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Found 109 results

  1. Tough choice Police thread

    Ive been trying to think now of what to go down, for this thread i will be trying to get all the reasons to become a cop and possibly higher "swat, FBI, etc etc" But yeah any one and every one flood this with perks you think that come with becoming a cop in this, and if there are any downfalls please throw these in here also. This is thread one of two, my second one about the crime family/ mafia is in the hide out thread. Thank you all.
  2. MDC (Mobile Data Computer) -Ability to remove it from the mount and use it outside the car. -Ability to run a person's information with their full name and date of birth (gives driving history, driver's license status, owned vehicles, owned firearms, criminal history, gang affiliations, probation/parole status, and warrant status) -Ability to check a vehicle's information with the license plate (gives if stolen, information of vehicle, and registered owner) -Ability to run a residence history with the address of the building (gives owner & tenants, previous contacts/arrests at place, and registered firearms at the place). -Ability to set yourself on lunch break, out-of-service, in-service, and busy (ten codes could be implemented for these). -Ability to see the map of the city with all streets and the current location of all officers. -Ability to activate emergency mode which will beep the radio and give your radio priority and give your location to all officers and dispatchers (same on radio). -Ability to take notes on the computer (or you can use your notepad on your person). Dispatch could do suggestions 1-5 for you, if you request it. They also have access to suggestion 6. Computer Aided Dispatch -Viewable by all officers on their MDC. -Maintained by dispatch, can create/edit/archive calls (calls are given call numbers). -Dispatcher must add the first person to the call on the CAD and can add more. A officer can add themself if there is at-least on person on the call. -A officer can remove themself from the call or dispatch can do it as well. -The main screen will show all calls with the call type (officer report, 911, etc), crime/reason, location, and officer(s) assigned. It will also show all on-duty units with their badge number. When you click on a officer you can see all their information. When you click on a call, you can see all the detailed information provided by dispatch. Dispatcher can also set emergency mode for emergency reports. 911 System You will call 911, a dispatcher will answer and get the information, and then create a call on the CAD with all information, and dispatch officers via the radio with some information on the call and they will see the CAD for more information and respond.
  3. Police Explorers Thread

    I am a Cadet for my local Sheriff's Office in southeastern Michigan. Been doing it since January of 2016, for almost three years. I am the Captain of my Unit and I have loved every minute of it. For those of you who don't know what Explorers are, Law Enforcement Exploring is a hands-on program open to young men and women typically who are 14 years old through 20 years old, interested in a career in law enforcement or a related field in the criminal justice system.The program offers young adults a personal awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experiences, competition and other activities. Additionally, the program promotes personal growth through character development, respect for the rule of law, physical fitness, good citizenship and patriotism. Explorer posts are typically found all over different Law Enforcement agencies throughout your state. Explorers will typically engage in activities such as Football Games, Parades, Traffic Details, Special Events, and Ride Alongs with real Law Enforcement Officers. This is also a good opportunity to get your foot in the door with a local agency, so you can see if this is the type of career you want to have, and if you wish to pursue the career, many agencies have some type of agreement where if you complete a few years as an explorer, they would hire you on full time and put you through the academy. If you are explorer, feel free to share your information below and any stories you may have!
  4. So i have not seen any posts on Federal Units so thought i'd post. I need you guys opinion weather this will work or not? because until the developers make some uniform or even making unmarked cars we cant do much. Just thought it will be a good idea especially when it comes to riots and so on even thought there is police already and probably swat to do that, but the idea of having a separate division would be amazing. Give your thoughts?
  5. K-9 Police ?

    I know based off what I've seen in the store and doing some very basic research we have dogs and cats . However will the police have access eventually to K-9's police dogs ?
  6. This is the Application Fill it out.So we have a good ranking system in place so I request that if you want to be in the police you should Apply.
  7. You will be trained and on if you pass you will be in the Elite Bodyguard Company!
  8. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    I've been through the hideout section, and there seems to be an incredible amount of gangs and communities with criminal intents. I'm looking forward to serving alongside other police officers in-game.
  9. Game Warden

    I know someone mentioned park rangers and i know that I saw something about Police and Sheriff departments. Would the Sheriffs department patrol the remote forest areas or would Game Wardens be a good idea?
  10. Department Organization

    How's it going everyone? Thought I would stop by and drop a police department structure I've been adapted over the years of my Digital Policing career. Pretty much have been doing digital law enforcement for GTA 4 LCDPFR RP and GTA 5 FiveM RP for about 7 years and this is the system I have found to work best. A lot of this information is pulled from a Officer Handbook that I have compiled over time. Pretty much going to initially cover Rank Structure and Department Units, however if someone would like me to add in other information I might be up for it. Rank Structure Command Staff Chief of Police / CoP ( ) – The Chief of Police (COP) is the highest-ranking officer in the Police Department. The COP is responsible for the planning, efficient administration, and operation of the Police Department. Assistant Chief of Police / ACoP ( ) - The Assistant Chief of Police (ACoP) assists the Chief of Police with management and operations of the Police Department. The Assistant Chief is the Officer in Charge of the department in the Chief’s absence. Administrative Staff Captain / Cpt ( ) - A Captain is assigned a designated bureau (Patrol, Special Operations, etc.) to which they have complete power of for efficient management and control. May schedule bureau wide meetings. Lieutenant / Lt ( ) - A Lieutenant is assigned as an assistant to a Captain to help with management and operations of a designated bureau. A Lieutenant will take control of the bureau in Captain's absence. May schedule bureau wide meetings. Supervisory Staff Sergeant / Sgt ( ) - A Sergeant is the primary supervisory position in the department and is required to provide instruction to assigned staff in the operation of their required duties. The basic capacity of a Sergeant is patrol supervision, but administrative and specialized assignments are also available. Police Officer III+I / POIII+I ( ) - After a month of being a Police Officer III and having served for three months in the department one becomes eligible to apply for the Supervisor Program. After passing the application and completing the interview they can embark on the Supervisor Program and receive their promotion to Police Officer III+I (SLO), a rank held exclusively by those embarking on SP. During this time, they will be tasked with basic field supervision and administrative tasks and will be mentored and trained by current Sergeants to become future Sergeants. Officer Ranks Police Officer III / POIII ( ) - After a month of being a Police Officer II, an officer becomes eligible for the promotion to Police Officer III. A Police Officer III is responsible for enforcing laws and ordinances; protecting life and property; issuing citations, making arrests, preparing reports; meeting with community members; working as a team member; and providing information to the public and departmental units. Police Officer II / POII - A Police Officer II performs basic duties such as: responding to the scene of a crime or an accident; interviewing suspects and witnesses; writing crime reports; responding to radio calls; monitoring any suspicious activity of ongoing crimes; coordinating vehicular traffic; visiting open businesses such as banks, markets, department stores, and service stations to establish a rapport with owners; booking suspects and evidence and transporting them to the appropriate Police Department facility; responding to citizens’ and visitors’ questions; and preparing Daily Field Activity Reports. Police Officer I / POI - The next step in the career ladder with the Police Department is Police Officer I. It is the rank given to all officers upon completion of the Training Program which consists of the Police Academy and FTO Phase. This rank is considered a probationary position. Cadet / Trainee - In the Police Academy, Cadets are taught criminal law, civilian interaction, and police procedure. In addition, they are trained in report writing, firearms, and driving. In the FTO Phase, Trainees continue to gain on the job experience and get one on one training with a senior officer. A Trainee will automatically advance to Police Officer I upon successful completion of the Field Training Program. Department Units Patrol Bureau The Patrol Bureau is the front line of the force and the largest unit within the department. The Patrol Division is composed dedicated and hardworking individuals that work to ensure smooth and effective community policing. These officers are under the supervision of one Captain and one Lieutenant who oversee all operations of the division. All new hires are detailed to Patrol upon the approval of their application and will be guided to success by supervisors and fellow members. Patrol Officers are responsible for patrolling the city, responding to routine calls for service, emergency responses, traffic enforcement, and maintaining a positive police presence throughout the city. Patrol Officers are the first point of contact for victims of crime and offenders. Usually what I like to do with the Patrol Division is have a Sergeant as a Squad Leader that has 5-10 Officers assigned to him. Prefer to keep it no more than 5 for low work load with management of your team (tracking activity, giving addition training, mentoring, etc.). Each Sergeant would report to the Patrol Lieutenant or Captain. Special Operations Bureau Here's an example of some of the specialty units that have been deployed over the years. There are others that could be added to this list but its unknown at this time if Identity will have the features to warrant having those units. Officers are allowed to apply to specialty units after holding the rank of POII for at least 2 weeks. With specialty units most people are only limited to one. There are a few cases where multiple specialty units can be combined like Traffic and Canine. S.W.A.T. members can also be apart of other divisions since it is a part-time unit. Traffic Unit The Traffic Unit is a unit of Patrol Officers dedicated to traffic related incidents. From aggressive traffic enforcement, DUI checkpoints, accident response and investigation, to aggressive pursuit intervention, Traffic Unit is here to ensure the roads and highways of remain safe for all drivers. Canine Unit The K-9 Unit provides a team of highly trained Officers & Canines capable of performing a variety of functions from narcotics and explosives detection, all the way to tracking suspects. Street Crimes Unit Street Crimes specializes in both apprehension of criminals as well as crime suppression. Officers are field trained for crime investigation and crime interception. They also specialize in sting operations and work closely with the SWAT to apprehend criminals. S.W.A.T. The SWAT team responds to various tactical events such as narcotics and prostitution stings, "jump outs", active shooters, and armed robbery response. Officers are trained in various fields such as building entry & clearing, crisis negotiation, aerial deployments, and long-range marksmanship. Administrative Bureau This third bureau is usually monitored and lead by the Chief and Assistant Chief in smaller departments. In larger departments a Captain is put in place to supervise the lead officers of the Administrative Divisions. Officers are allowed to apply to FTO after holding the rank of POII for at least 2 weeks. Officers can apply to HR and IA at the rank of POIII. Field Training Officers (FTOs) Field Training Officers have significant additional responsibilities over and above their law enforcement duties when assigned to train a new officer. In addition to performing in an exemplary manner, while trainees closely watch, FTOs must slow their pace to review the purpose and detail of every new encounter. FTOs must guide trainees through a comprehensive curriculum that requires the blending of knowledge and skills, and the good judgement of when, where, and how to apply them. Human Resources Human Resources staff are tasked with processing applications, conducting interviews, and maintaining personnel data (important dates, disciplinary action logs, patrol activity). Internal Affairs Internal Affairs is a division of the that investigates and makes decisions on cases brought forward by the public regarding the conduct, actions, policy, procedure, practice, philosophy, service or legal standard of the department or an employee thereof.
  11. Greetings. I am Centro. Upon looking at Identity, I have been interested in filling out applications. I am looking for things prior to work. Be it taxi driver, spy, private detective, thief, bartender, cook, paintball referee, waiter, hunter, or others. I'm interested in things related to legal work to illegal work. Keep in mind that I will only choose one job. You might be saying to yourself if you're a police officer, "He steals? We cannot hire him." Which isn't a bad idea, but keep in mind that I will only be working for one person. If chosen as a detective, there will be no thievery or random murder for me. If I am a criminal, I will not help the police. The job that I choose will go with the character, therefore if you are needing someone to trust, I am your man. If you are chosen as my boss, then I will solely work for you and work under you with following all the laws and rules you provide. Please keep in mind that I will be in 100% RP mode once I am in game. Things I am looking for: Seriousness - no trolls Formal - well written - in depth application Owners who are above the age of 17 Understands the full rules of Metagaming Understands that anything we talk about will be between me and the person I am talking with, not their character (Unless in RP) Full honesty in the recruitment process (ex; You say you are a detective agency when in all honesty it's a Family/Gang. Ex2; You have 4 people in the company but state 100 in the interview) I do not work with KOS/RDM organizations - We are here to RP, not to go on a killing spree Looking for organizations/jobs where you believe negotiation before pulling the trigger (ask if confused on what I mean) Understands that there are other things I may be looking for that may not be written above Aware that it is not first come first serve so make use of what you say to me More than 4 members Please contact me on Discord: Centro#5836 or here on the forums. Please be aware that I will only respond to private messages. All posts under the comments section for recruitment will be disqualified. I wish to work for an organization that can listen. [EDIT Added Content ] I may sound like a cherry picker, but here is why. Multiple people have come up to me. Why choose first come first serve when there's perhaps better organizations out there? I like to choose and compare to see if it will fit my needs, as well as there's. Not just pick it and move on with it. Thanks Centro
  12. hopes

    honestly i want police to be public except like a little test. i also want it to be not so like "you have to be on at this time if not, you're kicked out" (but obviously not inactive)
  13. What weapons do you want for the police? We have several topics talking about many things about the Identity Police! In this topic we will talk about the Weapons that the police will use and suggestions of weapons that they can put. In their twitter, some weapons that have been produced and modeled have already been shown, but will they be for the police or will it be for everyone to use? From your suggestion of the weapons that could be put to the cops! Put the gun photo as a suggestion
  14. Hello was just thinking about how police ranks are going to work (if there even will be ranks). Will there be like Internal affairs as an higher rank then just an normal police officer? Just a quick question -Johannes
  15. C.S.I

    Will there be a possible police branch for CSI? I think it could make an interesting feature. The CSI's can go into the perpetrator or criminal's apartment or wherever the crime scene happened and look for clues, take fingerprints and stuff, guns and other evidence, and bring them into a lab or something. Not sure if it would do much, but I do think it would be a cool job as part of the police system.
  16. German kind of SWAT

    I would wish that these uniforms/equipments are in thr game. The SEK is the SWAT of Germany. They look epic, have good armor, and the helmet is the most good looking part.
  17. Actio & Reactio

    Police reactions First, I am sorry for my bad english I played often as a Cop on different arma 3 RPG Servers and something always annoyed me: The bad Players could shoot us at any time and we have never had any chance of reacting to this fast enough. So I propose that officers have the chance to have their hand near their gun holster when they are in suspicious situations (hold a certain key or press it once), so they could react as fast as the bad guy or even faster. Its a small function but it could change a lot. thanks for reading SwissGuy
  18. S.W.A.T

    Im thinking about pursuing the S.W.A.T role and i want to know will the Swat be Open to join at the same time the law enforcement open?
  19. Hello How will this whole court system and jail time work. Is it: a) After a criminal got catched from the police, theyre driving him to a court room where he has to wait till a judge speaks out his sentence or the more better option imo.. b) After a criminal got catched from the police, theyre driving him to the police station, where he gets put in from there to his jail room and has to wait his time. The time should be based on the wanted level the criminal got catched at. The wantet level shouldnt go away even if he logs off, since irl the crime doesnt go away either, think of it like that. At best the crime level should be lowered by some levels after 1 week or longer. Also you could get up to 99 or infinity wanted levels, it shouldnt just be stuck at 6 like in gta? So the times would look like this: for each wanted level its 30 mins. So for 10 wanted levels the criminal should have to sit 300 mins in jail or 5 hours. Then the criminal levels should be given like 2 for speeding over the speed limit, 6-8 for light roberry, 10 for killing someone, 10-20 for heavy bank heists and the list goes on from there. But dont be afraid to put on long sentences. Its the players choice if they wanna be criminal and try to get money faster than the average hard working civilian but then he has to also pay the price IN TERMS OF SITTING IN JAIL. Please respect this opinion and try to implement as much as you can like this in the game. Believe me it will work out so good. best regards Sun Diego
  20. Police & Criminal Features

    These suggestions I think would add immersion to the roleplay in-game. If any are already planned, I apologize! Traffic Stops 1. Ability to see and "smell" items in a vehicle. 2. Ability to give citations, impound a vehicle, and give verbal/written warnings. Felony Stop 1. Ability to put hands up. 2. Ability to throw keys out of the window. 3. Ability to show waistband for weapons. Searching 1. Add a cool searching system where you actually look for items instead of a mechanic doing it for you. This can lead to things not been seen and stuff. This goes for people, vehicle, and property searching. Patrol 1. Many areas to patrol and escape. 2. Places to have realistic response times (a few minutes or more). Case Law & Procedures 1. To base mechanics for police from real life procedures used by real life departments. 2. To base police mechanics from case law and other laws like searching a person, arresting, etc. 3. Make the academy a big challenging to pass. This is to filter people who are there to mess around and who actually want to be a police officer. Force 1. Ability to drag people. 2. Ability to remove people from a vehicle and put them in a vehicle (must open the door first then remove/add)) 3. Ability to cuff/uncuff people. Other officer can add his cuffs and then other cuffs are removed to transfer someone in cuffs. 4. Ability to fight and tackle. Can be a fist fight, baton fight, etc. 5. Add peperspray (can spread to other people and yourself depending on the weather). 6. Animation for upholstering gun. Ability to put hand on holster to remove faster. Have any of your own suggestions? Comment them below!
  21. Pilot

    How about a career in Aviation where players from all over the map can travel from one place to another. The airplane must be owned and maintained by the pilot and people pay them to be taken to places. You could also choose to work under a business man who hires you. You could also become a third eye for the Police by flying Helicopters and serving the Law.
  22. Hey guys I did a breakdown of the new trailer/gameplay video and I'm sure I've caught some things you might've missed! Check it out here:
  23. Hello everyone, Welcome back to my Suggestions Blog. Today I was wondering if I could suggest some cool ideas that I have came up with over the week since the last time I have posted. Todays Topic is Police Jobs and Police/Swat Vehicles. I love sharing inspiration with people so lets start suggesting. Police Jobs 1. FBI/Secret Service. FBI/Secret Service specializes in different types of missions and other stuff. FBI are body guards of the Government and protect him from any danger that comes their way. FBI Also drive unmarked Police Cruisers and escort famous VIPs to places. 2. Corrections Officer. Corrections Officers specializes in guarding Prisoners at prisons across the map. They have 2 different shifts they can take. One from 6am to 8pm In Game Or 8pm to 6am In Game. They scout the prison and patrol. They cannot leave the prison unless they go off duty. If there is a Prison Escape Corrections Officers will contact the nearest police station and they will send police off to find these Prisoners. They will tell what the Prisoners wearing and where he was last seen. 3. Detectives. Detectives Solve Crime Scenes and can examine fingerprints and can trace fingerprints back to people by the computer. They can also investigate Police Shootouts to murder scenes. 4. Coroners. Coroners respond to crime scenes and examine people to see if they are dead and take photos and confirm their death certificate and transport the body back to the Human Labs to examine the body. Police/Swat Vehicles or Other Types of vehicles 1. lenco bearcat. lenco bearcat is a Vehicle that is used in swat raids and armed Pursuits. They weigh 7,960 kg and have Bullet proof tires and thick windows. They can fit 10 Swat Members in the vehicle 8 in back 2 in front. They can also be used as medical transporters and transport injured officers and injured civs to the nearest hospital. They are 4 wheel drive and nothing can stop them. To Drive or Buy one of these you need to be either chief of swat or police or a high ranking officer but you still need to pay for them so they range around 100,000 dollars-300,000. Devs can change the price but that was my best answer. 2. Police Motocyle. Police Motocycles can manoeuvre through traffic and have a really sensitive steering. They are built to chase after Motocycles or Fast moving cars. Only Motocycle Cops can use these. 3. Prison Buses. Prison Buses are used to transport Prisoners from police station to prison or from prison to court. They are not fully bullet proof so they rely on Police Escort or FBI Escort. The Dangers of Escorting a Prisoner is that a fellow friend of the Prisoner might try to stop the convoy and try to free the prisoner. 4. Unmarked Police vehicles. Unmarked Police Vehicles allow Police Officers to get a bit closer to scenes without being noticed by anyone. They allow you to no be spotted by any crim. I also like the idea if you could ring up the police and ask for a escort if you are trying to get to a important meeting with the government or you are just needing to get to a place without getting killed. Thanks for Reading this Suggestions please head over to my account and follow me to not miss any of my future suggestions thanks anyway. Subscribe to ProtectedSquid On YouTube
  24. Will there be traffic cones that police officers can spawn/place? for traffic controls or to secure an accident zone.