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  1. YOU DECIDE! Part 3

    Dimitri Tsarnov sounds like one heck of a psychopath. Shame he's gonna be taken down by a rookie cop on her first day.
  2. Everyone is mad, and I get why but...

    Never in the history of calming down, has anyone ever calmed down by being told to calm down.
  3. Everyone STOP!!!!

    Try more like a thousand people.
  4. [Insert Topic Regarding Release Date]

    PSA to all the haters...
  5. Prostitutes and sexual interactions

    @Bushido0, @Zomaka Let's not forget about GTA V either. With it's Strip Club, sex with prostitutes, and even fully nude colonists (Both male and female). Which also exists on consoles. In other terms... Where there is a will, there is a way. I highly doubt there's going to be any "sex" mechanics in the game. But really, you don't need that. You can always just roleplay it. I bet there's gonna be private servers just for that stuff.
  6. The Discord Repository

    Update: Removed the Identity Life discord, as OhEric decided to shut down the community. And added a new Discord link, as requested in a PM. Just a reminder to anyone else who would like to get their server out there, feel free to post here, or send me a PM with a permanent invite link, and a description of your server. And I'll get it added ASAP.
  7. Forum: Character Vault sub-forum

    Bump. I think now more than ever a Character Vault sub-forum is needed. There's like 7-8 separate threads all dedicated to a character. While this is great, I love reading about all the characters. I do feel like the The Pub itself can be used for more, and other RP stories. And with a Character Vault, it may also encourage even more people to make new posts about their own characters. Shout out to all the character threads currently on the front page in The Pub. All of these a great, and I suggest you should check them out! This is why we need a Character Vault, so we have all of these contained in one place. And so people are encouraged to post more of them. Without cluttering up The Pub of other great posts.
  8. Awesome. You actually bought an Invision Community license? That's like 200$ minimum, for the core & forums! Do let me know if you need any help with it. I've set up several XenForo forums in the past. But I've always wanted to try out Inivision. Seems like a worthy contender to XenForo.
  9. A face to the name of Developers...

    Could this be counted as Doxxing? I mean, you are putting their personal name out there for everyone to see. Pretty sure that's against the law in EU now. Perhaps it would be better if you asked them directly, and let them you yourself, if they wanted to? Or if it was posted somewhere on this site, link to that instead.
  10. OmegaFramework | Character Hub

    That's awesome! Loving the use of those character profile images.
  11. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    NORWAY! If that weren't obvious enough.
  12. The Discord Repository

    @Xzothi Ah, alright. Fair enough. I've never used Ventrilo, and I never saw much activity with it. So I didn't mention it in the OP. The "Discord is a free communication platform designed to replace TeamSpeak 3 and Skype." is more or less a quote for Discord's own front-page.
  13. Hitman (recruiting)

    @Short A Rookie Police Officer? Isn't that obvious? Do I really need to spell out Police too in the Notes? Isn't the badge obvious enough? And we've totally derailed this thread. So I'm just gonna leave it at this.
  14. Hitman (recruiting)

    @Short While you are correct about the definition of Narc. You are still wrong about me being one. And as promised, you'll actually find the evidence bellow all my posts. In my signature. I plan on starting out my character as a Rookie Officer. Exactly as it says in the Note field.
  15. Hitman (recruiting)

    @Short Yes, please do tell me. And then I can tell you how wrong you are, and back it up with facts.