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  1. How accurate are the drugs?

    Haha thanks
  2. How accurate are the drugs?

    So I know there is crime, obviously. But I was wondering how accurate cooking meth would be. Like do you have to manage multiple things? For example, Garry's Mod has a meth cook addon that has you doing different things to make it. Is this gonna be similar to that?
  3. I pledged

  4. Specific Release Date?

  5. Specific Release Date?

    Well they should soon because I have been waiting a bit. I watched the trailer last year,
  6. Specific Release Date?

    Does anyone know when the module is going to get released? I just bought it and I have barely kept up so I am trying to figure it out. Is it gonna be around this month?
  7. I didn't realize how big the Town Center module was gonna be. I am so excited!
  8. Just pledged $30. Excited to see the Town Center.