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  1. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    They have completed 15 tasks and the have 49 left to go. Today they completed 3 more tasks.
  2. Can I get a discord invite?

    Not seeming to work, I think thats the same one in your first comment. Thanks for the help though
  3. Can I get a discord invite?

    Yea this also seems to be expired, not sure why
  4. Can I get a discord invite?

    That one is expired unfortunately
  5. Just looking for the link to the discord
  6. Radios/music?

    Not necessarily in the Town Square model, but in later modules will there be a way to play any song we want on a radio or boombox sort of thing. One that other players can hear too, so if I played a song out on the street on said radio others would hear it?
  7. Peter Luger's Steak House

    Hopefully in the town square, otherwise in a more rural environment
  8. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    Is the progress bar going to increase from this update?
  9. Identity at E3

    I am really curious, are the creators of this future game going to be at E3?
  10. ok, so kind of like a tax then. Do you also need to pay taxes on owning a boat and or car?
  11. On the issue of rent. Can you pay the mortgage of a house? So you don't have to keep paying rent?
  12. Peter Luger's Steak House

    Alright! Once the game really gets rolling and I begin the business I'll pm you and give you the necessary information.
  13. Let's say I am kidnapping someone in the game, what happens if they just leave the game and join a new server?