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  1. Renting out apartments.

    @Cstove "dude trust me" isn't a valid source. Besides, I never said I didn't believe you. I said I was curious as to where you got this information. And you provided. So it's all good.
  2. This is getting silly

    No Nobodies asking to get anything for free its just we want more transparency. (Also if we cant get a version of whats in the shop in-game with in-game money ill be a bit disappointed) Some people a while back, after the first, and second delay, made discussions demanding to be "compensated" with free shit. Not really related to this topic, I guess. Just a fun fact.
  3. Renting out apartments.

    Thanks. Exactly what I wanted to see.
  4. Renting out apartments.

    I was under the impression the store was only temporarily, till the game got released. And by that point, the apartments would disappear too. And you can only buy one of each, (or just one in total?) apartment as it is now anyway. So renting out pledged apartments shouldn't be a problem. So again, I'd like to see the source of this notion where you can't rent out pledged apartments.
  5. Renting out apartments.

    Source? Not questioning you, just curious. You're not gonna be able to rent out the apartments on the TS module. There's not even gonna be any currency. And by the time they're adding renting mechanics, I'm pretty sure they're gonna stop selling apartments.
  6. Opinions.

    @Cstove He started it. But fine. I'll stop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Opinions.

    Stop lying. You said "trailer". Because we've seen trailers... You've deducted the game is clearly finished. Trailers, NOT gameplay. And as I already mentioned, what gameplay we've seen. And rather, it's commentary, it's not finished yet. Also... This is fucking ridiculous. How can you even be this dense? I've said it before, and I'm gonna say it again. ARTISTS ARE NOT PROGRAMMERS! Do you seriously expect the artists to sit around and do nothing all day while the programmers do their job, just to make you happy? AND... They're not charging you jack shit. You freely choose to pledge, and in return are given access, and a copy to the game. And if that's a days salary for you, then perhaps you should reconsider where you spend your money. Literally no one is forcing you to pledge into the development.
  8. Opinions.

    You said TRAILER. The video you linked to is from the GAMEPLAY STREAM. And further more, I've seen those streams too. And it DOES NOT CLEARLY show a finished product, like you seem to suggest. Just because you can drive a car with only three wheels. Does not mean it's finished, or that you should. Playing the game does not automatically make it a finished product. So my point still stands.
  9. The Discord Repository

    @nexus Of course. Make the Discord, make a permanent invite link. And either post here, or send me a PM. With the name, and a short description of the server. And I'll happily add it to the list! The more the merrier.
  10. DISCORD!?!?

    It's literally pinned at the top of this category.
  11. Please don't fuck this up.

    @dagtag Fast forward to 16:45.
  12. Please don't fuck this up.

    @dagtag and @wiebley I may be wrong about this, Lucky would know better. But I was under the impression that everyone would get the same apartment for module 1. Just so we had something to play with, and experiment with. And test out the customization features.
  13. Somehow, in your mangled mess of text. I was able to find the second dumbest thing I have read today. Artists' aren't programmers. What are they supposed to do? Just sit and twiddle their thumbs just because you don't understand the difference between an artist and a programmer?
  14. Opinions.

    And there we have it folks! Literally dumbest thing I have read today.
  15. YOU DECIDE! Part 3

    Dimitri Tsarnov sounds like one heck of a psychopath. Shame he's gonna be taken down by a rookie cop on her first day.