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Found 55 results

  1. Hacked

    Hello Identity staff, My username; "ThatMirc" Got hacked, it was linked to my email: "" I cannot send a new password to the email since the hacker changed it I guess.. Could you please help me! I am a loyal backer already for over a year! I cant wait for Identity, thanks in adavance, ThatMirc
  2. Refunds??

    Hello I think this game is a great idea but I have been waiting for months and we are still waiting. If this game looks good when it is officially released I will buy it but for the time being I would like to see if I can get a refund. Who do I contact to do this? I've contacted two mods already and no response. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you, -Dopey
  3. So long we have waited for this game I want to take a poll to see where you guys Still Stand. Like Always I am still 100% but I do have my complaints.
  4. Hello, sorry about my english, I'm from Brazil. I tried to send my beta acess as a gift and it don't work. My beta acess desappeared and was not delivered. Can I recover it? Português: Olá, desculpa pelo meu inglês, eu sou do Brasil. Eu tentei enviar meu acesso beta como um presente e não funcionou. Meu acesso beta desapareceu e não foi entregue. Eu posso recuperar ele?
  5. How do I change my name???

    I hate this name
  6. I need help, I'm Brazilian.

    English : Hello everyone, I'm new to identity and would like to know how do I download the module? and when I get access to beta Br : Olá a todos , eu sou novo no identity e gostaria de saber como faço para baixar o modulo ? e quando vou ter acesso ao beta
  7. I have la little problem ! :(

    I barely bought the Founder Pack. But I do not know how to download the game and play it. There I wrote that I have access to the beta game, but I do not know where to download the beta game.
  8. New video? And question

    Everyone has their own opinion, I am curious to know yours. I do not want arguments. Lets make this a nice talk topic and lets respect peoples ideas. On to the real chat now. How do you guys feel about the video that explains some of the things we will be able to do? Are you excited for the gang wars? What lifestyle/job you're choosing to live ? Also, if you have decided on what you want to try and do let me know! I want to know what everyone has in mind. If this topic goes decently Ill share what I want to do as well. Question : Do you personally think we should have more gameplay of the town square before it is released. Let me get this out of the way that I am super excited for identity to come out and I am going to buy it regardless of no gameplay or gameplay. What do you guys think? I personally think we should have at least one more video of them walking around the town square and interacting.. I know some of you are on the edge of buying the game but I just want to know your opinions and answers - Yours Truly Cupcake
  9. Exploring

    Before reading my question I want you to understand I DO NOT want links to dev blogs, twitch videos, etc. I already have looked through a lot of these but I just want other peoples ideas and verifications/opinions, Please read through this entire question before sending a reply right off the top. Also, I do know that a lot of the things I am saying will more than likely not come out until further more into the game, just read. Much love <3 Do you think we will be able to explore the world to its full extent? For instance, GTA 5 ( I know it will not be like GTA 5 but this is the closest relation I can get to this game. ) Anyways, in GTA 5 you can basically explore the entire map, No sky boxes, no barrier blockages, nothing like that, no false image that we wish we could explore. Do you think identity will relate? This is a question I have been wanting to ask for a while. I just want to fully understand how much there is going to be to explore, Also, I do not think the developers have released anything about this next question, but do you think MOST of the buildings will be explorable? In GTA 5 we have soooo many houses/ Skyscrapers, that we cant explore in or go into. Do you peeps think we will be able to explore a lot of the buildings in identity? Or will it be GTA fashion. My final question is will there be sharks, wolves, etc. that we will be able to hunt? Yours Truly, - CupCake <3

    Putting this out there before you read this, I have looked a lot of the twitch videos and things like that and I would be happy of just getting the answer to these. I don't want to get linked to things, etc. please and thanks(: Will everything be explore-able? I'm curious. I see in some of the screenshots around that there is mountain, forest, hills, prison, etc. are the locations we are able to go to. Will most of the buildings be enterable? will there be jobs to be in the prison? so many questions I can go on and on. The main one right now is everything going to be explore-able and will most of the buildings be accessible, also one last one. Will there be fishing/hunting/etc? Love, CupCake
  11. Can anyone tell me witch package I brought
  12. Hello we at ECorp are very worried we are unable to claim are passport. Before the big migration next week, can someone here help "us"? Thank You! Best Regards ECorp
  13. Need help please

    Hello, I purchased the "Speed Demon" package a while ago and everything worked. Now when i go to the shop it says im a "motorist"? Maybe it has Something to do with my refund requests? (Didnt get a reply yet) Thanks for your Help !
  14. So guys come on how do we download town square when its released will it be on steam or do we download it from here or what? what do we do?
  15. How is this make sense???

    I sat and looked at the "Identity website", and I saw this "". How can there be a 9. You can only give 5 or 10 dollars in the shop. where does the 9 came from?
  16. unable to Pledge or upgrade

    I am trying to put in $15 more in my pledge, so when i click on buy it takes me to a pay-pal link and there's a option of other such as debit card i click on that and put in my info and it says "Things don't appear to be working at the moment . Please try again later" its been doing that since the last 2 weeks i tried , any suggestion would be appreciated Thanks!
  17. Changing main account email

    hello! i was wanting to know how to change my account email? not the forum account, the main account i used to buy the upgrade packs and such as its an old email i dont use anymore
  18. I’m not receiving email?

    I made a new account. Mistyped the email because I thought I had it. Email didn’t exist // made the email not receiving any emails.. help please
  19. Cant make an account?!

    I cant make an account? I keep getting this message " Please enter correct image verification string. This is what It says whenever I try to make an account. Help me please, Also when do you think game will be released like where people can pay it to play it before early release.
  20. Pleged $30 with no reward

    So i donated $30 with a promise of a reward of beta access when i clicked on "claim your reward" and typed in my email buy it said no claims found by this email but if i go to my account where there are the donation options it shows the $30 option as "purchased" PLZ HELP
  21. PayPal guest payment won't work!

    When I go to pay as a guest on PayPal and fill out all of the fields, including; address, card number, everything. The payment will not go through, it says to come back later because it is not working. I am trying to use a Visa gift card to pay so maybe that's the problem, I have no idea. Help would be appreciated!
  22. Ive seen on a few threads people talking about a new website has the release date been released or do people have an idea thanks
  23. Help

    Just curious I'm trying to create an account it keeps telling me 6 characters or more and must enter valid email address. Both are filled out correct any ideas
  24. Hello, I was wondering if I could pay with card? Please reply or add me on discord Sacrifice#9094
  25. hey there what is this

    I have payed 30$ and cant access or play anything you should make it clear that beta you don't get right away like am i missing something here wheres the download link its 23/08/17 still 87% pardon my arrogance i'm new here and don't have time to read forums can a admin help me ? i thought i get early access for beta like asap entrance dude seen videos about this people playing if i have to wait why didn't i just get the $15 passport can an admin or someone knowledgeable or someone who actually played it answer me please...?? how do i pledge ?? this gives me this message CLAIM EXTERNAL PLEDGE Already pledged on Kickstarter or another website? Claim the pledge now to add the rewards to your game account. Email address from which claim was made No unclaimed pledges were found using the given email address. It's possible that the system has auto-claimed the pledge for you. This happens when you create a game account using the same email address as was used for the old pledge. it seems i have already pledged now how do i download this game