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Found 46 results

  1. Police business

    Howdy everyone, Here today I want to ask for at final release we elect our Sheriff and Police Chief. I have some ideas for ranks and ideas for patrol and other divisions. First Here are ranks: Sheriff Undersheriff Assistant Sheriff Chief Deputy Captain Lieutenant Sergeant II Sergeant I Detective Deputy Trainee Unit numbers: Numbers from 1-500 For example Unit 357 My idea is each car is customizable so you put your unit number on the roof and for Sgt. Up Supervisor on the body. Police ranks Chief Assistant Chief Commander Captain Lieutenant Sergeant Detective Officer II Police Officer Recruit Unit numbers 500-1000 Example 865 Just some ideas.
  2. What's to come

    I would like to start by saying. I have been with the development of this game since launch. I have not purchased the town square yet. But I plan on doing so. I still have very high hopes for this game. It has been almost or exactly five years in the making. Even if the deva are working at a slow pace I will wait to see the final project. I honestly think it will exceed my rp inspirations. I just hope updates came more frequently. So deva if your reading this please hang in there with me. I know it's been a slow process but slower the better because then comes detail. And precision. The roleplay community is growing more and more each day so I feel this game can fit everyone's needs. I have been checking the tracker and yes it has one more objective I hope the deva are working on it. Man I remember way back in 2015 how much hype I had to play this game. The ideas keep me up at night thinking of the potential and makes me happy. I just hope the deva don't let me or anyone else down.
  3. I couldn't find (with search) in the faq's , but if it is indeed already suggested or mentioned i do apologize... I think it would be great to implement a birthday (character create day) , Like in Guild Wars 2 , (and probably other games) but i know it from GW2. Basicly , each year just like in RL , your character has a birthday, and in gw2 for example, you then get some minor rewards, in forms of consumable temporarly buffs or boosters and/or currency , items , etc..... (with maybe each year increasing the characters reward with the birthday (create day). Daily login rewards and daily tasks that gives you a minor reward when completing them or some of them, would also be a great implementation.


  6. A long time ago, I made an online tool located here That basically let's you fill out your character information. And use it as a signature. I haven't really been too active with advertising it. As I've been busy with other stuff, and not really sure if it's ready or not. But some of you have already been using it trough my signature. Which is awesome! I never actually expected to see anyone else actually using it on the forums. But I have, and it's so awesome. Thank you to those who have already been using it. And I do hope more people will find it useful as well, and might actually enjoy it. Of course, this would not have been possible without the great art work by @Bryzha. Because I'm a terrible artist. And Bryzha is amazing! And I also had a little help from EasterEgg and Kuzkay. (Who never got back to me with their forum usernames so I can't properly credit them.) With that said, if you wish to help out by making more overlays. Send me a PM, and we can talk about the technical details. Again the URL is if you're interested in checking it out. Oh, and feel free to post your creations in this thread. I would love to see what people come up with! I'll start with a couple...
  7. Basic Info on Characters

    RP Name: Description of character: What job do you want to have in Identity? What city do you want to live in? What are your goals in Identity?
  8. Christopher Sharpe Age 30 Lives in California Status: Online I'm Moving! Posted on 5/30 at 10:48 p.m. The times almost come! I'm packing my bags and getting ready to move to Town Square. Flights will be leaving, probably around June 13th I hope. I'm looking forward to my new apartment there. I hope I beat the rush. That hotel is going to be fucking PACKED!
  9. More ideas and suggestions

    1. Is it possible to create games for the in-game computer? 2. Food Delivery? 3. Uploading Videos on the In-game computer? 4. Diseases? 5. Custom in-game consoles and games for them?
  10. I have some questions, So when you are at work (any job such as Police, Fire, EMS, Logistics, ETC...) And it is around time for your shift to end is there a game mechanic that as soon as you leave and store your vehicle at the depot or station are you able to change into civilian clothes in a locker room then get your car and drive it home. And live as a firefighter that is off duty. I want to see something like this because I will be on duty a lot and would like to get a chance to leave some times. Maybe even have a farm or other hobbies. Also will you be able to buy buildings and have an office setup (Created by people) for my logistics enterprise or something. and be able to store vehicles somewhere. And have logos on everything. For example Fedex Freight or UPS (But not these names for copy right reasons). I want to see all of the following - Fully Custom Logos (Created By player) - Work Vehicles (Box Trucks, Semis, pickup trucks W/Trailers,) With Logos on them - Work Uniforms (Custom For The Job or Business created by CEO/Owner) - Radios/Handheld (Operational In Vehicle/on foot) - Full Vehicle Customization (Work And Personal) - Full Setup on Paychecks For Workers (Managed by CEO/OWNER, Based on the money earned and work labor) - For farms (Operational Tractors/Equipment, Livestock, Fields) - Realistic Gas Prices (Diesel and regular) - Game Mechanic where your car/truck could break down or need repairs - Fully working Speedometer/Meters in car/trucks - Cold Weather To where cars/trucks/tractors have problems starting or cold start -Working garage to where you can buy parts and install them yourself/ Fix stuff yourself - Lessons or licences and schooling that teaches you how to Fix things or Do pretty much anything - Being able to bring coffee in your car ( Drinks) And Eat at any restaurant and eat and drink at your desk [ This is just a short list of what we all hope to see in the game] [ Hope the game comes out soon]
  11. Discharge Reports for police

    I have been thinking about the realism bases of the game. I think that on top of the paperwork I would assume needs to be filed for a porper police report, it would be interesting to have a discharge report. The discharge report will keep track of how much you fire your weapon and for what reasons. If you are found firing your weapon for no reason or too much, you could face penalty. Obvioulsy for things such as a armed roberry or a shootout, the ammount of bullets fired will not need to be calculated, but it will still need to be filed. The format should be something like this: Officer Name: Badge #: Location: Situation: Suspect Name: Weapon Discharged: Amount of Times Discharged Reason: Situation Account: An example of this would be: Officer Name: Officer Sexton Badge #: 181A Location: Outside of City Bank in City Situation: Two armed robbers robbing the vault. Suspect(s) Name: Adam Jones, Lukas Monroe Weapon Discharged: M4A1, MP11 (Or whatever guns we will have) Amount of Times Discharged: N/A Reason: Suspects had fired multiple shots at police from their assault weapon, later identified to be two Ak47's Situation Account: I was called in by dispatch at approximately 13:18. Upon arriving on the scene a perimeter had been set and reports of hostages were arousing. We moved to the doors for better contact with the suspects at 14:01. At 14:03 multiple shots were fired through the windows from the inside of the bank. At this point, multiple armed units returned fire. Approximately 14:28, one suspect fell. At approximately 15:07 the second suspect went down. Three unharmed hostages were found when the SWAT team moved in. To avoid multiple reports in a case such as this, the first officer on scene or the officer that initiated the call would be the one to report the weapon discharges.
  12. Hello, is it to know what kind of RP will be identity if it will be close enough to GTAV RP? I also saw that there will be no permanent death that means that for example if I create my character Alex Noestra and I get killed I will be in a coma? or that I will be dead and that I recreate a character? And if I want to change my character I can kill my character to create another one? PS: In the pack at 500 the apartment is also luxury?
  13. Hello, I would like to know how Identity will work. Aves servers as on garry's mod with open to the public and others private but reachable with candidacy ?
  14. Aimes-tu mon histoire ?

    Presonnages: Andrew McGowan 26ans 12/07/1992 1m87 baraqué Irlandais Collin McGowan 24ans 23/06/1994 1m84 baraqué Irlandais Histoire RP Chapitre 1: Le commencement Notre père s'appelait Martin McGowan, il était le bras droit du boss d'une mafia Irlandaise très redouté pour ses vengeances et ses tortures redoutables. Ma mère, elle je ne veux même pas en parler, elle trompait notre père avec le gérant de "Bank of Ireland". Un jour Martin la tua, elle et le gérant puis braqua sa banque et vécu toute sa vie avec les braquages. Puis après avoir eu une centaine de banques braquées à son actif, il mourut après un braquage de la "Allied Irish Bank" qui tourna mal car un de ses équipiers n'était autre qu'un espion de la mafia banquières. Ce traître a été envoyé par le fils du gérant, que notre père avait tué. Ce jour là, nous avions à peine 12 et 14ans. Nous devînmes orphelin, ce fut l'anéantissement de notre enfance et le début de notre vengeance... Cinq ans plus tard, nous stoppâmes les études pour suivre la vocation de notre père. Nous gagnâmes de l'argent grâce aux cambriolages, pour acheter des armes et du matériel pour les gros braquages. Notre but, vidées les banques jusqu'aux derniers dollars et nous commençames la péripétie. Chapitre 2: Notre premier gros braquage Deux ans après, nous entrions dans la banque à midi, l'heure du changement des gardes. Andrew sort mon revolver il tire trois coups dans le toits et Collin crie "TOUS A TERRE LES MAINS SUR LA TETE !". C'est à ce moment là qu'un banquier active l'alarme silencieuse et qu'il nous restait plus que six minutes avant que toutes les forces de l'ordre de Dublin nous tombe dessus. On dit a un banquier d'ouvrir le coffre il refuse, Collin prend ça tête et l'éclate contre le coffre puis la victime ouvre le coffre mais c'était déjà trop tard la police entourait la banque... Chapitre 3: L'évasion Après l'arrestation nous fîmes envoyé prison. Dès notre arrivée nous pensâmes déjà à nous évadé, Andrew s'était procuré un couteau avec lequel il s'ouvra le genou pour être envoyé a l'hôpital, Collin lui disait qu'il était diabétique. Chaque Jeudi Collin passait a l'infirmerie et depuis là bas il se procura du matériel pour limer rapidement les barreaux des fenêtres de l'hôpital, il envoya le matériel en le donnant à un mec de la cuisine qui cachait ça dans la nourriture. Un jour, Andrew fini de limer les barreaux il ne manquait plus que Collin soit envoyé a l'hopitâl, il arriva à la pause attrappa un détenu et lui foutu un coup de boule Collin fut ensuite envoyé a l'hopitâl avec 3 côtes cassées. Une nuit après s'être un peu rétabli il sauta par la fenêtre Collin se cassa la jambe, Andrew fit un trou dans le grillage avec un petite pince caché dans sa chaussure ils sortirent et s'éloignaient le plus rapidement possible mais nous étions assez lent car Andrew portait Collin encore blessé... Chapitre 4: Le voyage Le lendemain matin après avoir dormi dans la forêt on alla à un village où on vola des habits et une voiture nous partîmes ensuite vers un aéroport proche et prirent le premier avions libre qui était pour la Caroline du Sud... Fin. Notre histoire n'est pas finie à vous de décidez de notre sort...
  15. A Dream is Born Parts 1 - 5

    The Fasten Seat Belt sound chirped as Manus Blair dozed in his passenger seat, the 737-900 he was riding was shaking from rough air. He'd have preferred first-class, but startup companies rarely can afford those, so coach would have to do. Fine. Hours ago he was in Chile, representing business interests in his home state of California. That's what he did: he went places people generally didn't go, then he invested. And that's what he was doing now. Paramo island is an extended part of Puerto Rico, a US Territory, and after a lengthly legal process the island attained Constitutional status. It was heavily rumored to be the next US state, beating Puerto Rico itself. Now people and business were pouring in. It was like the cool new toy, that accepts US currency, has a modern Western society, and where people drive on the right side of the road. Laking an airport on the island itself, Magnus would have to land in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, and take a ferry to it. He felt an elbow jab him gently. "Would you like to set up a meeting with the local investors?" asked the woman sitting next to him. Manus tried to open his eyes, blinking away the fog. He stretched. "Laurie, you're a partner, not my secretary. Set it up and tell me where to be and when." he groaned. She nodded and resumed tapping absently on her laptop. Well, he was awake now. He had always represented various corporate or NGO interests, but this was different. Manus Industries. Yes. This time he was striking out on his own. He had a cocktail of friends, acquaintances and trust fund kids looking for passive income to help him get off the ground. This was his turn.
  16. The Astral Plane.

    Welcome to the Astral Plane. An exclusive club where only those who wield the greatest influence over society are allowed entry. Join other, high class citizens as we enjoy pleasures unimaginable to most common-folk. Beautiful music that would draw enough tears from the masses to form oceans. The most eloquent cuisine which makes common meals taste like grass by comparison. The finest wine and most beautiful women (and men, for those who partake). No pleasure is forbidden. Enjoy the life of the elite overlooking the commoners below on the highest floor of the tallest building in the city. Welcome to the most exclusive club in the world. Welcome to The Astral Plane. Just an RP thread I wanted to put together to contrast the other RP threads, which focus more on the "low-life" so to speak. If you want to RP as someone rich and powerful, this is the place to do it. A few rules as well as the setup for how I am going to run this: 1. Anything out of character or not spoken by your character should be in Italics green, all in character RP should be written in first person. 2. I will be acting as the "mysterious host" of the Astral Plane. This will allow me to guide the RP in a fun and interesting direction. I will also act as a Game Master with again, non-rp text written in Italics. 3. When you first enter there are 6 tables you may choose to sit at. You may only interact with the people sitting at your table and are encouraged to do so (unless otherwise specified, just ask in Italics). 4. Your first post should contain basic character information eg. What your character looks like, what you are wearing, and what allowed you entrance into the Astral Plane. It also should contain which table you are going to sit at. The Host will also greet all new guests as they enter. 5. Please wait 3 days for a reply at your given table. After three days, response will be assumed by GM. You don't have to read the entire thread to hop in. Anyone can join. Those are pretty much the rules. Most importantly, be creative with your RP and have fun!
  17. ||Someone post a starter. I suck at starters. Must be a paragraph or more!~
  18. Room mate needed!

    I'm currently looking for a room mate before I go forward with getting myself an apartment. We can pay 50% each for fees. And you get to live with the greatest mad scientist on the Island!!! Just.. umm.. let me know if your interested.
  19. Dark City

    This is innitially a continuation from a previous RP that was started in a different thread. It went well, so we decided to make a new thread just for it, beginning in what we call "Season 2." Anyone is welcome to join. The story is set in the cities of Identity and the theme seems to have a bit of a Gotham feel to it. Crime, justice, and a dash of twisted insanity. A world where there are no battle wizards astride dragons, or fairies weaving flower garlands for elves. There are, however, sinister science experiments, genetic mutations, dark rituals and cryptic things that you thought only existed in nightmares. The world is what you make it, and dark minds, I find, tend to be a bit more fun. So welcome all, to Dark City. RULES: 1. PLEASE try to type as clearly as possible. Relax, take your time, it will yield less typos. Avoid shorthand and proofread your post before submitting. 2. No god-moding. You can not control other people's characters (unless previously arranged), and you are not immune to damage. 3. We all have lives. As such, you will be given 3 days to post a reaction. After that, you will be skipped. The show must go on. 4. NO BULLYING. We simply will not have it. If you're being a dick, you will be killed off in the story and blocked from the thread. If we think of more necessary rules, we will update this accordingly. Participants of Season 1: Because this is its own thread and new people may be joining, please post a brief recap of your character's events in the previous chapter. Thank you and enjoy! *fires a gun in the air*

    RP STORY OF VITO PALLAZZOLO Born Vittorio Pallazzolo in Bari, southern Italy, a few streets away from Carmelo Barbero and Frank Luprano's relatives. He was son of a construction manager with long work days and poor payment. Vito's father, Alfonso Palazzolo, was also an amateur boxer who was a strong head of the family. Vito loved boxing as well, just like his father and was not afraid of blood. Slowly, step after step, his mother, Luciana Palazzolo (name meaning: light) strove to achieve her life goals; becoming a mathematic-teacher (she loved the handling of numbers and people) and having self-employment, she was always devoting her energy and time to new areas of income: no matter if it was real estate, precious metals, precious stones, new business investments and taking advantage of untapped business niches (bakery in a place, where people need one...). Vito Palazzolo had a great mix between the endeavor of logical thinking,independent education and hard work. His father died early at a work accident. This layed a huge amount of responsibility on Vito. He was forced to become an adult and his mother was overwhelmed with this situation. She gave Vito a huge amount of money – just in hope he wouldn't see her falling deeper and deeper :she threw her money away, drunk during the daytime and losing her discipline to keep her business running. One day she bought wine in a gas station, was drunk, happy, laughing, and walked out into the street, not watching the traffic into a car, which put her body in the oncoming traffic and she was hit by a truck. Vito got his master in chemistry at the age of 22. It was a great balancing act between the research of new areas (drugs), improving the process of known drugs and the legal work in the laboratory as a researcher (not well paid, but a safe place). Vito quickly recognized that the changing of the world begins with him: He had to see: In problems the freedom of decision. In decisions - their consequences and possible outcomes. In errors - learning and trying again with a better start - which in turn lead to success. He will always be as modest as his mother, no one will ever know how much power and money is working in the background. The security over money stands: Dead people are not able to spend their million of dollars. You should work as hard as possible without putting yourself in danger, think in larger time intervals, and let the money work for you. Discipline daily to work on future goals was vital for Vito. The way you present yourself, your appearance, gestures, facial expression - is your self-confidence. Vito acknowledged three key questions in his day to day business; What is time-consuming? What is profit? What is dangerous? Protecting the family is the most important: therefore he had no problems to sell his drugs in foreign countries. He was not a gun nut, they were only a means for the purpose; protection and solving “problems”. He always solves his problems personally, if necessary, with his hands. He was quick to realize that he could not achieve everything on his own, so he joined the Luprano family through connections in Bari, and eventually came over to the island, after proving his loyalty during various tasks. With the first orders he realized quickly that violence did not irritate him, he could shoot people without hesitation but the thrill of making money with his mind is what gave him his adrenaline rush.Vito wanted to work for the office of the consigliere, which seemed to him in an unachievable distance, but was his goal. Due to his negotiating skills, the nickname "Snake" was awarded to him. He can judge people well and therefore also manipulate well psychologically. He was a great actor, even to people to whom he desires death; he could surrender and be friendly and, if necessary, give the death penalty - which made him an unpredictable weapon. His enemies can not look into him, but their are feeling of him has to be fully illuminated. He was struggling to move to the next step as early as possible, he had a healthy balance between philosophy and action. Now his attitude and skills in life keep all doors open for him.
  21. The "New Guy"

    Hello, Yes.. I am fairly new to identity. I heard of it a while back through a YouTube video and have checked on the website a few times in the past months. Though, my experience with this developing game lacks, greatly. I have plans to assist in making this game as enjoyable as possible, how? Well, once I can further get the ropes down, I hope to work together with other users to really get Identity's name out there. I know at least a dozen people that would crave to be apart of this. It is taking RP games to the appropriate level, a standard I've been seeking for years. Boy am I glad I stumbled across this! The Newbie, Gentino Donny Costellano III
  22. My Character Yay or Nay

    Im bored so im going to share my character idea. Name: Ximena Castillo NickName: Mena Race/Ethnicities/Nationality: Family is from the Dominican Republic but is mostly Black and Latina Looks: Medium-Dark Skin with long, thick curly hair. Dark brown eyes and thick lips. Rather thin but not bone thin. Has some meat on her bones Goals: To make as much money and to accumulate as much power as she possibly can whether through legal or illegal methods Personality: While she is not completely selfish she is very goal oriented. She sees the value in friendships and how it can be very profitable in the long run but will not hesitate to throw a little betrayal their way to boost herself. However, she will also not hesitate backing up her own. She will have no problem using people if it will benefit her. Personal Facts: Distrustful of White People but will work with them. Business is Business. Sexuality: Attracted to generous people with large amounts of money Education: High School Diploma. No college education Natural Assets: Looks, Charm, Resourceful Background: Ximena Castillo was born to Santiago Castillo and Maria Vargas in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Her parents although loving were living in poverty. They did the best they could but that wasn't enough for her. She resented her parents for giving her a life she felt like she didn't deserve. Her parents just kept loving her even tho she felt like she didn't feel the same way. Throughout she was always doing something. Whether it was pickpocketing or selling rock salt under the guise that they were crystals to younger kids she was always doing something. At age 19 she had a thing with a local boy her age named Mateo. He got her pregnant and were together. Her parents didn't approve and for good reason. He was a master manipulator at heart. He convinced her to steal money from her parents and even rob an old woman. After about a month of this, he gave her an ultimatum. Leave her parents and baby behind and travel to the States with him or get left behind by Mateo. She loved Mateo and agreed to leave with him. She should soon realize that this would be the worst mistake of her life. She goes with him all the way to Manzanillo to the Sea Port to get on a cargo ship to the States. When they arrive she is told by Mateo that she has to sleep with the crew members so that they will allow them on. She was being used but she went along with it still thinking that Mateo loves her. She does what he has to do and they get on the ship. When they arrive in the States she is so excited for their new lives together. However, she is hit with a bombshell. Mateo wants nothing to do with her. He throws her away like garbage. She was just a means to an end. A pawn in his game.She thought she had true love but she then realized that her love was home.Her child and her parents He leaves her alone in a strange new place. She convinced a man to let her stay at his apartment for sex and stayed for a little while. It was during this time that she hardened up. She finally realized that if she was going to survive then she can't survive on looks alone. In a way, she became what she hated so much in Mateo. She became ruthless. After a while, Mena decided not to dwell on the past and wanted a fresh start. She made her way to the Island that Identity takes place in and will be determined to come into her own. However, her life changing choice to abandon her baby and parents and her treatment of ungratefulness towards them will haunt her. I feel like this is a pile of shit but give me your thoughts.
  23. player written notes?

    Not really sure if this will come. or something along these lines. but gee it would be fun. for people committing the crimes and the police attempting to catch them the idea is the ability to place a note with a message on the body of the guy/girl you've just killed/mugged or even the ability to place a note at a location A note containing a quote, a message or even a well written riddle to either keep the cops on the trail or throw them off. now i'm sure anyone could just load into a game. go and rob some people or even go on a murder spree. But seriously. if your going on a murder spree you are probably going to get caught. Even killing one person per week. stalk your prey. leave notes as clues in town square. or even inside of a police station to let them know you have you eyes set on someone else. either it be a politician who's morals you don't fully agree with, someone who said something in town square that rubbed you the wrong way.. or even a taxi driver who took you to the wrong place.
  24. How will names work in this game?

    So I'm not sure if it's been talked about or not and if so in detail. How will naming work will it be First middle and Last name, a First and Last name or or a general username that in anything we want as well as how naming will be censored and yes I want names to be censored becuase I dont want names like Tat-tat mcslut, long dong, xx_genral_destoyer78_xx, or something once it goes live and would prefer names like John Smith, Leslie Evans or Pieter Willem Botha normal names that are RP and not modern MMO(shite) standard. and any comment or feed back that may get this noticed and checked out and Can't wait to see you all in Identity! (after thought maybe apply for a nickname as well an [alias] through official and unofficial means for the underworld type players and or millitary aka snake dragon foxtrot mole delta ) Enjoy all!
  25. The Nameless - Mafia Gang

    Looking for a Family? Click the picture below and apply!