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  1. What's to come

    There is no more being patient for this game. It's very clearly dead. Even if the developers are still actively working on it, which is extremely unlikely at this point, their reputation is absolutely ruined and they will not be able to bring in a large enough revenue stream to keep the game alive.
  2. Developers? Are you there? I have a question

    Please do not ever buy this game.
  3. Enough is Enough

    They've raised roughly $1.5 million or so, maybe $2 million with steam sales. That money wouldn't last long with a dozen developers being paid competitive wages without spending anything else on other operating costs. If all they had to pay were salaries (and they do have a lot more to pay for than just salaries though) then that money might last 18-24 months for a dozen full time developers and artists. Realistically that little amount of money for a game studio with a dozen developers would be gone in a year.
  4. Curious

    No you aren't or you wouldn't have made this stupid topic that shows a clear misunderstanding of how development works.
  5. Curious

    You don't have any idea how development works do you?
  6. To be fair, Ark is still called ShooterGame too. It's just the default name in Unreal for new projects.
  7. To Developers

    As @Paratus said, you can't hire developers for short term work like that on complex software. It generally takes two months at a minimum before a new developer is actually able to do any real work and can take the better part of a year to be "fully" productive. They'll just have to deal with any issues that arise themselves, I really doubt they're planning on taking the weekend off with a Friday release. I have to do nightly deployments for my software on occasion and I'm always on-call out of work hours for any issues that might arise over the next few days, even over the weekend
  8. If it hasn't been said already...

    I think now would have been an appropriate time to make this topic, good on them for getting the page up! Can't wait for the 30th
  9. It's up and we have a date !

    Awesome, I can't wait!
  10. Town square release

    To be fair, Star Citizen did have a playable module out within a year of the kickstarter ending (the hangar), and full development didn't actually begin until the kickstarter was successful in November 2012. Chris Roberts and a few artists and developers threw together a concept in late 2011 to early 2012. That wasn't full development of the game. They also had the dog-fighting module out roughly 18 months after the kickstarter ended (June 4th, 2014).
  11. If it hasn't been said already...

    Just curious, why should they be congratulated for finishing something that isn't finished yet?
  12. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    They didn't start planning GTA V before San Andreas was out, or even before GTA IV was out. The game was in pre-production (this is when they do concept art, storyboarding, and initial design) for roughly two years after GTA IV released and full development for three. It literally says that in the quote.
  13. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    You would try, and fail, to turn being made to look like an idiot into "oh I like making people mad"
  14. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    Why, because it proves you wrong? What moron would actually believe that GTA V was in development six years before GTA IV was even released? Hell, that would even be two years before San Andreas released on the PS2...
  15. The Elephant In The Room that most backers ignore !

    You're the one that's wrong. They didn't start on GTA V until after GTA IV released. It was only in full development for three years. While Rockstar hit the big time, that core process remains unchanged game after game. It’s part of the reason why these blockbusters have kept their flavour through each instalment.For GTA V, that discussion started as GTA IV was wrapping up – almost five years ago – although the latest game has been in full production for just three years.