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  1. Progress on my appartment

    Looks good! Love the barber pole in the corner.
  2. Please report bugs using the following Google Form. You will have the ability to review bugs after submitting. https://goo.gl/forms/FWcEywSRSxQotMyW2 Thanks
  3. Problems linking Steam account:

    Reset your password.
  4. Please use the following format to expedite the process: Store Page Username: Email Address: Description of the issue: If you are a backer, what package did you purchase and when: Screenshot of PayPal Transaction:
  5. Town square

    There is a date that Dev’s have gave to Steam.
  6. Town square

    The date the game is playable is not set by Steam, it's a date that the Dev's gave Steam. This date however from my understanding can not be changed once posted by Steam.
  7. About the steam verification process...

    What Dag said, there could be some wording or something Steam would like changed before approving that could maybe make the release date have to be altered.
  8. Unpopular opinion time.

    There is nothing to hide, they are being locked because topics like this are creating people to believe they know the release date. Once the game hits steam everyone will see the release date so there is no guessing. That release date is also something that has to be fulfilled with steam, not something they can go back and forth on after it’s been set like it is. We all want a better alternative then ARMA I lived through Altis Life, this will be better. Your post is not going to get you in trouble but we are locked the previous one because people are answering what they think they know, which then makes others believe that’s the case, which then creates a build up and then people get let down. “It’s coming out X if it’s not out it’s another lie”. We just need to wait for the store page so everyone has the opportunity to see the exact launch date. Once that happens if you want to speculate something sure, but let’s just wait for that store page to solidify the true without speculation. Hope this answers your questions, if you have any addition questions feel free to shoot me a PM and I’ll answer what I can and if I do not have the answers I’ll talk to Paratus. Thanks!
  9. Identity Trailer

    What’s a salty twist, a pretzel?
  10. Identity Trailer

    They did not fail anything.....they published it to Steam. Steam now needs to approve it so it can be posted, typically it’s done the same day, but for some reason there is a queue. Stop finding the negative in things and find something positive, Steam has it and will post the store page when they approve it.
  11. Identity Trailer

    Should be up in the next day or two. It was sent to Steam and is in Steams pending queue.
  12. Identity Trailer

    There is information all over that states their intent to add more content to Town Square as they progress through development of the other modules. Other than the shooting range they have not released what additions will be added. Those specifics would be posted in DevBlogs. There is not a roadmap that lists specific things that will be added to Town Square during the continuation of development.
  13. Identity Trailer

    The only roadmap is the different modules. Additions will likely be announced as they are about ready. One of the first ones will be a shooting range. TS will not just be dumped while they work on swat.
  14. Identity Trailer

    Was posted on the Identity YouTube, the forums and Discord.
  15. Identity Trailer

    The devs have already said how they will be adding features to Town Square, in devblogs, streams, and on Discord.