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  1. Is Communism Evil?

    Sure, that answers some. But not all. And this only creates more contradictions. That quote is not from you. But it does explain communism. How can you have "government agents", judges and other government workers if there is no state, or no government? This solution is only temporarily. What about after the transition? Or do you just plan on keeping it as a socialist system?
  2. Or better yet, we need an alien invasion. That we can all unite against. And make a global defense force. Which is later turned into a global government. Getting rid of the silly individual borders and countries. And instead, we'd all be CITIZENS OF EARTH!
  3. Illuminati " The N.W.O Is Comming"

    Question. Do you have to be a lizard to apply? Or will you accept humans too now? You guys must be getting desperate if you're gonna start accepting humans.
  4. Is Communism Evil?

    What if... Those people who work in production, decide they're bored of working in boring dead-end job with no personal gain. And decide to quit. If they have a prosperous lifestyle. Do they get to keep that, or would get that stripped from them? And what about other sectors and jobs? What about a graphic designer? Who would be their clients? Who would they make graphics for? For the production "companies"? Okay, so who decides which graphic, or how the product should look like? Like, what about innovation? How would someone go about in creating something new? And starting up something new? Could literally anyone just go and start something new? Even if it's a terrible idea? And it would have to be mass produced regardless? Who decides that? And what do you mean when you say "prosperous lifestyle", like, do you get a decent sized house, A TV, a PC, and gaming console, and other necessities, like electricity, water, fridge, freezer...Ect.? What if someone wants a bigger house? What if everyone wants a bigger house? Or do you get "assigned" a house based on the size of your family? Who decides who is assigned to where? And what's stopping them from assigning themselves a mansion? Fear of getting shot by another civilian with an assigned gun for "protection" and "justice"? And if you did get assigned a house by the size of your family. What if your kids grow up, and move out? Do you get kicked out of your home? How do you deal with these issues?
  5. Is Communism Evil?

    See response for point 3. That sounds good on paper, and worked back then. But today... Just look at America, comparatively to other countries. Having armed citizens in this modern day and age, doesn't work. It's just not safe. School shootings, mass shootings... You could even get shot for just looking at someone the wrong way. (Obviously, that last one was a bit satirical. But it does get the point across.) And what happens when someone votes without assessing the information? Or what happens when the person/entity/organization presenting said information alters it to fit their own agenda? You could have multiple sources? But then do you really expect EVERYONE to check all the sources, and do a lot of research before voting? People don't even do that now when voting for parties! This is even relevant to the direct-democracy. And who decides what you can vote on? Or can anyone submit anything they want? All 7 billions of us!? That's gonna be one big chaos. So basically as it is now then? How, or who, should select the jury if there is no state to do so? And what, or who, sets the punishment if the jury does find someone guilty? Without a state, no judge can be appointed. Do you then go back to the voting? Okay, how can you ensure the voting is fair? That the voters have all the facts? People are gonna be lazy, whether it be capitalism or communism, or whatever else. Sounds great in theory. But how will it actually work? It still doesn't answer my last questions from my previous post. As I said, it sounds great in theory. But there's still just so many problems you'd have to solve. A revolution for a regime change isn't necessarily going to change human behavior. And we have to account for that. You may be able to change people by convincing them they'll get free shit, if they give free shit in return. And as a bonus, you'll get a free gun so you can "defend" yourself. But I don't really see that working in the long run.
  6. Bodybuilding/Gyms

    @LuckyDuck You just replied to a bot.
  7. Strip Club?

    Nothing stopping anyone from just RPing it, I'd suspect. It's one of those many things that doesn't really need a specific game mechanic to work.
  8. [HIRING] Clearwater Security Company

    This right here is basically your written confession that you're willing to kill your employers. And that you definitively do have something to hide. As an officer of the law, I'll be sure to keep my eye for your activities. And I'll know where to look if I find a "former" employee of yours dumped dead in a ditch somewhere. Also, no need to edit to hide the evidence. Got it saved right here, just in case.
  9. ur new cheif

  10. Is Communism Evil?

    @CommunistRationalist I see we're on the first one. And not talking about the game. I was asking about who in the terms of the game. But sure... I'll play ball. Let me pitch you this: So, Anarchy is when no one is in charge. Right? You can agree with that? And Communism, is when everyone is in charge? But how does that work in practicality? How will anything get done, if people can't agree on things? Will there be a police? Will some people have authority over others? You kind of need that for the police. Okay, so no police? Great. What about crime then? That goes back to my first point. Bad people. Sure, maybe theft will go down. But surely murders, and other unspeakable things won't. And let's say you did have a police. Okay, so you've caught the bad people. Now what? How do you deal with them? Well, you'd need a judge of some kind. Or do you let everyone vote? Okay, so you let everyone vote. How do you ensure it's a fair vote? People are still going to be living their lives. And not always going to bother reading up on all the facts. And you'd have to have some sort of a globally (or country) accessible voting system. Okay, that's possible with the internet. But who is going to make it, maintain it, and control it? Just leaving it open is basically asking for it to be hacked. Because again, that's what bad people do. They ruin it for everyone else.
  11. Cartel de MedellĂ­n

    Dude! This is really well formated! You've even got the picture on the side of the text. I've been trying to do that for ages! And you got some really awesome looking headers. Please tell me your secret!
  12. Is Communism Evil?

    So basically, you're looking for a fight and to start a revolution? .... But against who? @CommunistRationalist Also, what setting are we talking about here? In what sort of context? Like actually historically what has happened, or attempted to happen. Or whatever. Or are we talking about in the context of the fictional Identity Island as it is now in modern times? Edit: I'm hoping for the latter. Because I can think of several reasons as to why it wouldn't work. (Well, maybe not as much as reasons. More like problems or questions, that would have to be answered or solved first.) And it's not even related to the game mechanics.
  13. *You would see this profile posted on social media*

    Zoey 'Zoe' McKenzie Age 21 Lives in Los Angeles, CA. Status: Online Graduation day! Posted on 18/10 at 07:39 Finally graduated from the police academy! Next stop is Identity Island for my first day on the job. So excited!
  14. Is Communism Evil?

    While I don't see anything wrong with the idea behind communism. It actually sounds pretty neat. Isn't the humans in Star Trek communists? I mean, they don't have a currency system anymore. No one is getting paid to work on board a starship. But we still do it to better ourselves and humanity as a whole. At least, that's how they do it in the series. I mean, I'm not a Star Trek expert. But that's how I think it is. Anyway, I think the problem with communism, is also why it have never worked in the past. It's quite simple, the power. Some people want power, while those who have it. Don't want to give it away. And power corrupts, if you're not careful. So basically, it boils down to this: Bad people.
  15. The Discord Repository

    @TheDigitalDiamond No problem at all. Glad you found them useful. As for the politics one, I assume you mean the IPO one? It's sorta a bit quiet now. But I'm sure it'll spike up with activity once we're closer to an actual game. If you do end up making a party, feel free to message me on Discord. And I can set you up with your own sub-section for your party on the IPO server. Where you'll be able to manage it however you want to!