapon wise or/and how you make in game currency in the game(missions?).
  10. Town Square Module

    Hello everyone, I am wondering; do you have to have the beta passport in order to play the TSM? Thank you!
  11. Will beta users be able to play module 1 once it comes out on module 1 release, just a simple question.
  12. This will be the best game ever made. We know that Module 1 gets released soon, but what about the most fun module 2? With that module the fun will raize to another level with the police if you play as one. I cant wait for module 2 to come out. So what do you think how long after the first?
  13. a question for the modules

    I ask myself a question as the dev are creating scripts for the system of town square, for the creation of other modules will be faster and easier ? @Paratus @Beach_Ball FR: Je me pose une question car les dev sont en train de créer des scripts pour le système de square town, la création d'autres modules sera plus rapide et plus facile?
  14. Here we all meet again. It's been some time, but I kept with the media. So, let's get to it then. This is my opinion, you don't have to share it, but at least respect it. Here we are again. Town Square module gets delayed AGAIN with no good reasons why. There has to be a point where even the die hard fans of this game have to admit that this is just bad. When they released an alright video that really didn't show much and what it did show was old and unfinished work the community went crazy. When the devs pushed back the release date of the module people were not happy, but willing to wait for a fully completed module. Now, months later than the original release date the module is being pushed back even further. The devs shouldn't be even thinking about an "official release date" if they can't even release a solid good video. Mentioning videos, weren't the devs supposed to drop a new video that shows the Town Square Module? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they said in the last dev blog they'll release a video to compensate for the first delay. Which still hasn't even came out yet. So what's the deal? Here comes my opinion, the devs got too excited and gave out an "official release date" which they could never provide evidence that it could be done within that time frame. They realize they were not gonna come close to getting it done for that launch date so they pushed it back a month. Why would they push it back only a month if the game needed so much more work? The answer is this: They wanted to keep the positivity going with the fans so they pushed it back just a month because everyone can deal with a month. Now if they came out and said "Hey guys, the module still needs a lot more work and we underestimated it. So to assure the module gets completed with no problems were delaying the launch for a few months". That sounds a lot better until the last sentence, " a few months". I don't know about you, but one months sounds a lot better than a few months and I wouldn't oppose it. So here we are again. The devs said they can get the module ready in a month, but in reality they knew very well it couldn't be done. So they pushed it back another month. You're probably wondering "Where's the evidence?". So here it is: Depending on the date you look at this it might be different than the one I'm talking about. If you scroll all the way down to the Asylum Task Tracker. I'm skipping the Bug Tracker info. Art The 2D graphics is finished. Animations: 1 in progress and 2 completed. Character Art: 1 New. Environment: 5 In progress and only 1 completed. Props: 1 finished. Technical Art: 8 new and 5 finished. UI and UX: 1 in progress and 2 completed. Programming Gameplay: 8 new, 1 finished, 1 in testing, and 1 in progress. Systems: 4 new and 1 in testing. User Interface: 6 new, 5 in progress, and 3 completed. So after first looking at it I was very shocked. I mean look at it. The devs had the beginning of the announcement date for the Town Square Module (back in 2017) to the first delay. They were never ready for the first Official Launch Date even if they wanted to be. Facts speak for themselves and what I see here is a lot of "New" and "In Progress" tasks that yes are based off of April 19, 2018, but still shouldn't outnumber the completed tasks at this point like they do. Having just got clarification these tasks are the ones remaining since April 19, 2018. So they made a lot more progress than displayed (they really should show the tasks completed since the first delay, since that is what we want to know. How much work needed to be done and how much did they finish from then to now). But, like I said before there is absolutely no way this module could have been finished a month ago or even today. With proper organization the devs should of been able to see that there's no way they could get this done with the original and first delay timeline. Therefore, they should of delayed it for the CORRECT amount of time needed to get this module out for everyone and not say "It'll be done in a month" when they know very well it wouldn't be. So there it is. I wanted to give my opinion. Now please correct me if I'm wrong in any of this. I didn't create this thread to cause hatred towards the devs. I created this to broaden people's perspectives on this whole situation. To give them all of the details. So once again if I made a mistake in this let me know. I will be glad to make changes if needed. I truly want this game to come out and I still support it. Yes, I support it though I just gave reasons that may say the opposite. Those reasons were to help others. Knowing that already hasn't made me hate the game or the devs, but I want to see proper treatment that we all deserve.
  15. Only a few more day

    Only a few more days left... what are y'all thinking
  16. hello, I'm going to buy the version a 500 and I really believe in this game but I can be scared to be disappointed or not to croket so I wanted to know if for example I buy the pack has 100 and I love as I thought I can pay 400 to upgrade to the 500 version?
  17. 89%

    So I seen someone else post this and thought I'd get it more spread and known for more answers, relating to release of first module, the module is continuously stuck on 89% and it is not moving, some clarification please? Not assuming any reason myself unless an admin says something about it not moving.
  18. First Module release?

    I have recently donated and continuously check the site for the first module, it consistently says 89%, i was wondering how long (at an estimate) would the first module release, im super hyped for the game and i am really curious about it. P.S I love the games looks and ideas, the perfect realist mmorpg type game i've looked for all these years
  19. This thread was created to cast a poll of the general idea of what members believe will be the release era. I understand there have been few threads released like this, but I would just like to take another poll after the recent release of "Dev Blog #007" (not officially listed under Dev Blogs, to view see HERE). In the blog, it states that they have very few things to finish before Town Square release, leading me to change my beliefs upon the release. I personally believe that sometime within the next month we will see the debut of this game (hopefully). What's you're opinion? Fill out the poll above! ~ SummitsEdge // Mob-Mechanix Founder && President
  20. Identity at E3

    I am really curious, are the creators of this future game going to be at E3?
  21. Town Square Module

    Identity is super late with the Town Square Module when do you think it will be out i know it's 89 percent done but i always see it on 89 percent don't wan't to be pushy.
  22. i bought the game how will i know when i get the first module??

    I have just purchased the $15 package and im aware this DOES NOT give me beta access, however I noticed that the shop will close as soon as Town Square Module is released. I get paid Monday 15th May, is it safe to say I have enough time to get the Beta upgrade?
  24. I'm wondering what the town square module beta is going to be like Like am I going to be able to buy estate or clothes and cars or can I make art or what?
  25. Specific Release Date?

    Does anyone know when the module is going to get released? I just bought it and I have barely kept up so I am trying to figure it out. Is it gonna be around this month?