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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings. I am Centro. Upon looking at Identity, I have been interested in filling out applications. I am looking for things prior to work. Be it taxi driver, spy, private detective, thief, bartender, cook, paintball referee, waiter, hunter, or others. I'm interested in things related to legal work to illegal work. Keep in mind that I will only choose one job. You might be saying to yourself if you're a police officer, "He steals? We cannot hire him." Which isn't a bad idea, but keep in mind that I will only be working for one person. If chosen as a detective, there will be no thievery or random murder for me. If I am a criminal, I will not help the police. The job that I choose will go with the character, therefore if you are needing someone to trust, I am your man. If you are chosen as my boss, then I will solely work for you and work under you with following all the laws and rules you provide. Please keep in mind that I will be in 100% RP mode once I am in game. Things I am looking for: Seriousness - no trolls Formal - well written - in depth application Owners who are above the age of 17 Understands the full rules of Metagaming Understands that anything we talk about will be between me and the person I am talking with, not their character (Unless in RP) Full honesty in the recruitment process (ex; You say you are a detective agency when in all honesty it's a Family/Gang. Ex2; You have 4 people in the company but state 100 in the interview) I do not work with KOS/RDM organizations - We are here to RP, not to go on a killing spree Looking for organizations/jobs where you believe negotiation before pulling the trigger (ask if confused on what I mean) Understands that there are other things I may be looking for that may not be written above Aware that it is not first come first serve so make use of what you say to me More than 4 members Please contact me on Discord: Centro#5836 or here on the forums. Please be aware that I will only respond to private messages. All posts under the comments section for recruitment will be disqualified. I wish to work for an organization that can listen. [EDIT Added Content ] I may sound like a cherry picker, but here is why. Multiple people have come up to me. Why choose first come first serve when there's perhaps better organizations out there? I like to choose and compare to see if it will fit my needs, as well as there's. Not just pick it and move on with it. Thanks Centro
  2. Hi Team, I think you should consider inserting a Tag or some kind of paintball game with an arena or arenas. For civilians and other considering not having a police or criminal RP. Cheers Stantain
  3. Hey there.. Wanted to introduce our Radio station that we have up and running already. 101.5 WIRP SHAMOKIN RAVENWOLF RADIO We are looking to bringing it into Identity once the game goes live. DJ Kat, DJ Ravenwolf, and DJ OldNo7 already to rock you around on the radio waves, LIVE! We play from Old school Rock n Roll to Country.. with a lil bit of the other genres in between for some added spice. We are available for events or just if you want to tune in to listen. As we wait for Identity to arrive, we already have a few events scheduled and will be posting those times as they come up. In the future, we will be looking to hire DJ's who want to rock the radio waves! Here is our link so that you can listen, enjoy and relax. Please if you like the radio.. please give us a thumbs up on the page.. Keep Rocking On Everyone!! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS As we are eagerly waiting for IDENTITY to open, here are a few times that we will be on the air! SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 DJ OLD NO7 NOON TO 3PM SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 DJ RAVENWOLF 6AM TO 9AM DJ RAVENWOLF 3PM TO 6PM SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 DJ OLD NO7 NOON TO 3PM ALL TIMES ARE EASTERN STANDARD TIME ZONE.
  4. Grafitti and tagging

    Can you be able to tag/grafitti in public places? It could be cool if you for example was a gang wanting to mark your territory
  5. If there is a name-tag system implemented within the game, I've thought of a system that would hide the name tag of a player, used to disguise their name from others having the power to use it against them as it's shown above their head or within the player himself, I am suggesting an option that is required for everyone to specify who they want to know their name/those who currently know the player's name, it would be a required option to use if someone had found out the player's name in a role-play manner, I feel it would just increase the role-play within Identity, and help from people using name tags as an advantage. Also wanting to add: I've asked a question on Identity's twitter page, haven't gotten an answer but here's the question..