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Found 4 results

  1. The Discord Repository

    WHAT IS DISCORD? Discord is a free communication platform designed to replace TeamSpeak 3 and Skype. You can use Discord either directly in your browser, on your phone, or as a stand alone application on your PC. You can find more information at OFFICIAL IDENTITY DISCORD On the official Identity Discord server, you can find all sorts of information about Identity, and talk directly with the other community members, and the developers. News and announcements, including the streams are also posted on this server. COMMUNITY DISCORDS Identity Political Organization (IPO) This is the one stop server for all things political within the Identity community. The Precinct A place for everyone interested in IdentityRPG's law enforcement. IdentityRPG Spanish A Spanish community server hosted by @SrPeter. IdentityRPG [TR/US] Turkish English IdentityRPG Community Owned By @Ceothryth. Identity Life Servers Founded in 2016 by @JamesLuck01. I noticed there wasn't an easy place where the Discord links are collected. So this thread will, hopefully, serve as the main location where you can find the invite link to the official Identity Discord channel. As well as others. These added for now, are the servers I'm in right now, and have access to. If you want your own Discord channel added here. Send me a PM, or post in this thread. And I'll add it asap. Be sure to include a permanent invite link, a name, and a short description.
  2. Seeking Users

    Hello all, I am currently seeking users to join my Discord server in order to form a proper organization that I'm looking to find. The organization I am referring to is called "The Dark Brotherhood" The Dark Brotherhood is an organization of highly trained assassins who carry out assassination contracts. join if you are willing to give your life to Sithis.
  3. Just looking for the link to the discord
  4. Discord Invite Link?

    Can someone please make a discord invite link (Make sure to check the invite link wont expire box) thanks! //Crimed