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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. i'm thinking about if players are going to be able to report players for harassment in-game. Like if a player was repeatedly harassed all the time by fx saying "I Hope you die in real life" and other mean stuff. Will the player the be able to report him and get him banned? just a quick question -Johannes
  2. This game looks amazing, phenomenal. The closest to a 'real life simulation' as it gets! Everything is done by the players for other players or themselves. However... I just see one problem. Servers could get abundant and thus player count on servers could fall short. If there are maybe 10 in a server can the game still survive and be 100% playable? I don't like to think of this happening, but what if servers fall as short at just a handful of players. What will happen since there would be no law, no police. Nobody to sell stuff on the market, nobody to deliver items or interact with on the web. How will this all be managed to remain playable without keeping the servers full?
  3. Younger players

    Are you afraid of younger players (10-15 years old)? They can destroy gameplay.
  4. is the whole world being populated by players, or NPC's also? I find it hard enough to populate a few RP / survival games, let alone an open world server ... and having to get people to play all aspects of the game for it to function would be very hard.