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  1. I can see why he was banned.
  2. WtF where’s my game?

    7 hours left. Where did you hear he had to push the button himself? It should be automatic if there is a countdown on the store page.

    It says right there on the store page, it unlocks in 7 hours. At the time of posting this.
  4. [TOOL] Identity Signature Generator???

    @DLimit Looking good! However, may I suggest using a square 1:1 ratio picture? I found those to fit the best. I was debating if I should automatically stretch the images to force them to fit properly. But the result of that would either make images look stretched, or the person appear fatter. I also experimented with cropping. But there is no way to know which part of the image you wanted to crop away. And it might not be obvious to some people as to why part of their image is missing. So I figured resizing would be the best approach that works for everyone. But with that, a 1:1 ratio on the images works best.
  5. November 30th and X4: Foundations

    I'm posting this is Arcade, because I guess this is technically related to another game. Identity's first module, is set to be released on the 30th November. In three weeks of the time of posting this. November 30th is also the release date of X4: Foundations. As an avid Sci-Fi fan, and space game gamer. The choice for me is simple. I'm going to be playing in X4 first. Then maybe I'll check out the Town Square later. But I'm curious if there's any other X-series fans here? And is facing the same dilemma as me? And what game are you probably going to be playing first?
  6. The Steam page is UP!

    This post has been up three hours. And no one has replied yet? Just saw there are other threads related to this topic. My bad. Also, for those too lazy to go and check the page itself.
  7. [TOOL] Identity Signature Generator???

    @Rolf_Schmidt Thanks for the feedback. And yeah, the tool uses direct links to images. Including from Imgur. I can look into converting Imgur links to a direct link. But no promises, as I'm not really sure if there is a way to automatically detect the image type. Should be easy enough to right click the image and copy the direct link though? And I'm glad you like it! Pretty awesome looking signature you got there. @ItsRaiden You didn't have to quote my whole topic just to say that. But thank you!
  8. A long time ago, I made an online tool located here That basically let's you fill out your character information. And use it as a signature. I haven't really been too active with advertising it. As I've been busy with other stuff, and not really sure if it's ready or not. But some of you have already been using it trough my signature. Which is awesome! I never actually expected to see anyone else actually using it on the forums. But I have, and it's so awesome. Thank you to those who have already been using it. And I do hope more people will find it useful as well, and might actually enjoy it. Of course, this would not have been possible without the great art work by @Bryzha. Because I'm a terrible artist. And Bryzha is amazing! And I also had a little help from EasterEgg and Kuzkay. (Who never got back to me with their forum usernames so I can't properly credit them.) With that said, if you wish to help out by making more overlays. Send me a PM, and we can talk about the technical details. Again the URL is if you're interested in checking it out. Oh, and feel free to post your creations in this thread. I would love to see what people come up with! I'll start with a couple...
  9. If it hasn't been said already...

    @killerkate888 Yeah, sorry. The general section of the community forums are pretty cancerous at the moment. You'll may find other, more enjoyable, content in the other sections.
  10. Or better yet, we need an alien invasion. That we can all unite against. And make a global defense force. Which is later turned into a global government. Getting rid of the silly individual borders and countries. And instead, we'd all be CITIZENS OF EARTH!
  11. Illuminati " The N.W.O Is Comming"

    Question. Do you have to be a lizard to apply? Or will you accept humans too now? You guys must be getting desperate if you're gonna start accepting humans.
  12. Bodybuilding/Gyms

    @LuckyDuck You just replied to a bot.
  13. Strip Club?

    Nothing stopping anyone from just RPing it, I'd suspect. It's one of those many things that doesn't really need a specific game mechanic to work.
  14. [HIRING] Clearwater Security Company

    This right here is basically your written confession that you're willing to kill your employers. And that you definitively do have something to hide. As an officer of the law, I'll be sure to keep my eye for your activities. And I'll know where to look if I find a "former" employee of yours dumped dead in a ditch somewhere. Also, no need to edit to hide the evidence. Got it saved right here, just in case.
  15. ur new cheif